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210 Trimble Crest Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

(770) 329-5634

Woodward Academy College Park, GA
Class of 2017
Honors Courses
Digital Media Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
Game Design Honors
Computer Science AP
Microeconomics AP
Inducted into National Honor Society February 2016
Silver Eagle Honor Roll -- Academic Achievement Award 9th to 11th grade

Service Leadership Board Woodward Academy August 2016 -Present
Service Leader
Coordinate community service efforts in the Upper School by planning,
executing, advertising, and advocating for service projects

Teach for Woodward Academy August 2015 - Present

Co-founder and President
Club tutors and mentors students in the Lower and Middle schools at WA
Develop and implement marketing strategies to increase awareness and
membership in the club
Manage upper school club members to be effective tutors and mentors

Jabula Dog Academy Loganville, GA June 2013 Present
Assistant to Volunteer Team
Team works with rescue groups and other organizations to better the lives of
new owners by assisting with temperament testing and making sure safe
dogs are placed into the community

Pets for Life (Humane Society) Atlanta, GA February 2013 February 2015
Assistant to Jabula Academy Volunteer Team
Outreach program which assists pets and their owners in under-served
communities to provide affordable pet care and free services such as dog
training, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, pet supplies, and general wellness

Jabula Dog Academy Loganville, GA June 2011 Present
Summer Assistant
Assist with dog arrival and departure procedures
Responsible for bathing and grooming dogs
Clean dog yards, kennels and indoor dog pens
Feed and water dogs
Turn out dogs in compatible play groups; monitor and manage yard playtime
Conduct head to tail daily body checks on dogs
Learned on-the-job real-world work experience, handled constantly changing
conditions, worked with co-workers with higher levels of experience and age,
and built professional skills

Bhojanic Restaurant June 2017 August 2017

Line Cook
Food prep
Cleaning the kitchen
Food assembly


Terranova School Zambia July 2016
Volunteer/Student Ambassador
Traveled as student ambassador to Woodward Academy sponsored sister
school in Zambia
Assisted in teaching classes, administered vision exams in the medical clinic,
and provided technology support and improvements for the school
Learned about economy of sub-Saharan Africa
Obtained a broader understanding of diversity and culture
Engaged with students both inside and outside the classroom; gained a
perspective of the world as witnessed through the eyes of the
underprivileged children at the Terranova School

National Geographic Expedition Ecuador/Galapagos Islands June 2014

Student Explorer/Volunteer/Photographer
Studied Ecuadors conservation policies with local experts in the field
Gained deeper cultural interactions and insight into daily life in host
communities through collaborative community projects
Researched symbolism of the Andean condor and the threats it faces
Learned about evolution in the Galapagos, biodiversity, and animal behavior
by observing turtles, marine iguanas and other indigenous species of the
Participated in challenging and inspirational photo workshops through field
assignments, classes and critiques to take my photographic skills to the next

Track and Field Team Woodward Academy Spring 2013 Present
Sprinter and Relay Runner
Represented school every spring on Track team
Participated in 1 meet per week; practicing over 4 days per week

Varsity Girls Volleyball Team Woodward Academy July 2016 Present

Team Manager
Learning the importance of time management, how to work with a team, and
how to handle difficult situations
Manage 1-2 games per week; manage over 4 practices per week