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Profesor: Mihly Rka

Aria curricular: Limb i comunicare

Disciplina: Limba Englez
Clasa a VII-a
Numr de ore: 2 ore/sptmn
MANUAL: Snapshot
AUXILIAR: Project 3 4th edition, Oxford, Tom Hutchinson


AN COLAR 2016-2017

Nr. Units C.S. Contents of units Learning activities Recourses Assessments Nr. of Obs.
Crt lessons
1. Revision 2.3 Vocabulary Reading and listening Song Lyrics 4
4.1 Present Tense Simple Song: Lemon tree Cards Conversations
4.2 To be, to have Ice breaker speaking Sticky notes Group work
Present Continuous activities
2. INTRODUCTION 2.1 Present Simple Read and listen to the story - textbook Group work and 4
A. Kids 2.2 Present Continuous Answer the questions - CDs Individual work
B. Sweet Sue and 2.3 Find the answers in the story - CD player
Smart Alec 3.3 Filling in charts after -markers
4.1 listening and board
- listening for certain Projector
information Activity
- fill-in the gaps books and
3. Unit 1-MY LIFE 2.1 Past simple: be, Differentiate between the two - textbook 8
1A. A new home 2.2 regular and irregular present tense. - CDs Exercises form
1B. A surprise for 2.3 vbs. Copy and complete the chart - CD player Group work and
Smart Alec 4.1 Questions then fill in the gaps in Sues -markers Individual work
1C. My family Life stages letter. and board T-S, S-S
1D. Kids Families Expressing likes and dislikes Projector activity book
Culture Invitations, likes and on several topics. Make a dialogue
English across the dislikes Create a fictional family. about their weekend
Curriculum Handouts
Revision - listening for certain Project: Create a
Project information fictional family for a
- fill-in the gaps soap opera or a TV
Complete a chart with series
missing words
Multiple choice exercise
- listening to a song and filling
in the missing words

Everyday English: Invitations

4. Unit2-THE 1.2 Will- for the future - listening for certain textbook Group work and 10
FUTURE 2.2 Will- for decisions information - CDs Individual work
2A. Journey into 3.2 Going to- for - fill-in the gaps - CD player T-S, S-S
space 4.2 intentions -markers
2B. Detective of the Space -Multiple choice exercise and board Complete a news
year Places -differentiate between the report
future Will and Going to Projector
2C. Your future Useful expressions,
2D. Kids offering help, stating -Read and listen to Sweet Find interesting
Sues next episode Activity
Culture intentions Book news reports on the
English across the -match bubbles with future
Curriculum responses then write full
Revision responses Fill in a
Project -Using expressions with Handouts questionnaire about
places their future
-making predictions about the
future Act out the story:
-useful everyday expressions Kids
-read statements and decide if Write two things that
they are true, false or d.s. they are going to do
-Reading: find out about next week and two
some interesting ways of things that they
transport arent going to do
Finding the planets in the
solar system
-Listening to a song and Answer some
finding the correct word questions related to
the song
5. Unit3- TIMES 2.1 Past continuous -Look at the map and tick the textbook Group work and 10 The
AND PLACES 2.2 Past Simple and Past countries where James - CDs Individual work Culture
3A. What was 2.3 Continuous friends live in - CD player T-S, S-S part will
happening? 2.4 Collocations - listen and repeat -markers be
3B. A dangerous 3.3 Natural disasters - answering questions and board Match the pictures to discussed
situation 4.1 Houses - completing a chart based on the countries during
a text Projector
3C. Murder in the Useful expressions, English
library responses Label the pictures plus
-talking about pictures> Activity
3D. Kids Book lessons
Culture* natural disasters Complete a chart
-read and listen to an
English across the Laptop
Curriculum Answer questions
-putting some pictures in the
Revision correct order Handouts relating to the story
Project -reading and speaking about a Kids
story Also this
- text-based exercises Put the lines of the project
- listening comprehension verses in the correct will be
order (Song) made
Talking about time zones during
Make a project about English
Listening to a song, finding a country Plus
the missing words lessons
6. Roundup 2.1 Revision Markers, 2 Winter
Vocabulary and 2.2 board break II:
grammar 2.3 Handouts
2nd semester 3.3 11.02
Nr. Units C.S. Contents of units Learning activities Recourses Assessments Nr. of Obs.
Crt lessons
1. Unit 4- CITIES 2.3 The article: a, an, the - identifying things in textbook Group work and 10
4A. Our trip to 3.1 Places in a city a picture - CDs Individual work
London 3.3 Somebody, anybody, - text-based exercises - CD player T-S, S-S
4B. Sweet Sue and 4.2 everybody - listening -markers
the bank robbers Future arrangements, making comprehension and board -Complete the
4C. The Tailor of arrangements -read statements and dialogues with
decide if they are Projector
Swaffham a/an/the
4D. Kids true, false or d.s.
- listening for certain Activity
Culture Book -In pairs make a
English across the dialogue: directions in
- fill-in the gaps
Curriculum Laptop the city. How do you
-Read and listen to
Revision get from point A to
Sweet Sues next
episode Handouts B?
-Asking and giving
-Describe one of your
-Talking about
pictures : the Tailor
-Complete a dialogue
of Swaffham
with some useful
-Reading and
listening to Kids next expressions This
episode, then Project:
answering some make a
questions based on guide to
the text your city,
-Talking about future Group discussion was the
arrangements about living in a big first
city--- pros and cons project in
-Reading about New English
York Plus
2. Unit 5- 2.2 Present perfect - identifying things in textbook Group work and 10
EXPERIENCES 2.3 Questions a picture - CDs Individual work
5A. Theyve been 2.4 ever, never, just -matching phrasal - CD player T-S, S-S
successful 4.2 Experiences verbs -markers
5B. Have you ever Rubbish -read about the and board Play a chain game:
climbed a mountain Present Perfect tense talking about
- text-based exercises Projector
5C. Making people experiences
- listening
aware comprehension Activity
5D. Kids -read statements and Book Write about the things
Culture decide if they are youve done or you
English across the true, false or d.s. Laptop havent done using
Curriculum - listening for certain the cues
Revision information Handouts
Project - fill-in the gaps Complete the
-Read and listen to dialogue from the
Sweet Sues next story
Group discussion and
-Talking about debate
rubbish and
recycling Make an interview

-read and listen to

the text: heroes and
heroines -make notes on
important rules of
-tips for safety on staying safe on the net
the net
Make a project about
Listen to a song a famous people

3. Unit 6- WHATS 2.3 Should, shouldnt -Brainstorm: textbook Group work and 10
UP? 2.5 Must, mustnt illnesses - CDs Individual work
6A. Whats the 3.2 Dont have to - CD player T-S, S-S
matter? 3.3 - identifying things in -markers
6B. A happy ending 3.4 a picture and board
6C. Ashleys Turning down a suggestion Copy the chart with
camera Talking about illness - text-based exercises Projector the illnesses and fill in
6D. Kids - listening the missing
Culture comprehension Activity information
English across the -read statements and Book
Curriculum decide if they are
true, false or d.s. Laptop
Project - listening for certain
information Handouts
- fill-in the gaps
-Read and listen to How could your life
Sweet Sues next be made better? Write
episode sic ideas. Use should
and shouldnt.
-Activity: choose a
card with some
illness, then the
others try to guess Look at some signs.
what the problem is Decide what you must
and give advice or mustnt do.
-talking about rules
in our everyday life:
rules at home, rules
at school etc. Match the pictures to
their corresponding
-Talking about text.
pictures: whats Match verbs with
happening in the particles in order to
pictures? make phrasal verbs.
-Speaking exercise: Work in a group: act
telling the story of out the story
Speaking exercise: Listen: what do the
turning down a ppl suggest in each
suggestion case? page 75
Learning about Match the signs to
signs: signs and their their meaning
Project: make a
project about signs in
Romania. Choose 3
usual and 3
interesting sign.
4. Roundup 2.1 Final revision -giving feedback Sticky 2
Vocabulary and 2.2 notes
grammar 2.3 cards