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Modular Laboratory & Control Digester, Waste & Gas Processing

Photobioreactor Algae Process

The photobioreactor is a sealed glass tube that
contains a lake full of algae under controlled
conditions. Under these conditions
productivity is maximised and yield per
hectare vastly exceeds the capacity of
conventional plants. Sealed systems provide
superior biosecurity under all conditions.

LNG Carrier Biowaste Carrier

LNG Carrier transports liquified natural gas Biowaste Carrier vacuums approved biowaste
from the farm to off-farm clients. and transports it from restaurant to the farm
where it is added to the cow manure.
Skid Mounted Cryogenic Purifier

Biogas is purified using an advanced

cryogenic purifier. This system uses no filters
or other consumables and provides very high
purity gases in liquid form. This includes;

Carbon Dioxide
Natural Gas (methane)
Hydrogen Sulphide

Bidirectional LNG Handling Unit

Pure natural gas is stored in liquid form and

available for loading on to LNG Carriers for
transport to off-farm clients.

Off farm, clients are equipped with 35 kW

Combined Heat and Power Units powered by
natural gas. The units provide electricity,
refrigeration, air conditioning and hot water.
Natural gas is used for cooking as well.

35 kW CHP Unit at end user site LNG Storage w/evaporator