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How do the systems that compromise the e*Logistics program bake in an

institutionalized best practice?

The focus on business for the e*Logistics program had a project team which composed of
Business experts in the different areas of the supply chain in different fields like
Order Management
They also had IT experts who were responsible for all the IT related services in the
e*Logistics program
The in-house development team focused primarily on the quality checks, customization of
the services that were being offered. To highlight a few points, their major activities
Better quality control
Customized services
Adaptation to process
The IT team follows the product flow in the e*Logistics program.
To change the perception of the program from a push approach to a pull approach they
used multiple channels and methods to increase the efficacy of the system like:
Use of reminders
Important steps of the value chain are built in e*Logistics
Forces users to use it and makes it independent from users
The interfacing had to be made user friendly and simple since it had to be deployed across
all the verticals. They used middleware broker to make e*Logistics ERP agnostic. It then
allowed for easy and modular deployment of the services to reduce the resistance to change
in different division where the service had to be implemented.
The global effect was that everyone came under the ambit of the e*Logistics program
The results were a coordinated effect between the SIP, individual processes and the
e*Logistics program
Salient features of the e*Logistics program

Sales Order Fulfillment Finance & Mgmt

Order booking CLCs connected Visibility across
Ability to update to sub suppliers entire business
orders All orders visible Ability to view
Auto across supply progress &
communication chain actual costs
to supervisors Faster billing

Project Proposal Field Installation Service

Review by both Consistent Centralized
sales & field process flow documents
supervisors Field supervisor Customer data
Integrated pull the in CRM
customer data components on Better
from CRM demand coordination