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Date: November 13, 2017


________________1. What number is midway between 64 and 72?

________________2. Write CLXXIX in Hindu-Arabic.

________________3. In 3N8 + 243 = 621 what is N?

________________4. Add 123 to 249 and divide the sum by 12. What is the result?

________________5. What digit placed in the blank will make 67_58 divisible by 9?

________________6. Scouts are in a camp. There are 5 rows of tents. Each row has 12 tents and each tent has 6 scouts.
How many scouts are in camp?

________________7. How many twelfths are equal to 5/3?

________________8. How many hundred peso-bills are equal to 4 P1,000-bills?

________________9. My hundreds is 3 more than my ones; my tens is 1 less than my ones. If the sum of my digits is 8,
what number am I?

________________10. Nine times Ninas age plus 3 is 84. How old is Nina?

________________11. A garden is 29 m long and 17 m wide. What is its perimeter?

________________12. What is the area of the garden in #11?

________________13. There are 34 girls in a class of 54 pupils. What is the ratio of girls to boys?

________________14. Our door is 120 centimeters wide. The height is 80 cm more than the width. What is the
perimeter of our door?

________________15. Mother used 270 cm of lace for some pillow cases and 330 cm for our curtains. How many
meters of lace did Mother use?

________________16. Victoria bought 785 cm of silk, 615 cm of tetoron and 900 cm of velvet. How many meters of
cloth did she buy in all?

________________17. Mother bought 4 1/3 dozen eggs. She used 39 eggs in making sweets. How many eggs remained?

________________18. A schoolyard is 117 m long and 103 m wide. If you run around it 5 times, how many meters will
that be?
________________19. What is the smallest number that gives a remainder of 1 when divided by 2, 3 and 5?

________________20. Our flower garden is 12 meters wide. The length is 3 meters longer than the width. What is the
perimeter of the garden?

________________21. Greg has P81.00; Ricky has P36 less than twice the money of Greg. How much do they have

________________22. How many 3-dm pieces of ribbon can be cut from a 10-m piece of ribbon?

________________23. A vendor bought 130 watermelons at P24.50 each. He sold 122 at P35.00 each. The rest were
spoiled. How much did he gain?

________________24. Lita and Rosa collect stamps. Together, they had 162 stamps. If Rosa has 18 more stamps than
Lita, how many stamps has Rosa?

________________25. Round each addend to the nearest hundred and estimate the sum 749 + 465 + 893

________________26. Aunt Letty gave Joe P220 in P20-bills. How many bills did Joe get?

________________27. How many 25 coins are equal to P15.50?

________________28. Mother cut a cake into 36 equal parts. She gave 8 pieces to their neighbor and served 9 pieces for
snacks. What fraction of the cake remained?

________________29. If 3 mangoes cost P37.50, how much will a dozen cost?

________________30. If 13 / 20 = N / 100, what is N?

________________31. Three P100-bills are equal to how many P20-bills?

________________32. What is the ratio of 36 dm to 6 meters?

________________33. What unit will you use to measure the height of a tree?

________________34. What unit will you use to measure the weight of a 5-peso coin?

________________35. How many days were there in the year 2006?

________________36. How many years are there in 6.5 decades?

________________37. Lorna got 9 points less than Maria. If Lorna got 85, what score did Maria get?

________________38. 19,800 is equal to how many hundreds?

________________39. What is the sum of the prime numbers between 20 and 30?
________________40. If 37 49 = 1813, what is 370 490?

________________41. Loling used 3/4 kilo of sugar for a dessert and 1/2 kilo for another.If she bought 2 kilos of sugar,
how much remained?

________________42. What do you call a figure with 4 equal sides and 4 equal angles?

________________43. A box is 14 cm long, 11 cm wide and 9 cm high, what is its volume?

________________44. A rectangular park is 95 m by 85 m. If a jogger goes around 5 times, how many meters will that

________________45. Luis has 7 boxes of juice. Each box contains 58 cans. How many food packages can he prepare
if he will put 2 cans of juice in every package?

________________46. In 5 days, Cora reads 85 pages of her book. If it contains 170 pages, at the same rate, in how
many more days can she finish the book?

________________47. Cory bought 4 2/5 meters of blue cloth and 5 meters of red cloth. How many meters of cloth
did Cory buy?

________________48. Lito started doing his project at 8:15 p.m. and finished at 10:00 p.m. How many minutes did he
take to do his project?

________________49. Lanie and Lala both start with the same number. Lanie adds 8 to the number and Lala multiplies
the number by 3. They both get the same result. What numbers did they both start with?

________________50. John has 250.00. He gave 2/5 of his money to May. How much money left to John?

________________51. Arrange the fraction from least to greatest. 1/3 , 1/7, 2/5.

________________52. Leap year happened every four years. Leap year is a year where there are 366 days. What is the
maximum number of days are there in 10 straight years?

________________53. John put a 3 by 3 picture in a 4 by 4 picture frame? If the measurements are both in inches, what
is the area left on the frame left not covered by the photo?

________________54. Anna bought 5 liters of cooking oil. How many milliliters of oil did she buy?

________________55. In a standard 12-hr clock. The hour hand of the clock is between 3 and 4. The minute hand is
exactly on the 7th mark. You noticed that the sun is still up. What time it

________________56. It took 45 minutes for April to walk to school and 1 hour and 25 minutes when going home. How
long is her travel time?

________________57. How many tenths are there in 24?

________________58. How many tenths are there in 1/2?

________________59. What time is 30 minutes before 4:50 in the afternoon?

________________60. Lito has 25 m. of rope. He cut the rope into 5 equal parts. He used 2 parts of the rope. How many
meters of rope are still unused?

________________61. Trisha sold 32 apples in the morning and 41 apples in the afternoon. After that she sold 5 more
apples than what was sold in the morning. How many apples did she sell in all?

________________62. Five bananas and a glass of water can make 3 glasses of banana shake. How many bananas are
needed if you want to make 12 glasses of banana shake?

________________63. What is the next term in the sequence: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ___

________________64. The ratio of the boys to girls in a school is 7:13. What percent of the children are boys?

________________65. Fifteen children are in line to buy food at the canteen. Mary is fourth in line from the front. How
many children are behind Mary?

________________66. Pia collected 38 empty bottles and Irish collected 23 empty bottles. They need to collect 90
empty bottles in all. How many more bottles do they need to collect?

________________67. Cora is 19 years old. Teresa is 3 years younger than Cora. If Teresa is 2 years younger than May,
how old is May?

________________68. The average of 3 consecutive odd numbers is 23. What is the smallest number?

________________69. Marie listed all the numbers from 1 to 25. She was told to circle every third number. After
circling the first 6 numbers, what is the last number that she could circle?

________________70. Alice had 170 pesos and her sister had 60 pesos. After their uncle gave each of them an equal
amount of money, they had a total of 310 pesos. How much did their uncle give each of them?

________________71. A box containing guavas weighs as much as a box containing 5 apples. Each apple weighs 200
grams. If there are 4 guavas in a box, what is the weight of each guava in grams?

________________72. The sum of two numbers is 27. If their difference is 13, what is the smaller number?

________________73. Ada gave 1/2 of her ribbon to Laura. She also gave 1/3 of her remaining ribbon to Nena. What
fraction of the ribbon did Ada have left?

________________74. Joey added a number to 11. He then multiplied the sum by 3 and divided the product by 9. If the
quotient was 6, what was the number?

________________75. The ratio of the two numbers is 3:5. If the smaller is 12, what is the sum of these two numbers?