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Flipped Instruction Resource Guide

Presentation: Making videos and Narrated PowerPoints

Screencastify (Google Chrome extension)


Web-based (i.e., no need to download)

Saves files directly to Google Drive

EZVid (


Screen and audio recorder

Great editing tools

Combine regular videos with screen capture videos

Add text (for captions, for example)


Make PowerPoint presentation of content

Record narration, slide show, and mouse movements

CamStudio (

Screen-recording software

Jing (

Screen-recording software
Presentation: Internet videos

JenniferESL YouTube Channel (

Clear speech, subtitles, authentic examples, range of content

(grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, functions)

Rachels English YouTube Channel


Only pronunciation, very thorough, demonstrations, diagrams

Lots of other videos of varying quality dealing with a range of topics on


Practice: At-home Activities

Hot Potatoes (

Create your own interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-

sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.

For hundreds of other sites, google ESL exercises.

Website-Building Software
(for building home base of flipped classroom)

Weebly (

Wix (

Square Space (

Miscellaneous Readings and Materials

Flipped Learning Network (

Flipped Learning Resources Google Drive


The Flipped Class: Myths vs. Reality (


Katie Gimbars Flipped Classroom FAQ


Three Reasons to Flip Your Classroom


Is The Flipped Classroom Relevant to ELT?