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I watch / He a. Routines - Frequency adverbs: usually, a. He usually goes to
watches b. General truths /facts always, never, often work by car
c. Timetables
PRESENT I dont watch / d. Stative verbs: - Other expressions: once a b. The Earth goes
SIMPLE He doesnt watch Thought/opinion week, twice a month, three around the Sun
Feeling times a year, on Sundays, in
Do you watch?/ Knowledge the morning, every day c. The train leaves at
Does he watch? Likes 6pm.
d. I dont know the

I am watching/ a. Current actions - Now, right now, today, a. Hes studying Law
You are watching/ at the moment, this morning, this year
b. Complain about a repetitive this year, currently b. Shes always
PRESENT Im not watching/ annoying action (always) shouting! I cant stand
CONTINUOUS You arent - This afternoon, tonight, it any more!
watching c. Future arrangement tomorrow, next week,
c. Were meeting Dr.
Are you watching? Herb tomorrow.
Is he watching?
I have watched / a. Actions which happened at an -Ever /Never a. Weve already seen
driven unspecified time in the past and are -Already /Yet this film.
He has watched/ relevant at present -How long? For / Since
PRESENT driven - Just b. Ive known Susan for
PERFECT b. Actions which started in the past and - Lately/ recently ten years.
I havent watched/ continues until now Shes been my best
driven (also expressed by present perfect friend since we were at
He hasnt continuous) school.
watched/ driven

Have you
watched/ driven?
You watched / a. Finished past action -Yesterday, last night, a. He met his wife when
drove the day before yesterday, he was in America
PAST SIMPLE b. Past action which interrupted another five years ago, this morning,
You didnt watch/ past action in progress in 1765, when he was in b. I fell off the bike
drive America while I was riding to
Did you watch/
I was watching a. Action which was in progress at a -At 9pm last night a. What were you doing
You were specific time in the past at 11 pm last night?
watching - While./ As
PAST He was watching b. Action which was in progress and was b. I fell off the bike
CONTINUOUS interrupted by another action while I was riding to
I wasnt watching school
You werent

Were you
Was he watching?
You had watched / a. A past action which was complete - When/By the time + past a. By the time we
driven before another past action took place simple past perfect arrived, she had
(i.e. past in the past) already left home
- Before +past simple past
perfect She had left before we
PAST PERFECT You hadnt arrived
watched / driven - After + past perfect past
simple We arrived after she
had left.
b. Third type of conditional sentences
Had you watched/
driven? b. If I had known you
were sick, I would have
visited you.
You will watch a. Subjective predictions - In the future, a. Students will study
in the year 2089, from home in the future
You will not b. Decisions made at the time of speaking tomorrow,
watch/ next year b. - I think Ill have a
FUTURE WITH You wont watch c. Promises sandwich now
Will you watch? d. Requests/ Offers c. I promise Ill write
every week.

d. Will you help me?

-Ill do that for you
Im going to a. Objective predictions Next week, this afternoon, a.Look! Its going to
FUTURE BE watch tomorrow, tonight rain
GOING TO b. Plans/ Future arrangements
You arent going b. Were going to spend
to watch the summer in Dover

Is he going to
You will be This time next year This time next month,
watching a. Action which will be in progress at a This time tomorrow Ill be driving to San
FUTURE specific time in the future In ten years time Francisco
CONTINUOUS You wont be Five months from now
watching In two years, shell be
working as a lawyer
Will you be

You will have By Well have finished the

FUTURE watched/driven a. An action completed at a specific time project by Friday
PERFECT in the future
You wont have By the time By the time you decide
watched to come back, Ill have
forgotten you
Will you have