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SF6 PufferPak

Resettable Fault

15.5kV and 27kV Padmount
and Subsurface Applications

200 Amp or 600 Amp switches tested as
per ANSI C37.71, C37.72 and C37.60

12 kA SYM fault interrupting
Upper Left: Rotary Selector Control Panel.
Above: Four-way Padmounted RFI.
Above Right: VFD Control for RFI.
Left: Typical Subsurface RFI Switch and Wall-Mounted Control.

Resettable Fault Interrupter from Canada Power Products

PufferPak SF6 RFI switches combine safe, reliable source
switching with microprocessor-controlled, 3-phase vacuum
INDEX interruptors. Field-proven SF6 Puffer-action technology safely
cools and extinguishes the arc during switch opeation. Sealed
RFI Description . . . . . .2 switch construction, unaffected by contamination, rodents or
floods minimizes maintenance.

Subsurface RFI Ordering Load-side vacuum interruptors are armed manually with an
operating handle; tripping is automatic. Manual tripping is pro-
Information . . . . . . . . .3 vided by the control panel, or mechanically by moving the con-
trol handle. A fault on any phase results in three-phase trip-
Padmount RFI Ordering ping. True rms current sensing is employed for overloads and
Information . . . . . . . . .4 fault current to give optimum accuracy.
User-Selectable Pre-Programmed Time Current Curves
Certified Tests and Various time current curves are pre-programmed into the con-
Performance . . . . . . . . .5 trol module. Each module has the ability to to store up to 64
different curves. These curves are selectable in two ways. In the
VFD control module, curves are selected by a user-friendly key-
Typical Specifications 6,7
pad. A 6-way dip switch on the rear of the rotary dial control
module selects the curves. Ground fault pickup and delay, and
instantaneous trip values are also available on the VFD control

SF6 Switches
Resettable Fault Interrupter
Vault and Subsurface Style
Switch Ratings Standard Features
15.5 and 27 kV voltage classes All welded stainless steel Phase identification tags,
switch tank, nameplate with ratings and
600 or 200 Amp continuous connection diagram.
and load break switching Factory assembled, tested,
and filled with SF6. Color-coded pressure gauge
Standard 12kA SYM momen- with separate fill valve.
tary and fault close Self-powered electronically
controlled resettable fault Lifting and mounting provi-
Fault Interrupting Capability interrupter providing three- sions.
12kA SYM fault interrupting phase circuit protection.
Styles NEMA 4 electronic enclosure
standard. NEMA 6P available
2-, 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-way circuit
configurations Removable operating handle
with padlock provisions, posi-
600 Amp deadbreak or 200 tion indicators, provision for
Amp deepwell elbow connec- operation by hookstick or
tions rope, and handle storage.
Three phase interruption 200 Amp deepwell or 600
Amp bushings furnished with
protective shipping caps and
one ground lug per set of

W H D Wt.
Switch Catalog Model Max
Dim. Dim. Dim. Lbs.
Configuration Number Number kV
In. In In Approx.

SRG6-22-15 6T 15.5
20 23.3 30 210
SRG6-22-27 6T 27

SRG6-33-15 6T6 15.5

25 23.3 30 320
SRG6-33-27 6T6 27

SRG6-44-15 6TT6 15.5

36.5 23.3 30 550
SRG6-44-27 6TT6 27

SRG6-55-15 6TTT6 15.5

48.5 23.3 30 700
SRG6-55-27 6TTT6 27

SRG6-66-15 6TTTT6 15.5

60.5 23.3 30 850
SRG6-66-27 6TTTT6 27
Notes: Consult factory for other configurations.
Replace 6 with 2 in model number for 200A deepwell bushings.
Replace T with S in model number for 600A apparatus bushings on RFI ways.

Resettable Fault Interrupters
Padmount Style
Phase identification tags,
Switch Ratings Standard Features nameplate with ratings and
All welded mild or stainless connection diagram
15.5 and 27 kV voltage
Classes steel switch tank, factory Color-coded pressure gauge
assembled, tested, and with separate fill valve.
600 or 200 Amp Continuous filled with SF6.
and load break switching Lifting and mounting provi-
Self-powered electronically sions.
Standard 12kA SYM momen- controlled resettable fault
tary and fault close interrupter providing three- Optional parking stands for
phase circuit protection. cable connections available.
Fault Interrupting Capability
NEMA 4 electronic enclo- 12-gauge mild steel, tam-
12kA SYM fault interrupting
sure standard. NEMA 6P per-resistant, single-side
Styles optional. access padmount enclosure
with 3-point latch double
2-, 3-, 4- or 5-way circuit Removable operating han- doors and hinged hood.
configurations dle with padlock provision,
position indicators, provi- Enclosure equipped with
600 Amp deadbreak or 200 stainless steel hardware,
Amp deepwell elbow connec- sion for operation by hook-
stick or rope, and handle wind stops, padlock provi-
tions sion and penta-head bolt.
Three phase interruption Enclosure painted dark
200 Amp deep-well or 600 green.
Amp bushings furnished
with protective shipping
caps and one ground lug

W H D Wt.
Switch Catalog Model Max
Dim. Dim. Dim. Lbs.
Configuration Number Number kV
In. In In Approx.

PRG6-22-15 6T 15.5
41 45 52 725
PRG6-22-27 6T 27

PRG6-33-15 6T6 15.5

53 45 52 925
PRG6-33-27 6T6 27

PRG6-44-15 6TT6 15.5

65 45 52 1175
PRG6-44-27 6TT6 27

PRG6-55-15 6TTT6 15.5

65 45 52 1175
PRG6-55-27 6TTT6 27
Notes: Consult factory for other configurations.
Replace 6 with 2 in model number for 200A deepwell bushings.
Replace T with S in model number for 600A apparatus bushings on RFI ways.

SF6 Switches
Certified Tests and Performance

The following data are the ANSI/IEEE 386 Standard and high-speed movies. As
result of tests on standard for Separable Connectors required by ANSI standards, all
production PufferPak load and Bushings. tests were performed in a spe-
break switches. The switches cific sequence without any
IEC 265 International
were tested per applicable por- maintenance to the switch or
Standards for Load
tions of IEEE, ANSI, NEMA, SF6. Tests were conducted at
Interrupting Switches.
and other industry standards 15.5, 27, and 38 kV levels on
including: ASTM D-2472 Specification approximately 75 different
for Commercial Type switches including 2-, 3-, and
ANSI C37. 71 Standard for Electrical Grade SF6. 4-way configurations. To simu-
Subsurface Load
ANSI C57.12.28 Standard late actual service conditions,
Interrupting Switches.
for Padmount Enclosures. the tests were run at various
ANSI C37.72 Standard for SF6 gas pressures and with
Padmount Load Interrupting Tests were conducted at rec- switches mounted in typical
Switches. ognized, independent power subsurface and padmount
testing laboratories, including applications.
ANSI C37.60 Standard for KEMA in Holland. Test results
Fault Interrupters. were verified by oscillograms

Voltage Ratings
Maximum Design Voltage 15.5 kV 27 kV 38kV 15.5 kV RFI 27 kV RFI
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
BIL Impulse withstand 95 kV 125kV 150 kV 95 kV 125 kV
One minute AC withstand 35 kV 60 kV 70 kV 35 kV 50 kV
Fifteen minute DC withstand 66 kV 96 kV 103 kV 53 kV 78 kV
Corona extinction 11 kV 19 kV 26 kV 11 kV 19 kV
Open Gap BIL Flashover withstand 200 kV 200 kV 200 kV 95 kV 125 kV

Current Ratings
Load interrupting and loop switching 600 A 600 A 600 A 600 A 600 A
Transformer magnetizing interrupting 25 A 25 A 25 A 21 A 21 A
Capacitor or cable charging interrupting 40 A 40 A 40 A 25 A 25 A
22,500 A 22,500 A
Asymmetrical momentary and 3 operation fault close - 22,500 A
(32,000 A) (32,000 A) 19,200 A 19,200 A
standard. (Optional ratings)* (32,000 A)
(40,000 A) (40,000 A)
15,000 A 15,000 A
Symmetrical one second rating - standard. 15,000 A
(20,000 A) (20,000 A) 12,000 A 12,000 A
(Optional ratings)* (20,000 A)
(25,000 A) (25,000 A)
Continuous current 600 A 600 A 600 A 600 A 600 A
8 hour overload current 900 A 900 A 900 A
Overload interrupting capability 3,000 A 2,500 A 2,000 A 12,000 A 12,000 A
Operations - 600 A load interrupting endurance 1,000 1,000 1,000
Symmetrical 10 cycle phase to phase simulated inter-
12,500 A 12,500 A 12,500 A
nal fault withstand

Application Information and Mechanical Ratings

Sealing systems 10 7
cc/second maximum gas leakage
Ambient temperature range -40 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit
Corrosion resistance per ASTM B-117 2000 hours minimum
Mechanical life 2000 operations
SF6 gas normal operating pressure range 2-15 PSIG
*Above ratings may be reduced due to entrances and bushings selected.

Typical Specifications The completed unit must be The contacts shall be self-
General capable of withstanding inter- aligning, wiping type, incorpo-
nal failure without explosion or rating tungsten copper arcing
This specification outlines the fire and shall be capable of tips to prevent wear.
requirements for a three- being mounted in any position
phase, group operated, 60 Hz A puffer contact system for
for best cable training and fast arc extinction along with
sectionalizer using SF6 puffer operation.
switches for load interruption a special internal absorbent
and SF6 insulated vacuum shall be used for improved
breaker switches for fault performance and to prevent
Switch Construction
interruption for: arc by-products.
The switch shall use dead-
Subsurface Switches shall include:
front, compact, sealed con-
Padmount applications. struction. The contact system, Operating handles with padlock
interconnecting bus, operating provisions in the open and
The switch shall be: mechanisms, and bushings closed position, capable of oper-
single phase shall be enclosed by a corro- ation by hookstick or rope with
three phase, with sion-resistant stainless steel direction of movement clearly
tank. indicated.
The switch must be mainte- Stainless steel nameplate pro-
3-way nance free, all welded con- viding information including
4-way struction, eliminating the use ratings, contact position indi-
of gasketed seals. The operat- cation, circuit configuration
circuit configuration. The unit
ing shafts must be sealed by a and phase identification.
will include 200 Amp deepwell
or 600 Amp bushings per flexible metal bellows (O-ring Color coded pressure gauge
ANSI/IEEE 386. A one-line type seals are not acceptable). for visual indication of normal
diagram indicating the circuit Unless otherwise specified, operating range, enclosed in a
configuration, number and cable connections, handles sealed, protective housing to
location of switched ways and operating accessories shall prevent damage.
number and location of ways be located so only single side Fill valve for field testing of
providing fault interruption access is required for opera- SF6, protected and sealed
capability, and type of bush- tion and installation. with a removable cap.
ings required will accompany Operating handles shall be
this specification. Ground lugs, one for each set
capable of being removed and of bushings.
Switches must be furnished stored or permanently
factory-filled with an electrical attached. 200 Amp deepwell or 600
grade of non-toxic, non-flam- Amp bushings, with protective
Movement of the operating shipping caps (elbows and
mable SF6 gas, conforming to handles will actuate an inter-
ASTM D-2472. inserts furnished by user).
nal spring mechanism causing
A pressure gauge that provides the switch contacts to open or Lifting and mounting provi-
visual status of both the insu- close and latch into position. sions.
lating and interrupting dielec- The spring operator will use
tric must be included. 100% compression springs for long
production testing shall life and will provide positive
include a mass spectrometer position indication. The switch
leak test, contact resistance, contacts and interconnecting
AC one minute withstand and bus shall be plated copper
corona extinction tests. with Belleville washers and
locking fasteners to provide
consistent pressure at bolted

SF6 Switches
Typical Specifications Trip control shall be available Rotary Selector Switch
in two formats, VFD with key- The rotary selector switch control
Fault interrupting Switches pad, and rotary switch selection. shall be used for 200 A max-
The Switchgear shall incorporate VFD With Keypad imum loads. There shall be 10
a vacuum fault interrupter. The fuse selections from 30 to 200.
device shall interrupt all fault The vacuum fluorescent display
currents up to the rated maxi- (VFD) shall be legible at -40C LED indication shall be provided
mum. The interrupter shall use without the need for a heater. to show cause of trip.
a flux shifter for tripping and be The display shall be energized An intermittently blinking LED
manually resettable with no by the external CTs on the shall indicate ready status.
consumable parts (e.g., fuses). switch, when load current is
A RS232 communication port
flowing. In the event the switch
As a safety precaution, the shall be provided to read real time
is de-energized, a 9V lithium
interrupter shall incorporate a current and fault current.
battery shall be included to
trip-free mechanism to prevent allow operation of the display Status contacts for remote SCADA
the possibility of holding the and keypad for gathering data indication shall be provided.
interrupter closed under a fault- and changing parameters. The A manual trip push-button shall
ed condition, with no reaction keypad shall be used to select be provided, with provision for
through the switch handle. the following parameters: remote trip.
The RFI shall be capable of act- TCC fuse curve Padmount Enclosure
ing as a true three-phase group- Construction
operated circuit breaker with no TCC fuse rating
mechanical link between phas- Instantaneous trip For padmount installations, a
es. For a three-phase trip, an tamper-resistant housing shall be
Ground fault Pick-Up provided. The enclosure will be
overcurrent condition on any
one phase shall simultaneously Ground Fault Delay constructed of 12-gauge thick
trip all three phases. Protection Mode mild steel, stiffened and cross-
kinked for watershed and rigidity.
The RFI shall also be capable of The VFD shall display the above All flanges shall overlap and inter-
serving as a three-phase group- data in addition to cause of trip. lock to discourage unauthorized
operated load-break switch. entry. The design shall incorpo-
Control shall have ability to
Opening and closing can be rate single side access to mini-
store 64 different TCC curves.
accomplished with a manual mize the necessary space required
Trip selection shall be available
operating handle, or by optional for operation. Access to the switch
in 12 positions from 10 to 450.
motor operators. and cable compartments shall be
Instantaneous trip values shall
A viewing window with indica- through lightweight hinged doors
be in multiples of the CT prima-
tion of contact position shall be and hood. The enclosure will be
ry rating in increments of 50%
provided. completely removable from the
of the CT primary rating with
Trip Control switch to facilitate installation,
values from 300 A to 7200 A.
maintenance, and, if necessary,
Overcurrent sensing shall be Ground fault trip settings shall replacement.
accomplished with an electronic range from 10 - 30% of the CT
trip control. The control shall Padmount enclosures shall
primary rating in increments of
use current transformers exter- include:
5% of the CT primary rating.
nal to the tank to sense line Recessed lifting provisions.
Ground Fault time delay shall
currents. These CTs shall also Padlock provision with penta-
be selectable in 10 settings from
provide power for control opera- head security bolt.
.05 to 1.0 secs.
tion. No external power source
A RS232 port shall be provided Mounting provisions using inter-
shall be required. The CTs shall
for communication with external nal flange for anchoring.
be dual ratio 600:.5 A and 200:
.5 A. To provide immunity from devices. 300 series stainless steel hard-
system voltage problems (e.g., A manual trip button shall be ware with the enclosure painted
overvoltage transients), the con- supplied to trip interrupter elec- dark green (Munsell #7.0 GY
trol shall not be sensitive to sys- trically. Provision for remote trip 3.29/1.5) with a 3 MIL thick
tem voltage conditions. The con- shall be provided. primer. The bottom edges of the
trol shall be fully operable and unit in contact with the concrete
Operating temperature of the pad coated to prevent corrosion.
meet the specified time-cur-
rent curve when energized. control shall be -40C to +65C.
Door stops and stays to prevent
accidental closing.

Improve the functionality of your Resettable Fault Interrupter with:

Microprocessor-based 24 VDC Motor Operators Remote Terminal Units

Automatic Transfer Package
Linear actuators reliably con- Transducerless design for direct
Automatically transfer to alter- trolled by state of the art cur- AC inputs.
nate supply upon loss of voltage rent sensing technology. Various communication proto-
on preferred feeder. Positive status indication for cols available including DNP 3,0
User friendly keypad for field remote control. and UCA.
programmable parameters. Suitable for padmount or sub- Fibre, telephone or radio interface
SCADA interface surface applications

Switch Controller

Permanently mounted NEMA4X

enclosure with up to 5 con-
trolled switch ways.
Local /Off/Remote toggle
Power supply, battery and
charger included.

Hand-held Portable

Provides safe operation of

switch in confined environment
120VAC input with or without
Positive LED status indication


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