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NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

NURS 3020H

Clinical Evaluation

Student Name: Erin Power

Clinical Instructor: Martina McDowell

Missed Clinical Hours: 0 Missed Lab Hours: 0

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Program Goals
Graduates are generalists entering a self-regulating profession in situations of health and illness.

Graduates are prepared to work with people of all ages and genders (individuals, families, groups, communities and populations) in a
variety of settings.
Graduates continuously use critical and scientific inquiry and other ways of knowing to develop and apply nursing knowledge in their
Graduates will demonstrate leadership in professional nursing practice in diverse health care contexts.

Graduates will contribute to a culture of safety by demonstrating safety in their own practice, and by identifying, and mitigating risk for
patients and other health care providers
Graduates will establish and maintain therapeutic, caring and culturally safe relationships with clients and health care team members based
upon relational boundaries and respect.
Graduates will be able to enact advocacy in their work based on the philosophy of social justice.

Graduates will effectively utilize communications and informational technologies to improve client outcomes.

Graduates will be prepared to provide nursing care that includes comprehensive, collaborative assessment, evidence-informed
interventions and outcome measures.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Objectives Developing Needs Does not meet
Indicators/Evidence as expected Improvement expectations
1 Prepared to provide - Comes to clinical prepared; tidy uniform,
nursing care that includes stethoscope, pen and paper.
collaborative assessment, - Comes to clinical with an understanding of the
evidence-informed potential medications of my patient.
interventions and - Takes time at the beginning of the clinical day to
outcome measures. thoroughly go through the assigned patients
chart in order to gain a comprehensive
understanding of the patients condition.
- Follows the care plan of patient accordingly, i.e.
encourage mobility as tolerated while education
the patient about the importance of early
ambulation post-surgery.
- I look up medications that I am unfamiliar with in
order to understand their therapeutic effect,
contraindications, interactions, and adverse

2 Establishes and maintains - I introduce myself to patients as a third year

therapeutic, caring and nursing student.
culturally safe
relationships through - I am open/honest about my clinical
effective communication. abilities/knowledge with my patients. When I am
ask questions that I do not know the answers to I
seek guidance.
- I ask my patients if there is anything I can get
them every time Im in their rooms.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

- I respect their privacy and respond to their cues

(i.e. amount of assistance needed with AM care,
- I ask my patients if they want pain control prior
to activities such as physio or dressing changes.
3 Applies the four ways of - I treat my patients in the way that they want to
knowing and be treated.
technologies to - After having an orthopedic surgery myself, I
effectively care for know how painful the recovery process can be.
diverse, acutely ill While encouraging patients to ambulate I am
patients. sensitive to their pain and hesitation.
- When patients are hesitant to ambulate, I
explain them the importance of early ambulation
after surgeries.
- While changing surgical wound dressings I
explain to the patient about the importance of
keeping the incision clean, and how to properly
clean it.
- I advocate for my patients when they are
complaining of discomfort or pain. I help them
reposition and check their MAR and speak to the
primary nurse about what the options are for
pain control.
- Prior to interacting with my patients I read over
their chart. I look at what their surgery/diagnosis
is, and then I make predictions as to what
medications they would be on. Then I check their
MAR and determine the rational for each

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

4 Adheres to professional - I perform head to toe/ vitals regularly according

practice standards and to the care plan of my patients.
organizational polices to
contribute to a culture of - I do not perform procedures/ task that are out of
safety. my scope.
- When I am unsure of the correct way, or I am
not confident in my abilities I seek the guidance
of my clinical instructor.
- I seek assistance when boosting a patient in bed,
and seek assistance when ambulating a patient
for the first time.
- I dispose of used materials in the correct
containers. (i.e. IV tubing, biohazardous waste,
- I clean the equipment when I am done using it.
- I complete my charting in a timely manner.
- I perform hand hygiene before entering a
patients room, before performing any aseptic
procedures (such as dressing changes), after
exposure to bodily fluids, and again when leaving
the patients room.
- I inform the primary nurse of any
5 Exercises leadership to - I advocate for my patients requests.
enhance patient care, and - When working with a peer partner I tend to take
support professionalism
in practice. charge and divide tasks so that we are working
efficiently together.
- I take direction from the nurses and complete
assigned tasks in timely manners.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

- I am always willing to jump in and assist my class

mates with tasks when they are unsure of a
- I ask the primary nurses if/when they want me
to do something, and make sure its done in a
timely manner.

Clinical Instructor Comments (All areas marked as unsatisfactory must have a comment)

Erin is developing as expected in this clinical. She takes great pride in the way she cares for her patients. She is eager to learn and seeks out
learning opportunities. Erin has also assisted other colleagues who were not confident with certain skills (e.g. dressing changes). She manages
her time well and ensures that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. She is able to prioritize care and change/adjust plans as her day
progresses. She communicates well with the interdisciplinary team. Keep up the great work Erin

Signature of Instructor___________ _________________________ Date ___October 19, 2017_____________

Signature of Student_____________________________________________________ Date __October 9, 2017_______________

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