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Description of Module 4
10.4.1. Code: MMT 06102
10.4.2. Name: Underground Mining Survey
10.4.3. Number of Credits 6
Sub-enabling Outcomes:
1.3.1 Perform error analysis of instrumentation equipment

2.1.1 Carry out surveys for mining excavations

2.1.2 Establish grade line for underground excavation works.

3.1.1 Identify steps for troubleshooting

10.4.5. Prerequisite Module: NONE

10.4.6. Learning Context:
The course will be taught through lectures, practical, assignments and site visits
10.4.7. Learning Materials:
Multimedia projector, video cassette, TV ,VCR Compass, scale ruler, technical
drawing kit, pumps, motors and site visits
[1] Bannister, A. and Raymond S. (1992) Surveying (6th Edition), ELBS,
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Great Britain
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[4] Urene & Price: Surveying for Engineers
[5] Author: Obert, L. and Duvall, W.I. Title: Rock Mechanics and Design of
Structures in Rocks
10.4.8. Integrated Method of Assessment:
Lectures, tutorials assignments, tests and end of Semester examinations
Continuous Assessment Components 40%

Final Examination 60%

GM 273 Mine Surveying (2, 1, 2)

This course aims at equipping the students with the knowledge and skills involved in Mine Surveying. It is
designed to provide them with enough information on surveys in both surface and underground mineral
exploration and exploitations.

Correlation of surface and underground surveys. Underground traversing. Stope surveying. Transfer of
controls underground: Weisbach triangle method, Weiss quadrilateral method, gyro-theodolite method.
Transfer of height underground. Directional control for drives raises and inclines. Survey of diamond drill
bore holes. Application of photogrammetry in underground surveying. Quality control and assurance.

Reading Material

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