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CYMTCC - Basic Training

CYMTCC is the CYME software that was designed to help engineers perform time
overcurrent protective device coordination studies. The CYMTCC basic training
course covers the fundamental use of the latest version of CYMTCC for protective
device coordination in conjunction with CYMDIST distribution analysis software.
This course will give a head start to new users and will provide a useful review for
current users.

Date: December 2, 2013 Schedule Highlights About the Course

Course Language: English CYMTCC concepts The course is instructed by CYME personnel
Graphic user interface who are thoroughly familiar with the software
Fee: US $750. products and techniques applied. Class
Import and export devices between
Location: size is limited so that each user may receive
Eaton Technology Center personal attention.
Creating studies
3413 N Sam Houston Pkwy W, Suite 212A All of our courses are taught using the most
Houston, TX 77086, USA Adding devices to a study recent version of the software.
Operations on the one-line diagram
Registration to Course:
http://www.cyme.com/courses/ Operations on the plot (time/current
softwaretraining/ graphic)
Performing device coordination
Hotel Reservations:
Houston Marriott North Common device types and their options
255 North Sam Houston Pkwy East Efficient study building
Reservation Desk: 281-875-4000
Sheraton North Houston
15700 John F. Kennedy Blvd
Reservation Desk: 281-442-5100
Doubletree Hotel Houston/Intercontinental Airport
Registration and Cancellation Policy
15747 John F Kennedy Blvd Upon receiving your registration information, a CYME representative will contact you to complete the registration process. CYME will send
Reservation Desk: 281-848-4000 you an e-mail acknowledging payment and status. For multiple-attendee registration on the same form, acknowledgement will be communi-
cated to the person requesting the registration. It is advisable to register at least one month prior to the start date of the course. Registrations
are transferable within your company at no additional cost. The registration fee of the course, along with available discounts, appears on the
Further Information: course description page. Applicable taxes if any are not included in the fee. Travel and accommodation are at the expense of registrants. For
info@cyme.com your convenience, CYME will, in most cases, provide you with the name and phone number of a recommended hotel. When a special rate
for hotel rooms is announced, attendees should note that this rate applies to a fixed number of rooms and that reservations should be made
This course is open to the current users of the CYME products. before the date specified on the CYME web page describing the course.
The course fee includes tuition, lunches, course material, docu- Cancellation of registrations should be requested in writing, either by mail, e-mail, or fax. For a request received fifteen days or more prior to
mentation and access to a computer for each participant. the course start date, CYME will refund the paid-up fees less US$ 50.00 administration fee per canceling attendee. For a request received
For the accomodations, a number of rooms at a special rate is after that date, the fee is non-refundable.
made available to the attendees at the proposed hotel. Call the While CYME makes every effort to meet the published courses schedule, please note that CYME reserves the right to cancel or change the
reservation desk for arrangements and mention your attendance date or location of its courses. CYMEs responsibility will not exceed the amount of the fee collected. CYME is not responsible for the pur-
to this Cooper event. chase of non-refundable travel arrangements or accommodations or for the cancellation/change fees associated with canceling them. Please
contact CYME to confirm that the course will proceed as scheduled before confirming travel arrangements and accommodations.

CYME International
(part of Cooper Power Systems) P: 450.461.3655
1485 Roberval, Suite 104 F: 450.461.0966
St-Bruno, QC Canada J3V 3P8 P: 800.361.3627 (Canada and USA)

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