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Extra Exercises

Past Simple of be (II was, you were)

1. Look at the pictures and complete the questions and answers:

Was Helen at home yesterday?

Helen wasnt at home . She was at the cinema .

Were Tom and Dan at school yesterday?

Tom and Dan werent at school . They were at home .

Was Nick at home yesterday?

Nick wasnt at home . He was at work .

Were Liz and Jane at the cinema yesterday?

Liz and Jane werent at the cinema . They were at school .

Past Simple (regular

regular and irregular verbs)

2. Complete the paragraph with the past simple form of the verbs from the box:

get up continue finish write go start talk work have

My first day at school

I remember my first day at primary school in 2008 ! I ____got up at 6.00. I arrived at school at
8.30 and _____started lessons at 9.00. We _____worked from 9.00 to 12.00. The
teachers ____talked to us a lot ! Then we ____went to the gym and played basketball
for an hour. After that, we_____
_____had lunch. In the afternoon, we _____continued
_____ the
lessons and ____wrote about interesting things.
things Then, at 3.30 the lessons ___finished . It
was a long day and we were very tired !
Extra Exercises

3. Complete the table changing the sentences into affirmative, negative or question sentences:

affirmative negative question

We made the cake. We didnt make the cake. Did we make the cake?

She wrote the answer. She didnt write the answer. Did she write the answer?

He hurt his knee yesterday. He didnt hurt his knee yesterday. Did he hurt his knee yesterday?

Peter phoned before. Peter didnt phone before. Did Peter phone before?

She was good at Math. She wasnt good at Math Was she good at Math?

They were first in the race. They werent first in the race. Were they first in the race?

It was dark and cloudy. It wasnt dark and cloudy. Was it dark and cloudy?

Sara had a sandwich. Sara didnt have a sandwich. Did Sara have a sandwich?