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Depending on their natural ability and level of control, reality around the X can be adjusted, shaped or even created according to their every

Look at Origins for special abilities for each


Special Effects
Characters in comics often
use their powers for everyday
tasks not represented by the
powers in this book. Assume
that your characters also
can produce similar special
effects. For example, a
character who can blast
flames at his enemies could
also make a torch to see in
the dark, or light a candle
by snapping his fingers.
Such minor uses of power
are inconsequential to a
character, and dont need to
be bought with points
assume they are part of the



Detect & Discover. Dictate a new fact about the situation at hand; 1 Hero Point per minor detail, 2 Hero Points per significant detail, or 4 Hero
Points per major detail; subject to GM Veto.
Energize Stunts. Increase the effective Rank of a Stunt. Variable cost.
Haymaker. After a successful attack, add an Upshift to Damage; 1 Hero Point per Upshift.
I Know a Guy. Remember a contact with possible useful information on current situation; 2 Hero Points and a Scene to get the info; subject to
GM Veto.
Luck Be a Lady. As I fall off of the zeppelin to certain doom, I luckily manage to grab onto a guy line hanging from the gondola. . .; 2 Hero
Points per plausible coincidence, or 4 Hero Points per implausible coincidence.
Make It Count. Gain an additional 1d6 on next roll; 3 Hero Points per die.
Pull Yourself Together. Regain 1d6 lost Failure Ranks; 1 Hero Point and one action or reaction.
Push a Quality or Power. Gain an Upshift to Rank for next roll; 2 Hero Points per Upshift.
Second Wind. Regain 1d6 lost Damage Ranks; 2 Hero Poinst and one Turn per die of recovery.
Use a Trophy. Retrieve and use an applicable Trophy (see Chapter 6, MacGuffins, Plot Devices, & Trophies, p. 69) from a previous adventure. 1
or 2 Hero Points, at GMs discretion.

THE POWER OF SUPER SCALE & Vulnerabilities in More Power


Instead of adding a flat bonus add an extra die to the action check; i.e. Foreign Elements style.

Use descriptive phrases. Marks can be described poetically or in common language. As you can see in the examples in the sidebar, the same Mark
could go under a few different Traits. If its helpful, put a plus sign (+) next to your Marks to remind you to add a die when you use them in an action.
Double Marks, representing further specialization in a particular skill, training, or ability, can be marked with two plus signs (++), indicating that you
roll two dice when you use them in an action.



+Implant +Inconspicuous
A network of servos and tubes connected to an adrenaline collection and distribution system so you can trigger a powerful boost to your system
when you need it. Ive heard prolonged use makes your heart explode, but whatever. When you take this implant, pick a Stress Track. Anytime you
make a Move that involves physical strength, add the current rating of the chosen Stress Track to your roll.

My Take: The Juice Inflicts stun / HP / Attribute damage to the user relative to the level of juice they are activating/using.

+Implant +Quick +Inconspicuous
Youre fast, precise, and your reaction time is greatly enhanced because
of the electronic stimulants applied directly to your brain. Side effects
include being really hyperactive and annoying. You always go first in any
situation where time is of the essence, and you can ignore the Reload
constraint on gear you are using.


NOTE - Look at Invulnerable RPG for Character details

Select or roll for one genetic benefit
below. You can gain additional benefits by either
forgoing one of your +1 ability score increases, or by
incurring a penalty by selecting a shortcoming. The
GM may choose to limit the number of benefits you can
gain - generally no more than two or three. The GM
may also require you to roll for both benefits and shortcomings
instead of choose, to enforce the randomness
of the genetic lottery.

Roll or
1 Skill / Tool Proficiency: You are adept at
one thing since birth, a calling. You gain
proficiency in one skill or tool of your
2 Enhanced Secondary Senses: A connoisseur,
you have advantage with any Wisdom
(Perception) checks regarding taste or
3 Night Eyes: You have superior vision in dark
and dim conditions. You can see in dim
light within 60 feet of you as if it were
bright light, and in darkness as if it were
dim light. You cant discern color in darkness,
only shades of gray.
4 Disciplined Lungs: Youve always had the
capacity to hold your breath longer than
others. You can go without oxygen for as
many minutes as twice your Constitution
5 Extreme Fortitude. You gain 2 additional
hit points at 1st level, plus 1 additional hit
point every additional level.
6 Light Sleeper. Its been a positive and a
negative, but you cannot be surprised by
sleeping. Alas, it can also be difficult to
get a proper nights sleep.
7 Short Sleeper. You dont need much. You
only require 3 hours of sleep per night to
function, and a good nights sleep is only 4
8 Eidetic Memory. You remember nearly
everything. You automatically pass any
Intelligence checks to recall any information
you have been exposed to.
9 Empathy. Youve always been able to understand
someones emotional state, allowing
for sympathy or manipulation.
You gain a +2 bonus to Wisdom (Insight).
10 Extra Fatigue. Youve always been running.
You can ignore level 1 and 2 exhaustion
11 Fashion Sense. You look good in anything,
from haute couture to dollar store rejects.
You have a +1 bonus to all Charisma
ability checks.
12 Quick Healer. Very useful when you were
a childyou regain 1 additional spent Hit
Die when you take a long rest.
13 High Pain Threshold. You can take a punch.
When reduced to zero hit points, you do
not fall unconscious until you fail your
first death save.
14 Disease Immunity. You rarely get sick. You
have advantage on saving throws against
15 Poison Immunity. Tastes minty. You have
advantage on saving throws against poison
16 Speed Boost. Limber. You gain a +5 foot
bonus to speed.
17 Strong Will. Not easy to stare down. You
have advantage with Wisdom saving
throws; you also have proficiency with
Wisdom (Intimidation).
18 Toughness. Each time you suffer damage
from a piercing or slashing weapon, you
suffer 2 fewer points of damage.
19 Nimbleness: You can move through the
space of any creature that is of a size larger
than yours.
20 Ornery: When you score a critical hit with
a melee weapon attack, you can roll one
of the weapons damage dice one additional
time and add it to the extra damage
of the critical hit.

1-2 Bad Eyes. It happens to everyone. You
need glasses. Without them, you have
disadvantage with Wisdom (Perception)
checks when using your eyes.
3-4 Long Sleeper: You getheadaches. You
need to have at least 8 hours of sleep a
night to qualify for having a long rest.
5-6 Bad Hearing: I said, you need hearing aids.
Without them, you have disadvantage
with Wisdom (Perception) checks with
7-8 Hairless: You have no hair. Anywhere.
You have disadvantage with Charisma
(Persuasion) checks.
9-10 Dwarfism: The accepted term is "little person"
and while rumors of short people
having big tempers aren't necessarily true,
people should think twice before testing it
with you. You choose whether you are
size Medium or Small, but your speed is
reduced by 5 feet either way.
11-12 Fat: Its not big boned, youve accepted
that. You are not slightly overweight.
Your speed is reduced by 5 feet.
13-14 Frail Frame: You do not handle pain very
well. Each time you suffer damage, you
lose 1 additional hit point.
15-16 Albino: You suffer from a condition resulting
in a complete lack of melanin. When
in direct sunlight, you have disadvantage
with Wisdom (Perception) checks when
using your eyes.
Dyslexia: You have disadvantage on checks
that involve reading or research unless
you take double the usual time to perform
19-20 Shyness: You dont like being in public spaces.
You have disadvantage with all Charisma based checks.



The fact is no one knows for sure where delta powers come from. In the old days, there were a lot of cornball theories about alien implants, mad
scientist experiments, and strange
visitors from other planets.

None of that ever panned out.

Of course, just because there's no proof of any of those theories doesn't mean that there aren't lots of people
who believe them. In fact, some of
those people have positions of great
power in both the Defiance and Delta
The point is that there are idiots
everywhere, and people generally
believe what they want to believe. Even
some of the seemingly smartest and
most connected people buy into these
crackpot notions.
Of course, these days there's another
crackpot notion that's gotten more
attention than any of the others. It's
helped by the fact that it's grounded in


With the advent of the Human
Genome Project, scientists have
managed to map large portions of
humanity's DNA. While the project is
far from complete, the scientists have
made a few astonishing discoveries.
A good portion of the human
population has a unique sequence in its
DNA that doesn't appear in any other
creature on the face of the earth. In fact,
a good portion of the human
population doesn't have it at all.
In deltas, this same sequence has
been altered-some say mutatedradically,
and often in new and
unpredictable ways. Scientists believe
that this mutable DNA is the source of
delta powers. Being the prosaic kind of
people they tend to be, the eggheads
call this sequence the delta factor.
As is usually the case, this discovery
raises more questions than it answers.
The first of these is both the easiest to
ask and the hardest to answer: Where
did this sequence come from?


There are lots of guesses and little in
the way of proof.
Some people think the delta factor is
simply the next stage in evolution.
Those who have this sequence in their
DNA are part of a new race of people
known as-all adolescent jokes asidehomo
Those who subscribe to this idea
predict that eventually regular people
will either die off or be bred into the
delta population. When that happens,
every person in the en tire world will
have the potential to become a delta.
Others suspect something with
results that are just as pervasive but
with far more sinister origins. They
claim that this "rogue" DNA sequence
was somehow implan ted into the
human genome.
The more paranoid among those
who tout this theory believe that
whoever did this will one day trigger a
subsequence of the gene that will allow
them to control every delta on earth.
These same people often claim that the
Nazis or Soviets are behind such an
effort. Pointing out that the first
recorded deltas were discovered during
World War I doesn't seem to d en t their
fervor for their beliefs.
Then there are those who point out
that the easiest way to introduce a new
genetic sequence into ~ p op.ulati?n is
by breeding. When thIS nohon hIt the
papers, all sorts of wackos crawled out
of the woodwork, claiming they'd been
abducted by aliens and impregnated
with their delta-factor-taL'1ted
offspring. None of these stories has
ever been proved.
Then there's the Delta Cult. Some
cultists believe that the deltas are the
long-lost descendants of the ancient
gods of myth and legend. They
worship deltas as IJ children of the
gods," and they say that the greatgreat-
great-whatever grandparents .of
these deltas will come back to reclaIm
their offspring soon.
Of course, they can't agree on when.
Some Des think it's all going to happen
on January 1,2000. Others bet on 200l.
Of course, the ancient gods never heard
of the Gregorian calendar, but they're
gods, so they can do whatever they
want, right.
Like we said, no one really knows.

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