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7 Insane Things Made by a 3D Printer That Will Blow Your Mind

New York, NY, November 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- A 3D printer able to print anything? Since 3D printing
technology is still under development, there aren't any machines that give a chance to print literally
anything, but it is just a matter of time. Nevertheless, even nowadays, with the use of 3D printing
technology we are able to create really insane things. Zortrax, a leading European manufacturer of
integrated 3D printing solutions, presents a list of seven 3D printed items that are mind-blowing.


In December 2016, Russian company Apis Cor announced a project whose goal was to 3D print an
on-site house with use of a mobile 3D printer. Soon after that, the first house created with the technology
had been put up in Stupino town. The most amazing fact about this construction is that most of the house
was built in just 24 hours. It wasn't a mansion, but it is still an astonishing result for a 38 sqm building.


Buying a new dress? The main problem might be that you cannot find the perfect one you imagined years
ago. Why not 3D print it? New designs are shown year after year on fashion shows around the world, but
thanks to the fact that 3D printing is becoming cheaper, dresses will become more and more affordable.

Blood vessels

Using 3D printing for medical purposes is probably one of the most researched areas nowadays. Chinese
company Sichuan Revotek has recently announced that they have succeeded in implanting 3D printed
blood vessels into the body of the rhesus monkey. One month after the surgery, the company announced
that printed blood vessels have functioned exactly the same as original ones.


Replacing the standard 3D printer plastic filament with something edible? A 3D printer creates your
favorite cake. Hundreds of bakeries have already adapted this technology that enables them to bring not
only fantastic taste but also fantastic shape to their wares. Nevertheless, confectionery is not the only area
where 3D printers come in handy. Currently, NASA is developing a project of creating 3D printers able
to provide astronauts with food during long-term missions. It is only a matter of time until 3D printers
replace our ovens, blenders, cookers and other kitchen equipment.


Engagement rings, signets, wedding rings, whatever you can imagine. American company Shapeways is
one of the biggest jewelry manufacturers that uses 3D printers to fabricate their goods. The idea is simple.
The customer designs ideal, custom-made pieces of jewelry using computer software and uploads a 3D
model. Once updated, the model is checked for 3D printing viability, printed, cleaned and delivered. The

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process may take a while but having your own customized ring is worth it.


Just like 3D printers, drones are becoming more popular and affordable. Nowadays they are affordable to
almost everyone, and it is quite fun to have one for your personal use. They tend to break quite often.
Even a collision that looks harmless at first sight may cause damage to some of your drone's parts. That is
why some people started to develop 3D printed ones. The main purpose is to replace the drone's broken
parts as soon as possible and come back to play. By googling 3D printed drone you will find hundreds
of open-design projects available for you online. Have fun.


The first 3D printed drug was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) two years ago. The
medicine, called Spritam levetiracetam, has been developed to help patients with epilepsy. The pill
manufacturer - Aprecia Pharmaceuticals - created the product by deposing the medication powder layer
after layer until it reaches the certain dose.

This is a list of seven 3D printed things that are mind-blowing. 3D printing applications' world is vast and
it is about to become endless in a near future.

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