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Rules and Regulations

1. Teams can nominate for the debate by registering on Dare2Compete

2. Each Team member needs to send a JAM(Just-A-Minute) within 3 days of registration to
our email id...
3. Topic for the JAM would be
4. After Evaluating the member performance a team score would be derived and 6 teams
would be selected for the final round
5. The Final round would be conducted on 3rd March 2017.
6. Each college can nominate 2 teams consisting of 2 members in each team
7. One of the team members should speak for the topic & another against the topic. The
presentation of motion to be informed during registration.
8. Participants will be called randomly to present the views for 4+1 minutes during Round 1
9. A warning bell would be given at the end of the 4th minute indicating that the student has
1minutes to conclude his argument. A long bell will be given at the end of the 5th minute
where in the participant must complete his argument. Failing which he would attract negative
10. The winners for the final round will be decided by panellists
11. Topic for the final round will be announced to the shortlisted participants at ..
12. At any stage, the decision of the organizers and the judges will be final.