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Mezumenet A Cappella / Volume 1, Issue 1

High Notes
The Official Newsletter of Mezumenet

Mezumenet recruits four new members at fall auditions

Zaff and Pooja Swaminathan. All three girls hugged the group
members and eagerly accepted their invitations to join Mezumenet.
As the night came to an end, the members of Mezumenet banged
on freshman Siri Doddis door. Knocking six times and receiving no
answer, the group dejectedly trudged back outside. If their newest
member would not wake up, how could they sing to her?
After several moments of debate, the eight women found a
solution to prevent Doddi from missing out on the Mezumenets
induction tradition. Singing into one of their iPhones, the group
members texted Doddi a video of her personalized welcome jingle,
complete with cheering and laughter.
Since joining Mezumenet, the groups newest members have
worked day and night to learn a multitude of English pop songs,
Mezumenet welcomed four new members during the fall 2017 Hebrew melodies and parodies.
semester. Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Broth.
Having 12 members has brought more energy and a much
At 5 a.m. most University of Maryland students are sleeping fuller sound to the group, music director Jenna Marcus said. Our
soundly. Mezumenet women are not most UMD students. As the sun audience isnt going to know what hit them when we perform as
rose on Sept. 19, the women of Mezumenet rushed around campus such a big group this semester.
cheering and singing.
Several hours earlier, the universitys all-female, Jewish a cappella
group held its biannual auditions in the Clarice Smith Performing In This Issue
Arts Center.
After hours spent deliberating 18 contenders, Mezumenets eight Mezumenet recruits four new members..........1
members voted unanimously to accept four new vocalists into the
group, increasing its size by 50 percent. Meet the Mezumenet leadership board............2
The group informed new members of their acceptance by knocking
Mezumenet performs at Hillel...........................3
on their doors and singing a personalized song inviting them to join
Mezumenet. After the serenade, veteran Mezumenet members threw Monthly Mez member spotlight........................3
pieces of candy at the new recruits.
Every newbie gets to wake up to us singing, I dont know what
Components of a great a cappella group..........4
you heard but you are part of Mezumenet too, senior group member
How to nail your audition..................................4
Natalia Jaffee said. Its a group tradition.
First Mezumenet welcomed freshmen Rachel Shovmer, Rachel
Meet the Mezumenet leadership board

Jocelyn Broth
president, public relations manager
Jocelyn is a junior communication major on the public relations track. She was born in
Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from Beth Tfiloh High School before coming to the
University of Maryland. Jocelyn has been singing since she joined her high schools a cappella
group. She auditioned for Mezumenet in September 2015 and sings alto II. When she is not
singing, Jocelyn loves to draw, play softball and swim. (Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Broth.)

Jenna Marcus
music director
Jenna is a junior mechanical engineering major. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and
graduated from Gerstell Academy before attending the University of Maryland. Jenna has
enjoyed singing since childhood and recently learned how to arrange a cappella music. She
joined Mezumenet in September 2015 and sings alto I. In her free time, Jenna loves playing
piano, spending time outdoors and programming. (Photo courtesy of Jenna Marcus.)

Rebecca Elspas
business manager
Rebecca is a sophomore public health science major. She grew up in Los Angeles, California
and attended Shalhevet High School, where she performed in many musicals. Before
coming to the University of Maryland, Rebecca spent a year at Tiferet Seminary in Israel.
She joined Mezumenet in September 2016 and sings soprano I. In her spare time, Rebecca
enjoys horseback riding, biking and public speaking. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Elspas.)

Mezumenet performs at Hillel a cappella showcase
On Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, Maryland Hillel held its annual A Cappella Family
Weekend, which ended with an a cappella showcase at the University of Marylands
Memorial Chapel. Hundreds of Jewish students and their relatives gathered to
watch Mezumenet perform alongside co-ed a cappella groups Rak Shalom and
Kol Sasson.
Kol Sasson opened the show, singing four songs arranged by music director
Scott Kaplowitz.
After the groups performance, Rabbi Ari Israel announced Mezumenet, the
only all-female act of the evening.
Mezumenets set began with Warrior, originally performed by Demi Lovato.
That was the first time we performed Warrior for such a big audience, so I was
nervous, but I think they loved it, group member Gabriella Epstein said.
The group then debuted Sam Tabaat Aleha, a Hebrew song by Dudu Aharon. Mezumenet debuted a new parody during Hillels annual
family weekend. Photo courtesy of Maryland Hillel.
Music director Jenna Marcus arranged the song, weaving Ed Sheerans Shape of
You into the background parts. Following Mezumenet, Rak Shalom closed the show to
Following this song, Mezumenet performed BaLayla by Israeli artist Idan thunderous applause.
Raichel. Audience members clapped along as senior Natalia Jaffee sang the solo. All the groups were amazing, but the new Mez parody
Mezumenet closed its set with another new song, Let Us Bench, a parody of was by far my favorite part of the whole night audience
Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. The parody features soloist Delaney member Josh Bloch said.
Crabtree, who portrays a guest desperate to leave a Sabbath meal as group members Mezumenet will next perform on Dec. 3 at 4 p.m. in
beg her to stay. Van Munching Hall for the groups winter concert.

Monthly Mez member spotlight: Delaney Crabtree

discovered Mezumenet they were by far the nicest girls I had met in a long time.
I fell in love with the people in this group, so joining Mezumenet was an easy
decision for me.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being in Mezumenet?

A: My favorite parts have been the people I have met and the Mez meal we have
every semester. I cant think of a better occasion when I can sing, drink, eat and
have fun with friends all at the same time.

Q: Tell me about your study abroad experience last semester.

A: I went to Seoul, South Korea. It was a great experience for me to learn about
Crabtree traveled to Seoul, South Korea during the spring cultures outside my own bubble. I loved the people and the food. I really miss it,
2017 semester. Photo courtesy of Delaney Crabtree. and I hope to live there someday.
Delaney Crabtree is a junior criminal justice major and
Q: How did your experience in South Korea help you grow?
sings soprano in Mezumenet.
A: My experience in Korea taught me different ways to communicate with people,
Q: What made you want to join Mezumenet? especially with language barriers. I also learned so much about cultural differences,
A: I tried out for many different groups, but when I and I handle problems in a better way now.

How to nail your audition
With next semesters Mezumenet auditions around the corner,
you can never have enough practice. On Feb. 6, the women of
Mezumenet will assess contenders on four aspects of their auditions.
First, music director Jenna Marcus will ask you to sing two sets
of scales at the piano. This exercise determines your vocal range and
allows the group to determine which vocal part best complements
your voice.
Pitch matching
In this portion of the audition, a Mezumenet member will play
three sets of three notes on the piano and ask you to sing them
without looking at the piano. This allows the group to evaluate your
ability to match pitch.
Solo song
Before auditioning, prepare a verse and chorus of a song that best
showcases your voice. This part of the audition allows you to show
off your tone and range.
Lastly, Mezumenet wants to get to know you. For the best first
impression, arrive with a smile and a positive attitude. Having fun
at your audition will allow you to let your personality shine.
For more information about Mezumenet auditions, check out the
groups Facebook page.

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