The exhibition at the Romanian Cartoonist

Nicoleta Ionescu in Bucharest...
Romanian cartoonist Nicoleta Ionescu inaugurated her personal
exhibition at the Romanian Cartoonist Club in Bucharest on June 8, 2016.
Pizzeria Cuptorul Cu Lemne.
By Francisco Punal Suarez
At the opening, some of the
great names in the world of
cartoons were present:
Cristian Topan, Doru Axinte,
Octavian Covaci, Julian
Radu, Aurel Stefan
Alexandrescu, Irina Iosip,
Simona Costantinescu, Marin
Cretu, Adrian-Vasile Trestian,
art critic Ilie Rosianu, and
others who love art that
provokes our thoughts and
makes us smile.

Is it your first exhibition
This is my first exhibition at
the Cartoonist’s Club. My
very first personal exhibition
was as a 14 years old art
student in my home town’s
local Museum.

What place is celebrated
your exposure?
The exhibition takes place at
“Cuptorul cu Lemne” which
is a pizza restaurant in
central Bucharest. The
restaurant is also the
gathering place for
cartoonists as it hosts the
“Sorin Postolache
Cartoonists Club” reunions.

Why do you like cartoons?
With cartoons and caricatures
you can perceive reality but
from a funny perspective.
I like the humorous point of
view in life. Let your smile
change the world but don’t in general, just like the main reason a drawing
let the world change your everywhere in the world. could generate some
smile! Not sure what is the reason atrocious repercussions.
but I think this will change
What physical aspects do in time :) How can you combine
you take into account when your work model with
you do personal cartoons? Why is it important humor cartoonist?
I like to put an emphases on and satire in society? I produce commercial
the positive. I love to pay a I think in our society one can images: photographs and
tribute to the best qualities in speak the hardest truth in a illustrations. They are to be
us as humans. satirical and ironic way and found on international
people will pay more images agencies and they are
Are there many women attention to the topics in available for license.
cartoonists in Romania? question. This can be the I in most of the pictures
Why? most tolerable and at the I am the model because
Romanian women same time the hardest way to I can materialize best what
cartoonists are a few, just like critic of our society. This is I envision.

10 fena
Due to her interdisciplinary
creative nature, Nicoleta
Ionescu has graduated from
both the Faculty Of Journalism
And Mass Communication -
Communication and Media
Studies (The University of
Bucharest) and the Bucharest
National University of Arts, with
a degree in traditional painting.
In 2013, her interest in visual
communication led her to
obtain her PhD title in
Communication Sciences, at
the University of Bucharest,
with a study on the importance
of images in online social
Her artistic activity has been
recognized nationally and
internationally, as she won
several awards for caricature
and illustration:
Rumen karikatürcü Nicoleta Ionescu’nun kişisel sergisi üzerine..
2009 - First prize 1 - KIKS
Zikison cartoon, Serbia Bükreş'te ilk karikatür sergisin açan Romen kadın
2009 - Second prize - Angela karikatürcü Nicoleta Ionescu, sergisiyle ilgili olarak
Merkel Caricature, Elections İspanyol gazeteci Francisco Punal Suarez'in sorularını
Cartoon Contest, Germany cevaplandırdı. Bükreş Üiversitesi Gazetecilik
( Fakültesi'nden mezun olan sanatçı, iletişim ve
2011 - Youngest Cartoonist
Award, Pulya Festival, Cyprus medya çalışmaları ile de tanınıyor.
2012 - Best Children’s Book
Illustrator of the Year Award, Söyleşide 14 yaşındayken sanata ilgi
Deva, Romania duyduğunu söyleyen sanatçı, Bükreş'te
2015 - Special Prize and ki bir pizza restoranında açtığı bu ilk
Mention - Great Personalities sergisinden memnuniyetini ifade ediyor.
Festival, Romania
2016 - Secont Prize, XVIII
PortoCartoon, (Caricature Karikatürle ilgili görüşlerini
Section) açıklayan Ionescu, "Karikatür
2016 - Mention - “ Mărul de hayatta bakışın mizahi noktası gibi.
Aur” Festival, Bistrița, România Dünyayı değiştirmek için değil,
2016 - Special Award for
Originality - Great Personalities dünyanın gülüşünü değiştirmek için
Festival, Ploieși, România mizah yapılmalı" diyor...
Nicoleta participated in many
group exhibitions in Romania, Dünyanın pek çok yerinde olduğu gibi,
Turkey, Colombia and Spain Romanya'da da kadın karikatürcelerin az
and she curated and organized olmasına değinen Nicoleta Ionescu, bu durumun
events such as The Michael
Jackson International değişmesini umut ettiğini söylüyor.
Exhibition, Bucharest, 2009
and Golden Age Glamour Diva Çizerken, karikatürün
- Bucharest, 2011 olumlu yönlerini dikkate
She also contributed in aldığını vurgulayan sanatçı,
important multi-cultural projects
that resulted in art albums or bu konuda insanlara karşı
exhibitions: bir sorumluluk duyduğunu
- 2008-2015 Romanian ifade ediyor.
Greatest Personalities Project,
curator Nicolae Ioniță Toplumlar için,
- 2013-2015 Artistic Tribute
project for Slovakian
mizahın nedeh önemli
personalities, curator Peter olduğu konusunda soruya
Zavacky ise insanların ironiden
- 2014, The James Bond Book: hoşlandığını ve bazı
50 Years in Caricatures - gerçeklerin zor
Villains, Girls & Agents - konuşulduğu ortamda,
Ultimate Fan Book & Movie
Guide düşünmeye yönelik
- 2015 Lendas - Legends mesajların önemine
drawing legends (with an değiniyor.
illustration for the Evening Star
Poem, by Mihai Eminescu

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