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[75 MARKS]

Answer THREE (3) out of FOUR (4) questions the Answer Booklet.

a. Explain why engineering is considered a profession.
[3 marks]

b. Describe THREE (3) functions of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

[3 marks]

c. The following codes are mentioned in the Code of Professional Conduct of BEM.
Discuss the possibilities for conflict and line-drawing issues that might arise from
these codes with regards to employer-employee relationships.

i. A Registered Engineer is responsibility to his employer, client or the

profession shall have full regard to the public interest
[5 marks]

ii. A Registered Engineer in his responsibility shall discharge his duties to his
employer or client as the case may be with complete fidelity. Except with
the permission of his employer, a Registered Engineer shall not accept any
remuneration for services rendered other than from his employer
[3 marks]

d. MA Machinery had provided R&M Corporation with aerial platforms and after sales
services for the last 10 years. Recently R&M Corporation returned a failed aerial
platform unit to MA Machinery. A meeting was held that included Mr. P from R&M
Corporation) Mr. Y and Mr. Z from MA Machinery. Mr. Z is the designer of the aerial
platform. Mr. Y is Production Director and represented MA Machinery management.
Mr. Y clarified that the aerial platform is all right. However, during the meeting it
became apparent to Mr. Z that the problem was due to MA Machinery. He
suspected that the structure of the aerial platform was not properly tested. It failed
because of defective welding. Mr. Z kept silent during the meeting. After the
meeting he talked to Mr. Y about his diagnosis. He suggested R&M Corporation
should be informed of the actual situation. Mr. Y did not agree to his suggestion
giving reason that this would lessen R&M Corporation confidence in the quality of
MA Machinery aerial platforms. A “goodwill gesture” to replace the equipment
should suffice. MA Machinery management replaced the aerial platform at the
company’s expense and did not informed R&M the real nature of the problem.
Answer the following questions with specific reference to GEM Code of
Professional Conduct:

i. Discuss MA Machinery’s resolution to the problem.

[4 marks]

ii. Should MA Machinery’s approach of handling the problem be any concern

to Mr. Z or is it a management problem?
[4 marks]

iii. Discuss what you think Mr. Z should do?

[3 marks]
a. You are assigned as the Project Director for the Design, Procurement and
Construction of major Petrochemical Plant in Kerteh, Terengganu, the cost of which
is over 2 billion USD. Thu Plant Is scheduled for completion in 36 months.

i. State what approach in Project Management you will follow for the’
execution of the Project. Justify your selection.
[7 marks]

ii. Define your assessment of the critical activities/tasks that have to be

incorporated for the Plant.
[3 marks]

b. You are selected to be the Project Manager for the construction of RM 750,000,000
Shopping Complex on a 400 X 600 m land.

i. Define your assessment of the major critical activities that have to be

incorporated in the construction of the Shopping Complex.
[5 marks]

ii. Discuss the Control Systems you will adopt during the construction of the
Shopping Complex.
[5 marks]

c. UTP has decided to add Block 12 to the Academic Units to be occupied by

Petroleum Engineering. To assist UTP in its construction plans, present a
generalized Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for this block.
[5 marks]

a. With reference to the Electricity Supply Act 1990, discuss the role of the Energy
Commission in ensuring the safe and sufficient use of electrical energy.
[9 marks]

b. Mr. K, holding a certificate of competency works at a factory. He was instructed to

do maintenance work on a switchboard in the main control room. As he was about
to start his work, he was instructed by ‘he manager to check a machine that has
suddenly stopped. As this request was considered urgent, Mr. K told his assistant,
an apprentice, to continue the maintenance work at the switchboard, while he went
to repair the faulty machine. While doing the maintenance work at the switchboard,
the apprentice had an electric shock and became unconscious.

i. Based on the Electricity Supply Act 1990, what are the actions that need to
be taken by Mr. K following the accident?
[8 marks]

ii. Suggest what Mr. K should have done before allowing his apprentice to do
maintenance work at the switchboard.
[8 marks]

4. Environmental Quality Act 1974 relates to the prevention, abatement. control of pollution and
enhancement of the environment and for the purposes connected there with:

a. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) was introduced as a mandatory requirement

for activities that have been included in Section 34A of Environmental and Quality
Act 1974.

i. What are the basic tenets of EIA?

[4 marks]

ii. What are the issues on EIA? Discuss the issues in relation to technological
advances and base data used in the evaluation exercise?
[5 marks]

iii. Other than enforcement the authorities need to introduce incentives to

encourage public practices on EIA. List FOUR (4) possible incentives.
[4 marks]

b. The Regulations on Scheduled Wastes are also covered the Act. Among the items
being highlighted are guidelines on disposal, treatment, storage etc. of scheduled

i. List FOUR (4) types of scheduled wastes from non-specific sources.

[4 marks]

ii. Sketch the symbols for toxic substances and corrosive substances.
[4 marks]

iii. List FOUR (4) responsibilities of waste generators with regards to storage
of scheduled wastes.
[4 marks]