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Dear Muhammad imran,
Below are the order details for the tickets you booked at

Booking Number : 77868
Booking ID : WM3B2MG
Movie : Thor: Ragnarok 3D
Show Date, Time : 12 Nov 2017
Location : Jinnah Park
Screen : SCREEN-3
Seat No(s) : B-10,B-11

No of Ticket(s) :
Amount Per Ticket : 800.00 PKR
Offer Amount : 0.00 PKR
Booking Fee : 50.00 PKR
Total Amount : 1650.00 PKR (Including all charges)
Payment Mode : Debit / Credit card

Thank you for choosing Cinepax, See you at the movies!


1. Please ensure you bring the credit card you have used to
purchase these tickets, as you need the credit card to collect your
tickets after verification.
2. Children under 2 years of age are not allowed at any class screen
of Cinepax Cinemas.
3. If the movie is rated 18+, under age individuals will not be
entertained, please carry your CNIC cards as Cinepax will hold
authority to check on site.
4. Please be advised that in the event you do not show up for the
movie, tickets will not be refunded in any case