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Respected DGP Sir,

It gives us immense pride to see you as Director General of Police of our Telangana

The State Government has aptly found you the to-be DG&IG of our state as you have
the mettle and have deservedly gained the experience and exposure to lead the
India's nascent state in the area of Policing and Security aspects.

It was a pleasure to know that you have been promoted to the position of Telanga
State Head of Police Force . My heartiest congratulations to you on this great

You have always Stood first and have strived hard to accomplish Our Collective
tasks. Not only has the State benefitted in many ways because of your work and you
have also helped it scale new heights of record breaking achievements. Your success
is just a mere recognition of dedication and sincerity towards your work. You are a
man people will always look up to for inspiration who has the spirit and zeal to
over all hardships and excel in all the fields.

You have always been linked with commitment, sacrifice and accomplishments. And by
this promotion you have proved yourself very well. You truly deserve this
recognition and responsibility.

Wish you all the very best for your new position and for your continued successful
career. Hope you keep succeeding with flying results.

We feel this is another feather in your cap. I would like to congratulate you for
the magnificent accomplishment. This improvement in your Career will be an
inspiration to all our force and this will bring motivation also among the guys to
work efficiently and get promoted. The State Government has heavily relied on your
work in this hour of need and team spirit qualities to assign you the promotion and
we expect the same level of output from you.

you have effectively devised the community policing to make People part of the
Policing in Hyderabad...

Our 5S Implementation of maintaining of records and other routine duties of

policing in police stations in Systematic and organized way.

Cases Under Investigation Mela is a new chapter in our policing as it effectively

monitors the on going cases investigation and reducing the Case solving time and

Renovating Dilapidated and Decrepit police stations by providing necessary

Amenities and make them good avenues for police and public alike.

The Idea of Bharosa Centre conceived and implemented by you to facilitate, the
Aggrieved ladies and children of Sexual abuse and Sexual Harassment, The
Redressal,necessary support and logical resolution of the problem.

She teams

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