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Standard Element Source of Evidence Evidence that Demonstrates

2.1 Promoting social Conflict Corner Visual Aid *Teacher puts up Conflict
Development and responsibility Corner Visual Aid for every
within a caring community where Reflective Class Discussion class.
each student is treated fairly and *Students ask classmate to go
respectfully Student Collaboration to conflict corner to resolve any
issue before coming to teacher.
Level: Exploring
*Teacher asks students to name
October 2017 a classmate who did a great job
in todays lesson.
*Students work together to
answer critical thinking

2.2 Creating physical or virtual Lesson Plan *Students get physical activity
learning environments that through the lesson plan activity.
promote student learning, reflect Advanced Students Helping *Teacher walks around to
diversity, and encourage Less-Talented Students provide positive constructive
constructive and productive feedback.
interactions among students
Reflective Class Discussion *Teacher asks students to name
Level: Exploring
a student who showed hard
work, sportsmanship, character,
October 2017 etc. during the lesson.
2.3 Establishing and maintaining Classroom Management *Teacher discusses having
learning environments that are sportsmanship and character
physically, intellectually, and Checking field for safety before playing activity.
emotionally safe *Teacher checks area for safety
Classroom Culture before school.
Level: Exploring
*Teacher cue for students
October 2017
coincides with school-wide
behavior plan.
*Students name a student who
showed character,
sportsmanship, hard work, etc
2.4 Creating a rigorous learning Lesson Plan *Teacher instructs students to
environment with high use non-dominant foot once
expectations and appropriate Teacher Observation they feel comfortable with
support for all students dominant foot.
Visual Aids *Teacher provides specific
Level: Emerging
constructive feedback to
October 2017
students and informs them to
use non-dominant foot if
*Students view academic
language terms on cork board
during class.
2.5 Developing, communicating, Classroom Management *Students sit in their assigned
and maintaining spots (galaxies).
high standards for individual and TVT ROARS School-wide *Teacher displays TVT ROARS
group behavior behavior plan sign for students to see in class.
*Teacher has LIONS ROARS cue
Level: Applying
Lions ROARS teacher cue for students if group is acting
October 2017
for students inappropriately.
*Students discuss ROARS as a
class if teacher has to say LIONS
more than twice.
2.6 Employing classroom routines, Classroom Management *Students come into class and
procedures, norms, and supports sit in their assigned seats.
for positive behavior to ensure a Classroom Structure *Teacher has LIONS ROARS cue
climate in which all students can for students if group is acting
learn inappropriately.
*Students discuss ROARS as a
Level: Exploring
class if teacher has to say LIONS
October 2017 more than twice.

2.7 Using instructional time to Lesson Plan *Teacher has quick transitions
optimize learning to optimize learning time.
Classroom Management *Teacher paces instruction
Level: Emerging based on students knowledge
with content.
October 2017
*Students norms, and routines
ensure for a quick transition
into class with little distraction.