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Standard Template for CWTS Community Service Project Proposal

Instruction: Please describe the community service activity you would like to
undertake. Make the project proposal clear and specific.

Completed project proposal using this standard template should include

NSTP DEPARTMENT Results Framework and Indicative Project Workplan with Budget. Proponents
are requested to submit this proposal to the Office of the Program Director for
I am the possibility. I am the Difference
approval after the Instructors review.

1.0. Project Information

Project Title: L.A.B.S.<Lingap, Aral, Basa at Saya>

Name of Proponents: CWTS 2 0730 1030 CAS 301 Students

Group Leaders: Mariella Gromet
Jan Pauline Garcia
Group Members:
1. Aramis Alfonso
2. Achilles Bitangcol
3. April Joy Dela Cruz
4. Jane Crisette Bernardo
5. Mary Monique Castro
6. Jennica De Leon
7. MaricarDela Cruz
8. Arvin Dionisio
9. Apriline Fernandez
10. Darwin Jimenez
11. Jhelly Lopez
12. Claudine Mendoza
13. Mark Kennet Mendoza
14. Renz Pablo
15. Andrea Riaza
16. Ren Rose Samson
17. Rachel Sangalang
18. RizzaSison
19. JacoTesaluna
20. Dhiene Torres
21. Mayril Viola
22. Genmark Abad
23. Jobellene Alcantara
24. Jowena Amurao
25. Joen Binuya
26. Kristen Camacho
27. Ralph Ronald de Leon
28. Mary Grace Shimoyama
29. Restituto Feliciano
30. Jamil Guanzon
31. Dan Carlo Leonardo
32. Marvin Manuel
33. Mariz Mencero
34. Mamerto Mendoza
35. Rozelle Nagallo
36. Jemarie Raymundo
37. Jonielyn Salazar
38. Reymart San Diego
39. Jamie Tadeo
40. Janella Tindaan
41. Ivan Tumaque
42. Christian Salvador
43. Crichelle Solano

Target Beneficiaries: 98 Children of Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres ages 6-14

Project Site: Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres

Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan
Project Duration: February 2, 2013 to February 23, 2013
Every Saturday at 8-00 10:00 in the morning
Total Project Budget (in Peso) Php 7,160.00

Baliuag University: Civic Welfare Training Service | Community Project Proposal 1

Local Partners, if any: None

2.0. The Project

A. Project Statement

Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres is an institution that aims to aid less fortunate
children. The center caters to approximately, 128 children, whom are of different age
brackets. They are sorted according to the level in which their age is appropriate and most of
them are boys. It was headed by Fr. Florentino Boyet Concepcion and was first established
on 2002. The said institution was first at Bambang, Bulacan but later on transferred at Bonga
Menor, Bustos, Bulacan.
During our initial visit to the site, we found out that the boys in the elementary years are
currently studying in-house, in line with this we would like to be a part of their in-house
education by sharing some values oriented stories with them during our visit to be able to instill
in them some good values that could make them better individuals. Role playing, audio-
visual presentations and film showings are to be used to present values-oriented stories.
Also, we found out that the children of St. Martin are provided with everything they
need by the administrators and donor of the said institution, in this regard we would like to
give them simple hygiene kit consisting of bath soap (anti-bacterial), toothpaste, tooth brush,
small towel and shampoo.

B. Proposed Project

The project is called L.A.B.S which stands for Lingap, Aral, Basa at Saya. The project
will include presentation of values oriented short stories to teach them good values that could
help them develop their personality. The project will also include activities related to the
stories to be presented during the visit such as reflection, games and drawing activities.

Please see attached Project Result Framework for details

C. Implementation

The project will be implemented by the students of CWTS2 Saturday 730-1030 class, to
be headed by two (2) group leaders. The implementation of the project will be guided by
the attached project workplan.

D. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

To measure the success of the project to be implemented a set of monitoring and

evaluation scheme are devised. This is to ensure that the workplan are well executed and
followed accordingly.

Please see attached monitoring and evaluation project.

E. Proposed Project Budget

The estimated total project cost is P 7,160.00. It will be divided among the 45 students
of CWTS2 and each student will be contributing P 160.00 for the entire project. Each student
will also be providing 3 hygiene kits. The cost does not include transportation.

Baliuag University: Civic Welfare Training Service | Community Project Proposal 2