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Calle Sexta Y Avenida Segunda. Jos Carrera Calvo: Telfono 2953055
Ballenita - Ecuador
2017 2018
Members: - Andreina Panchana (Airline) Curso: 3ero B. G. U. "Ciencias"
-Freddy Aldaz
-Angie Rodrguez
-Liz Tomal
-Jokebed Celi (Agency)
-Ian Merejildo (Tour Guide)
-Denisse Tomala (Art Gallery)
-Jose Liriano (Restaurant)
-Jennifer Suarez
-Jose Miranda
Freddy: Hi girls, how are you?
Angie: Good, we are planning to go on a trip but we do not know what place.
Liz: Can you accompany us to a travel agency?
Freddy: Yes, it's okay
In the travel agency:
Agency: Good afternoon, what are you offering?
Angie: We want to take a trip for a holiday
Liz: But we dont know where to go
Agency: Give me your Budget, please!
Liz: The more economical, the better!

Agency: Ok, me have two economic packages, the first to Brazil includes a tour
guide, exhibitions, delicious food, present atmospheres. The second packages
are to France but only include the value of the trip.
Freddy: Ok, were going to Brazil!
Liz: We have to get organized, now!
Airline: Welcome, May I have your passport and tickets, please?
Freddy: Here you are
Airline: Ok, I see everything is in order. Here is your boarding pass. They will
arrive directly where a tour guide, who will receive them and bring them within a
few hours to unpack and rest if necessary. Have a nice trip!
Everybody: Thank you.

Tour guide: Good morning all the people my name is Ian Merejildo, welcome to
the most diverse place in Brazil.
Angie: Great.
Tour guide: We are in Rio de Janeiro, place of a lot of smiling people and funny.
The tourists go to the art center
Liz: An art center? Spectacular! Come on.

Guide: The Art Museum of Rio, in Plaza Mau, is one of the most accessible,
thanks to its instructors. We go to visit art center. Here we can observe images
and exhibitions about this city.
Art Gallery

Denisse: Hello, welcome my name is Denisse Tomala to continue to gallery of

the paints most know in Brazil.

- Tarsila do Amaral, 1886-1973, Capivari, Sao Paulo

- She was Brazil painter and draftswoman and are of the central figures in
painting and the first phase of the modernist movement in Brazil.
- The public transport of the city is accessible both visually and motor. The
metro stations are equipped with a lift and a tactile floor. The buses have
a retractable platform as an elevator, seats with preference and places
reserved for wheelchair users.

Guide: We go eat to our place very special where a buffet is.

Liriano: Welcome to the restaurant.
We present a variety of foods, with a very good customer service.

The kind of meals such as: Rice with chicken and bean salad, a la carte dishes,
croaker with sweet chili sauce, chop with stew and rice, etc., of drinks we have
colas, natural juices, etc, and a fruit dessert.
Freddy: Freddy: ok, it sounds delicious we wish for everyone please.
Liriano: Well, I'll be back.
Jennifer: Look, are not those guys?
Miranda: If they are, let's say hello.
Miranda: Hi guys, it's a pleasure to see you again.
Angie: Hi, what a surprise! We have come on vacation.
Miranda: And how do you like this place?
Liz: Amazing, I loved it.
Jennifer: I give the reason to me also I loved everything in this place.

Miranda: Guys, what do you think if together we continue to explore how

incredible Rio de Janeiro is?
Freddy: I think it's a good idea
Everybody: come on.