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Name: Cindy De La Torre, Itzel Aispuro, Alondra Marin, and Stacie Lord


Activity: LEVEL # I WEEK # 8


TIME: 30 mins

One yarn ball for each student
Aux cable

To learn to evade or follow a partner while moving under control in general space
To learn a variety of tossing skills
To learn how forceful movements are generated


Introductory Activity: 5.1 Participate willingly in new physical activities.

5.6 Identify and demonstrate effective practices for working with a group without interfering
with others.

Fitness Activity: Standard 1.4 Change direction from forward and back and right and left in
response to tempos, rhythms, and signals while walking, running, hopping, and jumping (i.e.,
locomotor skill).
2.4 Distinguish between a jog and a run, a hop and a jump, and a gallop and a slide and explain
the key differences and similarities in those movements

Lesson Focus: Standard 1.1 Demonstrate an awareness of personal space, general space, and
boundaries while moving in different directions and at high, medium, and low levels in space.
1.10 Demonstrate the underhand movement (throw) pattern.
1.11 Demonstrate the overhand movement (throw) pattern.
1.13 Catch, showing proper form, a gently thrown ball.

Game: 3.1 Participate in physical activities that are enjoyable and challenging.
Name: Cindy De La Torre, Itzel Aispuro, Alondra Marin, and Stacie Lord


Activity Teaching Hints

Have children run, and on signal, stop and Encourage moving under control
put hands on waist. Begin teaching
90-degree pivot and move gradually to a
180-degree pivot. Relate the use of the
pivot to various sport activities, such as

PART 2: FITNESS DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY (8-12 mins): Alondra & Stacie

Activity Teaching Hints

Walk, do arm circles 30 sec Tape alternating segments of

Run in place 30 sec
Skip forward,sideways 30 sec silence and music duration of
Jumping Jacks 30 sec
Gallop 30 sec
Jump like a pogo stick 30 sec Music segments (30 sec)
Upper-body strength challenges 30 sec
Trout lightly in different directions 30 sec indicate aerobic
Flexibility and trunk development challenges 30 sec
Gallop forward; then backwards 30 sec activity;intervals of silence (40
Cool down with walking 30 sec sec) signal flexibility and

strength development activities.

PART 3: LESSON FOCUS (15-20 mins): Stacie & Cindy

Activity Teaching Hints

Fundamental Skills: Jumping Use instructional cues such as:

Individual Activity
1. Jump upward, trying for height Swing your arms forward as you
2. Alternate low and high jumps
Name: Cindy De La Torre, Itzel Aispuro, Alondra Marin, and Stacie Lord

3. Jump in various patterns- Circles, Bend your knees

square, triangle, letters, diamond,
figure eight. Jump as high as you can
4. Over a spot, jump forward,
Land lightly by bending your
backwards, sideways, crisscross
5. Jump and land as quietly as knees
6. Pretend you are a bouncing ball
7. Clap hands or slap things when in
the air.
Have yarn balls placed around the
Manipulative Activity perimeter of the area
Individual Activity- Yarn Balls: On signal, ask students to jog to a
1. Toss and catch to self ball, pick it up and practice tossing
2. Increase toss height gradually and catching
Toss the ball to a height where it
3. Toss up, turn back and catch
can be caught
4. Toss and clap hands Encourage a successful toss to be
5. Toss and touch knees then catch one where the feet do not move to
be able to catch the ball
6. Toss up clap then catch
TOSS under softer
Partner Activity: Partners should start close together
1. Roll the ball back and forth and gradually move apart
THROW over harder
2. Toss the ball back and forth,
various ways
3. Throw the ball back and forth

PART 4: GAME ACTIVITY (5 mins): Itzel

Activity Teaching Hints

Sneak Attack Have teachers around perimeter

Supplies: None observing students
Skills: Marching, Running Use whisper to signal when
1. Form two parallel lines- 60 ft students should return to
apart. Children are divided into two appropriate line
Name: Cindy De La Torre, Itzel Aispuro, Alondra Marin, and Stacie Lord

teams using the toe to toe method.

One team stands on one of the lines
with their backs to the opposing
team(this is the sneak team). The
sneak team moves forward on
signal given by teacher,moving
toward the chasers. A whistle
blows after 30 seconds and
whoever is captured by the
opposing team has to change