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Elementary Education Formal Observation Form

Junior/Senior Intern

Student:Anna Schlesinger Observer: Dana Mann Grade: K

Date: 11/14 Time: 12:30 PM Subject: Maddies Fridge

1. Classroom Climate/Culture - Student Behavior

Intern communicates and maintains standards for appropriate classroom behavior.
Intern anticipates and acts on potential classroom disruptions.
Intern maintains positive classroom climate.
Intern responds to student behaviors appropriately.
Ms. Schlesginer set expectations for students before beginning lesson.
2. Instruction - Instructional Time
Intern has materials, supplies, and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or activity.
Intern gets class started quickly.
Intern uses available time for learning and keeps students on task.
Ms. Schlesinger had all materials ready and began class quickly. She used all available time for student learning. She did
an excellent job reading Maddies Fridge. She was well prepared with questions that she asked during the reading of the

3. Instruction - Instructional Planning and Presentation

Intern establishes links with prior learning and experiences.
Intern arranges learning activities to support standards.
Intern appropriately uses a variety of teaching styles.
Ms. Schlesinger related prior knowledge to support the experience. A variety of teaching styles were used ~ direct
instruction, questioning, etc.

4. Instruction - Instructional Monitoring

Intern circulates to check performance and monitor progress.
Intern varies level of questioning.
Intern ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate.
Ms. Schlesinger made a point of attending to and calling on a variety of students. This helped the children remain on task
and listen to the story.

Ms. Schlesinger attended to the children on the rainbow rug during reading the story. She circulated during work time and
assisted children at their tables. She used questioning and restating to help children successfully complete the task.

5. Impact on Student Learning - Facilitating Instruction

Intern establishes clear outcomes for learning.
Intern communicates learning outcomes to students.
Intern adjusts lesson based on student responses/ongoing assessment.
Intern connects learning outcomes to the NCSCOS.

Ms. Schlesinger clearly established outcomes for learning and communicated those outcomes for students.
6. Evaluation/Assessment - Instructional Feedback
Intern provides feedback on the correctness or incorrectness of in-class work to encourage student growth.
Intern affirms correct oral responses appropriately and moves on.
Intern provides sustaining feedback after an incorrect response by probing, repeating the question, giving a clue,
or allowing more time.
Comments: Ms. Schlesinger used questioning skills during the reading to encourage attention. She affirmed students with
Good job and other appropriate comments. She did a good job redirecting a student (Brooklynne) when she
commented and did not answer the question asked.
Strengths: Areas on which to focus:
Planning and preparation Ms. Schlesinger was well
prepared. The questions used were appropriate to Ms. Schelsinger did an excellent job in planning and
Kindergarteners and you elaborated which helped students presenting her lesson. Her previous lesson was well done
understand a complex topic. but with this lesson, Ms. Schlesinger is much more
confident in her teaching skills. This shows definite growth
Teaching focus: student engagement: Ms. Schelesinger as a teacher and reflective practitioner.
did an excellent job of using voice and questioning skills to
enhance student engagement. This also supported Continue to develop voice skills ~ its a bit like acting. You
classroom management skills. You have clearly grown have to grow into that and make it your own.
during your internship.

Were the learning outcomes for the students met? YES NO

Did the interns/student teachers classroom management support the learning outcomes?
It did. See comments above
Was the Teaching Behavior Focus goal achieved?
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