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the lifestyle magazine of tagaytay highlands | vol xxii no.

The New Breed of Golfers

Behind the Scenes: The Steakhouse Beef
Dimsum Gems of China Palace
Know your K-Cuisine

HIGHLANDERSCard launching
Seasons Discounts and more!
Summer Events Review
Developers Ad
It is in my great pleasure to share to you all how fruitful this year has been and continue
to be, at Tagaytay Highlands. Our premier mountain resort complex continues to evolve
into a township a better perspective of a home that we continue to build together.

We are proud to present our most refreshing take on holistic living at the Midlands a
sought after region for communities that fuses refined living and natures vibrancy. The
newest addition to the thriving Horizon village, Horizon Terraces is the first integrated
development that will offer a residential mix of both villas and suites built around
natures serenity through a tranquil central park. Horizon Terraces takes pride of its
terraced-building architecture, providing panoramic views of nature to each home.

Hand in hand with providing exceptional communities and living experiences, we also
thrive to give the best possible environment for your families a sustainable
development that is, to ensure that what you enjoy now will be preserved for the years
to come. One Tree at a Time, our annual tree planting activity was recently held as part
of our commitment to environment sustainability. 300 saplings were initially planted plus
a thousand more throughout the year makes me confident to say that we are a step
closer to fulling Tagaytay Highlands promise of planting a million trees by 2050. This
would not be possible without the help of our long standing partner the ASEAN Center
for Biodiversity (ACB), together with representatives from the Club, residential
developers Belle Corporation and Highlands Prime Inc., and our ASEAN friends from
the Royal Thai Embassy, Singapore Embassy, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Lao PDR.

As we continue to grow as one big family, we assure you that we are untiringly working
to preserve our commitment of giving you nothing but the best possible leisure resort
community. We thank you for your continued support, and I believe that all of our
successes would not be possible without you our inspiration and motivation.


Editorial Board Contributors ON THE COVER

A Log Cabin by the Highlands
Golf Course
Willy N. Ocier Cherrielyn Alvior
Adrian Bacani
Angelo Bacani
Jerry C. Tiu Armando Jose Batutay
Stanley Ong
Paul Quiambao Paul Quiambao
Ma. Clara T. Kramer Symmone Torres

Phillip N.A.L. Medina


Paul Jeffrey U. Toguay

Anjannette A. Isidro

Cedie Rex V. Noceda


Your comments and suggestions are important tools for the improvement of our services and facilities.
Please email us at membership@tagaytayhighlands.com. Highlands View is published by theTagaytay Highlands
Clubs. The newsletter is aimed at providing information and updates to our Club members and homeowners.
Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living. Albert Einstein

I believe in what Einstein said. It is in great service that we prove our own existence
of living. That is why; it is a prominent idea to serve our country because it is through
service that we can really show our great love for our nation. This is also true to the
services we offer to all the members of Tagaytay Highlands.

Tagaytay Highlands is a prestigious and prominent home to all its members. We give
the love and care a home can offer as we are very much concerned with your health
and well-being. The services we have are always other-centered. It is always towards
the goodness, comfort and security of the members. We are here to give the utmost
contentment and relaxation not only to the residents and Club members but also to
your guests.

We have opened some services to cater you with your needs. The Spa and Lodge has
re-opened its salon services where you can have your hair cut and other hair services.
Discounts at the Sports Center are available for those who love challenging games.
And there are many more other surprises.

We cannot deny the fact that we really need a quiet place to stay for rest and a venue to
play for leisure. I am very proud that Tagaytay Highlands remains a great place to be
called home. It has been my home, too, for many years and I have seen it grow! This
place never fails to amaze me each day. Tagaytay Highlands is the best place to stay!
Welcome home!


We are honored and excited to present this quarters issue featuring the Clubs young
golfers. In this release, we have captured their best moments on the course, their
perspective about the game and how fun it is to play golf. Taken from the scenic
Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club, all the shots are marvelous, if I may

Patronage is always rewarded. From last years 100+ members, we are now
awarding 200 more privilege cards. We have recently launched a new batch of
HIGHLANDERSCard for the Clubs most loyal members. With a minimum
spending of P200,000 from July 2016 to June 2017, club members are issued with a
special privilege card valid for a year. This entitles club members with up to 20% all
seasons discount on various services on top of the regular F&B voucher promo for
the general membership.

Turn every page of the magazine and be amazed at our food and beverage selection
for the rainy season. We want to keep you warm and cozy with our coffee list,
warm bowls of gourmet soups and a range of wines from the cellar. We also have
an interesting feature about how we cook the fabulous meat at the Highlander
Steakhouse, our K-Cuisine specials at the Chosun and the array of deliciously
dainty dimsums at the Highlands China Palace. Valid until September, our cabins
at Camp Highlands are having its annual discount promo for members and their
guests. Read on as we have so much in store for you.

But why just read when you can drive up anytime to enjoy all these?
See you at the Club!


Membership News
Good news to our members! Our Membership Committee
has approved new provisions in our policies.

Disqualified Dependents are now entitled to a Php2,500.00 all-consumable

Guest Card instead of previously approved Php400.00, provided that
the dependent was previously declared and qualified upon activation of
principal membership. This privilege is subject to guest card policy of the
Membership Office.

We also have a special privilege for members under application processing.

A Guest Card of Php2,500.00 all-consumable, instead of Php400.00 is
extended to Applicant Prior Approval. Please note that this is a one-time
accommodation and without prejudice to Membership Committees denial of
the application.

Lastly, we offer a privilege for Property Co-Owner. A Guest Card of Php2,500

all-consumable is extended even if unaccompanied by the Club member.

All privileges are subject to existing guest card policy and protocols of entry
and access to facilities. For inquiries and clarification, please call (0917) 860-
0918 or email at membership@tagaytayhighlands.com

We are always available to answer any of your inquiries or concerns. Feel free to contact the
numbers below.

Area Direct Lines Mobile Number

Membership Services/ 483-0829 (0917) 860-0918
Concierge (0939) 915-7659
Billing and Collection 483-0899 (0917) 882-6891
(0998) 512-6968
Golf Services 483-2639 (0917) 886-5226
Sales Office 483-0820 (0917) 882-6885
Rooms Reservation 483-0808 (0917) 882-5927
(0999) 884-9118
Sports Center Reception 483-0848 loc. 1001 (0917) 583-0848
(0939) 915-7661
Highlands Golf Club
Reception 483-0888/483-0840 (0917) 500-9003
Midlands Golf Club
Reception 483-3808 (0917) 886-5228
The Spa & Lodge 483-0837 to 39 (0917) 501-0772
Marketing Office 483-0848 loc. 1028 (0917) 325-8513
(0917) 563-4849

Emergency Response Team

Security Office 483-0868 loc. 1053 (0906) 466-6615
Clinic 483-2185 (0917) 563-4742

Washroom Renovations

Designs covering the washroom refurbishment of major

clubhouses in the estate are underway. Washed in neutrals
and contemporary fittings, the plan was prepared by
Asuncion-Berenguer Inc. The project is due for tender by Q3
of 2017. To be implemented phase by phase, all renovation
ventures will be done before 2019 in time for the Clubs silver

Membership Dues

To show our appreciation for your continued patronage of

the Club, we would like to give back by offering you the
opportunity to avail of our Members Loyalty Program.

Spend P3 million-worth of accummulated expenses on F&B,

Accommodations, and private functions/events by the end
of the year and get...


For inquires, call (0917) 882-6891 or (046) 483-0899.

Third Nine Promo

For golf tournaments using the Midlands Third 9 as either

inward 9 or outward 9 in play, each participating non-
member will be charged P1,100 instead of P2,000. This is
inclusive of green fee, half-shared cart, golfers insurance,
and use of locker facilities. Promo is valid on weekdays only.
For inquires, call (0917) 886-5226.

Get 500GC for ever P5,000

Must present P5,000 worth of 1-day single or accumulated

original F&B checks from

Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace,

Midlands Golfers Lounge, and The Great Room

and instantly receive P500 worth of F&B Gift Certificate valid

for one (1) month from date of issuance. For inquires, call
(0917) 860-0918 or (046) 483-0829.

Patronage is rewarded.

Be among the elite group of Tagaytay Highlands

patrons. Receive more perks, premium privileges
and discounts with the HIGHLANDERSCARD.

Qualify for More Privileges

Spend P200,000 from July 2017 to 30 June 2018 to qualify for

the HIGHLANDERSCARD. Avail exclusive discounts: 20% all
season discount on rooms, golf cart fees and select massage
services; 10% all season discount on select sports facilities
and gym privileges; P2000 Birthday Voucher; and, additional
P1000 Voucher for every P20,000 minimum consumption for
the day valid in Club-operated outlets.

For inquiries, you may get in touch with Membership Services

Department at 0917-860-0918 and (046)483-0829, or email us
at membership@tagaytayhighlands.com. Terms and conditions

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The Gateway of the Club



A Taste of France Birds and New Animals


of Highlands China Palace 2nd Quarter Golf Awards | 2nd Quarter Outreach Program |
Flores De Mayo 2017 | Mothers Day & Fathers Day Masses
| Roast and Toast | One Tree at a Time | Senior Art Session |
32 | ON THE MENU CROCODYLINAE ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly Meeting | Highlanders
Card Luncheon Event


with Gourmet Wines, Coffee and Soups


Dog Caf
Dine with your pets as you enjoy our juicy
Highlands burger. Mingle with fellow dog
lovers in the Club.

Opens Saturday - Sunday and Holidays only

10:00am - 5:00pm
The Country Club Garden - Dog Cafe

Halloween Bazaar
Great buys, great prices await you.

October 27 - 29, 2017

The Funicular Parking

Trick or Treat
Highlands Grab those candies, win prizes and have

Trick or Treat a fun underwater-theme day in the annual

Trick or treat.
October 28 | Saturday | 3:00pm - 5:00pm
The Country Club Veranda

Holiday Mass
Celebrate All Saints Day Mass at the Club.

November 1 | Wednesday | 11:00am

Holy Family Chapel

For inquiries, please call EVENTS at (0917) 563-4849 or the CHAPEL (0917) 563-4817.

The Young

rom childhood to adulthood, some has observed
many changes not only in ones physique but also
in his or her interest in games. However, there
are others that have preserved the importance of the
game they played when they were younger. One might
not have enjoyed playing it when he or she was young.
But as soon as he has reached a certain age, the
curiosity for the game is revived.

Six young golfers shared their testimonies and

experiences on how golf influenced their knowledge
and perspective in life. It is the challenges through
golf that makes their determination widened and ever
broadened. From leisure to competition, they have seen
the game as a fun way to relate with others, and life in
general. Justin Tan

Who have taught or encouraged you to play

golf? And since when have you been playing?

Justin Edward Tan (JET): Ah well, my dad. He is playing

golf. He is the one who got me into the game. He is
the one who encouraged me to play. The game was
introduced to me when I was about 6. I didnt really like
it when I was young. I picked it up again when I was 17.

Richard Tan III (RT): My Dad. I think I have been playing

for 7 years. I play seriously. ItIconic shot
is not funof at
Midlands Golf Club
all. You
struggle. Most serious golfers want to play better. But
they struggle to reach that level. It is really frustrating
for most times. The fun comes when you get a good

Gregory Norman Yang (GNY): My dad. My mom is a

volleyball player. My dad is always more on individual
sports. He has been playing golf for a while. I actually
started when I was 4 years old. I stopped for a long
long time because I focused on Football. Football is my
primary sport. I played it in college semi-professionally.
So now that I am working and I have more time, also my
football life has loosened up a bit, I am going back to
golf. Ive only been playing a lot again maybe for about a
year now. It started off as something my dad forced me
to play because he was into it.

Jolo Timothy Magcalayo (JTM): My Dad. My Mom plays

bowling. I was 8 years old. I am now 14.
Richard Tan III and Justin Edward Tan

Justin Tan in Highlands Golf Course Hole No. 1

Gregory Norman Yang

GNY: In the past few months, [we played] maybe twice

Jonas Christian Magcalayo (JCM): Dad. He is the one a month [or] every other week. It was one time with my
who inspired us. I played late about 15 years old. Im 21 dad another time with my friends because my friends
now. love the course also.

Jona Angela Magcalayo (JAM): Yes. It is Dad. JTM: We often go here for practice especially I will play
Sometimes mini golf. I am 16. for the upcoming SEA Games.

How often do you come here to play? JCM: He (Jolo) has played in different competition. He is
the representative of the Philippines for the upcoming
JET: We come here the whole year around. I played a lot SEA Games.
before. Four years ago, I played twice a week. But now
that Im working, that I finished school, I am trying to Young as you are, among the sports, why did
get back into it. Lately, I play once every three weeks. you choose golf?
I am trying to play more often than that. Mostly I play
with my family especially with my dad and my brother. JET: Well, it is challenging. It is different from basketball.
Sometimes I am with my friends. Basketball is a team sport. But this one, it is just yourself.
It is more frustrating if you want to get better. But that is
RT: Depending on the season. If it is a busy season, where the challenge comes in. You have to know how to
we play five times a month. Every weekend. I prefer to manage your emotions, your maturity. That is why I like
play in the afternoon but I usually end up playing in the this game.
morning because my dad plays in the morning. I go with
my dad.

RT: It is because golf is the most challenging sport there
is. It is almost purely mental. It is not like any other sport
that you get to a certain level. It is either you stay there
or you go up. In golf, you reach a certain level. And then
the next day, you are below that level. It is really
challenging. The best example would be Tiger Woods.
He struggles in golf a lot now. That is why probably he
is drinking out. There are guys in golf who peak at 40 to
50 years old. You cannot say that he is getting older. It is
not like basketball. It is relatively young compared to

GNY: As I said, it is not my primary sport. It is really

my leisure sport at the moment. I choose to play golf
alongside football because they are very different. Ive
also played basketball for fun but then I chose to stick
with golf because it really challenges me more than
any other sport. The margin for error is very small. You
hit the bad spot you lose a ball. Unlike any other sports
where you are used to a routine every single day. Golf
is nice because it is different every single time you
come to a different course, even in the same course.
It is different every day depending on the weather. It is
definitely a fun game. It is not the most serious sport,
It is not the sport I take most seriously. It is a stress-
reliever but at the same time you get stressed. What
makes it fun for me is its so different from everything I
do. I am used to dealing with other people. I am used
to giving orders. Even in a team sport, you should
be the leader. So I have to take care of other people.
Versus golf, you worry about yourself. Even if you are
with friends, they cant influence your game. It is all
about you. You can call it personal time to work on my
personal development in something other than work,
football. It is really fun because it is something different.
That is simple for me.

JTM: Golf is different from other sports. Just like more

on gentlemans game, it is more enjoyable. It is like
avoiding injuries. Yes, it is addicting. You play with
friends. We bet for free drinks.

JCM: First, I played football then, I played basketball and

volleyball. I got jealous with this guy (Jolo). He keeps on
going somewhere else. He keeps going to other Asian
countries. I got curious. I came to realize I am really late
playing golf. I enjoy playing golf. For example, when you
say, ayoko na. I dont want to play anymore. But the
next day, you still want to play. You are still looking for
that sport. It is addicting!!!

JAM: It is also a key to have a scholarship in college in

America and other international schools. I enjoy playing
when I am with friends.

Magcalayo siblings at Hole No. 10

Jona Angela, Jolo Timothy and Jonas Christian Magcalayo

What makes it special to play here at
Tagaytay Highlands International Golf

JET: Here in Highlands, the weather is

different. The climate is very nice. Even though
it is summer, hindi masyadong mainit. Of
course, Highlands is probably one of the
most challenging golf courses. There is the
height factor. There is the wind. The narrow
fairways. It is really a nice course. It is also
well-maintained. Even though it is challenging,
you get to appreciate the course.

RT: Highlands, its been home to us since

1995. Second, its beautiful up here like the
scenes. It is cool compared to others. Like
you go to Midlands its hot there during the
summer. But here in Highlands, its breezy and
its not that hot. Its nice to play when nobody
plays. Its very hard. Like what I said, its very
challenging, narrow and the slope is up and
down so only serious golfers play here.

GNY: For someone who lives in Alabang, it is an
excursion every time you come here. It is very different
from the view you get in a course like Alabang. When
you look outside the course, its houses. Versus here,
you look outside, you see the one of the worlds
smallest volcanoes. It is such a nice view. And even
if you dont have much of a view when its cloudy,
its okay, because it is not too hot. It is a different
experience. The whole experience, the location of
coming here is the main thing that is attractive aside
from the improved condition of the
actual course.

JTM: Here in Highlands, there is a comparison with

other international golf courses.

JCM: Highlands can be compared to Taiwans

international golf course.

JAM: It is very challenging because of the wind.

What is your favorite spot in Tagaytay

After playing, where do you spend your time?
JET: Probably, hole number 2. It is really hard. It is
JET: Sometimes we stay here. My dad has a place in
really challenging. But if you hit a good shot, you get a
Woodridge. We stay there overnight. Then play again
purview apart. Out of all the holes, that is probably the
the next day. We stay Saturday and Sunday when we
one that is my favorite.
RT: If I had to pick one, it would be hole number 14.
RT: We have a little place here in Woodridge. We stay a
There are certain ways to play it. It is Par 5. Usually
night or two. Theres nothing else to do. So we just to
in Par 5s, these are longest holes in the course. You
play golf and thats it. Sometimes with friends, maybe
usually like to hit it long. But due to the nature of
half of my time I play with my dad. The other half, I just
Highlands course, it is very narrow. It is hard to hit
play it by myself. And here in the Clubhouse, most of
the target if you want to hit it long. You have to play it
the time we play with the Highlands Team. We spend
short first. You need to use your head. You need a lot of
time here in the Clubhouse. Its really fun like Ive said.
patience and discipline. It is very steep going up, unlike
We talk about the game and other stuff, too. Sometimes
any other hole. Usually golfers practice in even lies. Not
we close the clubhouse. When we see each other here
like steeps like this. They play in flat.
like the elders they bring wine and stuff so we drink
with them. Very fun!
GNY: My favorite hole is the 2nd hole, with the green
above your head. In between clubs, I am not sure
GNY: I come here really for the golf. It is my main
which club to use. It is always a challenge. It is not my
attraction. Unless there is a special occasion, we decide
favorite in terms of I enjoyed playing it. I like golf with a
to have lunch at the Steakhouse. Steakhouse is the
challenge. That hole got me always thinking.
number one choice for me. Or, the China Palace!
JTM: Hole # 4. Kapag nahulog ka, you have to tee
JTM: Sports Center! To play video games. Para
up again. As if your confidence was lost, pero kapag
dumiretso yung bola mo, sobrang saya. Sign of relief.
The view is very nice. You are like a king. You can see
JCM: Sports Center! Billiards.
JAM: Sports Center! Swimming.
JCM: Hole # 15. It is much higher. I can see place like
Sta. Rosa, you can see Canlubang.

JAM: Hole # 1. Easy to on.

Club Ad

Sweet Ambiance of

Built from the authentic wood and

stone, it preserves the culture and
tradition of Swiss houses.
- story on page 18

e love to travel to places far away.
Our adventurous disposition brings
us closer to nature and its beauty,
appreciating every detail of the journey. We
look for a place where chirping of the birds
and the swish of the trees create a symphony
of great serenity of rest. An experience of
living independently from great labor suits
you! As you enjoy driving your way away from
the busy road and end up in a place that offers
serenity. Switzerland is a country that fits the
description. Good news! Your dream can be
achieved without spending much for plane
ticket and exuberant stays. Come here to feel
the good weather and its impeccably crisp

Silver-lined clouds
flutter and whorl...
like El Grecos.
Pinecrest Village is one of the villages
in Tagaytay Highlands that features the
comfort of European living. Built from the
authentic wood and stone, it preserves
the culture and tradition of Swiss houses.
The cool breeze of Tagaytay gives you
respite from busy schedule and makes
you stay forever. The stillness of the
place suggests a homey and restful
environment where you can lay your
head at night in peaceful slumber.
Overlooking Taal indulges you with great
scenery of nature. It is truly irresistible to
stay in such a place.


pers Ad


ot a family dish to share? We invite you and your family for a day of cooking demonstration at Tagaytay
Highlands. Share recipes and have it included in our cookbook on December 2017.

Ms. Rebecca Bustamante-Mills prepared his
familys Schnitzel. It is a boneless meat dish that
is thinned by pounding with tenderizer. Breaded
and deep fried, the experience of this German-
inspired requires a mug of Bavarian beer!

Club Member Rebecca Bustamante-

Mills with husband Richard and sons Schnitzel

Club Member Mylene Dolonius Squash Spaghetti with Almond Dressing Raw Vegan Sushi


Raw Vegan Sushi and Squash Spaghetti with Almond Lemon Dressing is the forte of Ms. Mylene Dolonius. It is
surely perfect for the vegetarians out there. You will really love the fresh flavor of Japan-Italy fusion dish a good
combination of culinary taste.

Ms. Fanny Cacho prepared her special recipe,
the Hawaiian Spam Musubi. It is a popular snack
in Hawaii similar to the tradition of Japanese
Omusubi. It is a fusion of US and Japan cuisine, a
tribute to her husbands inheritance.

Club Member Fanny Cacho Hawaiian Spam Musubi

Ms. Maria Calix de Alimov presented as her
family specialty, the Shrimp Ceviche. This
South American cuisine consists of raw seafood
seasoned with an acidic marinade that somehow
cooks the seafood. It is similar to the Visayan
version kinilaw.

Club Member Maria Calix de Alimov

and her sons Shrimp Ceviche

From her memories of growing up in Japan,
Ms. Agnes Lapea made a traditional Sukiyaki. It
is a nabemono style Japanese dish or a variety
of Japanese hot pot dish. Consisting of meat
which is slowly cooked with vegetables and other
ingredients, the taste is really savory and quite

To register to the Heritage Recipes program, please call

Club Member Elmer and
Sukiyaki Events at (0917) 563-4849.
Agnes Lapea

Steakhouse Scenes

he Highlanders Steakhouse is home to the finest The process time for the preparation of the steak
and greatest steaks in town. In any season of the depends on the kind of steak to be grilled. A chunk of
year, its legendary quality remains untainted. It is fresh beef is prepared and seasoned with our special
because of the planned and well-thought preparation. It house spices.
is not just a steak! It is THE STEAKHOUSE SPECIAL! We
have a lot of meat varieties in the house: Rib-eye Steak, The meat, rubbed with a traditional Steakhouse recipe
Rib-eye Dry Aged Steak, Prime Rib Steak, Porter House seasoning, is ready to jump on the grill to be cooked.
Steak, New York Cut Steak, Striploin Steak, Tomahawk A level of the steak is achieved depending on the
Steak, and many others. Let us have a closer look on minutes it touches the grill and the degree of heat. It
how a Rib-eye Steak is prepared. takes 4 minutes and a 125F temperature to reach the

Rare Medium Rare Well-done

Rare consistency. It has a cool or warm red center. It is

approximately like raw meat but clearly has a cooked
surface. A Medium Rare level is achieved when the
beef rests on the griller for 6 minutes and 135F level
of heat is set. It is seared on the outside with a hint of
red in the inside. A Well-done level has a well-cooked,
tender and juicy piece of meat. It is grilled on the heat
of 160F and for 10 to 12 minutes depending on the
thickness of the meat.

The Chef in the house never pressures the beef.

Instead, he relaxes the meat to preserve the juice of
the steak. It is like our service. We will never pressure
you but will make you relax with our best food and The Highlander Steakhouse is open from Wednesday to Sunday.
service. For inquiries and reservations, please call (0917) 882-6885.

Highlander Steak Salad with Bleau dAuvergne

Escargot Roquefort

Steak au Poivre Shrimp and Sea Bass Bisque

Quarterly Premium Selection


rom Paris to Lorraine, Lyon to Burgundy, the For something light, try the Highlander Steak Salad
Clubs premier dining outlet pays tribute to with Bleu dAuvergne. This 3 oz. U.S. Beef strip loin is
the great French cuisine. This seasons superb paired with blue cheese, French beans, grapes, cherry
selection highlights the dishes that honor the tradition, tomatoes and fresh lettuce for varied texture and color.
ingredients and culinary methodologies of France. Finally, drizzle its signature balsamic vinaigrette to
Start the experience with the quintessential Escargot complete the taste. Another palatable tour de force is
Roquefort. Juicy and meaty morsels are wrapped in our Steak au Poivre. Cooked to perfection, this 7 oz U.S.
buttery-herb flavors further enriched with Mornay sauce Certified Angus Prime is served with buttery Brussel
and French blue cheese. Take a sip of a fine Chardonnay sprouts and rosemary marble pomme de terre.
or Sauvignon Blanc then indulge in a warm bowl of Bon appetite!
Shrimp and Seabass Bisque.

Taro Puff

The Dimsum Gems of


he greatest treasure of China aside from its long-
written history is its food. All Chinese restaurants Ham Sui Kok
preserve their piece of culture and tradition similar to
our own, Highlands China Palace. Have a taste of China in
just 60 kilometers away from Manila.

As soon as you arrive at the driveway, you will immediately

feel the oriental exuberance. Walk down the stairs to the
Winter Garden and get a whiff of what is steaming, roasting
and frying inside the kitchen. One cannot find a place
in Tagaytay City that serves authentic Cantonese menu.
One will certainly not regret driving all the way up in the
mountains for a taste of imperial heaven.

Shanghai Rolls

Spinach Dumpling

Steamed Sharks Fin Dumpling

Spicy Spareribs

Spicy Chicken Feet

Siopao Bola-Bola

Siopao Asado


The classic dimsum menu is simply traditional yet
extraordinarily palatable. It comes in steamed or fried
varieties. Prepared in time-honored ways, the flavor
remains true to the Chinese culture and spirit. A well-
discerned process of cooking marks the name of
Highlands China Palace. Indulge in these dainty culinary
gems, it is beyond satisfaction.

It is really Tian, the heaven! A superb taste of heaven!

To book a table or a function at the Highlands China Palace,

please call Banquet Sales at (0917) 882-6885 or email at

Spring Rolls

Turnip Cake

Salad Prawn Puff

Shrimp Century Egg Roll

Taro Chicken

Grilled Crossbone Steak

On the Menu
ighly valued for its skin, the crocodile is a great meat alternative
safe for consumption. First offered in Chinese and Singaporean
restaurants abroad, croc meat has gained popularity given its
medicinal and health benefits. It contains more muscle-building protein
nutrients than lean chicken meat. Also, low in fat compared to the fowl
variety, the croc is considerably lower in cholesterol content.

The Midlands Golfer Lounge recently launched its line of The Exotic Croc.
Try the savory Sizzling Croc Sisig of pure crocodile meat enhanced with
traditional herbs and spices. Match it with your favorite cold beer, it is all
the sisig-goodness sans fat. We also recommend the Croc Barbeque Ribs
or the Grilled Crossbone Steak for lunch. For quick bites on-the-go, grab
a Pan-Fried Hungarian Croc Sausage served with fried egg and focaccia
Sizzling Croc Sisig bread for a protein-rich snack on the course.

The Midlands Golfers Lounge is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
For inquiries and reservations, please call Sales at (0917) 882-6885.

Croc Barbeque Ribs

Pan Fried Hungarian Croc Sausage

To keep you warm this season

glass of wine makes your heart warm and tender. Try the 2009 Chteau de Lamarque and its licorice,
It is a sunlight held together by water, quoting thyme, earth, ripe black cherries and espresso notes
Galileo Galilei. It gives joy to anyone who tastes in the nose. There is a touch of dryness in the finish
it. May it be dry or sweet, its flavor never wears out. The medium bodied, soft, open and ready for drink.
Highlanders Steakhouse features its new wines that you
will surely enjoy. Garnet color, fruity bouquet of strawberries and black
cherries with vinous notes and hints of wood, the
Wines for good health Fantini Sangiovese 2016 is quite intense and persistent;
medium bodied, with firm tannins and good balance. It
The Original Rib Shack Red Blend 2015 is a full bodied has an immediate appeal.
strong red wine with a ripe dark berry taste and
extravagant smoky oak spice after wood maturation. It The Beringer 2015 Carbenet Savignon is rich in deep
is a clear and significant blend that balances the best berry color with creamy mocha-espresso taste. The
of both Pinotage and Shivaz varietals with style and tannins are well integrated. It is full bodied with a
complexity right through to a smooth and juicy texture. saturated finish while accompanied by bright acidity
and infused by black currant and cooked blueberry
Strong floral and fruity notes, it has a presence of fruit.
violets, ripe black cherry and plum smell. The Tezzaras
de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2015 has a bright red This wine has a distinct combination of light and dark
color with purple shades. It reveals a toasty and spicy features of acidity and lift to the nose from the first pick,
character of black pepper and chocolate. Its sweet and and the richness and stone fruit characters. The 2016
juicy mouthcoating delivers graceful, delicate tannins Swartland Winery Sauvignon Blanc has a final blend of
and an elegant finish of black fruits. cuvees fermented and aged separately.

2013 La Capra Pinotage has a bright ruby color with And finally, lets toast to the 2016 Swartland Winery
raspberries and plum aromas and a hint of spice. Having Cabernet Savignon has a taste of dark berry that blends
sophisticated flavors of dark fruit and clove spice with a with a strong taste. It infusion of flavor of mocha-
firm tannin finish, it is really a good drink to enjoy. espresso that gives a prominent fragrance of the wine.
There is a balance and elegance in its feature.

Caramel Macchiato

Your hot cup...

It is very comforting to look for a hot drink to sip while the

rain is pouring outside the veranda during rainy season.
However, when it is dry, we normally seek for an iced or
frappe drinks that can quench the thirst during the sunny
season. Your steps will surely bring you to the door of one
of the restaurants that can offer you both hot and cold
Hot Chocolate

The Gourmet Avenue offers a variety of hot and cold

drinks depending on the taste of your palette and season.
It serves Signature Chocolate Drink that comes from
pure cocoa and is served either hot or cold depending on
your preference. Caff Mocha has a blend of coffee, milk
and cocoa. Their best tandem soothes your longing for
that cup of signature drink. The Cappuccino is an Italian
custom. It is an immediate choice for coffee lovers a
combination of espresso and frothed milk. Its name is
derived from the word Capuchin that looks like the color
of a Franciscan habit. Caramel Macchiato is a creamy treat
best for sweets lovers. This milky coffee is a combination
of an espresso shot with added caramel on the foamy top.
Every Japanese food lover and those who feed on greens
will truly love this milk green tea drink, Matcha. It Is really
good for your health.

Caff Mocha Matcha

Chicken Chowder


Carrot and Ginger Soup

A warm bowl for the soul

Tagaytay Highlands is a refuge every

summer. Because of its high altitude
of 2000 feet above sea level, you
will really feel the cold breeze of the
countryside. Minestrone Soup

The hearty and warm soups of

Tagaytay Highlands serve you the
freshest mouth-watering broths.
There are many outlets to choose
from that offer great food selection:
The Highlanders Steakhouse,
Midlands Golfers Lounge, The
Highlands Golfers Lounge, The Great
Room, Gourmet Avenue, and The
China Palace. Each restaurant offers
some of the best signature soups.

Chicken and Sausage in Pesto Broth Soup Saffroned Sea Bass Soup

Dol Sot Bibimbap

Korean Cuisine at the

Yang Yeom Chicken

orea has reached the hearts and
minds of every Filipino. From
K-dramas often patronized on mass
media, we witness Korean tradition and
culture presented in soaps and movies.
Here, Korean dishes are presented as a
spicy, healthy and savory alternative to the
growing global taste.

Just like their actors and actresses, Korean

dishes are a spectacle to behold. How
good it looks is the same as how good
it tastes. In this issue, we present to you
K-Cuisine a roster of stellar dishes
featured in Chosun at the Country Club to
end your diet drama!

Named after the great kingdom of Joseon,

the longest-ruling Confucian dynasty,
you will surely love the legendary culinary
masterpieces of the era.

Jap Chae

O Jingeo Bokkum


The O Jingeo Bokkum is a spicy Korean squid dish. The Jap Chae is a customary noodle dish in Korea. We
The squid is divided into bite-sized pieces and stir usually see this served in most Korean restaurants.
fried in a slightly sweet hot chili sauce along with Having that silky texture and sweet taste, you will surely
some crisp vegetables. Perfect in a cold weather and have to take another order to have this on your plate.
a good view of Tagaytay Highlands.
Lastly, the Dol Sot Bibimbap literally means mixed
Try the Sokalbigui, a broiled beef rib Korean dish. rice. This rice-topping dish has vegetables and a fried
It is popular since its recipe is approximate to a egg which are on top of the rice. You enjoy it more
beef barbeque. The spareribs are cut into bite-sized when it is served hot. This fiery bowl will surely give you
pieces and excess fat are removed from the meat. It good vibes for the day!
is marinated and mixed with traditional seasonings
and let it stand for 2 hours or more. Then broil both
sides on preheated heat. Enjoy it with fresh crunchy
greens. Chosun is available from Friday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
at The Gourmet Avenue, The Country Club.
This mouth-watering dish is thoroughly prepared. Its For inquiries, please call Sales at (0917) 882-6885.
preparation is not that simple since it is truly served
hot and tender. Tasting it with its chili surface will
really make you perspire and smile. This is Yang
Yeom Chicken a spicy Korean fried chicken.

The Membership

38 Tagaytay Highlands Membership Team
Membership Documentation Team

rom the time of application to the commencement of all incoming, existing and outgoing members. As the
of Club membership, the Membership Department first screener and final custodian of documents, their
must make their way open, warm and courteous keenness on detail and timelines is paramount. They
whatever the circumstances are. Their patience and strive to make membership applications as seamless as
dedication to work are very remarkable. Their office possible without compromising policies and standard
situated in Highlands Golf Club is the heart of Tagaytay procedures. Membership Services, on the other hand,
Highlands. Their daily works and special projects are steps in the moment the membership of one applicant
not easy tasks for they should provide every member is approved. Starting with the issuance of temporary or
with utmost care and concern. Atty. Cristina V. renewal of membership card, allowing access and usage
Caybot-Gilapay, Director of the Membership and Legal of Club facilities, issuance of guest card, providing Club
Department, shares her thoughts on how her office tours, facilitate reciprocal privileges with foreign golf
serves the Club members. clubs, come up with promo and rewards, among other
services, they cater the needs of the members.
Membership is composed of two divisions. One is the
Membership Services based at the Club (Tagaytay City) It is the gateway of the Club. It bridges members to
which is open from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm, departments, associations and developers where they
and second is Membership Documentation based in have concerns. For example, if a member has an issue
Manila which is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to with his/her billing, it is our role to inform Billing and, if
7pm. necessary, set a meeting or telecon to explain, assess
and recommend solution. We provide services and go
Membership Documentation handles the processing of the extra mile for our members to feel that their stay at
applications for membership as well as the documents the Club is truly worth their while.

Tagaytay Highlands Golf Club Reception

All processes are interconnected between

Documentation and Services. We observe policies
and procedures set by the Membership Committee or
Memcom. From an inquiry on how to become a member,
Documentation provides a checklist of requirements.
Once applicants submit all documentary requirements,
we set them for interview. The interview result together
with all documents will then be routed to the Memcom
for evaluation and approval. Once approved, we issue
an activation memo which reckons their admission
as Club members. Then, Services takes care of them. They strive to make
What we value the most are the members. We hear out
members complaints, trivial or grave, and endeavor membership applications
to provide answers or remedy. Equally, we appreciate
members comments and suggestions and seize them as as seamless as possible
opportunities for improvement.
without compromising
Atty. Tina further expounds on leadership and
management, As head of the Membership, I liken my policies and standard
role to the rudder of a ship. I steer the ship and provide
direction. When the sea is rough, I lead the ship to procedures.
peaceful waters lest I make it resilient. I handle my
people with love and care. I mentor them and treat each
of them as partner with vital roles to play. I make them
feel that they are valued and indispensable. I challenge
their capability as well. I want them to handle things
with sense of ownership and accountability. For the
good ones, full credit is given. For the not-so-good ones,
limited chances are given. But if one fails, I too share the
failure. I take responsibility for my people.

la dolce vita!
Decadent four cheese pizza consisting
of Blue Cheese, Fontina, Mozzarella and
Parmesan on hand made crust made daily
just for you.


place of relaxation and rejuvenation, The Spa Experience soothing leisure with a traditional massage
and Lodge offers serenity beyond expectation. therapy. This place is an extraordinary destination to
It is a venue for great revival of spirit and pursuit discover the magnificence of self rehabilitation. It is
of inner happiness. The ambient tranquility indulges where you take a break from busy schedule and empty
the soul with rest leading the person to authentic your mind of the gravity of work. The enjoyment of
benefits of pampering ones body. the place and space is the utmost gift of this abode. It
is truly a home for enlightment where you are always
warmly welcomed.

Scent Foot Treatment

Surrounded by authentic red cedar logs, the aroma Every day, we walk miles and miles. TSLs foot treatment
takes you to the wonder of the juniper forests for will surely revitalize the wounded and tired feet. Using
meditation. oils that really soothe the mile-walk of work, this will
surely be an answer to that.
Have your body pampered as you use the sauna
facility. The heat will surely envelope you and bring With a combination of lemon grass and ginger, TSLs
greatl relief. calming hot tea gives you great refreshment and
quenches your unending thirst for rest.
Be indulged in the variety of massage that The Spa
and Lodge (TSL) offers from head to foot massage After an exhausting yet enjoyable day, stay in one of the
styles: Filipino (Hilot), Swedish and Japanese log suites. The rustic ambiance of the room makes the
massages. Be refreshed with these signature spa experience truly calming.
massages. TSL also offers home service for Tagaytay
Highlands home owners.
For inquires and bookings, please call The Spa & Lodge
at (046) 483-0837 or (046) 483-0838 or (0917) 501-0772.

Look young and stay young. Facial services are truly

remarkable as TSL uses the best scrubs, foams and
creams. You will surely enjoy your facial by Biodroga.
Anti-aging Apple Stem Cell, Mens Refreshing and
Protective Facial, and Golden Caviar Facial are a few
of TSL services. Have your face alive again.

Power Up your
CORPORATE MEETINGS The Spa and Lodge Boardroom

agaytay Highlands has one of the largest
portfolios of meeting venues in Tagaytay
City. A perfect combination of business
and leisure, varied array of corporate function
spaces are scattered throughout the golf resort
estate. All meeting rooms offer versatility
in layout to satisfy any corporate meeting

Choose The Spa and Lodge Boardroom. Known

for its picturesque view of Mt. Sungay, the
Woodlands and Woodridge in the foreground
and the lush foliage surrounding the property,
the venue is ideal for 18-20 seating capacity.
This private meeting venue is just a convenient
Montana Hall walk down the hall adjacent to the suites of The
Spa and Lodge.
La Belle
In Montana Hall, experience superb country
ambiance and delectable steaks in one venue.
Located just below the main dining hall of
The Highlander Steakhouse, the venue can
accommodate 80 persons in dining set-up and
even more for seminar-type layout.

Top-level meetings are also hosted at La Belle of

the Highlands Golf Club. Conveniently located
in the heart of the golf club, it is a favored
venue for countless executive fora, art exhibits,
regional meetings and even diplomatic social
gatherings. It can hold 60 persons maximum.

The Library

Tufted comfortable chairs will ease out

grueling hours of thinking. The Library is
neatly tucked in the Country Club for private
meetings. The wooden panels and book-
lined cases offer a sanctuary to the corporate
think-tanks. The Golf Club, it has been a
favored venue for countless executive fora,
art exhibits, regional meetings and even
diplomatic social gatherings. It can hold 60
persons maximum.

The Spring Garden at the Highlands China

Palace is recently renovated complete with
air conditioning units. It can hold up to 200
persons in dining set-up and even double for
theater-style arrangements. The authentic
oriental design is designed by Hong-Kong
based designer, Albert Kwan.

Other venues to consider:

The Country Club Boardroom
The Country Club Veranda
Arizona and Texas Rooms
Highlands Conference Center
Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong Rooms
The Midlands Veranda

Available upon request are audiovisual equipment,

LED display units, LCD and direct projectors and wifi
services. Take your pick from the available venues. For
inquiries, please call Banquet Sales at (0917)8826885
or email at sales@tagaytayhighlands.com Spring Garden at the Highlands China Palace

Walking the Wild Side

Baby Owl Paling
agaytay Highlands is not just a home to people but also
a sanctuary for animals. The Animal Farm is a refuge for
many species of animals for years now. Since its operation,
it cares for lost and found animals. Recently, the Department of
Environment and Natural Resources aims to have a protection
of our natural resources including the species of animals that
are nearing extinction. The farm has responded to the call of
the government to protect not just the trees and agricultural
resources but also to take care of the wild and tamed animals.

One of these animals is Paling. It is an owl found in our

neighboring Barangay Calabuso. The people there donated
Paling to our Animal Farm for protection and conservation. It is
called Paling because of the unusual twist of its head when its
was still an owlet. You can even pet and touch Paling. However,
you must do it with care or else like any other if it senses danger,
it will fly away.

A group of ducklings makes a waddle on water, following

their mother duck. Yes! One of them is the mother and she is
leading them. It is difficult to distinguish which is the mother
among the ducks. But the operators of this mini-zoo are very
much acquainted with the animals. These animals are like
family to them. And they even have names!

About a year old, this little bear cat named Bridgette is a

favorite attraction in the Farm. Its mother and father are also
Ducklings residents of the farm Lama and Aki. Its cute physique and
wonderful disposition to play would really excite you. You can
even feed it with a stick.

The two Victoria Crowned Pigeons are the newest in the

Animal Farm family. Their lovely figure attracts many people.
The gorgeous crown is what makes their feature so distinct.
Its blueish color would remind you of the Filipino great fable-
novel Ibong Adarna.

These animals, like people, need protection and security. They

are so vulnerable to abuse. We must take care of them like we
Little Bear cat Bridgette take care of our family.

Victoria Crowned Pigeons

You may visit the Animal Farm daily from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays
from 8:00am to 6:00pm in Tagaytay Highlands. For more inquiries, call the
Sports Center at (046) 483-0848.

Blue-throated Bee-eater
Merops viridis

The Blue-throated Bee-eater has a long

central tail feather. It is common in cleared
fields adjacent to forest, open country, and
grasslands. Found in countries in Southeast
Asia, its usual habitat is subtropical or tropical
mangrove forests. This bird usually flies around
Tagaytay Highlands where you can find a lot of
greens and forest.

Black-naped Oriole
Oriolus chinensis

The Black-naped Oriole is known for its strong

pinkish bill and a broad black mask and
nape. It usually lives in forest, gardens and
plantations. It feeds on berries and insects.
The nominate population comes from the
Philippines. Its species are widespread in
Southeast Asia. Since Tagaytay Highlands is
full of fruit-bearing trees, this bird thrives in
our common areas.

Coppersmith Barbet
Psilopogon haemacephalus

The Coppersmith Barbet, also known as

pok-pok is best known for its metronomic
call that has been likened to a coppersmith
striking a metal with a hammer. It is a noisy,
frugivorous and conspicuous bird. It lives in
forest ridge and scrub habitat. It is thought
to be important agents of seed dispersal in
tropical forests. You will find this bird roaming
around the Chapel Gardens and hear its
distinctive sound.


2nd Quarter Golf Awards

Edsel Opulencia bested the quarterly scene with his
Overall Low Gross laurels with Edgardo Gallo for the
Low Net Championship at the Midlands Golf Course.
Mens Federation Captain Greg Yang dominated the
Class A honors with Hee Sung Lee as runner-up. Club
regulars Nelson de Villa and Joey Solis made to the Class
B champion and runner-up respectively. For Class C,
Gerardo Romualdez got the victors merit with Emmanuel
Barcelon in second while Robert Lim and Garrick Ang for
Class D champion and runner-up awards respectively.
For the Ladies Division, it was led by Pia Basa with
Jennifer Romualdez in the awards list. Congratulations
dear members!
Low Net Champion Edgardo Gallo Class A Champion Greg Yang

Club President Jerry Tiu, Fr. Joseph Mallari CRS, Alaon Family and Marketing and Events Department

2nd Quarter
Outreach Program

Thirty Children from Casa Miani San Jose Orphanage

based in Alabang and administered by Rev. Fr. Joseph
Mallari CRS visited Tagaytay Highlands for its 2nd
Outreach Program on 27 May. They were welcomed
by the Club President and employees of Tagaytay
Highlands. Their first itinerary was the Animal Farm
where they enjoyed seeing the different animals in the
mini-zoo. At 11am, a mass was celebrated by Fr. Mallari.
Lunch was at the Montana Hall in The Highlanders
Steakhouse where they also presented their own
composition of songs and played some fun games.


Agnes and Jeremy Lapea Coro de San Guillermo Choir

Sr. Angela, Concepcion and Rosary

Minerva and Carlos Alec Alfonso Patricia and Elmer Lapea

Flores De Mayo 2017

With the theme, Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord,
Fr. Randell Marero led the Mass as part of the celebration
Iigo Golingay Jr.
of the annual Flores de Mayo on May 28, at the Holy Family
Chapel. The celebration began with a procession in which
beautiful maidens along with their escorts participated. Rina Golingay
Lady members represented different characters and
the highlight of the parade is the Reyna Elena and her
Constantine. The queens who participated in the festival
gave their flowers as offerings to the Virgin Mary.

Fr. Randell Marero


Mothers Day & Fathers Day Masses

On 14 May and 18 June, a mass was celebrated in honor of all mothers

and fathers for both members and guests at the Holy Family Chapel.
The mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Mike Cron of Tahanan ng Mabuting
Pastol Seminary. A special photo booth was placed for families to have
their pictures complete with tokens and free drinks at Highlander Golfers

Santico Family

Corina Kilayko Fr. Mike Cron


Roast and Toast

Tagaytay Highlands summer season will not be
complete without its annual barbecue event.
Hosted at The Country Club poolside, members
and their guests are treated to a delicious
selection of meats, soups, and salads. In al
fresco dining style, the event was overflowing
with cold margaritas and chilled Italian wines, it
was truly a hot summer night to remember.

Duo Harmonique Alaon Family

Senior Vice President for Operations Mary Eleanor A. Mendoza, General Manager Claire T. Kramer, Club
President Jerry C. Tiu, Atty. Roberto Oliva and ASEAN Executives Dignitary from Singapore

One Tree at a Time

One Tree at a Time has been a project of Tagaytay Highlands, Belle
Corporation and Highlands Prime Incorporated in cooperation
and partnership with ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) united
towards a greater goal of achieving a million trees, envisioning
a greener world. The event was held at The Plantation Hills. The
executives of the different companies, some of the members of the
diplomatic corps from the Embassies of Thailand and Singapore
and the advocates of the One Tree at a Time especially the
executives of ACB showed their support by planting a tree or two
in the area. It was followed by a simple breakfast at the Midlands
Dignitaries from Thailand Golf Veranda.


Senior Art Session

On May 24, 2017, the Sunshine Place members visited Tagaytay Highlands for a day of art and leisure. The
organization/club in Makati City has been helping senior citizens to enrich their retirement age with worthwhile
activities; and, painting is one the things the seniors love to do. They had their day-long art session at the scenic
Midlands Veranda and produced landscape artworks depicting the trees, mountains, the lake, and volcano. It would
truly amaze anyone.

ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly Meeting

The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly met in the Philippines for the 13th Meeting of the AIPA Fact-Finding
Committee (AIFOCOM) to combat The Drug Menace. This was attended by different representatives and dignitaries
of ASEAN nations and the members of the House of Representatives. On its third day, they went to The Highlander
Steakhouse, Tagaytay Highlands where the officials of the Department of Health-Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
presented a briefing. It was followed by lunch after which, they left for an inspection-visit to the Department of
Health-Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Tagaytay City.


General Manager Claire T. Kramer, Atty. Bayani K. Tan, Club President Jerry C. Tiu
and Atty. Cristina V. Caybot-Gilapay, Membership and Legal Director Ma. Leonor and Timoteo Jayme

Highlanders Card Luncheon Event

Tagaytay Highlands honored its members with a luncheon at Highlands China
Palace last 5 August. The event was exclusive to the most loyal members of the
Club whose 2016 patronage contributed to a successful fiscal year. Attended
by hundreds of members including the Clubs Board of Directors, Atty. Bayani
K. Tan, Club President Jerry C. Tiu and General Manager Ms. Claire T. Kramer,
the event was highlighted by the unveiling of the Highlanders cards and the
issuance of the new cards to the qualified members. At lunch, a jazz band
filled the hall with soothing music interspersed with some Chinese songs
perfect for the glamorous 1920s Shanghai theme. Opera was performed by
the renowned, The Nightingales, with soprano duet singing classical pieces.
The celebration was concluded with an exciting raffle and the congratulatory
message of the Club President. Special thanks to our sponsors, Philippines
Airlines, Moet & Chandon, Sommelier Selection, PhilHomes and Marriott
John Patrick and Germaine Gale Salazar Manila.

De Vela Family

Santi and Jesusa Ascutia Cecille Lei with usherettes Lofreda and Michael Del Carmen
It is your home!
Get a copy of The Philippines Best at the Membership
Office or The Shop at the Spa and Lodge.

For copy reservations, please call

Membership Office at (0917) 860-0918 or
email at membership@tagaytayhighlands.com