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> 2093 Variable

Depth Sonar
Multi-frequency and multi-mode mine hunting sonar
Mine Warfare

A unique mine hunting sonar designed to counter the

threat of modern mines in both deep and shallow water,
worldwide proven in demanding operational conditions

A total of 48 systems have been ordered so Deep water operations
far, of which 40 have been delivered. VDS is the only solution for deep water. The winch carries 300m of armoured
tow cable to provide a unique high depth mine hunting capability.
The 2093 VDS has been selected by:
Australia Navy High coverage rate
Estonia Navy 2093 VDS is a high resolution mine hunting Sonar System. Wide fields of view
Italy Navy and multiple search and classification frequencies ensure that the critical mine
Japan Navy hunting parameters of coverage rate and speed of advance are maximised
Republic of Korea Navy under all operational conditions.
Saudi Arabia Navy
Reduced operators workload
Turkey Navy
Operation of the hydraulic winch and sea chest locking mechanisms is fully
United Kingdom Navy automatic, all the operator has to do is select the operating mode and depth.

A large installed base to build on world-wide

in-service operational and training experience.
10/2010 - Thales

Smarter. Safer
Mine Warfare

2093 Variable Depth Sonar

The system is designed to operate at high ship speeds without compromising ships safety. Two search and
three classification frequencies ensure exceptional performance in all bottom and sea conditions.

Advanced sonar technology allows 2093 VDS to perform simultaneous combinations of search, classification,
mine avoidance and route survey.


The following multiple operating modes match the Towed Body (Height/ Width): 2.521m/1.054m not
prevailing threat and environment including vanes, 0.621m radius over vanes

VLF search and moored mine classification Winch and Tow Cable (Height/Width/Depth):
LF search and moored mine classification 1.810m/2.241m/2.598m
Dual search at VLF and/or LF Shipboard Interface Cabinet (Height/ Width/Depth):
- 10/2010 - Thales

Search at either VLF or LF and ground mine classification 1.7m/0.76m/0.52m

Search at either VLF or LF and route survey Auxiliary and Power (Height/ Width/ Depth):
Sonar 2093 includes a tracking system that allows the Distribution Cabinets 1.7m/0.76m/0.683m
position of the towed body to be accurately determined Operator Consoles (Height/ Width/ Depth):
at all times when operating in the variable depth mode. 1.7m/0.76m/1.336m
It also concurrently tracks the Mine Disposal Vehicle.

Thales Underwater Systems

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