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(Vedi Psy&&gy in the LigM of sri AambhdD'8 I d q n b t i o a )

Thesis Submitted to the P&hmy Univ-

For the Award of the of
Doetor of Phhmphy
In Sanskrit

@I Re-h Scholar
Dr. K. E. Dharaneedharan,

Reader & Supervisor,

Department of Sanskrit

This is to certify that the thesis entitled "Sriaravindavyiikhy1nusiiral
VaidikamanovijfiLnam" (Vedic Psychology in the Light of Sri Awobindo's
Interpretation), submitted to the Pondicherry University in partial fulfilment of the
requirements for the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Sanskrit, is a
record of research work done by Kum.Anuradha Choudry, during the period of her
study in the Department of Sanskrit, Pondicheny University, under my supervision
and guidance. It has not formed the basis for the award of any
DegreeiDiplomaJAssociateshipor other similar title of any University.
Kum.Anuradha Choudry
Research Scholar,

Department of Sanskrit

1 hereby declare that the thesis entitled "SriaravindavyiWlyPnusiram
VaidikamanovijiiTnam" (Vedic Psychology in the Light of Sri Aurobindo's
Interpretation), submitted to the Pondicherry University in partial fulfilment of the
requirements for the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Sanskrit, is a
record of original research work done by me, under the supemision and guidance
of Dr. K.E.Dharaneedharan, Reader, Department of Sanskrit, Pondicherry. The
content embodied in this thesis has not been submitted in part or in full for the
award of any other Degree/Diploma/Associateship or other similar title in any
other University.

(Anuradha Choudry)
rnriT~~-.G,R' * dhili?w

.qtlFmqi<HF.l#l I TI m:
@SW, FiR&%l -c, (Indian Psychology Institute ) dFWTf

* : ~ o ~ ~ , * W . , M r n * ,

: A: ti$6h: q3qwF -1 %a
- r n m - : -
~ ~ k = ? ~ ~ ~ J l

3Nwkii ITtiaTR **:i9 lmlTq,** *:


English books

Abbreviation -

HMF ------ Hymns to the Mystic Fire

HOR The Hymns of the Rgveda
sov ------ The Secret of the Veda
SABCL ----- Sri Aurobindo's Centenary Library
v & l m t % : m
~ *
~- ,* w
m m i d : ~ * & f ; r ~ e l ~ ,
3-19,m: Wm-: wm,*
W B r n ~ , ~ 9 P d ~
m m q m4cl: - , fZgi i9 10/
M r n sm*: m-~aa-d&mq%pm~
?mq 3n- v cl:3 i 3 F d M q wqld m:
?4qewiy* B 11"

' SABCL Vol. 9, p. 245. (Cf:Sanskrit transiation,$~W, $ t )

One might almost ray that ancient India war created by the Veda and Upanishadl and that the
visions of in6plred seen made a people. That sublime poetry with its revelation of godhead and the
joy and power of life and truth and immortality or its revelation of the secrets of the self and the powers
of it3 manifestation in man and the universe and of man's return to self-knowledge got into the very
blood and mind and life of the race and made itself the fountain-head of all that incessant urge to
spirituality which has been its distinguishing gifl and cultural motive.
' The Upanishads, p. 125 - 126
The theory of the Mantra is that it is a word of powa born out of the secrd depths of our baing where it
has been brooded upon by a deeper consciousness than the mental, framed in the hem and not
originally constructed by the intcllcet, held in the mind again concentrated on by the wlking montd
consciousness and then thrown out silently or vocally the silent word is perhaps held more potant than
the vocal -precisely for the work of creation. The Mantra can not only create new subjective states in
ourselves, alter our psychical baing. reveal knowledge and faculties we did not before possess, cm not
only produce similar results in otha minds than that of the user, but can produce vibrations in the
mend and vital atmosphere which result in effects, in actions and even in the production of mania1
fonns on the physical plane.
HOR, p. vi, "The great interest of the Rgveda is, in fact, historical rather than poetical."
'Ibid, p. ix.
"All modem scholars will allow that many hymns are dark as Lhe darkest oracle, that, as Professor Max
Muller says, there am whole verses which, as yet, yield no sense whatever, and words and
meaning of which we can only guess. so, in the explanation of the Veda complete success, if ever
attainable, can be attained only by the labours of generations of scholars."
* -0, !. t1V. Y1
y s y ~ m c m : ~ ~ s ~

Tlm a i d w:?q3: &qmlq5:qwiNb &:63 I

+dkjmmm mm-'*
m:%: m:
q g r-:
7 &1 1 ' ~ Q d i e :mmii
WihWIRl: %dhEEhh (objectively) RN@ &I W

"Sri Aurobindo: Archives and Research, Dec. 1985, p.168. (Cf:3 W,9. t? )
The recovery of the perfect truth of the V& is thmfow no+ mndy a desideratum for our modem
intellectual curiosity, but a practical necessity for the future of the human ram.
" introduction to Psychology, p. 4
Psychology is "the science ofhumm and animal bahaviour; it includcn the application of this sclcnce to
human problems."
r n = % m W r n & ~ * ~ * . m ~
m 1 4 w m m * m : ~ q ~
*:I 3qmmi.g: 3TFm: mi faPp 3 d i S f h w q d

FmM;/ T@43, (objectively)

qt&RRm: sTmm3h m7:l g: B

Fl W: gPd
(subjectively) Jlfkftr/ TW.1
$3 -1 ~ ~ W J ' I ' &:- 3 Indian Psychology

Institute (smff.4-h-h. ) $3 VWF@WIT: 3~ V&$WI:

9 ~ & s l T r n F 4 ~ ~ ~ i ; f t ( ~ T E F l M T : + 7 1

3-m * m=erssql

" Sri Aurobindo: Archivcs and Research, December 82, Vo1.6, p.140
Cf: ibid..Vedantic Psychology, p. 144
Psychology is the knowledge of Consciousness and its operations. A complete psychology must be a
complex of the scienoe of mind, its operations and its relations to life and body, with intuitive and
experimental knowledge of the nature of mind and its mlntions to supmind and spirit.
A wmpletc psychology c m o t be r pure nlhlrPl sciace, but must be a ~ m p 0 of ~ soimcc
d and
metaphysical knowledge... Psychology must begin m a natural science, but it doals d m d y with the
supsrphysiod und mvst end in a mstapbyaid enquiry.
a f t m s m f t a l ~ p c s . a a + , * ~ e d f ~
(Indian Majlis) & Viih WhWVlR. TfSkWl:

q$l 3Tlidn.l:- WIT1 vm3

d p c ~ * * ; f i k ~ ~ 1 ~ j j m a


qpR2l3:I Jm: Fr:


sft3-1Icm': ?Fg:w - I
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a iR Piq(ICS) w mq
m:9:Ti t=mddvd RGR=m.l pcs1 d 93 $4
&I$q. pri. ('.s.carthage) &3
*@a fi
sftpm:~ : &
R-2y-rqwwrwqh.w s f t w ~ JFRPWFIRQG@*
; n s ~ < l d a p r h K g z M r ; R r M r n a p r

W Z 8 ~ f $ i $ p c ' ? ~ d ~ ~ :

~ : m : l * ~ & * : & v w s r ~
* c r r * ~ l I * d * d

a U: wd m:l pc7?-7: P908

?lwh%i erqtg: Fr: m PQaTaFi %m

: * * m
l%m4ihisrritijl &-'i 3~li9l;jerdTPqxa-

~ : ~ : 4 - I5 @
Golden Light Magazine: Special issue on Sri Aurobindo, p.1 I
"I have three madnesses. The first one is this. I firmly believe that the accomplishments, genius, higher
education and learning that God has given me are His,..My second madness has only recently seized
me. It is this: by whatever means I must have the direct vision of God.. .My third madness is that while
others look upon their country as an inert piece of matter - a few meadows and fields, forests and hills
and rivers - I Iwk upon my country as the Mother."
The Resolution ...
"If God exists, then there exisis also some way or other to feel his existence, to meet him faceto h u
However arduous, I am resolved to follow that way. ... What does a child do, when he sees a Rakshasa
sitting upon his mother's breast, intent upon drinking her life-blood? ... I know I have the strwgtll ir n,t
to save this fallen race. ... This is not a new idea, not oftoday only. I was born with it, it is ingralneii 11,
me. God sent me upon earth with this great mission to fulfil."
4 m l!H&$l$psQc ait d ;FGm;ccl~c~c.~ycclwl: &

I WW. %l%%@6h
TJVTV'R: (Solitary Confinement) $@&?I:

~ m r n S ; l f f i ~ : s w r : r n : l ~ * ~ ~ (
; r ; e i a : ~ m i q f % h ~ : & r n ~ n d m y ~
' Letters of Historical Interest, p.178
Sri Krishna has shown me the true meaning of the Vedas, not only so but he has shown me a new
Science of Philology showing the process and origins of human speech so that a new Nirukta can bc
formed and the new interpretation of the Veda based upon it. He has shown me the meaning uf'thc
Upanishadsthat is not understood either by Indians or Europeans. I have therefore to reexplain the
whole Vedanta and Veda in such a way that it will be seen how all religion arises out of it and is one
everywhere. In this way it will be proved that India is the centre of the religious life of the world and its
destined saviour through the Sanatana Dharma.
tf*dm h:
? 9 9 1 1 a 3 d s i t ~ * ~ & * ~ l

~ a ~ ~ m ; r r r r ; m r r ~ * * s i t ~

r n I $3~- sem* UI ?im * m *I

q UI
' Fm@lu: -nrJ *I p=:

~ : m : ~ * P I d m ~ : i ; P a * p r l

s i t & ~ * ~ ( : ~ m : ~ p : i ; P a q l m w d
*mwuaat*-t rn:mRqrja;fM8
d'TFmi%m: sr43my-1 *iTmrq-
f$ai.i ihaql ?.IF-- sit-: FTlp@wq
~EJRP~W-YT~ wT&FR< ' (The Lqe Divine), 'Q

m 6? (The Synthesis of Yoga), 'Ql?d?JItri Q
i (The Secret

of the Veda), 'm$ Q .w ' (Hymns to The Mystic Fire)

4$hw$a& 3T@3 5F$rmwi
TFiTahchkfl~th~ i7

-1 $ 'Q m Jmi Q $ * 3l=n ;rmr.la~ol-414

s f t ~ * J j y = i ~ * w l ~ u :

m q w , ~ @ ~ f ~ i ~ 1 ~ 4 ~ a
* u a : + : ~ : ~ : s : * ~ * l sn
' Isba IIpmt*llad. Srn .Zu~Ob~ndu 130
1. un lnyutn 01 r h ~ tArnJ r o krr l a . haw rrr wc / u r r l t ~ n u l l ~ ~ -mcunr s o l - and I haw nor r o w a l r d m!
,,prrtmn rhlrr tnrl./lr6r v ~ mrum l a r c ocilr suJ*,mr vnd o w has to rryrr largr11 Ihc tlUU,t~om? / a punel a d
,s,trlic.l nttnll unJ rhr. t.rprr,mmrr ol on tlluminarrd and rlprrlrrp s w l . hur mll. ro,(or or *r am hl
14,. p r r r l i ~nrcllnnrul mcunt rhr lirrr, mtrrr # m p m n r . most tnprrawr murr k a s u h u m r
ol.<q*runar.of rh.. rr tr o/ rhr SNI, m IU M ~ N II Y ~ I a ~ dRu 1u rUpr< a d 1 ~ ~ ( 6 ~s m 1 r .1 (
7,. rhdt < a t ~ n n u , ~ n c8s.-
. t ~ouchr 10 a#"<-h rhr arcal<sr mmpnun-r a d ro rrrurc c ! h i d n? h h r or
d l Ju.#plmr. ,w!rrJ 11 i~ rh.. #nrN~llruprbu n r c r u u n h k r r u r o n f i r lo am-ch lk S n r r I n *
rrmprrdrncnrdl n.hr.llmn d m ) ~tm~,r~c~nal h - r . ohsl~wc-I01,rwd m ~ N a asocirvion.
~ n l ~ r f < r ~ m 01) l ~ I I
~ n a . l hr ~u ~ ~~<,brtc,n
l ID/ rhr rrlrr srmmc ro mr m ~ r s o r rr)u. uort 01 rhr rnrrrprrlrr onddrpnbr tr. nm
**henurhcrvvtr nnhlr. und h n l l 8 a ~ Mrvmr . J tu tvlur It u f i rho mama rkr r k m i d r b ~ I I Q s
I.rlc. (PI ,.rnrA*rdl prcf<rr.n.rl. /rr,uJon.,, prr,ud~mrnu. h a h o d opmnnr. mrrllrrmal aed
r~.mjwrorn~~nrdl hlrs unJ Julttrr. ought ro hr r n s w h 14knr rn rhu m n r r . tu d c u 10 k s h t s r r r r
anJ rc..ty?n>r d r r ~ hnl. c nrrhour p ~ t m p. a s n i n rn acnrm. r b d d hr i u smr. .'ha b w h r d ry*
chmru+rr' For rhr .Cture rlrrrrrr r ~ r 41h m to ,m mnl. 0 r m r n p m t o s h . o c r n a u d l m w a m rJV
m~ndought It, *u* hrr rhi.1 r l l u n m u n o ~and mrcning 11. shovld ar k w r 11 is ommq m ao
z-rprr.rul~c~n or @vr Jnrrg, i l r h u r ro rr1n.r #r vlrcr ~ h a JIPI r hCC. scrn OYrp@ils rn OM
man h a on ac.flsr. nrul ond mrrprrt.- rrmpnumrnt. hc o r r y ~ r to d rcvd ~ w orhc S N n rhr p a u r B/
ocno,t. 10 slur otrr .rn,rh#np rhur sotnun q r r r w m .4nnrhcr 4s royunnnrnrIlv p w u n r . om, m a d
rnrr,m~ncocfzrm ur a mr.uns muunir ptfra-rssn hrr bran. lur wnn camnu r n d w . k n r r r F n d d
11.h r l ~ n l rif. put tr arid? on u b l r w p m r r a nu u r k imerjrpcm o / f e - m n d p r r l c n m m.?A
rhr rrir oj rhr S N ~ IA mnn 81 a ~ f w h c drn u pmt.wlur dtnkrr or IC&. r w ~ w w r r dif. d<fim,re IVCW
r,/ lrlc and G'd Am1 cimrmdtcrun o/ rhur r h t d r r , rcuchrr or xrrw ~MICJ b s hean and wnnnr ht
hnmr. r t n rhmtgh rhr c.nnrmdrrnam srrms m srond rhcw plain4 on rhc/we iq r k rwwd nm. r k
m ~ n dat ,,nr.r. r,hr!in~rk hrirrr rrrr ahour prptmng s m r l / r h r k nurdr do nu m a r A - v s m
m mran Thlr u rhc lnrrrjrwncr n/ r m o ~ m t r l p / c r r mOr r&r the m m d h oOh1w~~ hem o m w r d
hr n p n i r u l a r phllnsophc mndr o/ Ihinkimg. tdea o/ nlt@m or dopa W h w d L r rh~rr
notioar. trriker w r p r r d mrnral idea as ~ r m m a " h .u r n . Ld?. k ram. r k ,~hiIa+.r. th r b ~ . r " ~
fk &gnu m u h k h I om anummrd nvrr hr *r of & Srripnrrr: M wanof. r *c w u r r q
rh~nas.hr ony(kin8 In r h ~mcwu&knrd r h d m I Mkr b h.r n d r k Srripvm a m m p w ~ ..
rhr md So h t
w r*r I I I C ~ ~d C~ c~ h a d p d )lau j i

Ihr iMm*.nron a l l h r inrrNccr uk-n a sp"Ian,r prCJarqhm w r h a t h m q o r 0 xhdor r r o ~ n ~ n .:$.

r.1 z .
&d&lFl JRrmdqW:U: '< I%? < % (The Secret qf the Iidn).
'& 5< .W7f ' (t!smn.c ro The M\irtic Fire) riiglft WWR.

afirr nc~ba.lnor romrctorr ol u o?p#ttnKk,r rrholnmr tnp.unrs. n
& pnrrfvllr urlh r k pl.fn drih
01Ihr rctr A11 fhrsr t n l r t j c m ~ c xLrr,rr
. hrilltonlly rhry n o t k no&
rhr Icdu. rhry dlmtnuh 80 un~uoolir?.and bmzr rb q p l h u @ b r h D j u d n w k f k r I h u u
om iwvnr~10 r k cr bri; .'

m,.rrlfhrrn oNr 10 awrd all ofrhcn. r s p r t a l l ~rlrr l finu'c m n h c h my wmprr.in:c .-:
. i d l ~ h o tw
It rnwr open, hut I bow W n n a i d y r k nil1 to avoid if (f nor fk p o w . d r J "at: . r e
'I . l ~ hlol Suprl~ghl.Appmd~aL p IM
Our 1 d 4 II na lhe rplnludrly lh mtbdnv, from Itfc. bul Ibc maquea of Ilk by thc p o w ol
.Wlu awun
rrtn PIAW
a qm
~ ~ J I I01 cnq %JII JO uotmraunw ayc oc PU uo~esllddsrlt m p w k m t p '11 uu p-
'HMF. p.9
'*. -
$ P V Lpnr thwph on lcnnl p n u ~ o hc uka I+ n.n the m r r of hpht rcndar il
h a c by 'uua',hc lrmu lo thnk thu the L ~ r n ehmt. w m va, lltsd and mpmw p m f d y ' A
Naturd~lte~ntapnorrnlghl u vdl arpr !ha u lndn Ir a God of Ihc rk?, the pnmtlvc pocr miphl
well Wtew hu run w u Ihc paxpntton of Indn'r h
'*. g n
wulw4 Mia In? m: * ki'i-q &f%3ql

~ ~ * * ~ ~ ~ u I I P
. JBcfarPssra&~n~af3r:a%:s&iiar1~


> sftmsfQ~aw*rligif*d:*Jrfkrrm,BR;
u r ; g : ? ~ ~

w+mq$ gfteaR *l Fibhi *-w-*-

X I ? J ~ , @ ~ ~ & & I ~ S ~ ~ & :

(Divine Will or Cosmic Will ) a

w: d
(Illumined Will or Seer Will ) -:I JiftRi4 m:
JI(Q+q, .- mspmPrsm m
mdfhl-, pRFP fibmnaiFm, ;iPlii: t7dwIi4

w e -
* .gii,-@-i5r:m:~(*:'")
i qf@eimIss*lb:
- I.. t nu w
* I.. t to. u
a*.f y. t
" HMF. p 451
" w- 9.p 'it*
'-3.h. Y. te
"'*.t 1%
m.. t p,
"'.I \..\.
. .~-*+qm:

@ ~ 3 m ; m ; i ~ m ~ 7 ~ q 1 ~ ~ &

W ~ M I - T F C ~
mia m pdhfa rnI?''
i ~ d d 3 ~ ~ ( ~
' I P l f : ~ : ~ l i i ~ ~ * l " "

'* a* i*,o 4.
" a- i*,o, r
n ~ ~ . 9 ~
n -
n k ~ - t , ~ . p u i : r l r , r . v , r
"*w! r
" i . rep rr
"(I.. I \' P
"HMF 16.u-r a h . $ * - y ,
The ucm k n o w l d p of the Veda or the s a d which a evolved l a m on Inlo the \ c d m u The choughl
vamd which dl a c a l d tr the d ~ n aclfg
r Truth. L~ghl.Immonll~l) Thac 1s a Truth deeper md
h ~ g h nthan the wulh of wmud er~atmce.I L~ghtp r a t a md h ~ g h athvl the I~ghlof human
undaaandtng whlch cam- by mmlanon and Iiuptmon. an lmmorullty louuds wh~chthe soul has lo
n u We haw lo find our way to thu. to gel m touch wth thu Truth and Immonllily. sapma pam
ampam to k barn Inlo Be Truth, to pow m 11, to ucad in Ipint into the world of Truth and l o hw In
II To Q w u u, unite d m w t h the Godhad and to pur fnnn mwtll~tyinto ~ m m o d i f yThis a
the fim ud the unml t&ng of the Vsbc myatcl
p ~ * . tmr
?' Sn Aumbmdo. The L l k Dnrmc. Book I:C h XXV
Than ealnmrr w u nol nor non-er~stmce,thr m~d-worldwas nol nor the Etha nor what ISkyond.
Wha e o v a a l dl? Whom was ll?In whou refuge? Whu wrr the WWI dense and decp?
I - 4- I

- - - &-- -q"a
11*1 -w - I l l II!"

*' Sn Aurob~ndo.Thc Ltk D ~ r ~ n Book

e. I Ch XXV
k l h w n nM nor tmmorullly nor the knowledge ofday and nlgh1 Thal One I l t d ulthoul h l h b\
ha .elf-law. ~ h n wr u noth~nps1.e nu ought beyond a
"'m*.~m I
4: m3T& 3lfi &:'ti;: F!myW&l
- &A R--&-@- - -- m:
- *-&v - ahrn
- - 1,s 1I

3Wh an:? s ; y q rmrm

~ him
~(%-: tF'

"Srl Aurobando Thc Llfc Dtxlne. Book I Ch XXV

In the beglnnlnp Duknar w u h l h by dukncsr, dl th~rw an ocun of ~nconx~mcc When
u n l d bung uu w d c d by f n p m a u t t ~then by the grrarnas of ~ t amap) Thar One m a s barn
'"w*.P tn w
* ' ~ nArmblndo. The Lnfe Dinne. Book I. Ch. XXV
Thai m o d u finu dealre within, which w u the primJ rtd of m d . The Scrrs of Truth diwovaed
the building of k i n g in non-king by will in the han md by the thought.
"F.P m9
Sn Aumblndo. The L ~ l Dtvme.
c Book I Ch. XXV
The~rmy w u matended honzonully. b u whrr
~ was lhm below. w u lhm abo\r? Them were
C u t m of the d,lhsr w m Graumcnm, t h m w u d l - l a w k l o u , thac uu WIII *bow.
*''II..P.m r
Sri Aumbindo. Thc LIS Dime. Book I: Ch: XXV
world could oaplun this? Whcnct WM 1h1sbom'! Of w h u ume this
Who l n d a d knows'! Who an t h l ~
wid a w l o n ? Even thc God, w m born &a if.So, who knows horn whom or whal ilcame into
Sn Awotnndo. Tho Life Dlnne. Bad; 1 (h XXV
Fmm w h a . thu nnd, nnqud ud vlll cnua.c a m into bang* Whetha hnr Is myone hdhnp
md munulntn# 11 or nuq 0 belowed. the One who r wed In the Supmne E h a p d t q ~ v iat hat
almc knows u know M
SOV. p 2%
Onc of hln hymns. lhc 1.11 of the lounh M.nd.Ia. IS lndeod the mosl Imponant kc) Wc poevrr 10 Ih*
symbol~smwhlch h ~ M d ~ n the
d lgum of the vmfice thou wlltles of prvcho1op1c.l cxpcnma 8nd
m o p l o n deemed so ucred by thc Aryan lorsfuhsrr
*ma. t w ?
CZ * ' ~ w H ,
~IIE(~ p m a q ~srl s ~ y.+peg
l ayljo b8m yl plpa r a w w w w 81 I! n m y y m d a t m c i ' y m r l j o yl.d
ayl 'IM-H IYL) s!yl or qmi a q ~ pug or W Wa ~m 'WIH nu0 q r m 'JMI '~INJ,JOuns ayl JO plMm
ayl - l q a q rsaqilnqayl j o ppom a q ~SI rlqr r q w@11 r p y l p m a l d g aylol dn w m w UI .plron
Cww am wyl tt~ou'' s n c ! x u o ~ ~stNIP~ w m 'rc+ you W a r 'WA aqr '1q8111aqr' V N ~aqr
. a W Ivouopor * q r ~j ol awoq m p(mm t st wyl pw - ,tugq aimrho 'mm p w pmqaspj qmw
yl1.n rr 18 n prim p(2o.n slql Jo w q qlNl mLPJul q r SI WyL WpOm m q r JO aawwdxa aqI p q C1q1
10, 'UUOJ 3 1 1 1 ~ 8 d3N)W 1UI 3UUUOP SlqI PIP4 SJllJl(Ul31p0A a y l 'SS.WI(IOlJWOJ IOIPJUI PM ylNl
WLPJUI U.OIUI II U JOI ppUb3p ap mq slQuq ayl woy pzruy, SI q31qm lnor p l p o q w aqr JI p l r o . ~
a41 .ant( a n q31q.n UI nqr p w ppom pnruldr aqr IF rq81w an qxqm ~INIulpllq jo p(1o.n a 'rppoa
onr or u o ~ n l aUI~a.\11m nyl plaq ' E J I ~ U I i l n a ayl ~ O J~UUUOP
J 1taq1Suldop%ap' ~ I % I U O I ~ ( a~ q l
HMF,p. 17. (CP *. 9. Y. '4)
TL. Unrd tr [ha ow hfe II r brah knvan thc powm of L~ghtand T N ~ .the Gods who vc the
m a d Q p o r n olDulmu lhoK vc spoken of under -our n u n n as Vnm and Vntns.
V J q d Q P a Ibe Duyw uld Bar kinp We have to 41In l e a ~ dofthe Go& to dcstm) the
qp*bl nf- porn of who conceal Be Lght h m us or rob us of 11. who obsmct h e
n f l b -1 of b t h , dhd*. Ihc umma o f Heaven and obstrucl In ever) way Ihe
-t!qqq~gm,siaurma: *: fam a:,smr 3I
"br-.g tw
HMF. ecs
.(ha, otlicc IS to dtrturb thu whlch Is srubl~shodm Mder lo push man below or g ~ r rhim an
oppmunnty of nsin# h ~ g h aby breaking thu which wrr p a d ud humon~ousIn t t d f but impafsn.
md ur my U K to mder him d u u t ~ s R dwith anythiw &on o f p r f o n ~ o nand dnw h ~ mcontinudly lo
Ihc ~nfinar."
We hmve lo tnvots the (lodt by tho tnna ucrifia. ad by the Wwd dl them into w thu is the
sptuflc p o w ofthe Mantra. to ot%rto them the littr of the warfia. and by that giwnp ssurr their
giflr .o ttut by thtr pnra. we may build the way of our ocant to the goal. The clammtr of the outs
ucrifioe uc used u tymbolr of the inner d f i a and self-ollcring;we givr nhaI we uc and whU wt
~ ~ d T W V h l , l q ~ 9 ? 1 : ~ f a 8 4 : 8 : ! &

RhW.1 q * s p : q ? & a & p c ~ * ~ aa:

l v4

wiufh:raw: qqql=qpmaim: m:qq: q: e:

haw In wda I ~ Nthe nchcr of the drnnc Truth and Light may d w d rnro our life and h o m e the
ekmnI8 of w Irma knh into the Truth. - r right thrnking. a right undsnmdrng. a nght mion must
dwelop In w whtch is thc thinking, impulsion and mron of thu higher Truth. n w u pma. nw~w
dhltlh. ud by this we mum build up ounelva in thu Truth.
a Wq *- (objectively) d%&7
(subjectively) T &I 5Til: & Ja & &I
*. ms*: I arRc q mi3 - ?q3 STGFaqq; 'm:',
mPTnfti: ; .9;1:., al&+im:; 'faPFPI', f3qlqqqqlq3-j9;1: ; .-:'
q d ~ r n ~ ; ~ f % q ~ ~ ~ a r
m l m FmTwu a?bmmmt Rlwvlma: fa?mqpm
3lmmmd M
" HMF, p 18. I C t &I-.
Our sacrifice IS r journey,a pilpmagc m d a bmk a mvel low& the Gods and we also make thal
tourney with A p i , chc tnnw Flunc. u arr puh-fmdu md I&. Our humm things arc r a i d up by
the myltic F i n Into the ~mmondbeing, into the GM Haven. m d the th~ngsd~vinem e d o m into
us. As the doctrine o l the Rig-vbd. is the necd of the tolehi% of the Val.nt& so IS 11slnna pnetice md
direiplinc the necd olthc IUU practice m d discipline.
* HMF. p. 18. (CC *. P. '4 - %a )
Flnllly u ~ h crummtt of thr luchlng of the Vedic mystics comes the slem of the me Rulity. rfoh
sad, n cad r h . whtd bkum ~ h e word d oftbe Upnirhdr. The Go&. the powen of Light and
Truth ue powar ad -a of the CCK.arb Ood is h i d f dl the Codr n urria them in him: t h a t
Is the oncTmth. 101 r a ~ m md
. onr bltu lo which wr mu1 nw. But in the Veda this looks Wl Sill
mostly from Mind the veil. Thae ir much elm bul this is the kernel of lhc doctnne
a w 3 d a h R ~ 1 ~ a i a t f h m y & Q ~

& $Ifti The Invasion That Never was'* -


m w w = m ; n ~ - * l

r n d * ~ % : ~ : ~ - : ' h a : l

: i h r q 3 j h m f & w d : d3 I

SOV. p. 225 226
' Sr6 Aunohandu Archtvc, and Kc-h. April 1977. p 31; ( $0 Q o . 3 R -R)
-At thc m* of dl Our was H~ndushaw d m , thought nd mid thmugh t k man) h u u n d s of yurr.
hehind all wc arr and SWLtcr hc. Ba. ISCJa>nculcd. Lhc fount o f our philosophies. Ihc bcdmck of our
rcl~g~ons. thc Lancl of our Lhough~I)K cxplanmion of cur clhics and lociuy. Ihc summary of o w
c~vilirmrm,the n v u nfclur nationaltl). a small bod) of speech. Veda t m m this one seed developing
into many h r (hc mulliludimrus and m q n i f i ~ s n tbirth called li~mluismdraw IS incxh&ustiblc
c~islenccIluddhlrm t n with~ ta o l l i h m . Chnstian~tg.flows f m thc u m c migin4 ruurcc. It has left
ib n M p M Pent.. thnwgh M i a on ludurm. thmugh Jud.im. Chnsuanity and Sufism on Islun. ud
lhmunh Ruddh. nn (hnluciairm. and thmunh (8rist ud mediuvnl mynicism. Greek and Gmnan
philo&phy a n d ~ u t s ~ nl cm m g on the h;hl ud civilisuion of b&. Thcrc is no p M of the .
world's digion. o f h world's though1 whieh would hc whu it is loday. i f Ihc Veda h d not exisred. Of
no 1lche1 bndy of speech In the wnrld can this hc said."

Come, fain lor booty let us seek to lndra: yet more shall he increase his care that guides us
Will not the lndwhuctiblc endow us with perfect knowledge of this wealth, of cattle?
.alneq u! qohu! bnlu m!q pnsl oqm asoql moqm 'eIpu1 Bu!rops as!srd j o sumXq laor!q q , ! ~
'>!do paqs!uq~s!q 01 uoalej a q ~so!" se ran!8-qllea~alq!s!nu! m!q 01 I
07 ' h '$ 'dbl O h A
8 37 ,k 1 '43O h
Mid all his host, he bindeth on the quiver: he driveth canle from what foe he plcaseth:
Gathering up great store o f riches, Indra. Be thou no trafficker with us, most mighty.
-HOR. X. C V I I I .I
What wish of Snrama hath brought h a hither? The path leads far away to distant places.
What charge hast thou for us? Where turns thy journey? How hast thou made thy way
o'er Rasa's waters?
"'XI*, to, t o t . ?
I come appo~ntedmessenger of lndra, seehng your ample slores of wealth. 0 Panis.
This hath preserved me fmm the fear of crossing: thus have I made my way o'er
Rasa's waters.
"xi? p. CL.t
What is Ihu lndra like, what is his r$pcct whose mvy, Sarama, from afar thou comesl?
Let him approach, and we will show him friendship: he shall be made the herdsman of our cattle.
-0. to. fU, Y
I know him safe fmm h m : but he can punish who sen1 me hitha from afar as envoy.
Him rivers flowing with deep waters hide not. Low will ye be. 0 Panis, slain by Indra.
-0, to. te.9
* HOR. X. CVIII. 5
Thae are h e kine which. Sarama, lhou scekesl, tlyng, 0 Blcsl One. to the ends of heaven.
Who will loose rhns fnthee wilhoul a banlc? Yen, and sharppointed are our warlike weapons
qx? P.w .\
.no( amdr II!M aayl~auu! !i.deqlg 'pussluun ul n n d 01 q1wd aql adam puy
.8u!punom JOJ !porn a n spaom ~noA'Joo~d-momu a m 'rruad d 0 'sa!poq paqqm m d j ! W r g
9 '111AJ 'X 'NOH
Paved with the rock is our vowumharnber; filled full of precious things, of kine, and horses.
These Panis who ue watchful keepers guard it. In vain hast thou approachedthis lonely station.
&& 8, *sr& - -
- I -

a- nai q-di
lll? llU


Rsir will come inspired with Soma. Angirases unwearied, and Na~sg\~as.
The 9tall of cstlle will they part among them: Ihm will the Pmir wish these words unspoken
'' HOR,X. CVIII. 9
Even thus. 0 Summa. h u t thou come hilhn, forced by cclstiel might to make the journey.
Turn lhse noi back fm thou shalt be our sister: 0 Blcst One, we will give thee ofthe cattle.
"m.*.w. *
" HOR.X. CVIII. 10
Brotherhood, sisterhood, I know not either:the dread Angirascs and lndra know them.
They seemed to Ionl for kine when I dcgarled. Hence, into d~stancc,be ye gone, 0 Panis.
"10, p. ec,n
Thou slcwcst with thy bolt the wealthy Dasyu, alone, yet going with thy helpers lndra!
Fu from the floor of heaven in all d~rcnions,the ancient riteless ones fled to destruction.
- m
d: q e m : l & d m : m s R m
& l * * m M m s - C h h IIY I1
They met in fight the lrmy ofthe blameless :then the Navagvas put fonh all thnr power.
They, 11ke em~sculateswith men contending, fled. conscious, by steep paths. from Indra, scatlored.
" h.,9. 1
-0. t. k w
tt. n
Whether they weep or laugh, thou hast a'mhrown them. 0 Indra. on the sky's extremes1 limit.
The Duyu thou hwt burnt fmm heaven & aclcomcd the praya of him who pours the juice 8; lauds
h e . w. H
P ' ~ I. ~XXXIII
~ . R

A d o d with the m a y ofpold and jewels, thcy o'er the emh a covering veil extended.
Although thcy hutcned. they o'acamc not Indra: their spier he encompassed with the Sun of the
Ar thou enjoyat heaven and w h , 0 Indra, on every side sunoundcd with thy greatness.
So thou with priests hart blown away the Dnsp, and those who worship not with those who worship.
They who pcrv,dd e.rchsrexmcrnar limit not with their charms the Wealth-bstower:
Indra. the Bull, made htr .Ily the thunder, md u,ith its lqht m~lkcdcows from out the darkness
""Rso, t. 4
~virrl'rmild o h 4 . g h . v ~thou helps1 in w m M for (he Imd, mid Tugn's houses.
lang s t d Lhey therr befors mskwar cndcd: thou was1 (he maser ofthc foemen's tredsurr.
I - -
Fi- f
: f$&
It?.tp. ? lltqV ~
M ~ I . LXII
~ 2 ~ .
Unto L c gre* bring & r u t adoratton. a chant with praise lo him u c a d i n g mighty,
Through whom w r sires, Ansirrra. sinplng p n i s s and knowing well the placa, found the cutle.
*: qpqa:a,,: m
? *T*
: Psa@i
vlTgxwP II
Whra hdn nd the Anprua d s s d 11.Sanma found pmrlston for h a oNspnng
Brhuput ckn the mwnwn. found the uttlc the hancr shouted wth the Llnc In tnumph
" I*.
t t-4 0
"'Ra-, n n
"'B1M.t *.P
"%. m, c N
Ql* q..L

x vc

" HOR, 1. LXII. 4 .~ , d lwd shout and roar. r ~ t hthe Navrgvas. seven singar,,hast thou.
horunly, m t the rnount.,n: Thou haat. wllh s p a l a s . with Ihc D . s n g w . tn&a, S k with thundu
m l oktrvnivo Vda.
*' HOR.I LXll S
P r i d by Ang~ruc.,thou. l o c d a l r o ~ rhrn.
. w ~ t hdc Dam. Sun, ray*. dirpdlcd the darkness
Thou l n h has1 lpadout Ihr urth'r hlgh ndpu. md firmly fixed the region unda h a m .
" IlOH. 1 I.XII 6
This is l c dcrd most wnnh) of all honour. Ihc faim m w e l of thc Wondcr-U'wler. %, m* whcrc
humbe& dew. he m d r four rivcrr flow full with waves thal urry down sweet ma.
;4mpI:I w: m:I md[m

qpm: *:
:I ; ma:
I d s m : I *:

fjqTcq: & I Wl JTim4:

~ : 1 ~ $ ~ r r c s ~

t.@lzWd s;u;a 3lFm$ kr,' $1 r n l d $ d3
-:I rn q & - .3 h. w 3 ;r
pp&qqq&s*<t.:4 1 @FyT&sm: l &I &

~ & r n v 6 + m : r n & l q e n ' ~
I10R. I L X I I . 7
t i n u w e d . uon via l d i n p hymns, hc p u t 4 of old chc mien1 Pair, united crcr
In hi&* A). tikc Hh.pa. he the dcrr of rnuvcls sd hoth Ibmcs md cuth and h u n n
*'m-q..c t i

'"WP.L t t
SIBIIbwn sfmh. y)uny Dsmer. each her manner, unlike In hue. Ihc Pair In allemalion
Round heaven .nd eanh fmm ancient rum. have ~ravrllcd.Nqhl v ~ l hh u dark limbs, Dam with l i m b
of splmdaur
llOR. I LXII. 9
H,sh In xltonr. rtlllrd IHIopcrrtlon, thc Son W I m~ght
~ mamlains his p e d s t friendship
lhou ID the nv cows, black of hue at ruddy, slorcst the rtpc m ~ l kglossy white In colour.
"Em.. \7

wHOR. I LXll 10
Thnr prths. or old conncrtcd. rm unlnlurcd. lhcy w~thyrcu rn~llhlp m m c lhc 1mmon.l sluuts
Fw many rhowand holy workr Ihr Stnus wall on the haughly Lwd likc wiws md m m s .
i w: 3FdWh: b:w, TwbwFqm w mS21
; r r ; F r P i : ~ l ~ . ~ ' & w ~ ~ ? . ~ x .
W ? t m : * * & : ~ : l p : ~ n a i t & ~ ' ~ a f ;
d:qa: I 91: t7 ait r1;3 a?% w Qg
'I@:' &: I QFl,

~ m s r t ~ l
~~~~: * l m M d
Jcmrm: m: q ~ :m: q G~~%JTRW-I~9lft WTF~ %
3vf&$tk-:*1 * a q ~ - 4.
, q~-d&
b q p q q-sqqq: q &diqiFq ?37mmm: m: w:
~m-(s~iritual illuminations) d:
*:q 1 V:'?-
& d:JTlrlil: .*: 9: qn&q f$a&md l-lmm?i:I

:- ftrfX;ar &:T : * ~ J F ~ % ~
a: g;Afa ; r i M
~ ~ r ~ n ; r d#m: ~ : :
~ , ~ $ & & q w : n : ~ : ~ @ : * :
' SAKI.. vd 17 340. (cr V ~ I EC p l W y . VOI I , p 107)
Tbs l r k v cmlmatla. cW pmmm recm o l r t a a roo^ of wbrh modem b w l c d p baa
i c c o n r o Q ~ ~ y d m d e m m n d , u l d p r c ~ a e b u l o ( h a a . r c c w n n x m c r s o Kb
%In- I rillcw 4my o m rrmnctm thal Veda wntuw Mhcr t r u h of a S c ~ c a ~UKc nodan
rakldoam~.~l-,udarhlcw hy.nud.humthcruodamledth..~podk
' SABCI.. Vol. I I. p 9 .(Cf Vcdtc Eptphany. Vol. 2. p 4)
.a tNth ~Ttbhga.a w l h of lbe w d .Dd o f IIK pispDda.
IWtb behind dl we uc d all t h t lbinga

'vcd* Epiphy, Vol. 2. p. 5

Tbc qmsl br #ram Tmlh hi* bghr and an i o t e d I M i t y is the sdc pwxu@m
Immorulily dlo lin in it u (he cherished wl.
* m: Sftw-
g;rW 33a+ra: *:-:I

3l'kq-i h qq: & I

~ * : * : ~ 7 i m : ~ ~ s r i i t ; r ;5t&mq,
: I

WT: ~ : ~ : ~ : ~ F l ~ ; r i ? X l : J T f a ~

p,&+a: I 'M,..:
$i.qq &q *&,: *:

d ? $ 3 l - ? . r i & i m q ~ m a : & ? $ 3 1 ~ m :
' r Z M q i p t * 7 & q l q ~ ~ l
3 C -_m f - r ~ ~ : ~ : ~ :

u mi: 3lI.,-;<lqs: ssr ~rtsr;j?dfamGm: * m-nii rn =I

' SII A W n d u Archlvn dR c x m h , kcemho 1985. p IhR
The &eci tnuh of the Ved8 is the lundvnmPl knowledge, the n p rrlal~omwlh Ihc T N I ~of
thingl. on whwh .bne r d n p lo ow ideu, dl ocha knowkdg uo k v c Ihc true orhulk
needtd by htmuury. T k m v e q of t k perfect truth of Ibc Veda b Lkrcfon wt m l y 8
d n Y n a n r kr u r modern i n t e k h u l curlwl~y.but r p r a c ~ M
mrarl~yfor the Inlure of
tl* hnmu m. F a I b e l i m M y tht he WMC conceded in tbe Vcd* wbm mirely
d m rill k faud m h u b l e p u k l l y 1b.1 Imowledp ud pnnia of 8 divinc lib b
~ a n i c W . r a u r n d u r w l l y u h e ~ & y . i n c b c ~ o f i U ~ ~
a m . n d u r r . h n + y d ~ . b ~ . I f w e a . . c l o u r b o n c b c p l h m c ~
ud Mindly, bul in he full liLfu ch.l stramtd w britlimly .ndg n o d h l y on he h e r sigh1ofatr
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I \;n.un;~;axl 111cI'anls : :I h t t ~ : / i v o i . o r ~ ~ h/r1e1chlO.htrn

'Themc In the
Kip\ cxl'l

3 \'ccl~cP\yct~ologyli)r the ~i~\+'uw.sw"mi~i.c~~m/~Wvedicmvcholo~

Ills of l l u n ~ ; u( ~' I V I ~ I S ~ ~ I ~ I ~