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Rafael B.

Lacson Memorial High School

Senior High School Department Score:
Reading and Writing
Diagnostic Test

Name & Section: _________________________________________________ Date: ___________

Spelling (10 items)

Words and sentences

Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

1 The word really is an_______. 7. What department was your first job with the
A. adverb company?
B. adjective A. at
2 The word that is a ________. B. in
A. determiner 8. At _______ hotel will I be staying during the
B. preposition conference?
3 The subject of a sentence usually A. which
comes_______ the object. B. what
A. after 9. Is the firms disaster plan sufficient to ensure
B. before that we are prepared _______ a hurricane?
4 Tess bought some________flowers her A. from
mother. B. for
A .to 10. Employees should not perform safety
B. for assessments alone. We need to assign them
5 Sara bought a pen and gave _______to to work in _______.
Claire. A. pairs
A. it B. pares
B. them
6. How many vacation days do i _______ left
this year?
A. have
B. has

Subject Verb Agreement

Underline the correct verb to be used.

1. We (is, are) going to go to the movies today after school.

2. The tables (was, were) loaded down with food during the holidays.
3. Several of the children (was, were) painting the wall with their fingers.
4. Some of the cake (was, were) left on the table.
5. Some of the boxes (was, were) opened and thrown in the trash.
6. Nobody near the trees (likes, like) the new game that they are playing.
7. Few of the apples (is, are) still hanging on the tree.
8. James and Sally (is, are) going to find the new book.
9. Tilda (seems, seem) to think that Tom was not at home.
10. J.J. (is, are) the neighbor's really sweet dog.

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