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Learning Objectives HoH Learning Fair 18

Programs offered by Funverks

i. Lego Serious Play by Laila Ishaq

Program Objective:
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is a radical, innovative, experiential
process designed to enhance business performance. It is based on the belief that
everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions & the outcome.

ii. High performance Teams by Yasir Taak

Program Objective:
A one- day Funverks experience to initiate meetings, enhance team performance
and spark creativity
Breaking mental barriers, understand challenges of working together and
explore possibilities of ways to work together

iii. Connect by Yasir Taak

Program Objective:

Building rapport through appropriate communication

Blending verbal and non-verbal elements to communicate clearly and effectively
Communicating with peers, decision makers, subordinates, and customers
Building a positive culture through effective communication

iv. Presentation Edge by Nauman Nasrullah

Program Objective:

To deliver high impact presentations with a clear concise message

Engaging the audience and matching expectations
Delivering the message with a punch
Carnelian Learning Objectives
1. Building High Performance Teams

Program Objective:

Develop and refine existing leadership skills, to be used in a personal and

professional context.
Learn a practical and transparent way of developing teams to enhance

2. Competency Based Interviewing

Program Objective:

Equipping the audience with right tools and acumen to find the best fit for the
Ability to evaluate candidate based on job related competencies, requirements
and behaviours

3. The EQ series

Program Objective:

Designed to equip individuals with EQ competencies to deal with diverse

demands of a corporate career. Enhances interpersonal skills to foster a more
collaborative and efficient team culture to advance managers into emotionally
intelligent leaders.

4. Creativity and Problem Solving

Program Objective:

To teach ways to think creatively and turns ideas into implementation.

To teach problem solving techniques which allow managers to think critically and
reach the root cause of problems.