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Time Allowed: 120 Minutes ENGLISH LANGUAGE & COMPREHENSION Maximum Marks: 200
TEST ID 0001

Read the following instructions carefully before you begin to answer the questions.

1. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE this booklet contain 200 questions of English.

2. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
3. Before you start to answer the question you must check up this booklet and ensure that it contains all the
pages and see that no page is missing or replaced. If you find any defect in this booklet, you must get it
replaced immediately.
4. The paper carries negative marking. .25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.
5. You will be supplied the Answer-sheet separately by the invigilator. You must complete the details of
Name, Roll number, Test Id and name of the examination on the Answer-Sheet carefully before you
actually start answering the questions. You must also put your signature on the Answer-Sheet at the
prescribed place. These instructions must be fully complied with, failing which, your Answer-Sheet
will not be evaluated and you will be awarded ZERO mark.
6. Answer must be shown by completely blackening the corresponding circles on the Answer-Sheet
against the relevant question number by HB pencil or Black/ blue ball pen only.
7. A machine will read the coded information in the OMR Answer-Sheet. In case the information is
incompletely /different from the information given in the application form, the candidature of such
candidate will be treated as cancelled.
8. The Answer-Sheet must be handed over to the Invigilator before you leave the Examination Hall.
9. Failure to comply with any of the above Instructions will render a candidate liable to such
action/penalty as may be deemed fit.
10. Answer the questions as quickly and as carefully as you can. Some questions may be difficult and
others easy. Do not spend too much time on any question.
11. Mobile phones and wireless communication device are completely banned in the examination
halls/rooms. Candidates are advised not to keep mobile phones/any other wireless communication
devices with them even switching it off, in their own interest. Failing to comply with this provision
will be considered as using unfair means in the examination and action will be taken against them
including cancellation of their candidature.
12. No rough work is to be done on the Answer-Sheet.

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Directions (1- 20): In the following questions, some of the Directions (21-30): In the following questions, out of the
sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the
part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is same meaning of the given word.
the answer. If there is no error, your answer is (d) i.e. No 21. MULISH
error (a) Stubborn (b) pretty
1. Knowledge of (a) / at least two languages (b) / are (c) Silly (d) clever
required to pass the examination (c)/ No error. (d) 22. ALERT
2. The members of the Opposition Party in the Parliament (a) hostile (b) watchful
(a) / shout upon the minister (b) / if he makes a wrong (c) brave (d) quick
statement (c)/No error (d) 23. ACCEDE
3. Everyone of the films(a)/ you suggested (b)/ are not (a) consent (b) access
worth seeing (c) / No error (d) (c) assess (d) proceed
4. The Secretary and the Principal of the college (a)/ are 24. SUPERANNUATED
attending (b)/ the District Development council Meeting (a) experienced (b) accepted
at the Collectorate(c)/No error (d) (c) retired (d) senile
5. No sooner had the hockey match started (a)/ when it 25. AUDACITY
began (b)/ to rain (c)/No error (d). (a) strength (b) boldness
6. The Secretariat (a)/ comprises of (b)/ many air- (c) asperity (d) fear
conditioned rooms (c)/No error (d). 26. DECREPITUDE
7. It is high time (a)/ he stood on his own (b) / two legs (a) disease (b) coolness
(c)/ No error (d). (c) crowd (d) feebleness
8. You should avoid (a)/ to travel (b)/ in the rush hour 27. TRANSITION
(c)/No error (d). (a) position (b) translation
9. There is (a)/ only one of his novels (b)/ that are (c) change (d) movement
interesting (c)/No error (d). 28. ACCUSED
10. He denied (a)/ to have (b)/ been there (c)/No error (a) indicated (b) indicted
(d). (c) induced (d) instigated
11. Unless you gave (a) / your consent (b) / we shall not 29. BECKONED
accept this project work (c) / No error (d). (a) accused (b) called
12. If I were you (a) / I will never (b) / write such a strong (c) sent (d) acquitted
worded letter (c) / No error (d) 30. GENUINE
13. He along with his friend want (a)/tovisit a temple (a) generous (b) healthy
(b)/ and zoo after we finish our business meeting (c) natural (d) original
(c)/No error (d) Directions (31-40): In the following questions, choose the
14. It is very important that (a)/ you should be firm word opposite in meaning to the given word.
on(b)/ what have you decided for implementation 31. ATHEIST
(c)/No error(d) (a)rationalist (b) theologist
15. He who do not (a) /learn from his (b) mistake is (c) believer (d) ritualist
bound to fail(c) / No error (d) 32. HUGE
16. All said and done (a) / it is the basic values that (b)/ (a) weak (b) fragile
are the most importance and help you in the long run (c) slight (d) tiny
(c)/ No error(d) 33. ILLEGAL
17. Your application will (a)/not be processed (b)/ until (a) liberal (b) intelligent
you submit all the certificates in original. (c) / No (c) lawful (d) clear
error (d) 34. CALLOUS
18. Systematic training is (a) / specifically designs (b)/ to (a) sensitive (b) soft
develop skills required to perform well (c) / No error (c) kind (d) generous
19. Mahesh who was (a)/junior in the most (b)/ other (a) simple (b) reticent
employees in his office has been promoted(c)/No (c) plain (d) nervous
error (d) 36. PLENTIFUL
20. They have invited (a)/ Ramesh and I (b)/ to the (a) short (b) limited
function to be held in the next month (c)/ No error (d) (c) petty (d) meager
(a) reward (b) praise
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(c) flatter (d) relieve (d) something pleasurable to
38. CHARMING 56. The student is on the verge of breakdown.
(a) insolent (b) indignant (a) on the brink of (b) at the outset of
(c) repulsive (d) handicapped (c) in the midst of (d) at the risk of
39. HEINOUS 57. My repeated attempts to get refund from the civic
(a) attractive (b) beneficial authorities were of no avail.
(c) gracious (d) amicable (a) unsuccessful (b) postponed
40. DESPISE (c) useless (d) delayed
(a) appease (b) flatter 58. He was progressing by leaps and bounds because of
(c) admire (d) appreciate his hard work
Directions (41-50): In the following questions, groups of (a) rapidly (b) slowly
four words are given. In each group, one word is correctly (c) peacefully (d) strongly
spelt. Find the correctly spelt word. 59. To emerge out of thin air means to
41. (a) excution (b) excitment (a) appear suddenly (b) descend gradually
(c) expedition (d) extrection (c) fall down quickly (d) enter from space
42. (a) externel (b) extrovort 60. The news of the accident came as a bolt from the
(c) introvert (d) exect blue.
43. (a) expact (b) impact (a) something unexpected (b) something unpleasant
(c) exite (d) impect (c) something horrible
44. (a) intruisting (b) interesting (d) something unexpected and unpleasant
(c) intersting (d) entertening 61. I am not agree with him on any proposal. He is in the
45. (a) supremecy (b) suppressor habit of making a meal of anything.
(c) surfiet (d) surrendor (a) to take more trouble over something
46. (a) spectacular (b) spactroscope (b) to depreciate something unduly
(c) spinache (d) splandid (c) to have given a remarkable duty
47. (a) sacrosant (b) sacrificeal (d) to fail to manage the situation
(c) sacrilege (d) sabotege 62. Though he was clarified satisfactorily, the matter of
48. (a) discription (b) discretion fact was that his proposal was laughed out of the
(c) dessemination (d) dessertation court.
49. (a) occurence (b) occassion (a) to take undue liberty with
(c) occupancy (d) octogenarean (b) to be out of ones senses
50. (a) humorous (b) humanetarianism (c) to laugh without permission
(c) hulabaloo (d) hurrecane (d) to dismiss something casually
Directions (51-65): In the following questions, four 63. His miseries are not the spell of God, but he has been
alternatives are given for the idiom/ phrase in bold in the actually hoisted with his own petard.
sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the (a) to act recklessly
meaning of the idiom/ phrase. (b) to have a permanent effect
51. She is a fair-weather friend. (c) to show maturity in doing anything
(a) a good friend (d) to be harmed by ones own action
(b) a friend who meets difficulties calmly 64. If you have given me a back dated cheque, I would
(c) one who deserts you in difficulties have rejected and made a hash of the same.
(d) a favourable friend (a) to dismiss one peremptorily
52. To die in harness means to die while (b) to go mad
(a) riding a horse (b) in a stable (c) not to make any effort to help others
(c) in a uniform (d) still in service (d) to do something so badly that it is spoilt
53. To keep under wraps means to keep something completely
(a) covered (b) protected 65. Her younger son was a rascal by nature. thus he
(c) unpacked (d) secret always appeared to be a thorn in her side.
54. After independence Indian agriculture rose like a (a) a constant source of annoyance
phoenix due to the Green Revolution. (b) a man disturbed in mind
(a) with a new life (b) with a start (c) a conceited person
(c) with royal gait (d) with vengeance (d) a person unable to find a genuine path
55. His failure at the election has been a sore point with Directions (66- 75): In the following questions, out of the
him for a long time four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted
(a) something which hurts for the given words/ sentence.
(b) something that brings fear to 66. The worship of idols or images.
(c) something memorable for (a) Atheism (b) Theism
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(c) Idolatry (d) Iconoclasm 81. One should keep ones promise.
67. Something that is poisonous or unhealthy. (a) Ones promise should be kept by us.
(a) Trivial (b) Toxic (b) Ones promise has to be kept.
(c) Torpid (d) Tragic (c) A promise should be keeping
68. A remedy for all diseases. (d) A promise should be kept.
(a) Amnesia (b) Panacea 82. Who is creating this mess?
(c) Intelligentsia (d) Parasol (a) Who has created this mess?
69. A hater of mankind. (b) By whom has this mess been created?
(a) Misanthrope (b) Misogynist (c) By whom this mess is being created?
(c) Philanthropist (d) Misogamist (d) By whom is this mess being created?
70. Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks. 83. The clown was being laughed at by them.
(a) Megalomania (b) Dipsomania (a) They were laughing at the clown.
(c) Kleptomania (d) Pyromania (b) They were laughing on the clown.
71. A Short stay at a place (c) They laughed at the clown.
(a) Halt (b) Interlude (d) The clown was laughed at by them.
(c) Intermission (d) Sojourn 84. I saw him leaving the house.
72. A raised place on which offerings to a god are made (a) He had been seen leaving the house.
(a) Mound (b) Chapel (b) He was seen to be leaving the house.
(c) Altar (d) Archives (c)He was seen to be leaving the house.
73. To talk much without coming to the point (d) He was seen leaving the house by me.
(a) Verbosity (b) Garrulousness 85. A lion may be helped even by a little mouse.
(c) Loquacity (d) Circumlocution (a) A little mouse may even help a lion.
74. Constant effort to achieve something (b) Even a little mouse may help a lion.
(a) Perseverance (b) Attempt (c) A little mouse can even help a lion.
(c) Enthusiasm (d) Vigor (d) Even a little mouse ought to help a lion.
75. A place where a wild animal lives 86. He asked me to wait.
(a) Forest (b) Stable (a) I was asked wait. (b) I was asked to wait.
(c) Lair (d) Sanctuary (c) I was asked to waiting (d) I was asked for wait.
Directions (76-95): In the following questions, a sentence 87. She is running a school these days.
has been given in Active / Passive voice. Out of the four (a) A school is be run by her these days.
alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses (b) A School was being run by her these days.
the same sentence in Passive/ Active voice. (c) A school is being run by her these days.
76. Circumstances will oblige me to go. (d) A school will be run by her these days.
(a) I will oblige the circumstances and go. 88. Let them do it now.
(b) I shall be obliged to go by the circumstances. (a) Let it be done by them.
(c) Under the circumstances, I should go. (b) Let it done by them now.
(d) I would be obliged by the circumstances to go. (c) Let it was done by them now.
77. We waste much time on trifles. (d) Let it be done by them now.
(a) Much time was wasted on trifles. 89. Everyone knows that Mr. A is the gang leader.
(b) Much time will be wasted on trifles. (a) Mr. A is known to be the gang leader.
(c) Much time is wasted by us on trifles. (b) Mr. A is known to a gang leader.
(d) Much time is wasted on trifles. (c) Mr. A is known by a gang leader.
78. Mohan gave the beggar an old shirt. (d) Mr. A is know to be a gang leader.
(a) An old shirt was given to Mohan by the beggar. 90. Has someone told you about your result?
(b) An old shirt was' given to the beggar by Mohan. (a) Has you been told about your result?
(c) The beggar was gave ark fold shirt by Mohan. (b) Have you been told about your result?
(d) An old shirt was gave to the beggar by Mohan. (c) Have you told about your result?
79. They have made him a king. (d) Have you be told about your result?
(a) A king has been made by them. 91. Open the door.
(b) He was made a king by them. (a) The door must be opened.
(c) They have been made kings by him. (b) The door will be opened.
(d) He has been made a king by them. (c) The door is opened.
80. Who taught you English? (d) Let the door be opened.
(a) By whom English was taught to you ? 92. I did not trust anybody.
(b) By whom you were taught English ? (a) Nobody was trusted by me.
(c) By whom was English taught to you ? (b) Anybody had been trusted by me.
(d) By whom are you taught English ? (c) Nobody would be trusted by me.
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(d) Nobody has been trusted by me. (a) locked horns in (b) locking horns with
93. Did he remember the date and time ? (c) been locked horns with (d) No improvement
(a) Are the date and time remembered by him? 108.A working party has been set up to look with the
(b) Was he remembering the date and time? problem.
(c) Was the date and time remembered by him? (a) to look into (b) looking with
(d) Did the date and time be remembered by him? (c) looking into (d) No improvement
94. The boys were digging a hole in the ground. 109.Check that the plug has not come lost.
(a) A hole had been dug in the ground by the boys (a) come losing (b) come loose
(b) In the ground the boys dug a hole. (c) gone lost (d) No improvement
(c) A hole in the ground has been dug by the boys 110.Her friendly manner lulls her with a false sense of
(d) A hole was being dug by the boys in the ground. security.
95. We must now deal with these problems. (a) lulled her into (b) is lulling her with
(a) These problems must now be dealt with by us. (c) lulled her with (d) No improvement
(b) These problems must now be dealing with by us. Directions (111-125): In the following questions the first
(c) These problems must now deal with by us. and the last sentences of the passage are numbered 1 and
(d) These problems are to be dealt with by us. 6. The rest of the passage is split into four parts and named
Directions (96-110): In the following questions, a part of P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper
sentence is printed in bold. Alternatives to the bold part, order. Read the sentence and find out which of the four
which may improve the sentence, are given at (a), (b), and combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer.
(c). Choose the appropriate alternative. In case no 111.1. Fighting a fire demands a lot of strength and
improvement is needed, mark (d) as your answer. endurance.
96. She has slept for eight hours last night. (P) The breathing unit may weigh as much as 25
(a) slept (b) had slept kilograms.
(c) has been sleeping (d) No improvement (Q) The protective clothing the firefighter wears will
97. I have seen the film and she also have. weigh about 10 kilograms.
(a) has also (b) has too (R) The fire-fighter will normally wear an oxygen
(c) too has (d) No improvement mask and carry an oxygen tank.
98. He is in want of a reliable servant. (S) Apart from these, he will have to carry the hose
(a) refused (b) needs and other tools.
(c) declined (d) No improvement (6) The weight of the hose and other tools, the fire-
99. He was rejected because he was too young. fighter carries, will be around 50 kilograms
(a) so (b) hence (a) QPSR (b) QRPS
(c) though (d) No improvement (c) QSPR (d) SPRQ
100. I hope than I shall get a First Class. 112. 1. We were taking tea at the Ratna Tea Stall.
(a) I feel that (b) I hope (P) We found a tourist bus which had just rammed
(c) I am doing (d) No improvement into a tamarind tree on the roadside.
101.Check out the lay of the land before you make a (Q) We rushed out of the tea stall.
decision. (R) We helped the passengers to get out of the bus.
(a) lie of (b) lying of (S) Suddenly we heard a loud noise followed by a cry
(c) lie for (d) No improvement for help.
102.They could seen that the company had a limited life. (6) We informed the hospital and also the police about
(a) could saw (b) can have see accident.
(c) could see (d) No improvement (a) SQPR (b) QSRP
103.In Hindi philosphy the life force is know in prana. (c) PRSQ (d) RSQP
(a) known to prana (b) known as prana 113.1. Democracy is the primary goal of our Indian
(c) knowing as prana (d) NO improvement Constitution.
104.This is great holiday resort that is full in life. (P) If representatives do not rule according to the
(a) full within life (b) filled in life wishes of the people, they are changed in the next
(c) full of life (d) NO improvement election.
105.He lobbed the ball in the defenders head. (Q) In a democracy, the people are the rulers.
(a) over (b) above (R) New representatives who are aware of the needs'
(c) With (d) No improvement of the people take their place.
106.Its shell is black but turned bright when it is boiled. (S) They rule through their elected representatives.
(a) but turns (b) and turned (6) Thus in a democracy, the responsibilities of the
(c) but is turning (d) No improvement. people are great
107.The company has locked horns with the unions over (a) SQPR (b) QPSR
proposed pay cuts. (c) QSPR (d) QSRP
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114. (a) Satellites have been launched into space for Q. What is happening in the architecture is a shift from
various purposes. the international style of the post industrial era to a
(P) The other satellites we have launched are the symbolic structure.
Bhaskara, Apple and Insat-IA, IB, IC. R. since architecture is the collective unconscious
(Q) We have launched our first satellite Aryabhatta on made visible, the architect does not himself always
19th 1975. understand the full cultural implications of his own
(R) Our latest achievement is the launching of PSLV work.
rocket. S. The new form is not a celebration of power over
(S) Therefore in satellite technology, we are able to new materials. But a celebration of cooperation with
compete with other developed countries. ecosystem.
(6) Only a few other countries have developed satellite 6. The relationship between culture and nature is
technology changed, for the architect grows a house like a garden.
(a) QPRS (b) QRPS (a) PRSQ (b) QPSR
(c) SQPR (d) SQRP (c) RQSP (d) SQRP
115.1. National Integrity means National Unity for all. 119.1. While on a fishing trip last summer, I watched an
(P) They are the evils of Communalism and elderly man fishing off the edge of a dock.
Regionalism P. Why didnt you keep the other big ones? I asked.
(Q) Our Government is taking steps to remove such Q. He caught an enormous trout, but apparently not
tendencies. satisfied with its size, he threwit back into the war.
(R) But there are some evil tendencies in our society R. He finally caught a small pike, threw it into his pail,
to hamper our unity. and smiling happily, prepared to live.
(S) The feeling of Indianness should be achieved to S. Amazed, I watched him repeat this performance.
preserve our unity. 6. Cheerfully, the old man replied, Small frying pan.
(6) And this is what every Indian should aim at. (a) PSQR (b) QSRP
(a) SRQP (b) QPRS (c) RPQS (d) QSRP
(c) QRPS (d) QSPR 120.1. There was one a Persian king called Shahryar who
116.1. The houses in the Indus Valley were built of baked had a beautiful wife.
bricks. P. When the King discovered this he killed her.
P. This staircase sometimes continued upwards on to Q. He gave orders that he was to be provided with a
the roof new wife every day.
Q. Access to the upstairs rooms was by a narrow stone R. He loved her very much, but she was a wicked
staircase at the back of the house. woman.
R. The drains were incorporated in the walls. S. He decided that all women were wicked and that he
S. The houses had bathrooms and water closets would punish them.
rubbish chutes and excellent drainage systems. 6. After one days marriage he would cut off her head
6. They led outside into covered sewers which ran and marry again.
down the (a)PQRS (b) QSPR
(a) PSQR (b) QPSR (c) RPSQ (d) SPRQ
(c) QRPS (d) SPQR 121.1. When
117.1. Most of the perishable foods are shipped by P. the mother bird came home
refrigerator ships. Q. the storm had subsided
P. They are placed in the refrigerated hold of the ship R. cried
Q. Some foods, such as bananas. S. and on not finding her young ones.
R. As the green bananas are loaded, a man watches 6. piteously
closely the signs of yellow on them. (a) QSPR (b) PSRQ
S. The cool temperatures keep the bananas from (c) PRSQ (d) QPSR
getting ripe during the trip. 122.1. The guide said that
6. Ripe bananas are poor travelers and even one ripe P. nowhere in the world
banana at the start of the trip can spoil a whole ship Q. a fairer building
load of fruit. R. you will find
(a) PQRS (b) PSQR S. than
(c) QPSR (d) SRPQ 6. the Taj Mahal
118.1. A transformation of consciousness is now beginning (a) RQPS (b) PRQS
to express itself in the field of theoretical architecture. (c) PSQR (d) RQSP
P. In the still theoretical structure an attempt is being 123.1. The students knew that
made to create a house that is a domestication of an P. to control
ecosystem. Q. in the college administration
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R. our new principal PASSAGE II
S. took a number of strong measures Bhola was a (136) man but he was neither greedy nor
6. unruly students dishonest. He (137) satisfied (138) what he earned daily.
(a)RSPQ (b) RSQP He (139) many problems but he never sighed (140) he
(c) PQRS (d) QRPS would thank God for giving him (141) to meet all
124.1. Kapil challenges. Once he became ill (142) fever and had no
P. left in an aeroplane (143) for treatment. In the mean time a friend of his own
Q. after reading came to see him and (144) him some money but Bhola
R. had decided. (145) to take it saying that he did not honor stolen money.
S. to build his own boat nine years earlier 136.(a) wise (b) clever
6. a sailing magazine. (c) honest (d) poor
(a)PRQS (b)RSQP 137.(a) became (b) feel
(c) RQPS (d) PSRQ (c) remained (d) hoped
125.1. When 138.(a) at (b) with
P. it becomes an honour (c) from (d) in
Q. in recognition of their great performance 139. (a) solved (b) met
R. illustrious personalities (c) faced (b) suffered
S. win an award 140.(a) on the contrary (b) besides
6. of a lifetime (c) instead (b) despite
(a) RPQS (b) PQRS 141.(a) power (b) ability
(c) QRSP (d) RSQP (c) courage (d) thought
Directions (126-145): In the following questions, you 142.(a) from (b) with
have two passages. In each passage, some of the words (c) at (d) in
have been left out. First read the passage over and try to 143.(a) intention (b) hope
understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the (c) money (d) energy
help of the alternatives given. 144.(a) gave (b) offered
PASSAGE I (c) lent (d) borrowed
In India , from times immemorial there (126) been a 145.(a) deny (b) accepted
common spiritual outlook on (127) to which various races (c) rejected (d) refused
and religions (128) made contributions. Thus a subtle but Directions (146-155): In the following questions,
(129) thread of unity has been running (130) through the sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with
infinite multiplicity of our (131). For an analytical appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for
description of Indians (132) cultural heritage, In the light each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the
of (133) definition given above, it would be (134) to trace four.
her cultural history of (135) thousand years. 146.The little girl was knocked down by a speeding car and
126.(a) rather (b)have she lost her ___________ immediately
(c) has (d) had (a) conscience (b) conscientious
127.(a) manner (b) life (c) conscious (d) consciousness
(c) happiness (d) behavior 147.They have had to put ______the football match because
128.(a) have (b)has of snow
(c) are (d) is (a) of (b) off
129.(a) genuine (b) serious (c) up (d) on
(c) strong (d) sincere 148. She found a few good cards in a shop and she bought
130.(a) out (b) on ___________ cards last night
(c) in (d) all (a) those (b) that
131.(a) life (b) fortune (c) them (d) this
(c) future (d) hope 149. Ten miles __________ a long way to walk
132.(a) sole (b) special (a) are (b) is
(c)common (d) actual (c) are being (d) are not
133.(a) the (b) a 150. The mechanic ___________ the vehicle since this
(c) new (d) its morning.
134.(a) important (b) necessary (a) repaired (b) repairing
(c) required (d) useful (c) has been repairing (d) will be repairing
135.(a) many (b) more 151. I complemented him ___________ his success in the
(c) vivid (d) several examination
(a) at (b) on
(c) about (d) for
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152. Security arrangements have been tightened up in all PASSAGE II
___________ areas Faith in progress is deep within our culture. We have been
(a) sensible (b) sensual taught to believe that our lives are better than the lives of
(c) sensitive (d) sensational those who came before us. The ideology of modern
153.The dramatist must cater ___________ the taste of the economics suggests that material progress has yielded
audience enhanced satisfaction and well-being. But much of old
(a) to (b) over confidence about our own well-being comes from the
(c) into (d) for assumption that our lives are easier than those of earlier
154.Suitable steps are taken to bring _______the cost of generations.
living The lives of the so-called primitive peoples are thought to
(a) up (b) over be harsh-their existence dominated by the 'incessant quest
(c) on (d) down for food'. In fact, primitives did very little work. By
155. If I had worked hare, I___________ very high marks in Contemporary standards we'd have to judge them very
the examination lazy.
(a) Scored (b) would score The key to understanding why these 'stone-age people'
(c) Could score (d) would have scored failed to act like us - increasing their work effort to get
Directions (151-180): In the following questions, you more things-is that they had limited desires. In the race
have five brief passages with 5 questions following each between wanting and having, they had kept their wanting
passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best low-and, in this way ensured their own kind of satisfaction.
answer to each question out of the four alternatives. They were materially poor by contemporary standards, but
PASSAGE I in at least one dimension-time-we have to count them
In 776 BC the First Olympic Games were held at the foot of richer.
Mount Olympus to honour the Greek's chief God Zeus. The 161.What is the basis for progress and growth according to
Greeks emphasized, physical fitness and strength in their the writer?
education of youth. Therefore contests in running, jumping, (a) Faith in progress is deep-rooted in our culture
discus and javelin throwing, boxing and horse and chariot (b) We have been taught that progress in necessary
racing were held in individual cities, and the winners (c) Material progress has given us strength
competed every four years at Mount Olympus. Winners (d) we have assumed to progress
were greatly honoured by having poems sung about their 162.What does the writer attribute to modern economics?
deeds. Originally these were held as games of friendship, (a) That our lives are easier than before
and any wars in progress were halted to allow the games to (b) The progress is a natural process
take place. The Greeks attached so much importance to (c) That material progress leads to higher satisfaction
these games that they calculated time in four-year cycles and well-being
called 'Olympiads' dating from 776 BC. (d) That it forces us to assume progress
156. Where were the First Olympic Games held? 163.What is the writer's image of the primitive people?
(a) Mount Olympus (b) Mount Olympiad (a) Their life was harsh
(c) Mount Orels (d) Mount of Greeks (b) They did not work
157.Why were the Olympic Games held (c) They were lazy
(a) To strip wars (d) Search for food was their primary focus in life.
(b) To crown the best athletes 164. What is the key to understanding the primitive
(c) To honour Zeus people's behaviour according to the passage?
(d) To sing songs about athletes (a) They had no desires
158. Approximately how many years ago did these games (b) They had everything they needed
originate? (c) They had limited desires
(a) 776 years (b) 2279 years (d) They kept their wants high
(c) 1207 years (d) 2781 years 165.How does the writer appreciate the primitives?
159. Which of the following contests was not held ? (a) They have a low degree of wants
(a) Discus throwing (b) Skating (b) They are the masters of their time owing to their
(c) Boxing (d) Running contentedness
160. The values connected with Olympics Games were (c) They are materially poor
(a) physical fitness, education of youth and friendship (d) They are highly satisfied
(b) health, contests and singing
(c) running, jumping, throwing and boxing PASSAGE -III
(d) four-year cycles, war-time, young age and Dear Mrs. Kapdawalla,
friendship We certainly agree with you that it is inconvenient to run a
home without a washing machine. For that reason, we have

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lost no time in investigating the source of the trouble in (a) at Mrs. Kapdawalas residence.
your machine. (b) at Laundrywallas repairs shop.
The report from our repair department indicates that your (c) already repaired by Laundrywalas mechanics
washing machine has a burned out bearing which was (d) yet to be examined to find out the defect.
caused by the fact that it has not been oiled. Although we
guarantee our washing machines for three years against all PASSAGE IV
defects in workmanship or materials, we cannot assume A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle which uses two or more kinds
responsibility for repairs necessitated by improper care. of propulsion. Most hybrid vehicles use a conventional
We, therefore, cannot grant your request to repair your gasoline engine as well as an electric motor to provide
machine without charges. power to the vehicle. These are usually called hybrid-
We shall, however, be glad to put your washing machine in electric-vehicles, of HEVs. Hybrids use two types of
brand new condition at the actual cost of the parts i.e. Rs. propulsion in order to use gasoline more efficiently than
325/-. when your machine is returned to you . It will be conventional vehicles do. Most hybrid vehicles use the
completely oiled and ready to operate. Then, if you follow gasoline engine as a generator which sends power to the
the directions for oiling which are given on page 3 of your electric motor. The electric motor then powers the car. In
instruction book, you will get years of trouble free service conventional vehicles, the gasoline engine powers the
from your washing machine. vehicle directly. Since the main purpose of using a hybrid
Just mail the enclosed post card today, authorizing us to system is to efficiently use resources, most hybrid vehicles
proceed with the repairs. We return your machine on also use other efficient systems. Most hybrid vehicles have
Saturday. regenerative braking systems. In conventional vehicles, the
Yours sincerely, gasoline engine powers the brake, and the energy used in
Mr.s M.N. Laudnrywalla braking is lot. In regenerative braking system, the energy
166.Mr. Laundrywalal rejected Mrs. Kapadawalas request lost in braking is sent back into the electrical battery for
because use in powering the vehicle. Some hybrid vehicles use
(a) the guarantee period of the washing machine was periodic engine shutoff as a gas-saving feature. When the
over. vehicle is in idle, the engine temporarily turns off. When
(b) the machine had gone out of order due to improper the vehicle is put back in gear, the engine comes back on.
care. Some hybrids use tires made of a stiff material which rolls
(c) the defect in the washing machine was due to easily and prevents drag on the vehicle. Since hybrid
faulty material provided. vehicles use less gasoline than conventional vehicles, they
(d) she had not purchased the washing machine from put fewer emissions into the atmosphere than conventional
his shop vehicles do. As hybrids become more popular, conventional
167.Your request ( 2nd para, last sentence ) refers to vehicles are being used less, and the level of emissions
(a) Mrs. Kapdawallas request for a brand new being put into the air is decreasing. Hybrid vehicles are an
washing machine. example of an energy efficient technology that is good for
(b)Mr. Laundrywalas request for return of the both consumers and the environment.
authorization card. 171.Two kinds of propelling forces used by hybrid vehicles
(c) Mr.s Kapadawallas request for increasing the are
guarantee period. (a) elective motor and power
(d) a customers request to a trader for free repair of (b) electric engine and generator
washing machine. (c) gasoline engine and electric motor
168.The washing machine needed repair due to (d) electrical battery and gasoline
(a) defective workmanship 172.The difference between hybrid and conventional
(b) faulty material vehicle is that
(c) improper care (a) Hybrids are heavier as compared to conventional
(d) overuse ones.
169.From the letter, it can be inferred that Mrs. Kapawalla- (b) Hybrids do not used electric motors while
(a) had purchased the washing machine during the conventional ones do.
past 3 years. (c) Hybrids use gas while conventional vehicles use
(b) was put to a lot inconvenience due to the dealers petrol.
fault. (d) Hybrids use two types of propulsions while
(c) had been very careful in maintaining the washing conventional rely on one.
machine 173.Why do HEVs use two types of propulsions?
(d) had paid Rs. 325/- to the dealer for the repairs (a) To go faster.
done by him. (b) To use gasoline efficiently.
170.It appears that when the above letter was written, the (c) To provide a comfortable ride.
washing machine was (d) To become environmental friendly.
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174.Regenerative most closely means; (d) everything in this world is separate
(a) Restorative (b) Electric 178.Why cant the logger exit without his bread?
(c) Gasoline (d) Powerful (a) He will die without food
175.In the context of the passage which of the following (b) He cant grow wheat
best articulates how the author regards the topic? (c) Without cutting trees he cant earn money; cant
(a) Conventional vehicles may be more powerful than buy his meals
hybrid vehicles but hybrid vehicles are more socially (d) There wont be enough trees to cut
responsible. 179.The theme of the comprehension is
(b) Since hybrid vehicles use less gasoline and put (a) Everything co-exists in nature
fewer emissions into the atmosphere, they are better (b) Dont harm anybody
for the environment. (c) Inter-are and inter-be
(c) Hybrid vehicles are less expensive, so they are a (d) Very confusing
smarter buy than conventional vehicles. 180.Why does the writer think that the word inter-be
(d) Conventional vehicles are faster but hybrid should be in the dictionary?
vehicles are better for the environment. (a) Because he didnt find this word in the dictionary
(b) Because he is a linguist
PASSAGE V (c) Because he is interested in new words
If you are a poet, you will see carefully that there is cloud (d) Because our very existence is defined by this term
floating in this sheet of paper. Without a cloud there will be Directions (181-200): In the following questions, a
no rain: without rain, the tress cannot make paper. The sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the
cloud is essential for the paper to exist. If the cloud is not four alternatives suggested, select the one which best
here, the sheet of paper cannot be here either. So we can expresses the same sentence in Indirect/Direct form
say that the cloud and the paper inter-are .. If we look into 181.Socrates said, Virtue is its own reward..
this sheet of paper even more deeply, we can see the (a) Socrates said that virtue had its own rewards.
sunshine in it. If the sunshine is not there, the forest cannot (b) Socrates says that virtue is its own reward.
grow. In fact, nothing can grow. Even we cannot grow (c) Socrates said that virtue is its own reward.
without sunshine. And so, we know that the sunshine is (d) Socrates said that virtue was its own reward.
also in this sheet of paper. The paper and the sunshine 182.He said to the interviewer, Could you please repeat
inter-are. And if we continue to look, we can see the logger the question?
who cut the tree and brought it to the mill to be (a) He requested the interviewer if he could please
transformed into paper. And we see the wheat .We know repeat the question
that the logger cannot exist without his daily bread, and (b) He requested the interviewer to please repeat the
therefore the wheat that became his bread is also in this question.
sheet of paper. And the loggers father and mother are in it (c) He requested the interviewer to repeat the
too. When we look in this way, we see that without all of question.
these things, this sheet of paper cannot exist. Looking even (d) He requested the interviewer if he could repeat the
more deeply, we can see we are in it too. This is not difficult question.
to see, because when we look at a sheet of paper, the sheep 183.He said, "it used to be a lovely, quiet street.
of paper is part of our perception. Your mind is in there and (a) He said that it used to be a lovely, quiet street.
mine is also. So we can say that everything is in herewith (b) He pointed out that it had used to be a lovely, quiet
this sheet of paper. You cannot point out one thing that is street.
not here time, space, the earth, the rain, the minerals in (c) He said that there used to be a lovely, quiet street.
the soil, the sunshine, the cloud, the river, the heat. (d) He inquired whether there was a lovely, quiet
Everything co-exists with this sheet of paper. This is why I street.
think the word inter be should be in the dictionary, To 184.The Prime Minister said that no one would be allowed
be is inter-be. You have to inter-be with every other thing. to disturb the peace.
This sheet of paper is, because everything else is. (a) The Prime Minister said, We shall not allow
176.A poet sees a cloud in a sheet of paper because anyone to disturb the peace."
(a) he/he is very creative (b) The Prime Minister said, We would not allow no
(b) he/she loves nature one to disturb the peace
(c) he/she writes poetry on paper (c) The Prime Minister said, No one will disturb the
(d) he/she sees the universe as a single entity peace.
177.A cloud ad the paper inter-are means (d) The Prime Minister said, No one can disturb the
(a) both are very important peace."
(b) both exit because of the other; they are 185.The spectators said. Bravo! Well done players. -
interrelated (a) The spectators shouted that the players were doing
(c) a cloud exists on its own very well.
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(b) The spectators exclaimed with joy that the players 191."How clever of you to have solved the puzzle so
were doing very well. quickly," said mother.
(c) The spectators applauded the players saying th; (a) The mother exclaimed admiringly that it was very c
they had done well. of him to have solved the Puzzle so quickly.
(d) The spectators applauded the players joyfully to do (b) The mother expressed that he was so clever to
well. have sc the puzzle quickly.
186.I said to my friend, Good Morning. Let us go for a (c) The mother told that he was very clever in solving
picnic today. the puzzle so quickly.
(a) I told good morning to my friend and asked to go (d) The mother exclaimed with joy that he was clever
for a picnic that day. enough to solve the puzzle so quickly.
(b) I wished my friend good morning and proposed 192.He said he goes for a walk every morning.
that we should go for a picnic that day. (a)He said, I went for a every morning.
(c) I wished my friend good morning and proposed (b) He said, I go for a walk every morning."
that they should go for a picnic that day. (c) He said, I will go for a every morning.
(d) I told good morning to my friend and suggested to (d) He said, He goes for a every morning.
go for a picnic today. 193.I reiterated, I don't care about the job.
187.The new student asked the old one, Do you know my (a) I reiterated I didnt care about the job.
name?" (b) I said again and again I didnt care about the job.
(a) The new student asked the old one if he knew his (c) I reiterated that I did not care about the job.
name. (d) I repeatedly said that I cared about the job.
(b) The new student asked the old one that whether he 194.I said to my brother, Let us go to some hill station for
knew his name. a change "
(c) The new student asked the old one did he know his (a) I suggested to my brother that they should go to
name some hill station for a change.
(d) The new student asked the old one if he knows his (b) I suggested to my brother that we should go to
name some hill station for a change.
188.I warned her that I could no longer tolerate her (c) I suggested to my brother that let us go to some hill
coming late. station for a change.
(a) I said to her, You can no longer tolerate my (d) I suggested to my brother that let them go to some
coming late. hill station for a change.
(b) I said to her, 1 can no longer tolerate your coming 195.I wondered how many discoveries went unheeded.
late. (a) I said, How many discoveries have gone
(c) I said to her, He can no longer tolerate her coming unheeded?
late. (b) I said, How many discoveries went unheeded?
(d) I said to her, I can no longer tolerate she coming (c) I said, Do discoveries go unheeded?"
late. (d) I said, "How many discoveries go unheeded?
189. I said to my mother, I will certainly take you to 196. Gopan said to me, Can you do these sums for me?
Bangalore this week. (a) Gopan asked me if I could do those sums for him.
(a) I told my mother he would certainly take her to (b) Gopan asked me if I can do those sums for him.
Bangalore that week. (c) Gopan asked me if I can do these sums for him.
(b) I told my mother that I would certainly take her to (d) Gopan asked if I could do these sums for him.
Bangalore that week. 197.The boss said, Its time we began planning our work .
(c) I told my mother that she would certainly take her (a) The boss said that it was time they had begun
to Bangalore that week. planning their work
(d) I told to my mother that I would take you to (b) The boss said that it was time ' we had begun
Bangalore that week. planning our work
190.How long does the journey take my co-passenger (c) The boss said that it was time they began planning
asked me. their work.
(a) My co-passenger asked me how long does the (d) The boss said that it was time we began planning
journey take? his work.
(b) I asked my co-passenger how long the journey 198.He said to the judge. I did not commit this crime.
would take. (a) He told the judge that he did not commit the crime.
(c) My co-passenger wanted to know how long the (b) He told the judge that he had not committed the
journey would take. crime.
(d) My co-passenger asked me how long the journey (c) He told the judge that he had not committed that,
did take. crime.

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(d) He told the judge that he had not committed this
199. Rahul said, I will do it now or never.
(a) Rahul said that he will do it now or never.
(b) Rahul said that he will now or never do it.
(c) Rahul said that he would do it then or never
(d) Rahul said that he would now or never do it.
200.My father once said to me, If I cant trust my people,
then I don t want to be doing this.
(a) His father once told him that if he couldnt trust his
people then he didnt want to be doing that..
(b) My father once told me that if he couldnt trust his
people then he didn't want to be doing that,
(c) My father once told me that if he couldnt trust my
people then he didn't want to be doing that.
(d) My father once told me that if he couldnt trust his
people then he didn't want to be doing this.

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