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Intermediate Czech wordlist

File 1
Vocabulary Banks
Food and Cooking
aubergine n /bin/ You need an aubergine for this pasta dish. lilek
baked adj /bekt/ I had a baked potato with tuna for my lunch. peen
beans npl /binz/ These beans are overcooked. fazole
beef n /bif/ We always eat roast beef on Sundays. hovz
beetroot n /bitrut/ I always put beetroot in my salads. erven epa
boiled adj /bld/ I like to have boiled eggs for breakfast. vaen
cabbage n /kbd/ I dont like the taste of cabbage. zel
cherries npl /teriz/ Cherries are really delicious. ten
chicken n /tkn/ Chicken is a low-fat meat. kue, kuec
courgette n /ket/ I used a courgette in this recipe. cuketa
crab n /krb/ Can I have a crab sandwich, please? krab
cucumber n /kjukmb/ I dont like the taste of cucumber. okurka
duck n /dk/ I love duck with orange sauce. kachna, kachn
egg n /e/ I had a fried egg for breakfast. vejce
fish n /f/ I love oily fish like salmon. ryba
fried adj /frad/ Fried bread is too oily for me. smaen
fruit n /frut/ You should eat some fresh fruit every day. ovoce
grapes npl /reps/ Do you prefer red or green grapes? hrozny
grilled adj /rld/ I would like the grilled steak, please. grilovan
lamb n /lm/ I always order a lamb curry at that Indian restaurant. jehn, jehn
lemon n /lemn/ I always like to have some lemon with my fish. citron
mango n /m/ Is there any mango in this fruit salad? mango
meat n /mit/ My sister doesnt eat meat because shes a vegetarian. maso
melon n /meln/ This melon isnt sweet enough. meloun
mussels npl /mslz/ We had some delicious mussels and chips in Belgium. mule
peach n /pit/ I would like a peach for dessert, please. broskev
pear n /pe(r)/ Would you like a pear or an apple? hruka
pepper n /pep(r)/ We need one red pepper and one onion. paprika
pork n /pk/ Many people do not eat pork in Morocco. vepov
prawns npl /prnz/ We had prawns with lemon juice and garlic. krevety
raspberries npl /rzbriz/ We had raspberries and ice cream. maliny
roast adj /rst/ We always have roast potatoes on Sundays. opkan, peen
salmon n /smn/ Oily fish like salmon is very good for you. losos

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 1
seafood n /sifud/ My mum loves seafood, especially prawns and mussels. mosk plody
squid n /skwd/ I ordered fried squid for my starter. olihe
steamed adj /stimd/ Steamed vegetables are very healthy. vaen v pe
tuna n /tjun/ I made a tuna salad for my dinner. tuk
vegetable n /vedtbl/ Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? zelenina

affectionate adj /feknt/ Dogs are friendly and affectionate pets. milujc
aggressive adj /resv/ Hes very aggressive and often gets into fights. agresivn
ambitious adj /mbs/ Paul is ambitious and studies very hard at school. ctidostiv
anxious adj /ks/ My sister is very anxious and is always stressed. zkostliv
attractive adj /trktv/ Darrens new girlfriend is attractive. pitaliv
bad-tempered adj /bd tempd/ Our neighbour is bad-tempered so I dont talk to him. nevrl
bossy adj /bsi/ My husband is bossy and tells me what to do. panovan
charming adj /tm/ Nicolas new boyfriend is charming and friendly. okouzlujc
clever adj /klev(r)/ My sister is clever and wants to study medicine. chytr
competitive adj /kmpettv/ I dont play football with Jason hes too competitive! soutiv
dishonest adj /dsnst/ I think Jenny is being dishonest about her past. neestn
disorganized adj /dsnazd/ Our secretary is so disorganized. chaotick
friendly adj /frendli/ Our new neighbour is friendly. ptelsk
generous adj /denrs/ Diane is generous and often buys me presents. tdr, velkorys
hard-working adj /hd wk/ Mary is hard-working so she will pass her exams. piln
honest adj /nst/ Wendy is so honest she always tells the truth. estn
imaginative adj /mdntv/ My daughter is imaginative and loves stories. vynalzav
immature adj /mtj(r)/ Hes nearly 26 now, but hes still so immature. nezral
impatient adj /mpent/ Megan is always so impatient. netrpliv
independent adj /ndpendnt/ Karen lives on her own and likes to be independent. nezvisl
insecure adj /nskj(r)/ Stuart is insecure about the way he looks. nejist
insensitive adj /nsenstv/ She asked about his divorce which was insensitive. necitliv
irresponsible adj /rspnsbl/ Dont go out with Vanessa shes too irresponsible. nezodpovdn
jealous adj /dels/ Louise is jealous of Pete because he has a great job. zvistiv
kind adj /kand/ My wife is kind and enjoys helping others. laskav
lazy adj /lezi/ Ian never does any housework hes so lazy. ln
mature adj /mt(r)/ Shes only 12, but shes very mature for her age. zral
mean adj /min/ My sister never shares her things shes really mean. lakom
moody adj /mudi/ Our teenage son is moody and bad-tempered. nladov
obey v /be/ You should obey your parents. poslouchat
offend v /fend/ You should try not to offend people. urazit
opinion n /pnjn/ Whats your opinion of the new government? nzor
organized adj /nazd/ Our administrator is really organized. systematick
outgoing adj /at/ James is outgoing and has many friends. ptelsk
patient adj /pent/ You need to be patient if you are a driving instructor. trpliv
quiet adj /kwat/ Anna is so quiet its hard to talk to her. tich

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 2
rebellious adj /rbeljs/ Julie is rebellious and ignores her parents. vzdorovit
reliable adj /rlabl/ Ken is not very reliable hes always late. spolehliv
responsible adj /rspnsbl/ Our son is very responsible and hard-working. zodpovdn
self-confident adj /self knfdnt/ Shes a self-confident and sociable child. sebejist
selfish adj /self/ Jane is really selfish and only ever thinks of herself. sobeck
sensible adj /sensbl/ Our teenage daughter is sensible so we can trusther. rozumn
sensitive adj /senstv/ Helen is always crying shes really sensitive. citliv
shy adj /a/ Im shy and find it hard to meet new people. ostchav
sociable adj /sbl/ Jack is sociable and has lots of friends. spoleensk
spoilt adj /splt/ Rachel is spoilt her parents always give hermoney. rozmazlen
stubborn adj /stbn/ My dad is stubborn and never changes his mind. tvrdohlav
stupid adj /stjupd/ My parents think that all my friends are stupid. hloup
talkative adj /tktv/ Lucy is very talkative we chatted for hours. hovorn
tidy adj /tadi/ Harry is really tidy so his house always looks great. podn
unambitious adj /nmbs/ I was unambitious at school so I didnt studymuch. bez ambic
unfriendly adj /nfrendli/ I think our new boss is rather unfriendly. neptelsk
unimaginative adj /nmdntv/ The childrens story was boring and unimaginative. bez fantazie
unkind adj /nkand/ Dont be unkind to your poor brother. nepjemn
unreliable adj /nrlabl/ I wont ask Colin for help because he is unreliable. nespolehliv
unselfish adj /nself/ Adam is unselfish and always thinks of others. nesobeck
unsociable adj /nsbl/ Chris never comes out with us hes unsociable. nespoleensk
untidy adj /ntadi/ Jim is very untidy his bedroom is a mess. nepodn

Useful words and phrases

adult n /dlt/ I think I became an adult when I left home. dospl
arrangement n /rendmnt/ Have you made an arrangement for tomorrow? dohoda, ujednn
attention n /tenn/ I didnt get as much attention as my brother when we pozornost
were children.
bedcovers npl /bedkv(r)z/ I hid from my sister under the bedcovers. pehozy na postel
boarding school n /bd skul/ I was sent away to boarding school when I was 11. interntn kola
carbohydrates npl /kbhadrets/ Rice is an important source of carbohydrates. sacharidy
childhood n /taldhd/ I had a happy childhood. dtstv
close family n /kls fmli/ Do you think you have a close family? blzk rodina
decline n /dklan/ There is a decline in traditional family structures. pokles, padek
depressed adj /dprest/ After he lost his job he became depressed. v depresi
emotional adj /mnl/ Shes really emotional and often cries. emotivn, citov zaloen
extended family n /kstendd fmli/ I have a big extended family, including 18 cousins! irok rodina
extrovert n /ekstrvt/ My dad is an extrovert and loves meeting new people. extrovert
fight v /fat/ My brother always wants to fight with me. prt se
fresh adj /fre/ I bought some wonderful fresh fish today. erstv
frozen adj /frzn/ Have we got any frozen vegetables? mraen
gang n // Im not comfortable with being one of a gang. parta
gathering n /r/ My parents have arranged a family gathering. setkn

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 3
immediate family n /midit fmli/ I have four people in my immediate family. nejbli rodina
innocent adj /nsnt/ My sister hit me but my mum thought she was innocent. nevinn
intention n /ntenn/ His intention is to study hard and go to university. zmr
low-fat adj /l ft/ Would you like a low-fat yoghurt? nzkotun
mood n /mud/ Dont talk to Barry today hes in a bad mood. nlada
newborn adj /njubn/ That newborn baby is so tiny. novorozen
no wonder /n wnd(r)/ My parents were always nicer to me so no wonder my nen divu
sister hated me.
only child n /nli tld/ I dont have any brothers or sisters Im an only child. jedinek
prediction n /prdkn/ His prediction is that people will holiday in space. pedpov
promise n /prms/ I made a promise to my father when he died. slib
protein n /prtin/ Meat is a good source of protein. blkovina
raw adj /r/ I hate the taste of raw onions. syrov
relative n /reltv/ Im my mothers closest relative. pbuzn
relaxed adj /rlkst/ My mother is really relaxed and never gets stressed. uvolnn
rivalry n /ravlri/ There is a lot of rivalry between me and my sister. rivalita, soupeen
share v /e(r)/ I share a lot of hobbies with my sister. sdlet
sick adj /sk/ Hes been off sick for two weeks. nemocn
spicy adj /spasi/ I love spicy Thai curries. koenn, pikantn
stressed adj /strest/ Richard works too hard and is always stressed. stresovan
suffocate v /sfket/ He tried to suffocate me under the bedcovers! udusit
tension n /tenn/ There was tension at home because our parents argued. napt
value v /vlju/ Now that I am older I really value my parents. cenit si, vit si

More words in File 1

alternative therapy n /ltntv erpi/ Have you tried alternative therapy, like alternativn lba
argue v /ju/ My parents argue but they will never get divorced. hdat se
aware adj /we(r)/ Are you aware that you are your aunts only relative? uvdomovat si
cake n /kek/ I made a chocolate cake for my girlfriends birthday. dort, kol
carton n /ktn/ Can you get me a carton of orange juice? krabice
chef n /ef/ My brother is a chef in an Italian restaurant. fkucha
chocolate n /tklt/ Clients receive free chocolate at the end of thenight. okolda
concentration n /knsntren/ Blueberries can improve concentration. soustedn
container n /knten(r)/ This is a plastic container for pasta. obal
creamy adj /krimi/ We ordered pasta in a creamy sauce. smetanov
cuisine n /kwzin/ I love Indian cuisine. kuchyn
cure n /kj(r)/ I want to find a cure for my headaches. lk
cut down on phrv /kt dan n/ I need to cut down on sugar and fat to lose weight. omezit
decision n /dsn/ Have you made a decision about your holiday yet? rozhodnut
dramatic adj /drmtk/ The results of the experiment were dramatic. vrazn
efficiently adv /fntli/ Food that is high in protein helps your brain to work efektivn
more efficiently.
endorphins npl /ndfnz/ The brain releases endorphins when you eat chocolate. endorfiny

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 4
expert n /ekspt/ My aunt is an expert on Victorian literature. odbornk, odbornice
feel a bit down /fil bt dan/ I always feel a bit down after aholiday. ctit se trochu smutn
focused adj /fkst/ After my morning coffee I feel really focused. soustedn
food supplement n /fud splment/ I take a food supplement every day. doplnk vivy
jar n /d(r)/ Can you pass me that jar of strawberry jam? sklenice
margarine n /mdrin/ Do you prefer butter or margarine? margarn
meeting n /mit/ I have a meeting with my boss at 10.00 a.m. schzka, porada
mushroom n /mrum/ Ill have a ham and mushroom pizza, please. houba
nightclub n /natklb/ We went to a nightclub until 2.00 a.m. non klub
public holiday n /pblk hlde/ Its a public holiday on Monday so we wont go to work. sttn svtek
salt n /slt/ Dont put too much salt on your dinner. sl
sausage n /ssd/ Would you like a sausage or a burger? klobsa, prek
steak n /stek/ I ordered steak and chips at the restaurant. steak
sugar n /(r)/ I always have sugar in my coffee. cukr
takeaway adj /tekwe/ We ordered a takeaway pizza. (jdlo) s sebou
tinned adj /tnd/ I dont like the taste of tinned tuna. konzervovan
violence n /valns/ Late night violence can be a problem in some towns. nsil
vitamin n /vtmn/ There is a lot of vitamin C in oranges. vitamn
weapon n /wepn/ Chocolate could become a secret weapon in the fight zbra
against crime.

File 2
Vocabulary Banks
afford v /fd/ I cant afford to go on holiday this year. dovolit si
bank account n /bk kant/ How much money do you have in your bank account? bankovn et
bill n /bl/ The electricity bill came through the post today. et
borrow v /br/ Can I borrow some money, please? pjit si
cash machine n /k min/ I took 30 out of the cash machine. bankomat
charge v /td/ How much do you charge for a haircut? tovat
coin n /kn/ I found a 10p coin on the pavement. mince
cost v /kst/ These shoes cost 70. stt
credit card n /kredt kd/ The payment had been taken from my credit card. kreditn karta
debt n /det/ I had a lot of debt when I left university. dluh
earn v /n/ How much do doctors earn in your country? vydlvat
inherit v /nhert/ She will inherit a lot of money when her parents die. zddit
invest v /nvest/ You should invest some money in the stock market. investovat
lend v /lend/ Can you lend me 30 until tomorrow? pjit
live off phrv /lv f/ I have to live off my parents while Im at university. nechat se ivit
live on phrv /lv n/ If I lose my job, Ill have no money to live on. vyt, t z neho
loan n /ln/ I need a loan from the bank to start my own business. pjka

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 5
mortgage n /md/ The bank gave me a mortgage to buy a house. hypotka
note n /nt/ I left a 20 note on my desk. bankovka
owe v // You owe me 10. dluit
pay back phrv /pebk/ I pay back 50 of the loan to the bank every month. splcet
raise v /rez/ How much money did you raise for the school? zskat, vybrat
salary n /slri/ Lawyers get a good salary. plat
save v /sev/ I try to save some money every month. spoit
take out phrv /tek at/ I never take out more than 50 at a cash machine. vybrat
tax n /tks/ How much tax do you have to pay every month? da
waste v /west/ Dont waste your money on things you dont need. pltvat
worth adj /w/ How much is your house worth? mt hodnotu, stt

Useful words and phrases

boiling adj /bl/ Its boiling at the moment 34 degrees Celsius! rozplen
boutique n /butik/ She works in a designer clothes boutique. butik
broke adj /brk/ I was always broke when I was a student. na mizin, vorc
cheque n /tek/ I wrote a cheque for 300. ek
consecutive adj /knsekjtv/ She ran three consecutive marathons in 24 hours. v ad za sebou
contract n /kntrkt/ We signed the contract. smlouva
current n /krnt/ I had to paddle against the current. proud
delicious adj /dls/ The food was delicious. vynikajc, lahodn
delighted adj /dlatd/ My parents are delighted that Im getting married. naden
dyslexia n /dsleksi/ My son cant read very well because he has dyslexia. dyslexie
enormous adj /nms/ His house is enormous and has six bedrooms. obrovsk
exhausted adj /zstd/ I was exhausted after the race. vyerpan
exhaustion n /zstn/ I suffered from heat exhaustion. vyerpn
fantastic adj /fntstk/ Ive had a fantastic time here. fantastick
figures npl /fz/ He calculated figures in his head. sla
filthy adj /fli/ Johns kitchen is filthy. pinav
freezing adj /friz/ The sea was freezing so we didnt swim. mraziv
furious adj /fjris/ Lyn is furious that you didnt invite her to the party. rozzuen
gamble n /mbl/ Starting my own business was a bit of a gamble. hazard
go on sale / n sel/ When will his new book go on sale? jt do prodeje
hilarious adj /hleris/ The film was hilarious we laughed so much. legran
humidity n /hjumdti/ The humidity here is 80 per cent in the summer. vlhkost
infested adj /nfestd/ The river is infested with crocodiles. zamoen
inspire v /nspa(r)/ Ive been listening to music to inspire me. inspirovat
kayak v /kak/ Why did you agree to kayak down the Amazon? sjdt na kajaku
make money /mek mni/ I want to make money from my paintings. vydlvat
millionaire n /mljne(r)/ Jeff became a millionaire, but lost most of his money. milion
paddle n /pdl/ We used a wooden paddle to move the boat. pdlo
positive adj /pztv/ Did you have a positive experience when you pozitivn, dobr

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 6
put aside phrv /pt sad/ Every week I put aside some money for a holiday. dvat stranou, etit
recession n /rsen/ Our business lost a lot of money during the recession. recese, pokles
risky adj /rski/ This is a very risky trip. riskantn
sponsor v /spns(r)/ She asked me to sponsor her for a charity programme. sponzorovat
starving adj /stv/ I was starving when I came home from school. hladovjc
suffer v /sf(r)/ I really suffer in hot weather. trpt
target n /tt/ 100 km per day is my target. cl
terrified adj /terfad/ Are there any animals that youre terrified of? vystraen
tiny adj /tani/ My flat is really tiny with only two rooms. malink

More words in File 2

ache n /ek/ I have an ache in my right arm from playing tennis. bolet
ashamed adj /emd/ He felt so ashamed that he couldnt read. zahanben
bandaged adj /bnddd/ He came to work with a bandaged head. ovzan
best-seller n /bestsel(r)/ His autobiography became a best-seller. bestseller
burst into tears /bst nt tz/ When I finished the race I burst into tears. propuknout v pl
charity n /trti/ My sister works for a childrens charity. dobroinn organizace
consumer society n /knsjum(r) We live in a consumer society where people want new konzumn spolenost
ssati/ things all the time.
cynical adj /snkl/ Im always very cynical about our government. cynick
door-to-door /d(r) t d(r)/ I went door-to-door trying to sell insurance. dm od domu, podomn
drive someone mad /drav smwn md/ My parents drive me mad with their arguing! pivdt nkoho k lenstv
employ v /mpl/ We employ a gardener who comes once a week. zamstnvat
fee n /fi/ My lawyer has an hourly fee of 150! poplatek, sazba
foot the bill /ft bl/ My children use the phone but I foot the bill. zaplatit et
ghost writer n /strat(r)/ She used a ghost writer to write her autobiography. anonymn autor (pc za
nkoho jinho)
good cause n /d kz/ I ran a marathon to make money for a good cause. dobr vc
gorilla n /rl/ I saw a big gorilla at the zoo. gorila
instalment n /nstlmnt/ I paid back the first instalment on my loan. spltka
instinctively adv /nstktvli/ He instinctively knew what people wanted. instinktivn
interest n /ntrest/ How much interest do you pay on your credit card? rok
lorry n /lri/ A big red lorry parked outside our house. nkladn auto
mechanic n /mknk/ I had to pay the mechanic 100 to repair my car. mechanik
melted adj /meltd/ There was melted chocolate at the bottom of my bag. rozputn
presenter n /przent(r)/ I want to be a TV presenter when I grow up. modertor
prize n /praz/ I won first prize in the competition. cena
proud adj /prad/ I was so proud of my son when he passed his exams. pyn
rough idea n /rf ad/ I usually have a rough idea about what I spend my hrub pedstava
money on.
salesman n /selzmn/ My brother is a used car salesman. prodejce
scam n /skm/ That email saying we had won some money was a scam. podvod
shopping spree n /p spri/ I always go on a shopping spree when I get paid. nkupn horeka
store n /st(r)/ He works in a grocery store. obchod

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 7
surface n /sfs/ I can see my reflection in the surface of the water. povrch, hladina
tape n /tep/ My fingers are bandaged with white tape. pska

File 3
Vocabulary Banks
avoid v /vd/ Avoid the motorway there is a huge traffic jam. vyhnout se
bus stop n /bs stp/ You can buy a ticket at the bus stop. autobusov zastvka
car crash n /k(r) kr/ I broke my leg in a car crash last month. autonehoda
carriage n /krd/ My seat is in carriage F. vagon
child seat n /tald sit/ You should buy a child seat for your car. dtsk sedaka
coach n /kt/ We went on a coach to France. (dlkov) autobus
cross v /krs/ Whats the quickest way to cross a busy city? pejt, pejet
cycle lane n /sakl len/ Its safer to use a cycle lane when youre on your bike. cyklostezka
end up phrv /end p/ If I get on that bus, Ill end up in the wrong place! skonit (kde), dopadnout
(jako co)
get stuck phrv /et stk/ I always get stuck in traffic on my way to work. uvznout
go over phrv / v(r)/ Dont go over the speed limit. pekroit
lorry n /lri/ My brother drives a lorry. nkladn auto
motorway n /mtwe/ The motorway speed limit is 70 miles per hour. dlnice
parking fine n /pk fan/ I left my car on double yellow lines and I got a pokuta za patn parkovn
pedestrian crossing n /pdestrin krs/ Children should always use a pedestrian crossing. pechod pro chodce
petrol station n /petrl sten/ I stopped at a petrol station to fill up the car. erpac stanice
platform n /pltfm/ The train leaves from this platform. nstupit
roadworks n /rdwks/ Roadworks are starting on this road next week. prce na silnici
run out phrv /rn at/ What will we do if we run out of petrol? dojt
rush hour n /r a(r)/ The traffic is always bad in rush hour. dopravn pika
scooter n /skut(r)/ My daughter uses her scooter to get to work. sktr
seat belt n /sit belt/ You must wear a seat belt in cars in this country. bezpenostn ps
set off phrv /set f/ We set off early to avoid the traffic. vydat se (na cestu)
speed camera n /spid kmr/ Theres a speed camera so dont drive too fast. (policejn) radar
speed limit n /spid lmt/ Whats the speed limit on this road? povolen rychlost
taxi rank n /tksi rnk/ Theres a taxi rank outside the station. stanovit taxi
traffic jam n /trfk dm/ Sorry Im late there was a terrible traffic jam. dopravn zcpa
traffic lights n /trfk lats/ Turn right after the traffic lights. semafor
tram n /trm/ I go to work by tram. tramvaj
Underground n /ndrand/ I use the London Underground every day. metro
van n /vn/ My uncle is a builder and he has his own van. dodvka
watch / look out! /wt at/lk at/ Look out! Youre going to crash! Dvej pozor!
zebra crossing n /zebr krs/ Its safest to cross the road at the zebra crossing. zebra (pechod)

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 8
Dependent prepositions
afraid of prep /fred v/ Im afraid of spiders. bt se neho
angry with prep /ri w/ Are you still angry with me? zlobit se na nkoho
apologize to prep /pldaz t/ Apologize to your sister for breaking her hairdryer. omluvit se nkomu
argue with prep /ju w/ I always argue with my parents. hdat se s nkm
arrive at prep /rav t/ We arrive at Heathrow at 10.30 a.m. dorazit v (as)
arrive in prep /rav n/ What time do you arrive in London? dorazit nkam
ask for prep /sk f/ I want to ask for some help with my homework. dat o nco
belong to prep /bl t/ Who does this jacket belong to? patit nkomu
choose between prep /tuz btwin/ You have to choose between these two dresses. volit mezi
close to prep /kls t/ Im very close to my mum and we speak every day. blzk
depend on prep /dpend n/ I might go to university next year it will depend on zviset na
my exam results.
different from prep /dfrnt frm/ This house is very different from your last one. odlin
dream about prep /drim bat/ Do you often dream about work? snt o nem
excited about prep /ksatd bat/ Are you excited about your holiday? naden nm
famous for prep /fems f/ Whats your home town famous for? slavn nm
fed up with prep /fed p w/ Im fed up with tidying away your clothes all the time. mt neho dost
fond of prep /fnd v/ Im fond of my niece shes so sweet. mt rd nkoho (nco)
frightened of prep /fratnd v/ Are you frightened of heights? strach z
good at prep /d t/ Im really good at maths but Im useless at history. dobr v nem
good for prep /d f/ Doing some exercise every day is good for you. dobr pro nco
interested in prep /ntrstd n/ Im really interested in history. zajmat se o nco
keen on prep /kin n/ Im keen on football so I watch it most weekends. naden nm
kind to prep /kand t/ Please be kind to your little brother. laskav k nkomu
laugh at prep /lf t/ Dont laugh at me when Im talking. smt se nkomu
look forward to prep /lk fwd t/ I look forward to seeing you next week. tit se na nco
married to prep /mrid t/ How long have you been married to your wife? enat, vdan za nkoho
pay for prep /pe f/ How much did you pay for that car? zaplatit za nco
pleased about prep /plizd bat/ Are you pleased about the new tax system? poten nm
proud of prep /prad v/ Im proud of my nephew as hes now a doctor. pyn na nco
remind me to prep /rmand mi t/ Can you remind me to call your grandma tomorrow? pipomenout mi
rude to prep /rud t/ Dont be rude to your father! hrub k nkomu
scared of prep /sked v/ Im scared of the dark. mt strach z neho
spend money on prep /spend mni n/ I like to spend money on good quality food. utrcet penze za nco
tired of prep /tad v/ Im tired of working I need to have a rest. unaven nm
worried about prep /wrid bat/ Im worried about Jody she seems really depressed. mt obavy o nkoho (nco)

Useful words and phrases

according to prep /kd t/ According to the article, women are better at podle
adventure n /dvent(r)/ I want an adventure so lets go travelling together. dobrodrustv
ahead of prep /hed v/ The car was ahead of the bike. ped

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 9
almost adv /lmst/ I can talk to my wife about almost anything. tm
choke v /tk/ Try not to choke on that apple. dusit se
claim v /klem/ They claim that women use more words than men. tvrdit
confusing adj /knfjuz/ The map was confusing and we got lost. matouc
credible adj /kredbl/ This research isnt credible so I dont trust the findings. dvryhodn
fit v /ft/ They want to fit me with a hearing aid. vybavit
generally adv /denrli/ Generally speaking, are women more talkative obecn
gossip n /sp/ Have you got any gossip to share? klepy, drby
gossip v /sp/ She likes to gossip with her friends over coffee. klbosit, klepat
hardly adv /hdli/ We hardly ever go to the cinema any more. tm ne
in fact /n fkt/ We dont eat out much, in fact, we dont even have ve skutenosti
takeaways any more.
manual n /mnjul/ I need a training manual on how to bring up children. pruka
multitask v /mltitsk/ Do you think women can multitask better than men? zvldat vc kol zrove
permit n /pmt/ Do you have a permit to park here? povolen
race n /res/ I won the race. zvod
range v /rend/ There is a wide range of products to choose from. rozsah, kla
reach v /rit/ When do you think you will reach the station? dorazit
recorder n /rkd(r)/ They attached a recorder to them to monitor rekordr, zznamnk
reduce v /rdjus/ Laughing can reduce stress. snit
route n /rut/ Which is the best route to the station? trasa
rush v /r/ I was late so I had to rush to school. spchat
sceptical adj /skeptkl/ They are sceptical of the belief that women use three skeptick
times as many words as men.
slightly adv /slatli/ Men only use slightly fewer words than women. mrn
stereotype n /steritap/ The stereotype of British people is that they always stereotyp
talk about the weather.
stereotype v /steritap/ They stereotype women as being better at looking vnmat stereotypn
after children.
stick v /stk/ Men usually stick to one subject for longer when dret se
swap v /swp/ We like to get together and swap opinions. vymovat si
talk about phrv /tk bat/ I like to talk about politics with my friends. mluvit o nem
tend v /tend/ Women tend to gossip more than men. mt tendenci
turn around phrv /tn rand/ Turn around because youre going the wrong way! obrtit se
turn red /tn red/ When the lights turn red you have to stop. nasko erven
whereas conj /werz/ Women talk about lots of subjects whereas men usually zatmco
stick to one subject for longer.
worse adj /ws/ You should leave now because the traffic is hor

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 10
More words in File 3
check-in desk n /tek n desk/ Go straight to the check-in desk at the airport. odbavovac pepka
commando n /kmnd/ He was a commando in the British army. len komanda
do your hair /d j(r) he(r)/ How long does it take to do your hair? upravit si es
driving simulator n /drav A British car magazine tested drivers in a driving simultor zen
smjulet(r)/ simulator.
illegal adj /lil/ Have you ever done something illegal? nezkonn
military precision n /mltri prsn/ Getting ready for school requires military precision. vojensk pesnost
motorboat n /mtbt/ My brother bought a motorboat last weekend. motorov lun
nickname n /nknem/ Did you have a nickname when you were at school? pezdvka
mile n /mal/ How long does it take you to walk one mile? mle
overground train n /vrand tren/ You should take the overground train from Waterloo. vlak
penalty n /penlti/ Their best player missed the penalty. penalta
public transport n /pblk trnspt/ I never use public transport because I love driving. veejn doprava
publish v /pbl/ Will they publish your article in the magazine? publikovat, uveejnit
put make-up on /pt mek p n/ I need 20 minutes to put make-up on in the morning. nalit se
ring road n /r rd/ Drive round the ring road to get to that part of town. silnin okruh
rucksack n /rksk/ I put my lunch box into my rucksack. batoh
satnav n /stnv/ I use my satnav when I go on long journeys. navigace, GPS
series n /sriz/ Top Gear is a very popular TV series. seril
silence is golden /salns az I like to spend time in quiet places silence is golden. mleti zlato
sleeping tablet n /slip tblt/ I took a sleeping tablet to help me sleep last night. prek na span
stay-at-home dad n /ste t hm dd/ Im a stay-at-home dad and my wife works. otec na rodiovsk dovolen
the Tube n / tjub/ I hate travelling on the Tube. metro (v Londn)
trivial adj /trvil/ My friends talk about trivial things like celebrities. banln
valuable adj /vljubl/ My time is valuable so I dont like to waste it. cenn

File 4
Useful words and phrases
amazed adj /mezd/ I was amazed by our sons exam results. ohromen
amazing adj /mez/ The view from our hotel room is amazing. asn
basic phrase n /besk frez/ Learn some basic phrases before you travel abroad. zkladn frze
bored adj /bd/ Im bored lets do something. znudn
boring adj /br/ This film is really boring. nudn
busy adj /bzi/ Im afraid the line is busy at the moment. obsazen
consequence n /knskwns/ Leaving my phone on had an embarrassing consequence. dsledek
depressed adj /dprest/ She was feeling depressed so she went to her doctor. sklen
depressing adj /dpres/ I find winter depressing. skliujc
dial v /dal/ Can you dial the number for me? vytoit
disappointed adj /dspntd/ My parents were disappointed with my exam results. zklaman

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 11
disappointing adj /dspnt/ My exam results were a bit disappointing. neuspokojiv
embarrassed adj /mbrst/ I was embarrassed when I fell over in the town centre. trapn
embarrassing adj /mbrs/ It was embarrassing when my dad decided to dance! trapn
engaged adj /nedd/ I tried to call you but the line was engaged. obsazen
etiquette n /etkt/ Do you know about mobile phone etiquette? etiketa
evidence n /evdns/ If at first you dont succeed, destroy all the evidence dkazy
that you tried.
excited adj /ksatd/ I was really excited on the first day of the course. naden
exciting adj /ksat/ The action film was really exciting. strhujc
fabulous adj /fbjls/ She looks fabulous in that dress! skvl
fluently adv /fluntli/ I can speak Italian fluently. plynn
frightened adj /fratnd/ I was frightened when I heard that knocking noise. vystraen
frightening adj /fratn/ Its frightening to walk through the woods at night. straideln
frustrated adj /frstretd/ Im really frustrated by our new camera. frustrovan
frustrating adj /frstret/ Using this website is frustrating. frustrujc
hang up phrv /h p/ Dont hang up until youve heard what I want to say. zavsit
instant messaging n /nstnt mesd/ I use instant messaging to chat to my friends. rychl zprvy, chat
language barrier n /lwd bri(r)/ For tourists, the language barrier is a real problem. jazykov barira
leave a message /liv mesd/ Please leave a message after the beep. zanechat zprvu
link n /lk/ I have a strong personal link to Greece. spojen, vztah
manners npl /mnz/ Saying please and thank you is goodmanners. zpsoby, chovn
more exceptions than rules /m(r) ksepnz There seem to be more exceptions than rules in vce vjimek ne pravidel
n rulz/ Russian grammar.
multilingual adj /mltilwl/ Hes multilingual he speaks eight languages. ovldajc nkolik jazyk
quiet zone n /kwat zn/ This is a quiet zone so please turn off your mobile. tich zna
scene n /sin/ I love the car chase scene in the latest James Bond film. scna
screen saver n /skrin sev/ I have a picture of my children as my screen saver. spoi obrazovky
silent mode n /salnt md/ I switch my phone to silent mode during meetings. tich reim
skill n /skl/ She has a skill for languages. dovednost
tired adj /tad/ Im really tired so Im going to bed. unaven
tiring adj /tar/ Swimming in the sea is tiring. navn
vibrate mode n /vabret md/ Switch your phone to vibrate mode at thecinema. reim vibrac
voicemail n /vsmel/ Leave a message on my voicemail. hlasov schrnka

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accompany v /kmpni/ Can I accompany you to the bus stop? doprovodit
Afrikaans n /frkns/ He lives in South Africa and speaks Afrikaans. afrikntina
app n /p/ Have you seen the latest app for counting calories? aplikace
appropriate adj /prprit/ Do you think your behaviour is appropriate? vhodn
calm adj /km/ You seem very calm about your driving test. klidn
Catalan n /ktln/ They speak Catalan and Spanish in Barcelona. katalntina
criticize v /krtsaz/ You should never criticize her cooking. kritizovat
declare v /dkle(r)/ You should not declare what you will and will not eat. prohlsit

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 12
deserve v /dzv/ People with you deserve more attention than those at zasluhovat
the end of the phone.
doubt v /dat/ I doubt that hell get good exam results because he is pochybovat
really lazy.
excursion n /kskn/ We went on a diving excursion the next day. vprava
face-to-face adj /fes t fes/ I would like to speak to you about this face-to-face. osobn
finals npl /fanlz/ Im studying hard for my finals at the moment. zvren zkouky
generate v /denret/ I didnt think the competition would generate this vzbudit, vyvolat
amount of media attention.
Greek adj /rik/ I had to learn the Greek alphabet. eck
hands-free adj /hndz fri/ I bought a hands-free set so I can use my phone in handsfree
Hebrew n /hibru/ I learnt some Hebrew when I was young, hebrejtina
helping n /help/ She gave me an enormous helping of lasagne. porce
instantly adv /nstntli/ If you learn some basic phrases it instantly shows that okamit
you respect the culture and language.
insulting v /nslt/ The player was sent off for insulting the referee. urliv
intimate adj /ntmt/ They had an intimate conversation in a quiet place. intimn
invisible adj /nvzbl/ Sometimes I wish I could become invisible. neviditeln
island n /alnd/ He grew up on a small island off the coast of Scotland. ostrov
knowledge n /nld/ I dont have much knowledge of science, Im afraid. znalost
media attention n /midi tenn/ The celebrity story received a lot of media attention. zjem mdi
megaphone n /mefn/ Use the megaphone so that everyone can hear you. megafon
nasty adj /nsti/ Heidi received a nasty email from Carolyn. okliv, sprost
Oriental adj /rientl/ Oriental languages are hard for Europeans tolearn. orientln
ought v /t/ John just called so you ought to call him back. ml by
permission n /pm()n/ Dont post photos of friends without asking their svolen
reception n /rsepn/ The reception is really poor and I cant hear what pjem
youre saying.
robot n /rbt/ I was dancing like a robot! robot
Roman adj /rmn/ Its easier to learn a language with Roman letters. msk
scuba dive v /skub dav/ I want to learn to scuba dive when we go to Spain. potpt se
see sense /si sens/ I hope she will see sense and find a better boyfriend. pijt k rozumu
skydiving n /skadav/ I went skydiving when I was in New Zealand. seskoky volnm pdem
snorkelling n /snkl/ I love snorkelling and looking at the fish. norchlovn
stepmother n /stepm(r)/ My father married his girlfriend so I now have macecha
tactless adj /tktls/ It was tactless to say you didnt like his new shirt. netaktn
theory n /ri/ You need to study the theory to pass the test. teorie
tip n /tp/ I have a good tip on how to make pasta sauce. tip
tune n /tjun/ I still try to dance when I hear a salsa tune. melodie
whole adj /hl/ Have you finished the whole cake already? cel
You dont have to shout /ju dnt hf t at/ You dont have to shout I can hear you. Nemuste kiet

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 13
You have to keep your /ju hf t kip j(r) You have to keep your phone on so that I can Nechte telefon zapnut
phoneon fn n/ contact you.
You must not use your /ju mst nt jus You must not use your phone in the library. Nesmte pouvat telefon
phone j(r) fn/
If you must take a call /f ju mst tek kl/ If you must take a call in the car, use a hands-free set. Pokud muste vzt hovor

File 5
Vocabulary Banks
arena n /rin/ The horse racing competition took place in the arena. arna, stadion
beat v /bit/ Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-0. porazit
captain n /kptn/ Which player is the captain of your team? kapitn
circuit n /skt/ There is a Formula 1 circuit in Bahrain. okruh
coach n /kt/ My dad is a tennis coach. trenr
course n /ks/ We went round the 18-hole golf course together. drha, zvodit
court n /kt/ Theres a tennis court in our local park. kurt
crowd n /krad/ There was a huge crowd waiting to get into the stadium. dav
draw v /dr/ We dont want to draw we want to win the match. remizovat
eliminate v /lmnet/ We will eliminate their team from the competition. vyadit
fan n /fn/ Im a Manchester United fan. fanouek
get fit /et ft/ I want to lose weight and get fit before my wedding. dostat se do formy
get injured /et ndd/ Try not to get injured in the football match. zranit se
gym n /dm/ I go to the gym every morning for 45 minutes. tlocvina
knock out phrv /nkat/ Can we knock out their team from the competition? vyadit
lose v /luz/ They accept money to lose matches. prohrt
pitch n /pt/ The football pitch was very muddy. hit
player n /ple(r)/ Who is the best player in your team? hr
pool n /pul/ I dived into the pool. bazn
referee n /refri/ The referee blew his whistle. rozhod
send off phrv /send f/ I think the referee should send off that player. vylouit
slope n /slp/ We went really fast down the ski slope. svah
spectator n /spektet(r)/ I was a spectator at the Wimbledon final this year. divk
sports hall n /spts hl/ You can play basketball in the sports hall. sportovn hala
stadium n /stedim/ They built a new stadium for Arsenal a few years ago. stadion
tai-chi n /t ti/ I do tai-chi to help me relax. tai-i
team n /tim/ There are 11 players in a football team. tm
track n /trk/ I ran twice around the race track. (zvodn) drha
train v /tren/ How many hours do you train for every day? trnovat
umpire n /mpa(r)/ The umpire sent one of the players off the field. rozhod
warm up phrv /wm p/ Its important to warm up before you do exercise. rozeht se

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 14
win v /wn/ I really want to win this competition. vyhrt
work out phrv /wkat/ I like to work out at the gym three times a week. cviit, posilovat
yoga n /j/ I teach Ashtanga yoga on Monday evenings. jga

be together /bi te(r)/ I want us to be together forever. bt spolu
become friends /bkm frendz/ When did you first become friends? sptelit se
break up phrv /brek p/ I find it really hard to break up with someone. rozejt se
classmate n /klsmet/ Hes a classmate of mine we take maths together. spoluk
close friend n /kls frend/ Nina is a really close friend of mine. blzk ptel
colleague n /kli/ James is a work colleague. kolega
couple n /kpl/ How long have you and Wendy been a couple? pr
dump v /dmp/ Im going to dump my boyfriend this evening. pustit k vod
ex n /eks/ I had a text message from my ex yesterday. bval partner
fall out with /fl at w/ I never fall out with my sister. pohdat se
fancy v /fnsi/ Do you fancy anyone in your drama class? oblbit si, mt zalben
fianc(e) n /finse/ This is my fiance, Heather. snoubenec, snoubenka
flatmate n /fltmet/ Kevin is my flatmate. spolubydlc
get in touch /et n tt/ Please get in touch when you are next in town. ozvat se
get married /et mrid/ Id like to get married before Im 30. vdt se, oenit se
get on phrv /et n/ Do you get on with your parents? vychzet (dobe)
get to know /et t n/ I want to get to know you. poznat
go out together / at te(r)/ How long did you and Nick go out together? chodit spolu
have a crush on /hv kr n/ I have a crush on my sisters best friend. bt poblznn, bt
have something in common /hv sm n You need to have something in common with your mt nco spolenho
kmn/ partner if the relationship is going to work.
lose touch /luz tt/ Dont lose touch lets exchange numbers. ztratit kontakt
mate n /met/ Nicolas not my girlfriend shes just a mate. kamard, kamardka
meet v /mit/ I find it quite difficult to meet new people. seznmit se
partner n /ptn(r)/ I live in a small house with my partner. partner, partnerka
propose v /prpz/ I want to propose to my girlfriend tonight. podat o ruku
romantic adj /rmntk/ I took her out for a romantic meal. romantick
split up phrv /splt p/ When did you split up with Marco? rozejt se

Useful words and phrases

audition n /dn/ The actress was driving to an audition. konkurz
award v /wd/ They will award the title to the winner of the race. udlit (cenu)
barrier n /bri(r)/ He raised the barrier to let her pass. zvora
candle n /kndl/ She lit the candle in her bedroom. svka
commuter n /kmjut(r)/ She was a frequent commuter from London to dojdjc
cute adj /kjut/ She thought he was really cute. roztomil
exceptionally adv /ksepnli/ Usain Bolt can run exceptionally fast. vjimen

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 15
exchange a few words /kstend fju They always exchange a few words when they see vymnit si pr slov
wdz/ eachother.
fate n /fet/ I knew it was fate that we didnt win the game. osud
find the courage /fand krd/ Try to find the courage to give him your number. najt odvahu
lane n /len/ The motorway lane was closed. pruh
likely adj /lakli/ Is it likely that you will pass your exams? pravdpodobn
lucky charm n /lki tm/ This necklace is my lucky charm. talisman
opera n /pr/ We went to see an Italian opera last night. opera
operator n /pret(r)/ He was a tollbooth operator. vbr, obsluha
ritual n /rtul/ He has a ritual that he does before every match. ritul
run v /rn/ I want to run a company when I grow up. vst
shift n /ft/ Im working the day shift at the moment. smna
shoelaces npl /ulesz/ Did you tie your shoelaces properly? tkaniky
short cut n /t kt/ If you take the short cut you will get there early. zkratka
superstition n /supstn/ The superstition is that seeing a black cat brings povra
superstitious adj /supsts/ Im really superstitious so I hate the number 13. povriv
sweat v /swet/ I always sweat a lot when I play tennis. potit se
their eyes met /e(r) az met/ Their eyes met across a crowded room. setkali se pohledem
thruway n /ruwe/ She came off the thruway and stopped at the tollbooth. dlnice
title n /tatl/ They awarded the title to the real winner. titul
tollbooth n /tlbu/ You have to pay money to cross the bridge via the mtn budka
traffic cone n /trfk kn/ He put a traffic cone in front of his lane. dopravn kuel
turn out phrv /tnat/ Dont worry everything will turn out okay. dopadnout, ukzat se,
winner n /wn(r)/ Who was the winner? vtz

More words in File 5

anecdote n /nkdt/ He told us a really funny anecdote at the party. anekdota
celebrity n /slebrti/ Have you ever met a celebrity? celebrita
cheat v /tit/ Why did you cheat in your exams? podvdt
extra time n /ekstr tam/ There were no goals so the match went to extra time. prodlouen
forum n /frm/ I like to post my comments on a web forum. frum
Im going to tell you about a /am t tel ju Im going to tell you about a time when I was in a Budu vm vyprvt, jak
time when bat tam wen/ dangerous situation. jsem
probable adj /prbbl/ Its probable that the economy wont grow in the next pravdpodobn
few months.
protest v /prtest/ You shouldnt protest against the referees decision. protestovat
quarter-finals npl /kwt fanlz/ We got through to the quarter-finals of the tvrtfinle
recover v /rkv(r)/ How long did it take to recover from the accident? zotavit se
This happened a few years /s hpnd fju This happened a few years ago I was walking my Stalo se to ped nkolika
ago jz / dog when I heard a gun shot. lety
trophy n /trfi/ I really hope my team wins a trophy this year. pohr, trofej

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 16
unpopular adj /nppjl(r)/ Football referees are really unpopular in my country. neoblben
wax n /wks/ This candle is made of wax. vosk
well-paid adj /wel ped/ Professional footballers are extremely well-paid. dobe placen
When I was younger /wen a wz When I was younger I went to swimming lessons Kdy jsem byl mlad
j(r)/ every Saturday.

File 6
Vocabulary Banks
action film n /kn flm/ Have you seen that new action film? akn film
actor n /kt(r)/ I want to be an actor so Im studying drama. herec
actress n /ktrs/ Angelina Jolie is a famous actress. hereka
adaptation n /dpten/ I loved the recent adaptation of Jane Eyre. adaptace
animation n /nmen/ My children love the animation Peppa Pig. kreslen film
audience n /dins/ There werent many people in the audience. publikum
based on phrv /best n/ The film is based on a popular novel. podle
be on phrv /bi n/ When will the new series of Downton Abbey be on? vyslat se
cast n /kst/ The film has a very small cast of only five actors. obsazen
comedy n /kmdi/ We saw a great comedy starring Ben Stiller last week. komedie
direct v /drekt/ Hes an actor but now he wants to direct a film. rerovat
drama n /drm/ I watched an excellent drama set during the war. drama
dub v /db/ They usually dub American movies into German. dabovat
extra n /ekstr/ I was an extra in the recent film about Robin Hood. komparsista
film n /flm/ Whats your favourite film? film
film on location /flm n lken/ We want to film on location in India. natet na mst
funny adj /fni/ That new comedy with Ricky Gervais is really funny. zbavn
historical film n /hstrkl flm/ It was a historical film about the American Civil War. historick film
horror film n /hr(r) flm/ She was in a horror film about vampires. horor
movie n /muvi/ They use the word movie, not film, in America. film
moving adj /muv/ That film about the First World War was moving. dojemn
musical n /mjuzkl/ We saw the musical Mamma Mia! in London. muzikl
play the part of /ple pt v/ I want to play the part of Juliet in the new film. hrt roli
plot n /plt/ The plot of the film was very complicated. zpletka
review n /rvju/ The film got a really bad review in the papers. recenze
rom-com n /rm km/ I dont like action films. I prefer watching rom-coms. romantick komedie
scary adj /skeri/ I thought that alien film was really scary. dsiv
science fiction film n /sans fkn flm/ He loves science fiction films about aliens. science fiction (film)
script n /skrpt/ The script was written by an experienced writer. scn
sequel n /sikwl/ Will there be a sequel to this film? pokraovn
set v /set/ They set the film in the Italian Alps. zasadit, odehrvat se
shoot on location /ut n lken/ Theyre going to shoot on location in Mexico. natet na mst

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 17
soundtrack n /sandtrk/ I love the soundtrack to this film so I bought theCD. soundtrack
special effects npl /spel fekts/ They spent millions on special effects in this film. zvltn efekty
star n /st(r)/ Keira Knightley is the star of the film. hvzda
studio n /stjudi/ It was filmed in a studio in Hollywood. studio
subtitles npl /sbtatlz/ Its a French film so it has English subtitles. titulky
thriller n /rl(r)/ He starred in a thriller about a political scandal. thriller, napnav film
translation n /trnzlen/ The translation of the film took three months. peklad
violent adj /valnt/ Children shouldnt see violent films. nsiln
war film n /w(r) flm/ We saw a war film set during the Vietnam war. vlen film
western n /westn/ That actor was in a western film recently. western

The body
arms npl /mz/ He has really strong arms. pae
back n /bk/ I hurt my back in a horseriding accident. zda
bite v /bat/ Did that dog just bite you? kousnout
clap v /klp/ Clap your hands! tleskat
ears npl /z/ My dog has really big ears. ui
eyes npl /az/ She has beautiful blue eyes. oi
face n /fes/ She has such a pretty face. obliej
feet npl /fit/ What size are your feet? nohy, chodidla
fingers npl /fz/ You have lovely long fingers. prsty (na rukou)
foot n /ft/ I broke my foot playing football. noha, chodidlo
hair n /he(r)/ I have long brown hair. vlasy
hands npl /hndz/ Are your hands clean? ruce
head n /hed/ I had a really big head when I was a baby. hlava
kick v /kk/ Kick the ball as far as you can. kopat
knees npl /niz/ I get a lot of pain in my knees when I walk. kolena
legs npl /lez/ That girl has really long legs. nohy
lips npl /lps/ He has really thin lips. rty
mouth n /ma/ Keep your mouth closed when youre eating. sta
neck n /nek/ My neck hurts when I work at the computer. krk
nod v /nd/ Nod your head if you want to say yes. kvat
nose n /nz/ I have a large nose just like my mother. nos
point v /pnt/ Can you point at the person who stole your money? ukzat
shoulders npl /ldz/ My shoulders hurt from carrying that heavy bag. ramena
smell v /smel/ I can smell garlic. ctit, ichat
smile v /smal/ Shell smile at you if you smile at her. usmt se
stare v /ste(r)/ Dont stare at people its rude. zrat
stomach n /stmk/ My stomach hurts because I ate too much. bicho, aludek
taste v /test/ Taste this cake its delicious. ochutnat
teeth npl /ti/ I brush my teeth twice a day. zuby
throw v /r/ Throw the ball back to Jason. hodit
toes npl /tz/ Can you fit your toes into those pointy shoes? prsty (na nohou)

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 18
tongue n /t/ How far can you stick your tongue out? jazyk
tooth n /tu/ I broke a tooth on a hard bread roll. zub
touch v /tt/ If you touch the screen it will open the website. dotknout se
whistle v /wsl/ I like to whistle a tune while I do the gardening. pskat

Useful words and phrases

a different side of yourself / dfrnt sad v You should show your work colleagues a different side tvoje jin strnka
jself/ of yourself outside of work.
academic adj /kdemk/ He works in an academic setting. akademick
alley n /li/ In films, New York is full of secret alleys. ulika
architect n /ktekt/ The building was designed by a famous architect. architekt
aristocratic adj /rstkrtk/ She comes from a wealthy aristocratic family. lechtick
belief n /blif/ I have a strong belief that we should look after our pesvden
parents when they get old.
capacity n /kpsti/ I only use social media in a professional capacity. funkce
consultant n /knsltnt/ I work as a business consultant. poradce
dress up phrv /dres p/ I like to dress up when we go out for meals. nastrojit se, oblknout se
dye v /da/ I want to dye my hair blond. obarvit
dyed adj /dad/ She has dyed red hair. obarven
essential n /senl/ Its essential to have a good diet if you want to be fit. zsadn
exhibition n /eksbn/ I want to go to the art exhibition in the town centre. vstava
functional adj /fknl/ I wear functional clothes, not fashionable clothes. funkn, praktick
grow up phrv /r p/ I dont want to grow up so I still live with my parents. dospt
homeless adj /hmls/ I gave money to the homeless man at the station. bez domova
identify v /adentfa/ I identify more with my work than with my privatelife. ztotoovat se
inhabit v /nhbt/ What kind of people inhabit this land? obvat
institution n /nsttjun/ This is a well-known academic institution. instituce
intellectual adj /ntlektul/ My aunt is very intellectual she knows so much. inteligentn
judge v /dd/ Its wrong to judge people by their appearance. soudit
mainly for business or /menli f(r) bzns Do you use social networking sites mainly for business pedevm pro obchodn
careerpurposes (r) kr(r) or career purposes? nebo pracovn ely
nostalgic adj /nstldk/ You are nostalgic for your childhood. nostalgick
nurse n /ns/ My aunt is a nurse and works in a hospital in London. zdravotn sestra
photograph v /ftrf/ I would like to photograph this wonderful building. fotografovat
respectable adj /rspektbl/ The area is a home for respectable businesses as well ven
response n /rspns/ What kind of response did you get to your email? reakce, odpov
servant n /svnt/ My aunt was a servant at Buckingham Palace. sluha
setting n /set/ The castle was used as a setting for several films. prosted
spectacular adj /spektkjl(r)/ The building has a spectacular tower. velkolep
take yourself too seriously /tek jself tu You take yourself too seriously relax abit! brt se pli vn
transform v /trnsfm/ They will transform this area into a shopping centre. promnit

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 19
webcam n /webkm/ I use a webcam to communicate with friends abroad. webov kamera
welcome v /welkm/ We will welcome you here whenever you want to visit. vtat
well-known person n /wel nn psn/ Hes a very well-known person hes on the radio. dobe znm lovk
wounded adj /wundd/ This was a hospital for wounded soldiers. zrann
young and carefree /j nd kefri/ When I was a student I was young and carefree. mlad a bezstarostn
your other half /j(r) (r) hf/ Where did you first meet your other half? tvoje druh polovika

More words in File 6

caricature n /krkt(r)/ The artist drew a caricature of me. karikatura
class n /kls/ My parents are from the working class. tda
dominant adj /dmnnt/ That lion looks really aggressive and dominant. dominantn
escapist n /skepst/ Im a bit of an escapist and like to travel regularly. snlek (unikajc ped
gangster n /st(r)/ My uncle was a gangster in the mafia. gangster
go viral / varl/ Do you think this video clip will go viral? rozit se (jako virus)
ID card n /adi kd/ Do you have to carry an ID card in your country? prkaz totonosti
identifiable adj /adentfabl/ Are you easily identifiable from your passport photo? rozpoznateln
interpreter n /ntprt(r)/ They used an interpreter in the meeting. tlumonk
metropolis n /mtrpls/ New York City is a giant metropolis. metropole
pen-name n /pen nem/ The Bront sisters all used a pen-name. pseudonym
persist v /psst/ Our brains persist in using stereotypes. nepolevovat
prehistoric adj /prihstrk/ I cant imagine what it was like in prehistoric times. pravk, prehistorick
rigid adj /rdd/ I dont have any rigid plans for the weekend. pevn, nemnn
Scandinavian adj /skndnevin/ Have you ever been to a Scandinavian country? skandinvsk
socio-economic adj /ssi eknmk/ Her socio-ecomomic level was clear from her spoleensko-ekonomick
tomb n /tum/ They discovered the tomb of a young pharaoh. hrobka, hrob
underdog n /ndd/ I like to support the underdog in competitions. outsider
visual projection n /vul prdekn/ My photos on Facebook are a visual projection of obrazov projekce
vitally adv /vatli/ Judging people by their appearance was vitally ivotn
important in the past.
worldly adj /wldli/ She doesnt have much worldly experience. svtaznal

File 7
Vocabulary Banks
behave v /bhev/ Lots of children in this class behave badly. chovat se
boarding adj /bd/ My parents sent me away to boarding school. interntn
bring up phrv /br p/ I want to bring up my children in the countryside. vychovvat
college n /kld/ I went to art college when I left school. vysok/vy odborn kola
compulsory adj /kmplsri/ Maths is a compulsory subject everyone has to do it. povinn

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 20
do v /du/ What will you do if you dont pass your exams? dlat
educate v /eduket/ I want to educate my children at home. vzdlvat
elementary adj /elmentri/ His daughter goes to elementary school. zkladn
expel v /kspel/ If you cheat in your exams the teacher will expelyou. vylouit
fail v /fel/ Why did you fail your chemistry exam? propadnout
grades npl /redz/ I want to study medicine, so I need really good grades. znmky, hodnocen
graduate v /rduet/ When did you graduate from university? absolvovat
head teacher n /hedtit(r)/ Whats the name of the head teacher at your school? editel koly
high school n /ha skul/ Hes a teacher at a high school in New York City. stedn kola
junior high school n /duni(r) ha skul/ I went to the same junior high school as my friend. ni stedn kola
kindergarten n /kndtn/ I went to kindergarten when I was three years old. matesk kola
learn v /ln/ I want to learn Russian. uit se
middle school n /mdl skul/ I went to middle school between the ages of 9 and 13. druh stupe
nun n /nn/ I went to a Catholic school and my teacher was a nun. jeptika
nursery n /nsri/ Before they go to school, children can go to nursery. matesk kola, jesle
pass v /ps/ I really want to pass my maths exam this semester. projt, sloit (zkouku)
priest n /prist/ The church priest visits our school once a week. knz
primary adj /pramri/ Children start primary school when they are four zkladn
private adj /pravt/ Her parents paid for her to go to a private school. soukrom
punish v /pn/ Many teachers punish students with extra homework. trestat
pupils npl /pjuplz/ How many pupils are there in your school? ci
religious adj /rlds/ I went to a religious school it was Catholic. crkevn
results npl /rzlts/ Students in this school get really good exam results. vsledky
revise v /rvaz/ How many hours did you revise for the biology exam? opakovat si
secondary adj /sekndri/ I started secondary school when I was 11. stedn
semester n /smest(r)/ The autumn semester starts in October. semestr
state adj /stet/ What are the state schools like in your country? sttn
study v /stdi/ What subject will you study at university? studovat
term n /tm/ A school term usually lasts about 12 weeks. semestr
twelfth grade n /twelf red/ My older sister is in twelfth grade this year. posledn ronk stedn

balcony n /blkni/ Theres a great view from our balcony. balkon
basement n /besmnt/ Many houses in Canada have a basement. sklep
ceiling n /sil/ We painted the ceiling white. strop
chimney n /tmni/ We need to clean the chimney before we light the fire. komn
city n /sti/ I want to live in a big city like Paris or London. msto (vt)
cosy adj /kzi/ Our living room is small, but its really cosy. tuln
country n /kntri/ I live in a small cottage in the country. venkov
east coast n /ist kst/ I live in Aldeburgh, a small town on the east coast. vchodn pobe
entrance n /entrns/ The entrance to the building is round the back. vchod
fireplace n /faples/ We have a Victorian fireplace in our livingroom. krb

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 21
gate n /et/ We painted the gate to our garden dark green. brna
ground floor n /rand fl(r)/ I dont want to live on the ground floor its not safe. pzem
light adj /lat/ We have big windows so our living room is really light. svtl
made of stone /med v stn/ Our house is made of stone. kamenn
modern adj /mdn/ We have an expensive modern kitchen. modern
open fire n /pn fa(r)/ I love sitting by the open fire in winter time. krb
outskirts npl /atskts/ I live on the outskirts of Birmingham. pedmst, okraj (msta)
path n /p/ A path leads through our garden to the back door. pina
patio n /pti/ We have chairs, a table, and a barbecue on our patio. dvr, terasa
roof n /ruf/ Ill need a ladder to get that football off the roof. stecha
second floor n /seknd fl(r)/ We live on the second floor of that apartment block. druh patro
spacious adj /spes/ Our kitchen is really spacious so we put a table in it. prostorn
steps npl /steps/ You have to go down three steps to get into our garden. schody
suburbs npl /sbbz/ We moved from the city centre to the suburbs. pedmst
terrace n /ters/ You can sit outside and sunbathe on the terrace. terasa
top floor n /tp fl(r)/ We live on the top floor and we have great views. nejvy patro
town n /tan/ I was born in a town called Shrewsbury. msto
village n /vld/ I grew up in a village in Wales. vesnice
wall n /wl/ There is a wall between the two gardens. ze
wooden floors npl /wdn flz/ The wooden floors in our dining room look great. devn podlahy

Useful words and phrases

accomplished adj /kmplt/ Hes an accomplished piano player. vynikajc
adore v /d(r)/ I adore flowers, especially roses. zboovat
bookcase n /bkkes/ How many books are in that bookcase? knihovna
competition n /kmptn/ I won 500 in a competition! sout
compose v /kmpz/ Can you compose your own music? skldat
co-operate v /kpret/ She refused to co-operate with her parents. spolupracovat
determined adj /dtmnd/ She was determined that her son would be successful. odhodlan
excel v /ksel/ Im jealous of Paul I wish I could excel in everything vynikat
Ido, like him.
expect v /kspekt/ We expect you to be number one in your class. oekvat
extraordinary adj /kstrdnri/ The school gets extraordinary exam results. vjimen
fault n /flt/ My dad drives me mad but it isnt really his fault. chyba
forbidden adj /fbdn/ Watching TV was forbidden by her parents. zakzan
hang v /h/ Can you hang this picture on the wall forme? povsit
hug n /h/ My mum gave me a hug after the concert. objet
immigrant n /mrnt/ Her mother is a Bangladeshi immigrant. pisthovalec
marks npl /mks/ She got top marks in her piano exam. znmky
mixed adj /mkst/ Is your school a mixed school with both boys and girls? smen
motivated adj /mtvetd/ My son motivated himself to succeed in music. motivovan
mystery n /mstri/ Teenagers are a mystery I dont understand them. zhada
optional adj /pnl/ Music is an optional subject at my school. voliteln

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 22
orchestra n /kstr/ I play the violin in the school orchestra. orchestr
outstanding adj /atstnd/ They were outstanding pupils who did really well. vynikajc
overlook v /vlk/ Does your balcony overlook the river? mt vyhldku
perform v /pfm/ Would you like to perform in front of 500 people? inkovat
plain adj /plen/ He used a plain old table in his kitchen. obyejn
property n /prpti/ The house will become my property when my majetek
punishment n /pnmnt/ What kind of punishment will you get for being late? trest
push v /p/ Be careful not to push your children too hard. tlait
remain v /rmen/ Do you think this garden will remain beautiful if we zstat
move out?
resent v /rzent/ The girls did not seem to resent their mother. zlobit se na nkoho,
strict adj /strkt/ My parents wont let me do anything theyre strict! psn
tower n /ta(r)/ There is a large tower on the village church. v
turn the house into /tn has nt/ They decided to turn the house into a hotel. upravit dm na
unpainted adj /npentd/ Our dining table is unpainted. nenabarven

More words in File 7

as soon as conj /z sun z/ As soon as Rachel gets a job shell move out. jakmile
choirmaster n /kwamst(r)/ My uncle is the choirmaster at his local church. sbormistr
controversy n /kntrvsi/ The book caused great controversy among readers. polemika
cord n /kd/ We fixed the picture to the wall with a cord. ra
eco-friendly adj /ik frendli/ We went on an eco-friendly holiday in Greece. ekologick
genius n /dinis/ Our neighbours daughter is a maths genius. gnius
hi-tech adj /ha tek/ They have a really hi-tech TV. technologicky vyspl
Id get on with them even /ad et n w m Id get on with my parents even better if I didnt live Vychzel bych s nimi
better if ivn bet(r) f/ at home. dokonce lpe, kdyby
If I came back very late /f a kem bk veri If I came back very late after a night out, I would find Kdybych se vrtil velmi
let/ my parents still awake and waiting for me. pozd
If I could afford it /f a kd fd it/ If I could afford it, I wouldnt move out because I like Kdybych si to mohl
it here. dovolit
If I had the money /f a hd mni/ If I had the money, I would move out and rent my own Kdybych ml penze
little flat.
If I lived on my own /f a lvd n ma n/ If I lived on my own, Id have to pay rent to my Kdybych bydlel sm
If it was my place /f t wz ma ples/ If it was my place, Id be happy to do the cleaning, but Kdyby to byl mj byt
its not.
mission n /mn/ Our mission is to make this school more successful. posln
parenting n /pernt/ There is no correct way of parenting, you have to find rodiovstv
what works for you.
prestigious adj /prestds/ Hes the leader of a prestigious choir group. prestin
prodigy n /prddi/ They think our son is some kind of prodigy. zzran dt
pushy adj /pi/ A lot of pushy parents put pressure on their kids to get ambicizn
good results.
rap n /rp/ Have you ever been to a rap concert? rapov

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 23
relativity n /reltvti/ Who developed the theory of relativity? relativita
single-sex adj /sl seks/ This is a single-sex school there are only boys here. jen pro dvky nebo chlapce
take up phrv /tek p/ Id like to take up Spanish so that I can go to Argentina zat se vnovat
for a holiday.
unless conj /nles/ I wont get into university unless I pass my exams. pokud ne
until conj /ntl/ I wont plan any celebrations until I know theresults. dokud

File 8
Vocabulary Banks
Word building
achieve v /tiv/ What would you like to achieve during your gap year? doshnout
agree v /ri/ Do you agree with me? souhlasit
argue v /ju/ How often do you argue with your parents? hdat se
attach v /tt/ Did you attach the report to your email? pipojit
choose v /tuz/ Which subject will you choose to study? vybrat
compensate v /kmpenset/ Did they compensate you for the accident? odkodnit
complain v /kmplen/ I would like to complain to the hotel manager. stovat si
deliver v /dlv(r)/ When will they deliver our new sofa? doruit
demonstrate v /demnstret/ Ill demonstrate how to use this new coffeemachine. pedvst
explain v /ksplen/ Can you explain this mathematical formula to me? vysvtlit
lose v /luz/ Try not to lose your mobile phone! ztratit
pay v /pe/ I have to pay for the meal now. zaplatit
respond v /rspnd/ I need to respond to this email before I leave. odpovdt
sell v /sel/ I would like to sell my old car. prodat
succeed v /sksid/ It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in this business. uspt

application n /plken/ Have you looked at Johns application for the new job? dost
apply for phrv /pla f(r)/ Did you apply for that teaching job? dat, uchzet se
be fired /bi fad/ I think Jodie is going to be fired tomorrow. bt proputn
farmer n /fm(r)/ My grandfather was a pig farmer. zemdlec
full-time adj /fl tam/ Is your job full-time or part-time? na pln vazek
lawyer n /lj(r)/ I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. prvnk, prvnika
musician n /mjuzn/ Peter is a musician and plays the trumpet in a band. hudebnk, hudebnice
overtime n /vtam/ How much overtime do you do every month? pesas
part-time adj /pt tam/ I want to find a part-time job when I go to university. na sten vazek
permanent adj /pmnnt/ I wish I could get a permanent job. trval, stl
pharmacist n /fmsst/ I plan to be a pharmacist after university. lkrnk, lkrnice
promote v /prmt/ I hope they promote me soon. povit
promotion n /prmn/ Congratulations on your promotion, Dave! poven
qualifications npl /kwlfkenz/ What kind of qualifications do you have? kvalifikace

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 24
redundant adj /rdndnt/ They made 20 people redundant last month. nadbyten
resign v /rzan/ If they dont promote me then I will resign. odstoupit, skonit
resignation n /reznen/ Have you read Lynnes letter of resignation? odstoupen
retire v /rta(r)/ I will be 70 when I retire. odejt do dchodu
sack v /sk/ If you are caught stealing they will sack you. vyhodit
scientist n /santst/ Im a scientist and work in a laboratory. vdec, vdkyn
self-employed adj /self mpld/ I would love to be self-employed and just work samostatn vdlen inn
set up phrv /set p/ I want to set up my own company. zaloit
temporary adj /temprri/ This is a temporary job which lasts for three months. doasn
training course n /tren ks/ There is a training course on time management. kolen
translator n /trnzlet(r)/ She speaks French and works as a translator. pekladatel, pekladatelka
unemployed adj /nmpld/ How long have you been unemployed? nezamstnan
well-qualified adj /wel kwlfad/ My brother is well-qualified but he cant get a job. mt dobrou kvalifikaci

Useful words and phrases

analytical adj /nltkl/ Do you have an analytical mind? analytick
bear v /be(r)/ I just cant bear bad service. snst
chemist n /kemst/ I picked up the medicine at the chemist. lkrna
compensate v /kmpenset/ How can we compensate you for the badmeal? odkodnit
complimentary adj /kmplmentri/ They offered us complimentary drinks. zdarma
crazy adj /krezi/ Justin is strange I think hes actually a bit crazy! blzniv
enthusiastic adj /njuzistk/ Maria is enthusiastic about her new job. naden
entrepreneur n /ntrprn(r)/ Our daughter is a promising young entrepreneur. podnikatel, podnikatelka
express oneself /kspres wnself/ It is difficult to express oneself when you get upset. vyjdit se
faulty adj /flti/ This kettle is faulty so I will take it back to the shop. vadn
flattery n /fltri/ People use flattery to get what they want. lichocen
get a job /et db/ Ive got no money so I really need to get a job. najt si prci, dostat prci
hesitate v /heztet/ Tell them that you will not hesitate to change banks. vhat
humorous adj /hjumrs/ He complained in a humorous way about the service. vtipn
impressive adj /mpresv/ His experience is impressive so he should get the job. psobiv
inspect v /nspekt/ The authorities wanted to inspect the cleanliness of provst inspekci
instinct n /nstkt/ I have a good instinct about who to trust. instinkt
lose your temper /luz j(r) temp(r)/ I lose my temper really easily. rozzuit se
make it clear /mek t kl(r)/ Make it clear you might change to another company. dt jasn najevo
marketing n /mkt/ Gareth works in marketing. marketing
mental note n /mentl nt/ Make a mental note of the circumstances. poznmka v duchu
personally adv /psnli/ BA invited them personally to inspect the airlines osobn
catering facilities.
pharmacy n /fmsi/ Can you get some aspirin at the pharmacy for me? lkrna
product n /prdkt/ Can I ask you a few questions about your product? produkt
profitable adj /prftbl/ Is your company profitable? ziskov
profits npl /prfts/ I shared the profits from the business with my wife. zisk

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 25
properly adv /prpli/ He loves complaining properly and in writing. sprvn
reject v /rdekt/ I hope the bank wont reject my application for a loan. odmtnout
sales n /selz/ I bought this jumper in the sales and it was reduced vprodej
by50 per cent!
season n /sizn/ This is the new clothes range for the autumn season. sezna
sense n /sens/ He has a good spatial sense so he became an architect. smysl, cit
share n /e(r)/ Investors usually take a share of the profits. podl
specific adj /spsfk/ Dont be too specific when you make a complaint. konkrtn
spoil v /spl/ Dont spoil your meal by getting into an argument. zkazit
swear v /swe(r)/ Never shout and swear it achieves nothing. klt
threaten v /retn/ You should threaten to tell the newspapers. vyhroovat
waste of time /west v tam/ Screaming and shouting is a complete waste of time. ztrta asu

More words in File 8

admirable adj /dmrbl/ The way he is coping with the death of his grandfather obdivuhodn
bargain n /bn/ I got a real bargain in town this dress only cost 10! vhodn koup
calculate v /klkjulet/ I am able to calculate space and distance. vypotat
calculation n /klkjulen/ Im good at maths. I find complex calculations easy. vpoet
caring adj /ker/ I want to work in a caring profession like nursing. peujc
catering n /ketr/ I would like to run a catering company. dodvn oberstven
certain adj /stn/ Im not certain if I will come to the party tonight. jist
charismatic adj /krzmtk/ People like Dan because hes so charismatic. charismatick
chief executive n /tif zekjtv/ I wrote a letter to the chief executive of the company. generln editel
complex adj /kmpleks/ Im good at maths. I find complex calculations easy. sloit
convinced adj /knvnst/ If they are not convinced by the presentation, they pesvden
wont invest their money.
countless adj /kantls/ Ive had countless free meals because I complain. nespoetn
courier n /kri(r)/ Using a courier service to send this package will kurr
creative adj /krietv/ His stories are creative and full of imagination. tvoiv, npadit
den n /den/ The children made a den in the woods where they hid. doup
doing very well /du veri wel/ Helen is doing very well in her new job. vst si velmi dobe
dreaded adj /dredd/ After the test, theres the dreaded interview stage. obvan
eccentric adj /ksentrk/ Our neighbour is an eccentric old man. vstedn
empty-handed adj /empti hndd/ We had to leave the bank empty-handed because they s przdnma rukama
wouldnt lend us the money.
fair adj /fe(r)/ Is it fair to give money to Katie but not to her sister? spravedliv
finance director n /fanns drekt(r)/ Anthony is the finance director for the company. finann editel
fumes npl /fjumz/ Horrible fumes are coming out of that old bus. vfukov plyny
function n /fkn/ One function of the product is to open bottles. funkce
graphic design n /rfk dzan/ He used his art degree to get a job in graphic design. grafick nvrh
hopeless adj /hpls/ British people are usually hopeless at complaining. beznadjn
imagine v /mdn/ I cant imagine living anywhere else but here. pedstavit si

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 26
improvise v /mprvaz/ I dont like to improvise I prefer to act from a script. improvizovat
initiative n /ntv/ We should hire her she shows a lot of initiative. iniciativa
lobby n /lbi/ Ill meet you in the main lobby of the hotel. hala
look for a job /lk f(r) db/ When my exams finish, Ill look for a job. hledat prci
loyal adj /ll/ Our shop has loyal customers who come here regularly. loajln, vrn
make it /mek t/ Do you think Philips company will make it? zvldnout to, dokzat to
marketing director n /mkt Who is the marketing director at this company? editel marketingu
mouldy adj /mldi/ They served mouldy strawberries on the aeroplane. plesniv
move on phrv /muv n/ Selling my wedding dress helped me move on from my penst se
marriage breakdown.
obsessive adj /bsesv/ My younger sister is obsessive about the boy band posedl
outlet n /atlet/ She works in a designer clothing outlet store. prodejna, outlet
practicality n /prktklti/ The practicality of the product convinced them to praktinost
invest money in it.
principle n /prnspl/ I find it easy to understand theoretical principles. princip, zsada
product designer n /prdkt dzan(r)/ Shes a product designer and designed a can opener. designr vrobk
puddle n /pdl/ I slipped in a puddle of water. loue
replica n /replk/ Hes making a new table that is a replica of replika
rights npl /rats/ You should know your rights when you complain. prva
scratch v /skrt/ Try not to scratch my mobile phone screen. pokrbat
send in a CV /send n si vi/ You should send in a CV to that marketing company. poslat ivotopis
slogan n /sln/ Do you have an advertising slogan for your product? slogan
spatial adj /spel/ You need good spatial awareness to be an architect. prostorov
standards npl /stnddz/ This is an unusual drop in your high standards. standard, laka
stock market n /stk mkt/ I want to work on the stock market so Im going to burza
study finance.
successful adj /sksesfl/ He owns a really successful clothing company. spn
theoretical adj /retkl/ I find it easy to understand theoretical principles. teoretick
type v /tap/ How fast can you type? pst (na stroji, na
veil n /vel/ Did you wear a veil on your wedding day? zvoj
worthless adj /wls/ His idea for a new product was worthless. bezcenn

File 9
Vocabulary Banks
Word building
care n /ke(r)/ Take care of your teeth or you will have problems. pe
careful adj /kefl/ That drink is hot. Please be careful not to drop it. opatrn
carefully adv /kefli/ Drive carefully so you dont have an accident. opatrn
careless adj /kels/ He is a careless driver. He will cause an accident. neopatrn

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 27
carelessly adv /kelsli/ He carelessly threw away an important document. neopatrn, nedbale
comfort n /kmft/ I bought this sofa for comfort, not style. pohodl
comfortable adj /kmftbl/ The room wasnt great but the bed was comfortable. pohodln
uncomfortable adj /nkmftbl/ This chair is uncomfortable. I need to buy a new one. nepohodln
comfortably adv /kmftbli/ Is everyone sitting comfortably? pohodln
uncomfortably adv /nkmftbli/ The train was uncomfortably hot. nepohodln, nepjemn
fortune n /ftun/ He couldnt believe his good fortune when he tst
fortunate adj /ftnt/ He didnt look when he crossed the road and was mt tst
fortunate not to have an accident.
unfortunate adj /nftnt/ Its unfortunate you couldnt be at the party. mt smlu
fortunately adv /ftntli/ The rain was heavy, but fortunately we had umbrellas. natst
unfortunately adv /nftntli/ Unfortunately it rained almost every day. nanetst, bohuel
patience n /pens/ You need a lot of patience to work with children. trplivost
patient adj /pent/ He is patient and takes his time to explain things. trpliv
impatient adj /mpent/ She is so impatient and wont wait for anything. netrpliv
patiently adv /pentli/ Please wait patiently to board the plane. trpliv
impatiently adv /mpentli/ He kept impatiently pressing the bell to get attention. netrpliv
luck n /lk/ Are luck and practice just as important as talent? tst
lucky adj /lki/ He was lucky enough to win the competition. mt tst
unlucky adj /nlki/ Do you know anyone who is particularly unlucky? mt smlu
luckily adv /lkli/ Luckily he caught an earlier bus or he might have natst
missed his flight.
unluckily adv /nlkli/ Unluckily for her, she missed her flight. nanetst

Useful words and phrases

adaptor n /dpt(r)/ Do you need a travel adaptor if you go abroad? adaptr
alarm n /lm/ I programmed the alarm on my phone to wake me up. budk
blogger n /bl(r)/ This blogger has some really interesting views. bloger
co-ordinated adj /kdnetd/ Im bad at sports because Im not very co-ordinated. mt dobrou koordinaci
desperate adj /desprt/ It was very late and I was desperate to get home. zoufal
device n /dvas/ I love my new smartphone its a very useful device. zazen
disconnect v /dsknekt/ Disconnect your MP3 player from the computer. odpojit
headphones npl /hedfnz/ Do you normally listen to music with headphones or sluchtka
with speakers?
hits npl /hts/ I searched for the new restaurant on Google, but I didnt zsah, nlez
get any hits.
inspector n /nspekt(r)/ The inspector asked to see our train tickets. revizor, prvod
install v /nstl/ You need to install an update before using this program. nainstalovat
intelligent adj /nteldnt/ Shes very intelligent. She always does well at school. inteligentn
keyboard n /kibd/ Do you prefer to use a keyboard with or without klvesnice
memory stick n /memri stk/ I save all my work on my memory stick. penosn pam
mistake n /mstek/ Its just a small mistake dont worry so much. chyba
mouse n /mas/ I bought a new wireless mouse for my computer. my

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 28
off button n /f btn/ I pressed the off button on the TV. vypna
on button n /nbtn/ I pressed the on button on my laptop. vypna
owner n /n(r)/ I live in this house but Im not the owner. majitel
phone charger n /fn td(r)/ I put my phone charger into a socket. nabjeka na telefon
plug n /pl/ How many pins do plugs in your country have? zstrka
plug v /pl/ Plug your computer into the socket. zapojit
relevant adj /relvnt/ Much of the information is not relevant or useful. dleit
remote control n /rmt kntrl/ Wheres the remote control for the TV? dlkov ovlada
rescue v /reskju/ We were lucky someone came to rescue us. zachrnit
screen n /skrin/ My mobile has a large screen and I can watch videos. obrazovka, displej
set v /set/ I set my alarm clock for 7.30 a.m. nastavit
socket n /skt/ I put my phone charger into a socket. zsuvka
solution n /slun/ A solution to our lack of space would be to move. een
speaker n /spik(r)/ Do you normally listen to music with speakers? reproduktor
stranger n /strend(r)/ Dont speak to that stranger. It might be dangerous. cizinec, ciz lovk
survey n /sve/ A recent survey had some disappointing findings. przkum
switch n /swt/ I cant find the switch to turn it on. vypna
switch off phrv /swt f/ Switch off your mobile phone, please. vypnout
turn down phrv /tn dan/ Could you turn down the volume? Its too loud. ztiit
turn up phrv /tn p/ Can you turn up the volume? I cant hear it. zeslit
unplug v /npl/ I always unplug my computer when I have finished. odpojit
upset adj /pset/ Im a bit upset and I dont feel like talking. rozruen
USB cable n /ju es bi kebl/ Ill need a USB cable to transfer the pictures to kabel USB
volume n /vljum/ I made the volume on the TV louder. hlasitost

More words in File 9

angel n /endl/ Shes such an angel, always looking after other people. andl
boot n /but/ If the car boot is full, put that bag on the back seat. kufr
common sense n /kmn sens/ Some things are just common sense. zdrav rozum
elite adj /lit/ We observed the training of some elite sportsmen. elitn
hitchhike v /hthak/ I tried to hitchhike once, but I was unsuccessful. stopovat
information overload n /nfmen She always sends too many emails its an informan peten
vld/ information overload.
interruption n /ntrpn/ I need to focus without any interruptions. peruen
irritation n /rten/ Information overload is an irritation for many. podrdn
motorbike n /mtbak/ I want to ride my motorbike, but Ive lost my helmet. motocykl
native adj /netv/ I live in London but Im a native New Yorker. domorod, rodil
obscure adj /bskj(r)/ The internet helps me to find obscure information. obskurn
phone box n /fn bks/ We dont have a phone box everyone has a mobile. telefonn budka
preset adj /priset/ This app disconnects you from the web at preset times. pednastavit
productive adj /prdktv/ Ive had lots of time, but I havent been productive. produktivn
rent v /rent/ I pay $800 a month to rent my flat. pronajmat
several det /sevrl/ They took me to several places. nkolik

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 29
shiver v /v(r)/ The cold wind outside made me shiver. tst se
stroke of luck /strk v lk/ Sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke astn nhoda
tank n /tk/ He opened the tank, and poured the petrol in. ndr
technological adj /teknldkl/ Im not very good with technological problems. technologick
tough adj /tf/ Weve been through some tough times, but its tk, nron
tutor n /tjut(r)/ When I was at school, I had a great maths tutor. uitel
vital adj /vatl/ The extra practice is vital if we want to win. zsadn
willpower n /wlpa(r)/ It takes a lot of willpower to give up smoking. sla vle

File 10
Useful words and phrases
accused adj /kjuzd/ The dock is where an accused person sits incourt. obvinn
admire v /dma(r)/ I really admire Japanese design. Its my favourite. obdivovat
adopt v /dpt/ Weve decided to adopt a child. adoptovat
alibi n /lba/ He had an alibi to prove where he was. alibi
case n /kes/ Not every criminal case can be solved. ppad
commit v /kmt/ Why do people commit crimes? pchat
court n /kt/ The man was sentenced in court to life in prison. soud
defence n /dfens/ He had no defence for his terrible actions. obhajoba
deliberately adv /dlbrtli/ Murder is the crime of killing a person deliberately. zmrn
detective n /dtektv/ He was a detective in the London police force. detektiv
expression n /kspren/ She was the ideal witness with her expression of vraz
honesty and kindness.
guilty adj /lti/ She was found guilty of committing a crime. vinen
icon n /akn/ Ronaldo is a football icon. ikona, legenda
ideal adj /adil/ She was the ideal person for the job. ideln
identity n /adentti/ No one is sure of the identity of the murderer. totonost
importance n /mptns/ There was no malice in her, and no sense of dleitost
intend v /ntend/ They intend to call four witnesses during the trial. zamlet
investigation n /nvesten/ They spent a considerable amount of time and money vyetovn
on the investigation.
launch v /lnt/ He decided to launch Facebook in 2004. spustit
mistaken adj /mstekn/ I was mistaken for a waitress in the restaurant. myln, myln povaovan
murder v /md(r)/ To murder somebody is a terrible thing. zavradit
murder n /md(r)/ They had no idea who was responsible for the murder. vrada
murderer n /mdr(r)/ Weeks passed, but the murderer still wasnt caught. vrah
original adj /rdnl/ Wozniak designed the original Apple computers. pvodn
prisoner n /przn(r)/ The prisoner had to spend 25 years in jail for murder. vze
prosecution n /prskjun/ The prosecution intended to call four witnesses. obaloba
prove v /pruv/ They couldnt prove that he committed the murder. dokzat

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 30
remarkable adj /rmkbl/ You must have remarkable eyes if you can see that far! nevedn
room-mate n /rummet/ Moskovitz and Zuckerberg were room-mates. spolubydlc
sensation n /sensen/ She became a worldwide singing sensation. senzace
shut down phrv /tdan/ The website was shut down by the university. ukonit, vypnout, uzavt
solve v /slv/ How did she try to solve the mystery? vyeit
suspect n /sspekt/ The police questioned the suspect about the murder. podezel
transfer v /trnsf(r)/ Ill need a USB cable to transfer the pictures to penst
trial n /tral/ It was the strangest murder trial I have ever attended. proces
unsolved adj /nslvd/ One of the great unsolved murder mysteries of all time nevyeen
is that of Jack the Ripper.
victim n /vktm/ She saw Adams on the steps of the victims house. ob
witness n /wtns/ He was a witness to the crime. svdek

More words in File 10

abolish v /bl/ In England, the death penalty was abolished in 1965. zruit
acquit v /kwt/ The judge acquitted him and he was set free. osvobodit
album cover n /lbm kv(r)/ You can scroll through the album covers on your oblka alba
biological adj /baldkl/ Steve Jobs found his biological mother in the 1980s. biologick
bloodshot adj /bldt/ You look really tired and your eyes are bloodshot. podlit krv
brutal adj /brutl/ It was one of the most brutal murders in history. brutln
computer programmer n /kmpjut Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programtor
prrm(r)/ programmer.
considerable adj /knsdrbl/ They spent a considerable amount of time and money znan
on the investigation.
cross-examine v /krs zmn/ The lawyer began to cross-examine Mrs Salmon. provst kov vslech
dazed adj /dezd/ He stood in the middle of the road, looking dazed. ommen
death penalty n /de penlti/ In England, the death penalty was abolished in 1965. trest smrti
dock n /dk/ The defendant stood in the dock, waiting to hear the lavice obalovanch
judges decision.
eyesight n /asat/ The optician tested my eyesight yesterday. zrak
foggy adj /fi/ A murderer walked the dark, foggy streets of London. mlhav
founder n /fand(r)/ Zuckerberg was one of the founders of Facebook. zakladatel
honesty n /nsti/ Her honesty meant that many people trusted her. poctivost
iconic adj /aknk/ Tower Bridge is an iconic landmark in London. typick, kultovn
kindness n /kandns/ Kindness is his greatstrength. laskavost
lamplight n /lmplat/ The lamplight made everything on the street clear. svtlo lampy
landmark n /lndmk/ Tower Bridge is an iconic landmark in London. orientan bod
malice n /mls/ There was no malice in her. She didnt want to zloba
merchant n /mtnt/ Merchants were some of the main traders in the past. kupec
monochrome adj /mnkrm/ It had a 23-inch monochrome screen. monochromatick
moonlight n /munlat/ The moonlight made it a very clear evening. msn svtlo
novel n /nvl/ Do you enjoy reading crime novels? romn

English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 31
panic n /pnk/ Please stay calm and do not cause a panic. panika
plead v /plid/ I understand he intends to plead not guilty. prohlsit
powerless adj /pals/ The police seemed powerless to stop the murders. bezmocn
recent adj /risnt/ There has been another recent theory about how nedvn
sample n /smpl/ Cornwell analysed a DNA sample to prove who Jack vzorek
the Ripper really was.
silhouette n /sluet/ It incorporated Jobs silhouette with the white silueta
silicon n /slkn/ Silicon is used to manufacture electronic parts. kemk
slight adj /slat/ Her accent isnt very strong. Its a slight accent. mrn
spectacles npl /spektklz/ I dont wear spectacles because my eyesight isperfect. brle
terrorize v /terraz/ He terrorized the inhabitants of the city. terorizovat
tribute n /trbjut/ This logo was designed as a tribute to Steve Jobs. pocta
Tube map n /tjub mp/ A Tube map isnt an accurate map of London. mapa linek metra
well-built adj /wel blt/ Have you seen how big he is? Hes really well-built. dobe stavn


English File Intermediate Third edition Czech Wordlist Oxford University Press 2013 32