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Writing Rubric: CSP 11 (Copyright + Culture)

A Paper B Paper C Paper D Paper F Paper

Excels in responding to assignment, Responds appropriately to the Doesnt fully respond to the Doesnt respond appropriately Does not respond to
Critical Analysis

and demonstrates mastery of assignment, demonstrates clear assignment, demonstrates some to the assignment, the assignment,
course concepts and materials understanding of course misunderstanding of course disconnected from course displays no familiarity
Thesis presents a clear, focused, concepts and materials concepts and materials concepts and materials with course concepts
and compelling argument Good argument, clearly Paper has a weak argument, Argument is unclear, thesis is or materials
Paper recognizes the complexities articulated in thesis, though thesis is too general weak No identifiable
of its argument throughout the might need refining Fails to acknowledge other Thesis too vague or general to argument or thesis
analysis Begins to acknowledge the views be nuanced or complicated
complexities of its argument

Argument is thoroughly supported Papers argument is supported by Papers argument is supported Evidence is insufficient, Argument is based on
Evidence &

by strong, specific, and appropriate relevant evidence, though not by limited evidence that is only misconstrued or little to no evidence

evidence always the strongest or specific occasionally relevant misrepresented Connections between
Evidence is clearly introduced, quotations Connections between argument Unclear connections between evidence and
analyzed and connected to the Analysis of evidence needs and evidence are somewhat evidence and argument argument are
argument further development unclear absent/incorrect

Paper flows logically to craft a Generally well-constructed flow Paper jumps from one idea to Paper wanders from one idea Lacking organization
cohesive argument of ideas the next, lacking a clear to the next, making it difficult and coherence

Paragraphs clearly guide the reader Paragraphs are ordered structure to distill the argument No connection of
through a progression of ideas thoughtfully, each paragraph Occasional connection of ideas Limited connection of ideas ideas between
Uses transitional sentences to relates to central argument between paragraphs between paragraphs paragraphs
develop strong relationships Transitional sentences create a Simple sequential rather than Paragraphs may lack topic Disjointed connection
between ideas logical progression of ideas transitions based on logic sentences or connection of of ideas between
ideas paragraphs

Displays a unique critical voice Displays a clear critical voice Displays a critical voice that is Critical voice is unclear Lacking critical voice
Style fits the papers audience Style is conscious of papers generic or bland Style isnt appropriate for Unaware of papers
Chooses words carefully, for their audience Style only occasionally displays papers audience audience

precise meaning Uses words effectively, if too awareness of papers audience Simple, awkward, or Many awkward
Demonstrates thorough and generally at times Sentence structure and word monotonous sentence sentences and misused
thoughtful editing and revision Demonstrates revision and choice frequently too structure and word choices words
editing unfocused, wordy or confusing Minimal revisions and editing No evident revisions
Minor revisions and editing or editing

Almost entirely free of spelling, May contain a few spelling, Several spelling, grammar, or Contains many spelling, Pervasive spelling,
Mechanics &

grammar, and punctuation errors grammar, or punctuation errors, punctuation errors that distract grammar, or punctuation grammar, or
All sources are cited correctly and but they dont impede the reader errors punctuation errors
completely understanding Minor citation errors Incomplete citations Missing citations
Sources cited correctly and

Suzanne Scott Copyright + Culture Occidental CSP 11

(Writing rubric color-coding matches grading in iAnnotate)