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MRP to Requisition Process Flow in Oracle R12

Steps: -

1) Create Items with FG, Purchase, Assembly, Sub-Assembly.

2) Define Bills of Materials with FG Items.
3) Define all Items in Inventory and apply suitable Template.
4) Define Planners as Employee in HR Module.
5) Define Planners in Inventory Module.
6) Select Planning Method for all Purchase Items. (MRP Method)
7) Create Bills of Materials.
8) Purchased items are at the bottom of the bill (BOM), In PO module ,set the profile option PO:
Legal Requisition Type =Both , PO: Release During Req Import =Yes. Indicates - Purchasing can
automatically create releases against BPA during the Requisition Import process. BOM: Perform
Lead Time Calculations=Yes (SA).
9) Set Item wise Lead Times and Lot Sizes in Inventory.
10) Define Routing for Bills of Materials.
11) Associates your Routing to your Bills of Materials.
12) Run the Lead Time Report Calculate Mfg Lead Time GUI (BOM)
13) Run the Lead Time Report (Rollup Cumulative Lead Tume GUI Report (BOM)
14) Define BPA/s in PO Module for all MRP planned items existing in your BOM.
15) Define Global Approved Suppliers List. (PO)
16) If required check the checkbox Use Approved Supplier in Purchasing Tab of Item Master
17) Attach your BPA/s to the ASL attributes here in this form you have to select that you want
create PO by System in Approved Status. (PO)
18) Define a Global Sourcing Rule. (PO)
19) Define an Assignment set and attach above Sourcing Rule.(PO)
20) Set the Profile Option MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment = Choose above assignment set from
the List of Values. (PO)
21) Set the Profile Option Notify if Blanket PO Exists = Yes. (PO)
22) Create a PO Requisition for the same Item available in your BPA and Approve it.
23) Run the report Create Release manually for Testing Purpose.
24) Check your BPA release from PO Module.
25) Attached any document to PO.
26) Define Planning Parameters.
27) Launch the MRP.
28) Define Forecast either manually or copy from other Forecast.
29) Define MDS name tag MRP.
30) Either Load Forecast to MDS or manually define MDs or load from another MDS.
31) View MDS entries.
32) Inspect the Material.
33) Sent the Material to Sub-Inventory.
34) View on hand quantity.
35) Select the field Pay on Receipt = Receipt in Customer Form. (AR)
36) Run the Pay on Receipt Auto Invoice Program to create self billing invoices. (PO)
37) View Invoice in Payable Module.
38) Match the Invoice with PO.
39) Validate the Invoice.
40) Check the Invoice and Create Accounting.
41) View Accounting Entries and make Payment for Invoice, check the check box Pay in Full.
42) View Payment and Invoice details.
43) Check Account for the payment made.
44) Reconcile the Payment.
45) Call Payment advice and reconcile with Bank Statement.
46) Close the PO.