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Name: Lana Year: 8 Date: 21.7.


Art Analysis
Name of artist and title of Cubist artwork that you have
chosen to analyse
I have chosen to analyse a cubist artist called Pablo Picasso
and his artwork The Weeping Woman.
Using the subjective frame;

1. How does the artist want the audience to react?

I think the way the artist wants the audience to react is to focus and
wonder why the woman is crying as the focus of the painting is the woman
and maybe the woman crying represents a sad time in his life or maybe he
is doing it in the womens perspective.

2. In your opinion, what is the dominant mood?

In my opinion I believe that the dominant mood is doleful and sad, I can tell
that that is the dominant mood because of the title The Weeping Woman
and what the painting represents.

3. Do the colours and shapes used evoke any emotions?

Yes, for example the shapes under her eyes represent tears which
represents sadness and the colours that the artist has used has set a doleful
and sad mood. Also, you can see in her eyes with the colours that he has
used that there are tears in her eyes and that they are watery.

Using the structural frame;

Name: Lana Year: 8 Date: 21.7.17

1. What materials have been used?

Pablo Picasso used oil paint on a medium canvas to make the painting.

2. How has the artist used line, shape, colour, texture, tone, focal point,
composition, and space within the artwork?
Pablo Picasso has implemented all the elements of design in his artwork. The
focal point of the artwork is the weeping woman he has used a variety of
colours in his artwork such as red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, orange etc.
He has also used a lot of different shapes and lines in his artwork for example
you can see that on the womans face all the different shapes and lines he has
used and on her hat. Picasso has used tone in his artwork for example, he has
shaded above her eye which represents that she is wearing makeup and he has
also used composition and has arranged the visual elements as it is a cubism
artwork for example you can see that she is holding a tissue.

3. What symbolic value do the elements and objects in the artwork convey?
The elements and objects that are in the artwork convey different
emotions, the focus of this artwork is the woman crying which has multiple
reasons. The woman crying symbolises a sad event in her life.

Include name of artist, title of work
and date it was made here.