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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5E

Public Meeting Agenda November 21, 2017 - 7:00-9:00 pm
Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School (Cafeteria) - 1400 1st Street NW

Part I: Opening
Call to Order Commissioner Thomas
Roll Call Commissioner Barnes
Approval of Agenda Commissioners

Part II: Business Administration

Approval of Meeting Minutes Commissioners
Treasurers Report Commissioner Powell
Approval to Pay Bills/Reimbursements Commissioner Powell
ANC5E Grant Guidelines Commissioner Sierra
Introduction of New Virtual Assistant Commissioner Barnes

Part III: Public Safety & Community Concerns (5 minutes each)

Police Report MPD 5D Officers
United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Jesse Liu
Ward 5 Liaison for Mayors Office Lionel Gaines/Hakeem Rogers
Councilmember McDuffies Office Kelly Cislo
People for Fairness Coalition Downtown Public Restroom Initiative Marcia Bernbaum,
Community Comments (2 minute limit each speaker) Public

Part IV: Voting Support Requested (5 minutes each)

ANC5E Position on BEGA Amendment Act of 2017 B22-0136 Commissioner Thomas

ABRA Applications:
ABRA #107578 Republic Cantina-57 N St NW, #114 Commissioner Thomas

BZA/ZC Matters:
BZA #19625 S2 Development LCC 61 Rhode Island Ave., N.E. Commissioner Pinkney
BZA #19636 - Special Exception - 26 Q Street N.E. Commissioner Pinkney
BZA #19624 Special Exception - 137 S St., N.W. Commissioner Holliday
ZC#1709 Foulger Pratt Eckington Park Project - Harry Thomas Way & R St NE Commissioner Powell

Part VI: Information Updates

McMillan Project Commissioner Barnes
Joint SMD Meeting on Historic Preservation (ANC5E06, 07, 08 & 09) - Nov. 15, 2017 Commissioner Sierra


5E01 Edward Garnett 5E03 Hannah Powell, Treasurer 5E05 Bradley Thomas, Chair 5E07 Bertha Holliday 5E09 Dianne Barnes, Vice Chair
5E01@anc.dc.gov 5E03@anc.dc.gov 5E05@anc.dc.gov 5E06@anc.dc.gov 5E09@anc.dc.gov
202-596-9027 202-549-1586 202-670-0151 202-491-3996 202-409-7155

5E02 Patricia Williams 5E04 Sylvia M. Pinkney 5E06 Katherine McClelland, Corresponding Secretary 5E08 Horacio Sierra 5E10 Nancy Jones
5E02@anc.dc.gov 5E04@anc.dc.gov 5E06@anc.dc.gov Recording Secretary 5E10@anc.dc.gov
202-709-9375 202-269-4180 612-408-5828 5E08@anc.dc.gov 202-594-7850