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Aloof - reserved, indifferent

IMPORTANT CSS VOCAB Amalgamate - mix, combine, unite societies

Ambidextrous - able to use the left hand or the right
Aberration straying away from what is normal equally well
Abeyance - suspended action Ambiguous - doubtful, uncertain
Abhor - to hate, to detest Ambivalent - having both of two contrary meanings
Abide - be faithful to; endure Ameliorate - improve, make better
Abjure - promise or swear, to give up Amendment - improving
Abet - help/encourage somebody (in doing wrong) Amicable - friendly
Abraded - rubbed off, worn away by friction Amortize - end (a debt) by setting aside money
Abrasion - rubbing, scraping, wearing off Amplify - make large or fuller, increase the strength
Abrogate - repeal or annul by authority Anguish - severe suffering
Abscond - to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest) Animosity - strong dislike
Abstruse - difficult to comprehend; obscure Annul - put an end to
Abundant - plentiful Anticlimax - sudden fall
Abut - border on Antidote - medicine used against a poison or a
Abysmal - bottomless, extreme
Antithetical - direct opposing
Acarpous - effete, no longer fertile, worn out
Apartheid - brutal racial discrimination
Accentuate - give more force or attention to
Apathetic - indifference
Acclaimed - welcomed with shouts and approval
Aplomb - self-confidence
Accolade - praise, approval
Apostate - one who abandons long-held religious or
Accretion - the growing of separate things into one political convictions
Acquiesce in - agree (without protest) Apotheosis - deification, glorification to godliness
Acquisition - something acquired, acquiring Appease - make quiet or calm
Adamant - kind of stone; inflexible Apprehensive - grasping, understanding; fear,
Adhere - remain faithful, stick fast to unhappy feeling about future
Adhesion - adhering, support Apprise - give notice to, inform
Adjacent - lying near, next Approbation - approval
Admonitory - containing warning Appropriate - take for one's own use, acquire, set
Adorn - add beauty; decorate aside
Adulteration - making unpure, poorer in quality Apropos - appropriate to the situation; apt
Affable - polite and friendly Apt - well-suited, quick-witted
Affinity - close connection, relationship Arabesque - whimsical
Aggravate - make worse; irritate Arbitrate - decide by arbitration
Agile - active, quick-moving Arboreal - of connected with trees
Agog - eager/excited Ardently - with full of ardor
Ail - trouble; be ill 73.Ardor - enthusiasm
Alacrity - eager and cheerful readiness Arduous - steep, difficult ascent; laborious
36.Alcove - recess/partially enclosed place Argot - jargon, slang
Alienate - estrange Arrant - in the highest degree
Allegiance - duty, support, loyalty Arrogance - proud, superior manner of behaviour
Alleviate - make (pain) easier to bear Articulate - speak distinctly, connect by joints
Alloy - to debase by mixing with something inferior Ascend - go or come up
Ascent - the act of ascending Baneful - causing harm or ruin, pernicious,
Ascertain - get to know destructive
Ascetic - practicing self-denial, austere, stark Barrage - artificial obstacle built across a river
Ascribe - consider to be the origin of or belonging to Barren - not good enough, unable to have young
ones, without value
Aseptic - surgically clean
Bask in - enjoy warmth and light
Asperity - roughness, harshness, ill temper,
irritability Bazaar - market
Aspersion - slander Be irreconcilable - cannot be brought into harmony
Assail with - attack violently Beatify - to bless, make happy, or ascribe a virtue
Asset - valuable quality, something that has money
value Bedizen - to adorn, especially in a cheap, showy
Assiduous - diligent, hard-working, sedulous
Belabor - beat hard
Assuage - make something (pain, desire) less
Belie - contradict, give a false impression
Assumption - something supposed but not proved
Belittle - cause to seem unimportant
Asterisk - the mark * (e.g.. omitted letters)
Bellicose - belligerent, pugnacious, warlike
Astringent - substance that shrinks
Belligerent - (person, nation) waging war
Astute - clever; quick at seeing to get an advantage
Belligerently - waging war
Atonement - repayment; death of Jesus
Bend - cause something to be out of a straight line
Attenuate - make thin. weaken, enervate
Benefactor - person who has given help
Attune - bring into harmony
Benevolence - wish or activity in doing good
Audacious - daring, foolishly bold, impudent
Benign - kind and gentle; mild (climate)
Augury - omen, sign
Bequest - arrangement to give something at death
August - majestic, venerable
Berate - scold sharply
Auspice - protection or support, patronage
Bereft - rob or dispossess of something (material)
Auspicious - favorable, successful, prosperous
Bewilder - puzzle, confuse
Austere - severely moral and strict; simple and
plain Biased - prejudice
Auxiliary - helping, supporting Bigot - stubborn, narrow-minded person
Aver - affirm, assert, prove, justify Bilge - bulge, the protuberance of a cask
Aversion - strong dislike Blandishment - flattery, coaxing
Avid - eager, greedy Blandness - polite manner, comforting,
Avow - admit. Declare openly
Blatant - noisy and rough
Blithe - gay and joyous
Blueprint plan, scheme, photographic print
Babble - talk in a way that is difficult to understand
Blunt - plain, not troubling to be polite
Baleful - harmful, ominous, causing evil
Boggle - be alarmed, hesitate, amazed 149.
Balk - obstacle; purposely to get on the way of Bogus - sham, counterfeit, not genuine
Balloon - swell out like balloon Boisterous - loud, noisy, rough, lacking restraint
Balm - sweet-smelling oil; consolation Bolster - give greatly needed support
Banal - uninteresting Boor - ill-mannered person
Band - flat, thin strip of material; range of Boorish - crude, offensive, rude
Braid - strands of hair woven together, something
Bane - cause of injury, poison, source of harm edging sloth
Brash - hasty, rush; cheeky, saucy
Brass - yellow metal (mixing copper and zinc) Cite - give as an example
Brazen - made of brass Clamor - shout complain with a lot of noise
Breach - opening broken place, breaking Cleanse - make pure, thoroughly clean
Brigant - brigand, bandit Clientele - customers
Brisk - active, lively Clinch - come to grips/settle conclusively
Brisket - breast of an animal Cling - to resist separation
Brittle - easily broken Clot - half-solid lump formed from liquid
Broach - bring up, announce, begin to talk about Cloture - closing, device (in Parliament) to end a
Brook - to tolerate, endure debate by voting
Buoyant - able to float; light-hearted Coalescing - coming together and uniting into one
Burgeon - grow forth, send out buds
Coax - get somebody to do something by kindness
Burnish - to polish, rub to a shine 168. Bust -
run out of money Coda - passage that completes a piece of music
C Coddle - treat with care and tenderness
Cabal - a scheme or plot, a group of plotters Coerce - compel to force to make obedient
Cadge - to beg, to get by begging Coeval - of the same period, coexisting
Cajolers - flattery or deceit to persuade Cogent strong convincing
Calf - young of the domestic cow Cogitate think deeply, mediate
Calipers - metal supports attached to the legs, Cognition - knowing, awareness (emotionless)
measuring instrument Cognizant being fully aware of
Calumniate - to slander, present false accusal Coherent sticking together
Calumny - slander, aspersion Colander - bowl-shaped vessel with many holes
Candid - frank straight-forward used to drain off water
Cantankerous - bad-tempered/quarrelsome Collaborate - work in partnership
Cantin - sincere talk/jargon Collusion - secret agreement for a deceitful purpose
Canvass - discuss thoroughly; sort of touting Combustion - process of burning
Capricious - fickle, whimsical, given to change, Commemorate - keep the memory of
unpredictable 181. Castigate - to chastise, Commend - praise
correct by punishing Commendable - worthy of praise
Castigation - severe punishment Commingle - mingle together
Casual - happening by chance, careless Commodious - having plenty of space for what is
Catalyst - substance that causes speeding up needed
Caustic - biting, sarcastic Commuter - person who travels regularly
Censure - expression of blame or disapproval; a Complacently with self-satisfaction
rebuke Complaisance - tending to comply, obliging,
Census - official counting of the population willingness to please
Centurion - leader of a unit of 100 soldiers Comply - act in accordance
Chary - cautious, wary Compound - mix or combine
Chastened - corrected, punished Comprise - be composed of
Chastisement - punishment Compunction - feeling of regret for one's action
Chauvinist a blindly devoted patriot Conceal - hide, keep secret
Chicanery - legal trickery/false argument Conceit - over-high opinion of, too much pride
Chisel - steel tool for shaping materials Conciliatory - reconciling, soothing, comforting,
Churl - bad-tempered person mollifying
Concord - agreement or harmony
Concur - agree in opinion, happen together Crass - very great (es. stupidity)
Condense - increase in density, strength, make Cravat - piece of linen worn as a necktie
laconic Craven cowardly
Condone - forgive Crease - line made by crushing; white line on the
Congeal - make or become stiff and solid ground in cricket
Conjoin to join together Credulity - too great a readiness to believe things
Connoisseur - a person with good judgment (e.g.. in Credulous - ready to believe things
art) Crush - press, lose shape, subdue, overwhelm
Connotation - suggestion in addition to Cryptic - secret, with a hidden meaning
Consent - give agreement or permission Cumbersome - burdensome, heavy and awkward to
Consequential - pompous, self important carry
Consolation - consoling or being consoled Curmudgeon - bad-tempered person
Console - give comfort or sympathy to Curriculum - course of study
Conspicuous - easily seen; remarkable Cursory - quick, hurried
Consternation - surprise and fear, dismay Curtail - make shorter then was planned 288.
Constrain - compel Cynic - person who see no good in anything
Constrict - make tight or smaller 289.
Consume - get to the end of D
Consummate - perfect/make perfect/complete Dainty - pretty/delicate(food)/difficult to please
Contemn - to scorn or despise Dart - quick movement; missile in darts
Contentious - argumentative, pugnacious,
combative, quarrelsome
Contiguous - touching, neighboring, near
Contrite - filled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing
Contumacious - insubordinate, rebellious
Conundrum - a riddle, dilemma, enigma
Conviction - convincing; firm belief
Convoke - call together, summon
Convoluted - complicated; coiled, twisted
Cord - twisted strands
Cordial - warm and sincere
Cordon line of police acting as a guard
Cornucopia - abundant supply
Corporeal - physical; of or for the body
Correlate - have a mutual relation
Corroboration - additional, strengthening evidence

Countenance to - favor or approve of

Counterfeit - forgery
Countervail - counterbalance
Covert - disguised
Covetous - eagerly desirous
Cower - crouch; shrink back
Coy shy/modest (esp of a girl)
Daunt intimidate, make fearful Dilate - speak comprehensively, become wider,
Dawdler - person who is slow; waste of time large
Dearth - shortage Dilatory - causing delay, procrastinating
Debacle - a breakup, overthrow, sudden disaster Din - loud noise that continues
Decorous - polite, decent Disabuse - to undeceive, correct a false impression
Decorum - propriety, properness Disallow - refuse to allow or accept as a correct
Decree - order given by authority Discern - see with an effort but clearly
Decry - disapprove of Discomfit - to defeat, put down
Defer - postpone; give way (to show respect) Disconcert - upset the self-possession of
Deference - respect Discountenance - refuse to approve of
Deferential - showing respect Discourse - speech, lecture,
Defiance - open disobedience or resistance Discredit - refuse to believe
Deflect - turn aside Discreet - careful/prudent
Defy - resist openly Discrete - individually distinct
Degrade - reduce in rank or status Disdain - look on with contempt
Delineate - to portray, depict, sketch out Disencumber - free from encumbrance
Deluge - great flood, heavy rush of water
Delusion - false belief E
Demagogue - person appealing not to reasons Encumbrance - burden; things that get on the way
Demur - to hesitate, raise objections of
Denigrate - blacken, belittle, sully, defame Endearing - making dear or liked
Denouement - an outcome or solution; the Endemic - epidemic
unraveling of a plot Endorse - write one's name on the back of
Denounce - give information against Enduring - lasting
Dent - hollow, depression mad by a blow Enervate - weaken, deprive of strength, attenuate
Deplete - use until none remains Engender - cause, produce, give rise to
Deposition - dethronement, depositing Engrave - impress deeply
Deprave - make morally bad; corrupt Engrossing - taken up all the time or attention;
Deprecate - protest against, express disapproval of writing in large or formal
Dereliction - deserting and leaving to fall into ruins Engulf swallow up
Derision - ridicule, mockery, deriding Enigma - something that is puzzling
Derivative - unoriginal, obtained from another Enmity - hatred; being an enemy
source Enormity - excessive wickedness; evilness
Derogatory - insulting; tending to damage Enormousness - great size
Descry - catch sight of, see something in the Ensign - flag/badge
distance Entangle - put into difficulties
Desiccant - substance used to absorb moisture Enthral - please greatly/enslave (fig)
Desiccate - dry out all the moisture Entice - tempt or persuade
Desuetude - cessation of use; disuse Entreat - ask earnestly
Desultory - aimless, haphazard, digressing at Enunciate - pronounce (words)/express a theory
random Enzyme - catalyst
Detach - separate Epicure food lover, a connoisseur of food
Deter discourage, hinder Epicurean - devoted to pleasure (sensuous
Detraction - slandering, verbal attack, aspersion enjoyment)
Detumescence - diminishing or lessening of Epistle letter
swelling Epithet adjective
Deviance - being different in moral standards (from Epitome - brief summary; representative example; a
normal) typical model
Dexterity - skill (esp. in handling) Equable - steady, regular
Dexterous - clever, skillful with hands Equanimity - calmness of temperament
Diaphanous - transparent, gauzy Equilibrium - state of being balanced
Diatribe - bitter and violent attack in words Equipoise - equal distribution of weight; equilibrium
Dictate - order Equivocal - having a double or doubtful meaning;
Diffidence - shyness suspicious
Diffident - lacking in self-confidence Equivocate - try to deceive by equivocal language
Eradicate - get rid of; pull up by the roots
Erasure erasing, removing all traces
Erode - wear away, eat into
Erratic - irregular in behaviour or opinion
Erudite - learned, scholarly
Escalate - increase, develop
Eschew - avoid
Esoteric - abstruse; intended only for a small circle
Espouse - marry; give one's support to
Eulogy - formal praise; panegyric
Euphoria - elation; state of pleasant excitement
Euthanasia - easy and painless death
Evaluating - finding out the value
Evaporate - change into vapor, disappear, die
Evasive tending to evade
Evince - to show clearly, to indicate Felicitous - apt; suitably expressed, well chosen,
Evoke - call up, bring out apropos
Evolve - unfold, develop naturally and gradually Felon - person guilty of murder
Excoriate - to flay, stip off the skin; to denounce Ferment - substance; become excited
sharply Ferocity - savage cruelty
Excoriation - severe criticism Ferret - discover by searching; search
Exculpate - to clear from a charge of guilt Fertile - producing much, full of ideas
Exert - thrust out, push forth Fertilize - make fertile or productive
Exertion - instance of exerting Fervid - showing earnest feeling
Exhaustive - complete, thorough Fervor - warmth of feelings; earnestness
Exigency - emergency, an urgent situation Fetid - stinking
Exonerate - free; clear Fetter - to shackle, put in chains
Exoneration - set somebody clear, free (e.g.. from Feud - bitter quarrel over a long period of time
blame) Fidelity - loyalty, accuracy
Exorbitant - much too high or great Fidget - move restlessly, make nervous
Expatiate - to roam, wander freely Figurehead carved image on the prow of a ship
Expedient - likely to be useful for a purpose 464. Finesse - delicate way of dealing with a
Expiation - ending; expiring situation 465. Finical - too fussy about food,
Exploit brilliant achievement; develop; use clothing, etc.
selfishly Finicky - finical
Expostulate - argue earnestly to dissuade, correct, Finite - limited, having bounds
or protest Fission - splitting or division (esp. of cells)
Expurgate - to remove obscenity, purify, censor Fix at - stare at
Exscind - to cut out, cut away Flak - criticism/anti-aircraft guns
Extant - still in existence Flamboyant - brightly colored, florid
Extempore - without previous thought or Flammable - having tendency to burst into flames
preparation Flaunting - show off complacently
Extensive - far-reaching Flaw - crack, lessen value
Extenuate - reduce the strength of, lessen Flax - pale yellow (hair); a plant
seriousness, partially excuse Fledged able to fly, trained, experienced
Extinct - no longer active Fleet number of ships, quick-moving
Extinguish - end the existence of/wipe or put out Fleeting - passing quickly
Extirpate - to destroy, exterminate, cut out, exscind Flexibility - easily bent without braking
Extol - praise highly Flinch - draw, move back, wince
Extort - obtain by threats, violence Flop - fail/move/fall clumsily
Extralegal - outside the law Florid - very much ornamented; naturally red (e.g..
Extricable that can be freed of face)
Extrovert - cheerful person Floridness - ruddiness; heavily decorated;
Exuberance - state of growing vigorously; being full ornateness
of life Flout - reject, mock, to go against (as in going
436. against tradition)
F Fluke - lucky stroke
Facetious - humorous, funny, jocular Fluster make nervous or confused
Facile easily done Foible - defect of character (a person is wrongly
Facilitate - make easy (e.g.. a process of smth) proud)
Fallacious - based on error Foil - prevent from carrying out; contrast
Fallacy - false or mistaken belief Foment - put something warm (to lessen the pain)
Falter - waver/move in an uncertain manner Foolproof - incapable of failure or error
Fatuous - without sense, foolish self-satisfaction Foppish - like a man who pays too much attention
Faucet - device for controlling the outflow of a liquid to his clothes
Fawn - young deer, try to win somebody's favor Forage - food for horses and cattle
Feckless - lacking purpose or vitality; ineffective; Forbear - refrain from, be patient; ancestor
careless Forbearance - patience, willingness to wait
Fecund - fertile Ford - shallow place in a river (to cross)
Feint - pretend Forestall - prevent by taking action in advance,
Forethought - foresight, planned in advance Grievous - causing grief or pain; serious, dire, grave
Forfeit suffer the loss of something Grimace - twisted expression of a face
Forge - workshop for the shaping of metal; to shape Grind - crush, polish
metal; lead Grooves long channel in the surface, habitual way
Forgery - counterfeit of living 549. Grovel - crawl, humble oneself
Forswear - renounce, disallow, repudiate Guile - deceit, cunning
Fortify - strengthen Guileless - straight-forward, candid
Fortuitous - happening by chance Gull - cheat, deceive
Foster - nurture, care for Gullible - easily gulled
Fracas noisy quarrel Gush - burst out suddenly/talk ardently
Fragile - easily injured, broken or destroyed Gust - outburst of feeling; sudden rain, wind, fire,
Fragrant - sweet-smelling etc.
Franchise - special right given by authority
Frantic - wildly excited with joy, pain, anxiety H
Frenetic - frantic, frenzied
Fret - worry; irritation; wear away Hack - cut roughly; hired horse
Friction - the rubbing of one thing against another, Halcyon - calm and peaceful
difference of opinion Hallow - to make holy; consecrate
Fringe edge; ornamental border; part of hair over Hamper - basket with a lid, prevent free movement
the forehead 514. Froward - intractable, not willing or activity
to yield or comply, stubborn Hapless - unlucky, unfortunate
Frugal - careful, economical Harangue - a long, passionate speech
Fulminate - berate, vituperate, to thunder out, to Harbinger - something or somebody that foretells
explode the coming
Fulmination - bitter protest Harrow - to distress, create stress or torment
Fulsome - disgusting, offensive due to Harsh - rough, cruel, stern
excessiveness Haughty - arrogant; conceited
Haven harbor, safety place
G Heed - attention/give notice to
Heinous - odious (of crime)
Gainsay - to deny, declare false, to oppose Heresy - belief contrary to what is generally
Gambol - quick, playful jumping accepted
Garble - make unfair selection from facts Hermetic - sealed by fusion
Garment - article of clothing Heterogeneous - made up of different kinds
Garner - to gather and save; to store up Hew - make by hard work; cut (by striking)
Garrulity - talkativeness Highbrow - (person) with superior tastes
Garrulous too talkative Hirsute - hairy, shaggy
Gaucherie - socially awkward, tactless behavior Hoax - mischievous trick played on somebody for a
Germane - relevant; pertinent to joke
Gist - the point, general sense Hoipolloi - the masses; the rabble
Glean - gather facts in small quantities Hollow - not soled, with hole
Glib - ready and smooth but not sincere Holster - leather case for a pistol
Glimmer - weak/unsteady light Homiletics - act of preaching
Gloat - over look at with selfish delight Hone - stone used for sharpening tools
Glut - supply to much, fill to excess Hoodwink - trick, mislead
Gnaw - waste away; bite steadily Hospitable - liking to give hospitality
Goad - something urging a person to action Hubris arrogant pride
Gorge - eat greedily/narrow opening with a stream Hurdle - light frame, fence to be jumped over
Gossamer - soft light, delicate material Hush - make or become silent
Gouge - tool for cutting grooves in wood Husk - worthless outside part of anything
Grace favor Hypocrisy - falsely making oneself appear to be
Grandiloquent - using pompous words good
Grave - serious, requiring consideration
Graze - touch or scrape lightly in passing I
Gregarious - living in societies; liking the company
Grievance - cause for complaint or protest Iconoclast - person who attacks popular beliefs
Iconoclastic - attacking cherished beliefs
Idiosyncrasy - personal mannerism
Idolatrous - worshipping idols \
Idolatry - excessive admiration of
Ignoble - dishonorable, common, undignified
Ignominious - shameful, dishonorable, undignified,
Illicit - unlawful, forbidden
Illusory - deceptive; an illusion
Imbroglio - complicated and embarrassing situation
Immaculate - pure, faultless
Immerse - absorb; put under the surface of
Imminent - likely to come or happen soon
Immutable - that cannot be changed
Impair - worsen, diminish in value
Impaired - damaged, weakened
Impassive - unmoved; feeling no sign of passion
Impecunious - having little or no money
Impede - hinder; get in the way of
Impediment - something that hinders (e.g.
Impending - imminent, being about to happen,
Imperative - urgent, essential
Imperious - commanding, haughty, arrogant
Impermeable that cannot be permeated
Imperturbable - calm; not capable of being excited
Impervious - not allowing to pass through (of
Imperviousness - arrogance, commanding
presence, over bearingness
Impetuous - having sudden energy, impulsive,
thrusting ahead, forceful
Impiety lack of reverence or dutifulness
Implacable - incapable of being placated, Inherent - existing as a natural part
unpleasable Inhibit - hinder, restrain
Implausibility incredibility Inimical - harmful or friendly
Implicate - show that somebody has a share Inimitable - defying imitation, unmatchable
Implicit - implied though not plainly expressed Innocuous - causing no harm
Implosion - collapse; bursting inward Inscrutable - incapable of being discovered or
Imply - make a suggestion understood
Importune - beg urgently; solicit (of a prostitute) Insensible - unconscious, unresponsive, unaffected
Imprecation - an invocation of evil; a curse Insinuate - suggest unpleasantly; make a way for
Impromptu - without preparation something gently
Impudence - being rash, indiscreet Insipid -without taste or flavor
Impudent - rash, indiscreet Insouciant - unconcerned, carefree
Impugned - challenged, to be doubted Insularity - narrow-mindedness, isolated
Impute - to attribute to a cause or source, ascribe Insurrection - rising of people to open resistance to
Inadvertent - done thoughtlessly Interdict - prohibit, forbid
Inane - silly, senseless Interim - as an installment
Inasmuch - since, because Intersperse - place here and there
Incense - make angry Intervene - come between; interfere to change the
Incessant - often repeated, continual result
Inchoate -not yet fully formed, rudimentary, Intractable - unruly, refractory, stubborn
elementary Intransigence - unwillingness to compromise,
Incipient - beginning stubbornness, intractability
Incise - engrave, make a cut in Intransigent - uncompromising
Incite stir up, rouse Intrepid fearless, brave, undaunted
Inclined - directing the mind in a certain direction Introspection - examining one's own thoughts and
Incoherently - not consistently, unclearly feelings
Incongruous - out of place, not in harmony or Inundate - flood; cover by overflowing
agreement Inured - accustomed to, adapted
Incorrigibility - cannot be cured or corrected Invective - abusive language, curses
Incredulous - skeptical, unwilling to believe Inveigh - to attack verbally, denounce, deprecate
Inculcate - fix firmly by repetition Inveterate - deep-rooted. long-established
Incumbents - official duties Invincible - too strong to be defeated
Incursion - a raid, a sudden attack Involute - complex
Indefatigability - not easily exhaustible; tirelessness Irascible - irritable, easily angered
Indelible - that cannot be rubbed out Irate - angry
Indelicate - immodest; lacking in refinement Ire - anger
Indigence - poverty Irksome tiresome
Indigenous - native Irrelevant - not relevant, not connected
Indistinct - not easily heard, seen, clearly marked Irresolute - hesitating; undecided
Indolence - laziness Irrevocable - final and unalterable
Indomitable - not easily discouraged or subdued Itinerary - plan for a journey, details or records of a
Indulge - gratify, give way to, satisfy; allow oneself route
Indulgent - inclined to indulge Itinerate - to travel from place to place, to
Ineffable to great to be described in words peregrinate
Ineluctable - certain, inevitable
Inept - unskillful; said or done at the wrong time
Ineptitude - quality of being unskillful
Inferno - hell J
Infertile - not fertile, barren
Inflame - become red, angry Jabber -talk excitedly; utter rapidly
Inflammatory - tending to inflame Jeopardize - put in danger
Infuriate - fill with fury or rage Jibe - gibe, make fun of
Infuse - put, pour, fill Jocular - meant as a joke
Ingenuous - naive, young, artless, frank, honest, Judicious - sound in judgment; wise
Ingest - take in by swallowing K
Malinger - to fake illness or injury, in order to shirk a
Knit - draw together, unite firmly duty
Malleable - yielding; easily shaped; moldable;
L adapting
Manacle - chains for the hands or feet 758. Martial
Labyrinthine - to entangle the state of affairs - brave, of associated with war
Lachrymose - causing tears, tearful Massacre - cruel killing of a large number of people
Lackluster - (of eyes) dull, without bright Matriculation - be admitted, enter a university as a
Laconic - brief, to the point, terse 716. Lag - student
go too slow Mature - come to full development, to a state ready
Lament - show, feel great sorrow for use
Lassitude - weariness, tiredness Maudlin - sentimental in a silly or tearful way
Latent - present but not yet active, developed or Maul - hurt by rough handling
visible Maverick rebel, nonconformist
Laudatory - expressing or giving praise Mellifluous - sweetly flowing
Lavish - giving or producing freely, liberally or Mendacious - false
generously Mendacity - dishonesty
Leakage - the process of leaking Mendicant - a beggar
Legacy - something handed down from ancestors Mercurial - quick, changeable in character, fleeting
Levee - formal reception/embankment Meretricious - attractive on the surface but of little
Levity - lack of seriousness value
Libel - statement that damages reputation Mesmerize - hypnotize
Liberality - free giving; generosity Meticulous - giving great attention to details
Libertine - immoral person Mettle - quality of endurance or courage
Lien - legal claim until a debt on it is repaid Mettlesome - courageous, high-spirited
Limn - paint, portray Middling -fairly good but not very good
Limp - lacking strength, walking unevenly Minatory - menacing, threatening
Lionize - treat as a famous person Mince - pronounce or speak affectedly, euphemize
Lithe - bending, twisting Misanthrope - person who hates mankind
Loll - rest, to sit or stand in a lazy way; hang (dog's Mischievous - harmful, causing mischief
tongue) Miser - person who loves wealth and spends little
Lope - move along with long strides Misogynist - one who hates women/females
Loquacious - talkative, garrulous Missile - something that is thrown or shot
Lubricant - substance that makes work easier Mitigate - make less severe or painful
Lubricate - put oil to make work easily Moderation - quality of being limited, not extreme
Lubricious - lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery Mollify - make calmer or quieter
Lucubrate - write in scholarly fashion Molt - moult, lose hair, feathers before new growing
Luculent - easily understood, lucid, clear Morbid - diseased, unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas)
Lugubrious - mournful, excessively sad Morose - ill-tempered, unsociable
Lull - become quiet or less active Mortuary - place where dead bodies are taken to be
Lumber - move in a clumsy/noisy way kept until burial
Luminary - star, light-giving body Muffler - cloth worn round the neck/silencer
Lurk - be out of view ready to attack Multifarious - varied, motley, greatly diversified
Lustrous - being bright, polished Mundane - worldly as opposed to spiritual;
commonplace, everyday
M Myriad - very great number

Macabre - gruesome, suggesting death N

Macerate - make or become soft by soaking in
water Nadir -lowest, weakest point
Machination - plot, scheme (esp. evil) Nascent - coming into existence, emerging
Maladroit - tactless, clumsy Nebulous - cloud-like; hazy; vague; indistinct
Malapropism - misuse of a word (for one that Negligent - taking too little care
resembles it) Neophyte - person who has been converted to a
Malevolence - wishing to do evil belief
Malign - injurious, speak ill of somebody, tell lie Nexus - a connection, tie, or link
Nibble - show some inclination to accept (an offer) Paean - song of praise or triumph
Nice - precise, sensitive to subtleness Palate - roof of the mouth; sense of taste
Noisome - offensive, disgusting (smell) Palatial - magnificent
Nonchalant - not having interest Palliate - to make something appear less serious, to
Nonplused - greatly surprised alleviate, to gloss over
Nostrum - a quack remedy, an untested cure Palpability - can be felt, touched, understood
Notion - nominal, token Palpitate - tremble, beat rapidly and irregularly
Noxious - harmful Pan - flat/zoom
Nugatory trifling/worthless Panegyric - formal praise, eulogy
Nullify - make void and null Paradigm - a model, example, or pattern
Numb without ability to feel or move Parenthesis - sentence within another one,
Numbness - without ability to move a finger something separated
Pariah - an outcast, a rejected and despised person
O Parsimonious - too economical, miserly
Partisan - one-sided, committed to a party, biased
Obdurate - hardened and unrepenting; stubborn, or prejudiced
inflexible Patron - regular customer; person who gives
Obfuscate - to darken, make obscure, muddle support
Oblivious - unaware, having no memory Paucity - scarcity, a lacking of
Obloquy - abusively detractive language, sharp Peccadillo - small sin; small weakness in one's
criticism, vituperation character
Obsequious - too eager to obey or serve Pedantic - bookish, showing off learning
Obsolete - no longer used Pedestrian - commonplace, trite, unremarkable
Obstreperous - noisy, loud Pellucid - transparent, easy to understand
Obtain - to be established, accepted, or customary Penchant - strong inclination, a liking
Obtrusive - projecting, prominent, undesirably Penitent - feeling or showing regret
noticeable Penurious - poor/stingy
Obtuse - blunt/stupid Penury - extreme poverty
Obviate to make unnecessary, get rid of Peregrination - traveling about, wandering
Occluded - blocked up Peremptory - urgent, imperative, unchallengeable,
Occult - hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension ending debate
Odious - repulsive, hateful Perennial - lasting for a long time (e.g.. a year)
Odium - contempt, dislike, aversion Perfidious - treacherous, faithless
Odor - smell; favor; reputation Perfidy - treachery; breaking of faith
Officious - too eager or ready to help, offer advice Perfunctory - done as a duty without care
Ominous - threatening Perilous - dangerous
Opaqueness - dullness/not allowing light to pass Peripatetic - wandering
through Perish - be destroyed; decay
Opprobrious - showing scorn or reproach Perjury - willful false statement, unlawful act
Ossify - to turn to bone; to settle rigidly into an idea Permeate - spread into every part of
Ostensible - seeming, appearing as such, Pernicious - harmful, injurious
professed Perpetrate - be guilty; commit (a crime)
Ostentation - display to obtain admiration or envy Persevere - keep on steadily, continue
Ostentatious - fond of showing ostentation Personable - pleasing in appearance, attractive
Ostracism - shut out from society, refuse to meet, Perspicacity - quick judging and understanding
talk Pertain - belong as a part, have reference
Ostrich - fast-running bird unable to fly Pest - destructive thing or a person who is nuisance
Outset - start Petrified - taken away power (to think, feel, act)
Overhaul - examine thoroughly to learn about the Petrify - to make hard, rocklike
condition Petrous - like a rock, hard, stony
Overweening - presumptuously arrogant, Petulant - unreasonably impatient
overbearing, immoderate, being a jerk Philistine - a smug ignorant person; one who lacks
Overwhelm - weigh down, submerge knowledge
Phlegmatic - calm, sluggish temperament;
P unemotional
Picaresque - involving clever rogues or adventurers
Pied - of mixed colors Pristine - primitive, unspoiled, pure, as in earlier
Pinch - be too tight, take between the thumb and times unadulterated
finger Probity - uprightness, incorruptibility, principle
Pine - waste away through sorrow or illness Proclivity - inclination
Pious - dutiful to parents; devoted to religion Procrast - ination keeping on putting off
Piquant - agreeably pungent, stimulating Prodigal - wasteful, reckless with money
Pique - hurt the pride or self-respect, stir (curiosity) Prodigious - enormous, wonderful
Pitfall - covered hole as a trap, unsuspected danger Profane - worldly, having contempt for God
Pith - essential part, force, soft liquid substance Profligacy - shameless immorality
Pivotal - of great importance (others depend on it) Profligate - wasteful, prodigal, licentious,
Placate - soothe, pacify, calm extravagant
Plaintive - mournful, melancholy, sorrowful Profundity - depth
Plaque - flat metal on a wall as a memorial Profuse - abundant/lavish
Platitude - a trite or banal statement; unoriginality Proliferate - grow, reproduce by rapid multiplication
Plea - request Prolix - tiring because too long
Plead - address a court of law as an advocate Prone - prostrate; inclined to (undesirable things)
Plethora glut Propagation - increasing the number, spreading,
Pliant - pliable, easily bent, shaped or twisted extending
Plod - continue doing something without resting Propinquity - nearness in time or place, affinity of
Pluck - pull the feathers off, pick (e.g.. flowers) nature
Plumb - get to the root of Propitiate - do something to take away the anger of
Plummet - fall, plunge, steeply Propitiatory - conciliatory, appeasing, mitigating
Plunge - move quickly, suddenly and with force Propitious - auspicious, presenting favorable
Poignant - deeply moving; keen circumstances
Poise - be ready, be balanced, self-possession Prosaic - everyday, mundane, commonplace, trite,
Polemical - controversial, argued pedestrian
Poncho - large piece of cloth Proscribe - denounce as dangerous
Ponderous - heavy, bulky, dull Protracted prolonged
Portent - omen; marvelous; threatening Provident - frugal; looking to the future
Poseur - someone taking on airs to impress others; Provisional - of the present time only
a phony Provoke - make angry; vax
Posture - state, attitude; adopt a vain Prudence - careful forethought
Poverty - state of being poor Prudish - easily shocked, excessively modest
Pragmatic - practical, favoring utility Prune - dried plum, silly person
Precarious - uncertain, risky, dangerous Pry - get smth; inquire too curiously
Precept - moral instruction Pucker - wrinkle
Precepts - rules establishing standards of conduct Pugnacious - fond of, in the habit of fighting
Precipitate - throw something violently down from a Puissance - strength
height Punch - strike with the fist; tool for cutting holes;
Preclude - prevent, make impossible alc. drink
Precursory - preliminary, anticipating Punctilious precise, paying attention to trivialities
Predilection - special liking, mental preference Pundit - pedant, authority on a subject
Predominate - have more power than others Pungency - sharpness; stinging quality
Preempt - obtain by preemption or in advance Purvey - provide, supply
Preen - tidy/show self-satisfaction Pusillanimous cowardly, craven
Premature - doing or happening something before Putrefaction - becoming rotten
the right time Pyre - large pile of wood for burning
Preponderance - greatness in number, strength,
weight Q
Presage - warning sign
Presumption - arrogance Quack - person dishonestly claiming to smth
Preternatural - not normal or usual Quaff - drink deeply
Prevalent - common Quail - lose courage, turn frightened
Prevaricate - to equivocate, to stray from the truth Qualm - feeling of doubt, temporary feeling of
Prim - neat; formal sickness
Quandary - state of doubt or perplexity
Quell - suppress, subdue Render - deliver, provide, represent
Quibble - try to avoid by sophistication Renovate - restore something to better condition
Quiescence - state of being passive/motionless Renowned - celebrated, famous
Quiescent - at rest, dormant, torpid Rent - regular payment for the use of smth, division
Quirk - habit or action peculiar to somebody or smth or split
Quixotic - generous, unselfish Repast - meal
Quotidian - banal; everyday Repel - refuse to accept/cause dislike
Repine at be discontented with
R Reproach - scold, upbraid
Reprobate - person hardened in sin; one devoid of
Rabble -mob, crowd; the lower classes of populace decency
Raconteur - person who tells anecdotes Repudiate - disown, refuse to accept or pay
Radiant - bright, shining Repulsive - causing a feeling of disgust
Raffish - low, vulgar, base, tawdry Requite - repay, give in return 1044.
Rail at - find fault, utter reproaches Rescind - repeal/annul/cancel
Ramify - to be divided or subdivided; to branch out Resigned - unresisting, submissive
Rancorous - feeling bitterness, spitefulness Resilience - quality of quickly recovering the original
Rant - use extravagant language shape
Rapacious - greedy (especially for money) Resolve - determine
Rarefy - to make thin, to make less dense, to purify Resort to - frequently visit
or refine Restive - refusing to move; reluctant to be
Rave - act with excessive enthusiasm controlled
Reactionary - opposing progress Resurrect - bring back into use
Rebuff - snub Resuscitation - coming back to consciousness
Recalcitrant - disobedient Retard - check, hinder
Recant - take back as being false; give up Reticent - reserved, untalkative, silent, taciturn
Recast - cast or fashion anew Revere - have deep respect for
Recidivism - relapse into antisocial or criminal Reverent - feeling or showing deep respect
behavior Riddle - puzzling person or thing
Reciprocity - granting of privileges in return for Rift - split, crack, dissension
similar Rivet - fix, take up, secure; metal pin
Recital - performance of music Roll call - calling of names
Recluse - person who lives alone and avoids Rope - thick strong cord made by twisting
people Rotund - rich and deep; plump and round
Recompense - make payment to; reward, punish Rubric - heading, title, or category
Reconcile - settle a quarrel; restore peace Ruffian - violent, cruel man
Recondite - little known; abstruse Rumple - make rough
Recourse - something turned to for help
Recreancy - cowardice, a cowardly giving up S
Recuperate - become strong after illness, loss,
exhaustion Sagacious - having sound judgment; perceptive,
Redeem - get back by payment; compensate wise; like a sage
Redemptive - serving to redeem Salacious - obscene
Redoubtable - formidable, causing fear Salient - prominent, protruding, conspicuous, highly
Refine - make or become pure, cultural relevant
Refractory - stubborn, unmanageable, intractable Salubrious - healthful
Refulgent - shining, brilliant Salutary - remedial, wholesome, causing
Regale - to delight or entertain; to feast improvement
Regicide - crime of killing a king Sanctimony - Self-righteousness, hypocritical, with
Reiterate - say or do again several times false piety
Rejuvenation - becoming young in nature or Sanction - approval (by authority); penalty
appearance Sanguine - cheerful, confident, optimistic
Relapse -fall back again Sanity - health of mind; soundness of judgement
Relinquish - give up Sap - weaken
Reluctant - unwilling or disinclined Sash - long strip worn round the waist
Remonstrate - to protest, object Sate - satiate
Satiate - satisfy fully
Saturnine - gloomy, dark, sullen, morose
Savant - person of great learning
Savor - taste, flavor smth
Sawdust - tiny bits of wood
Scabbards - heath for the blade
Scent - smell (especially pleasant)
Scorch - become discolored/dry up/go at high
Scribble - write hastily
Scurvy - mean, contemptible
Seal - piece of wax, lead, etc stamped on the
Secular - material (not spiritual); living outside
Sedulous - persevering
Seminal - like a seed; constituting a source,
Sententious - short and pithy, full of
Sequence - succession, connected line of
Sere - make hard and without feeling/mouldy
Sermon - reproving a person for his faults
Serrated - having a toothed edge
Serration - having a toothed edge
Servile - like a slave, lacking independence
Sever - break off
Severance - severing
Shaft - arrow or spear, something long and narrow
Shallow - little depth; not earnest
Shard - piece of broken earthenware
Sheath - cover for the blade of a weapon or a tool
Shove - push
Shrewd - astute; showing sound judgement
Shrill - sharp, piercing
Shun - keep away from; avoid
Shunt - send from one track to another; lay aside;
evade discussion
Sidestep - step to one side
Simper - (give a) silly/self-conscious smile
Sinuous - winding, undulating, serpentine
Skiff - small boat
Skit - short piece of humorous writing
Slack - sluggish; dull; not tight
Slake - to assuage, to satisfy, allay
Slate - king of blue-grey stone; propose; criticize
Sluggard - lazy, slow-moving person
Slur - join sounds/words (indistinct)