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Pressure lubrication unit

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1. General 2.1 Alarm
Pressure lubrication units must be installed per this The alarm will activate when
instruction. All electrical instruments are recommended 1. The oil pressure < 0.5 bar or
to be connected according to the N.C (Normally
Closed) principle. See flow diagrams on page 2. 2. The oil temperature >70 C or
3. The oil filter is dirty (electrical or visual
1.1 Instrument setting points contamination indicator).
1. The pressure switch (POS 2412) desired value is
0,7 bar for increasing pressure and 0,5 bar for 2.2 Stopping the lubrication unit
decreasing pressure. These limits are set at the
Do not stop the pump motor until the gear unit is
fully stopped.
2. The thermo switches (two individual switches
POS 2472 and 2475) desired values are 70 C Shut down of the gear unit must be completed within 2
and 80 C. These limits are set at the factory. minutes, if...
Optional accessory. 1. the oil pressure < 0.5 bar over 30 seconds or the
3. The by-pass valves (for pressure lubrication flow indicator alarms (POS 2451,optional
units with cooler, POS 2385) opening pressure accessory)
difference is 5 bar during a cold start. 2. the oil temperature > 80 C.

1.2 Activating the lubrication unit 3. The oil cooler

Before activating the lubrication unit ensure that 1. In water cooled oil coolers the amount of water is
- the oil temperature is greater than the minimum controlled by the thermostat water valve (POS
temperature according to table 1 2309). The adjustments are to be made during start
up. The temperature of the oil entering the gear unit
- the oil level is filled to the required levels (as noted will be in the range of 45...55 C when the gear unit
on the sight glass or measuring rod). is running at full power.
Table 1: Minimum temperatures C 2. In an air cooled oil coolers the blower function is
controlled normally by a thermo switch. (switching
ISO VG class 680 460 320 220 150 100 point 50C measured from the oil entering the gear
unit, see picture 2). A contactor must be used to
Mineral oil +25 +20 +15 +10 +5
connect the thermo switch.
Synthetic oil +15 +10 +5 0 -5
4. Monitoring the oil filters
When the electric or visual contamination indicator
2. Start-up of the gear unit (POS 2209) sends an alarm / indicates, the filter must
The gear unit can only be started, when be changed immediately. For cold start a 15 min. delay
1. The pump (POS 2102) of the lubrication unit is is recommended to prevent unnecessary alarm.
2. The oil pressure is > 0.7 bar (continuous signal can 5. Starting the lubrication unit
be achieved from the pressure switch (POS 2412) 1. Fill the gear unit with oil to the correct level as
after 10-15 sec. startup delay) shown on the oil sight glass or dipstick. Be sure to
add more oil after starting the main pump of the
3. The oil temperature is < 70 C (the lower temp.
lubrication system to ensure proper oil levels are
switch limit POS 2472, optional accessory) or 60C
maintained. Add more oil when required.
when indicating the manual temperature cauge.
2. Allow the lubrication unit to run approximately 20-30
minutes. Open the inspection cover to ensure the
internal oil pipes are free flowing and operating
properly. If any concerns are found please call your
Moventas Santasalo Oy Service representative

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Pressure lubrication unit
U213EN.doc 04.11.1999

6. Flow diagrams of the lubrication unit

Picture 1: Flow diagram for lubrication unit with watercooler type: (M)HP/P..../FF.../IW
(M)HP/B . /FF.../IW
(M)HP/BS . /FF.../IW
(M)HP/R . /FF.../IW

Thermo switch connection

Picture 2: Flow diagram for lubrication unit with air cooler, type: (M)HP/A..../FF.../IW

Picture 3: Flow diagram for lubrication unit without cooler, type: (M)HP/FF.../IP

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