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DIAGNOSES OUTCOMES interventions: interventions: interventions:
(consider orders, (consider home
(note priority for Be sure they are S. (assess /
safety, allergies, regimens,
each below) M. A. R. T. (Specific, monitor for )
code status, fall procedures,
(Be sure to use risk, etc.) discharge plan,
related to and etc.)
attainable, relevant
as evidenced
and time-bound)

Risk for unstable Resident will 1. Assess blood 1.Create a 1.Teach resident
blood glucose identify two food glucose level specialized food the short and
level r/t groups that will not through Accu- plan that long-term health
insufficient increase blood chek every includes effects of eating
diabetes glucose levels using morning and carbohydrates meals that will
management the MyPlate food night and protein increase blood
guide, which will be options that are sugar
2. Assessing
done by end of each lower in sugar,
which 2.Talk to resident
shift cholesterol, and
carbohydrates about
unhealthy fats
and proteins alternatives and
resident is 2.Talk to family the benefits to
eating each day visitors about eating more low-
for breakfast bringing meals sugar, low-
and lunch, and that are lower in cholesterol foods
assessing likes cholesterol, fats, for your body.
and dislikes of and sugars
each when they visit
and bring lunch
or dinner

Sedentary Resident will 1.Assess for 1.Encourage 1.Teach resident

lifestyle r/t participate in at joint mobility in resident to about the
insufficient least one purposeful knees and feet participate in benefits to
motivation for activity per day by prior to activity, ROM exercise of participating in
physical activity end of day, and will as it could be lower legs and activities
AEB not wanting go on short walk at problematic feet and upper including mood
to get out of least once per day. arms in her improvement,
bed in the room after pain
morning and from diabetes breakfast and improvement,
refusing all mellitus lunch better ROM, etc.
2.Assess for 2.Encourage 2.Talk to resident
tingling or resident to go about making a
numbness in visit friends in friend/s who will
extremities prior other attend activities
to activity as a sections/floors with her, thus
result of of the building increasing
neuropathy since she enjoys motivation to get
conversation out of room
with friends and
has mentioned