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- Introduction to the company businesses, policy and work ethics

- Introduction to the department and its role
- Self-introduction to the staffs
- Introduction to hydrocarbon allocation and delivery network of
crude oil, gas and condensate
11/9/2017 - Performing composition checking
21/9/2017 - Attending Morning Meeting and HSE Meeting
- Discussion on Student Industrial Project (SIP)
- Crosschecking Global Arrangement Product Allocation (GAPA) report

Logbook Weekly Evaluation by HOST COMPANY SUPERVISOR

Instruction to Host Company Supervisor
Please refer to the students to assess his/her performance.
Please award the scores based on the range below:

Accomplished Exemplary
Beginning Developing
Students Score (Rare) (Exceptionally Rare) Score
(<2.0) (2.0 to <3.25)
(3.25 to <4.0) (4.0 to 5.0)
Mostly self-starter
Had little observable Always a self-starter and
Some observable drive and sometimes
Initiative & drive and did not have consistently sought new
and some new ideas sought new /5
Creativity new ideas challenge and offered new
challenges and
creative ideas
offered new ideas
Partially accomplished Accomplished given
Task Accomplished given Accomplished given task
given task despite full task but with some /5
Accomplishment & task but with full with very minimum
Commitment supervision supervision supervision supervision
Never absent and
Frequently absent and Sometimes absent and
Attendance & almost always on Never absent and always /5
Punctuality always late sometimes late on time

Unable to demonstrate Occasionally demonstrated Consistently
positive attitude and demonstrated positive positive attitude and demonstrated positive
Attitude & Self attitude and /5
hardly maintained self- maintained self- attitude and consistently
Control occasionally maintained
control under pressure control under maintained self-control
self-control under
pressure under pressure

Total Score /20


Host Company Supervisors Signature & stamp:

Name & Designation:

(make copies if necessary)
DATE: 11/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Briefing session by Peninsular Human Resources (PHR) Department
- Introductory session with the Assigned Department
- Learn on How Hydrocarbon Allocation Works

Contents :

Briefing Session By PHR Department

- Ms Aisyah Fathiah Binti Othman, Executive of Peninsular Human Resources (PHR)
Department conducted a briefing session which covers the overview of Peninsular
Malaysia Asset (PMA) background, divisions as well as the business operated.
- Briefing on the rules and regulations and code of business ethics practiced by PETRONAS
had been conducted.
- All trainees were given few forms to be completed.
- Ms Aisyah informed to each trainee which department that we will be reporting.
- I was assigned to Peninsular Production Terminal (PPT) under Integrated Production
Planning (IPP) division which is in short called as PPT-IPP together with my colleague
from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Nur Syahiera.

Introduction To PPT-IPP Department

- All trainees were segregated to their respective department after having lunch.
- Introductory session with Host Company (HC) Supervisor, Mdm Izzati Binti Zulkifli and all
Peninsular Production Terminal (PPT) - Integrated Production Planning (IPP) division
- Short discussion on how hydrocarbon allocation works.
- Performing composition checking by comparing the data from meter ticket and the data
generated by Gas Chromatography (GC) which is collected on daily basis.
- These data will be used to obtain allocation figures using Hydrocarbon Production
Allocation System (HyPAS) later.
- The allocation of hydrocarbon is conducted on monthly basis based on mass by
component considering that mass will not change regardless of any changes in pressure
and volume.
- Short discussion on the separation system used in Kertih whereby three phase separator
is used to separate gas, crude oil and water.
DATE: 12/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Composition Checking and Applying the Component Composition into HyPAS
- Learn About the Mailing System and the Communication System Used in The Department
- Learn About the Delegation of Authority
- Submission of Documents to PHR Department
Contents :

Performing Composition Checking and Applying the Data into HyPAS

- I was assigned by Mdm Izzati to perform the composition checking by comparing the data
obtained from Gas Chromatography on daily basis for West Natuna (WNA), Tangga Barat
(TGB), East Piatu (EPA) and Resak (RSE).
- After completed the task, I was asked to apply the composition into HyPAS by uploading
the file into the system as performed by Mdm Zainiyah.
- Before approving the analysis, I had to first normalize the composition before converting
the composition from mol to weight.
- Problem arise when I forgot to remove the rows which contained values of 0 in the
uploaded file which resulted error as the system cannot normalize value of 0.
- Madam Zainiyah clarified on how to solve the issue.

Mailing and Communication System Practiced in the Department

- Madam Zainiyah explained that Microsoft Outlook is used for mailing system while Lync is
used to communicate with each other in PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB). Lync is a
software implemented in PETRONAS as a cost reduction method whereby the staffs can
easily make phone call through their personal computer (PC).

Delegation of Authority
- Madam Izzati clarified that PETRONAS practices Delegation of Authority in which a staff
will be appointed as Acting Manager whenever the Manager is not on duty.
- As for our department, Mr Nazar was appointed as the Acting Manager replacing Mdm
Maziyatul Hana, Manager of Integrated Production Planning (IPP).

Submission of Documents to PHR Department

- I submitted few documents which included Letter of Indemnity, Secrecy Agreement,
Insurance Letter and the account details to Ms Aisyah, Executive of PHR Department.
DATE: 13/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Learn on Hydrocarbon Allocation, Peninsular Malaysia (PM) Crude Oil, Gas and
Condensate Network, HyPAS Adjustment and Enhancement.
- Keyed-In Standard Density of Gas for Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST)

Contents :

Peninsular Malaysia (PM) Hydrocarbon Allocation

- Mr Izzudin handed a slide regarding hydrocarbon allocation conducted in PCSB Kertih
which covers the process flow, crude oil, gas and condensate as well as Hydrocarbon
Production Allocation System (HyPAS) adjustment and enhancement.
- In short, hydrocarbon allocation is basically a process of reconciling product delivered by
the oil, gas and condensate producer to the onshore terminal which is conducted on
monthly basis based on mass by component.
- Onshore terminal consisted of Onshore Gas Terminal (OGT), Onshore Sludge Catcher
(OSC), Terengganu Crude Oil Terminal (TCOT) and Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST)
which are classified by the products delivered.
- The slides given provided me an overview on the product integration between the
operators, onshore terminal and gas processing plant (GPP). GPP functioned by separating
the products into different components of hydrocarbon.

HyPAS Closing Process Chain

TCOT Hydrocarbon Monthly OPEX

Operation Production Joint Allocation
Monitoring Allocation System Statement Matrix

HyPAS Adjustment and Enhancement

- HyPAS Adjustment is a basically a correction of system input which will be performed
when mismeasurement of data and human error occurred.
- HyPAS Enhancement is basically a method where we modified the existing production
allocation concept or detail algorithm in HyPAS. This method will be performed when new
field is established, new measurement arrangement and commercial rearrangement.

Key-In Standard Density of Gas for Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST)

- Mr Nazar asked me to key in the Standard Density of Gas for sample obtained from
Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST) into the EPCM Server.
DATE: 14/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Obtaining access pass from guard house
- Attending morning meeting
- Sorting out incoming mails into archives
Contents :

Obtaining Access Pass from Guard House

- Submission of verified application form prior to obtain access card from PETRONAS
Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) security department

Attending Morning Meeting

- Attended a morning meeting conducted in the department which involved all Peninsular
Production Terminal (PPT) staffs as well as Head of PPT Department, Mr Nazri.
- This meeting basically focusing on updating their current progress towards the goals set
up by the upper management.
- Self-introduction to all PPT staffs.

Sorting Out Incoming Mails

- Incoming mails sorted based on its category.
DATE: 18/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Attending Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) meeting at Dewan Seri Indera
- Discussion on Hydrocarbon Allocation Concept and System, Product Delivery Network
System and Metering System.

Contents :

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Meeting at Dewan Seri Indera

- Sharing on latest issue related to HSE which is fire incident at Maahad Tahfiz Darul Quran
Ittifaqiyah that kills 23 peoples.
- The importance of HSE is highlighted during the meeting.
- Certificate giving ceremony to the departments who manage to receive ISO 14001
certificate, an Environment Management certificate which covers on air pollution, waste
management and soil management.
- Establishment on the implementation of Unsafe Act Unsafe Condition (UAUC) and Safe Act
Reporting via Upstream HSR Online which allows PCSB staffs to report any issues related
to HSE.
- Presentation on the successfulness of PTS Department in organizing Mangrove Planting at
Eco Care Centre, Kertih which was held in collaboration with PMA HSE Department.

Endorsement Action Needed

Reporter Endorser Action Action

(PMA Staffs) (Upper Management of PMA) Item Party

No Action

Discussion on Hydrocarbon Allocation Concept, Product Delivery Network, Separation

and Metering System
- 3 types of hydrocarbon allocation concept Full-filled allocation, forced balance and
simulation (Gas Condensate Ratio (CGR), Correlation Table (CORTAB), etc)
- 3 types of meter used allocation meter, custody meter and operation meter.
- Type of allocation concept used depending on the meter used.
- Product Delivery Network and Allocation Model are summarized as attached.

Generating Password for Printing Services

- Password has to be generated on daily basis by log in to YSoft SafeQ system in order to
use the printer provided in the office.
DATE: 19/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Attended daily morning meeting
- Transferring data from TGAST Daily Production Data into TGAST Daily Operation Input
Data for July 2017

Contents :

Daily Morning meeting

- Sharing on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issue.
- HSE awareness had been highlighted where all staffs had been reminded to concern on
the safety aspects at home, workplace and surrounding.
- Peninsular Production Terminal (PPT) staffs updated on the achievement attained by their

Transferring data from TGAST Daily Production Data into TGAST Daily Operation Input
- As requested by Mr Nazar, I transferred the data for mass and volume for different type of
product including flare and fuel gas from TGAST Daily Production Data into TGAST Daily
Operation Input for July 2017.
DATE: 20/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Attended daily morning meeting
- Discussion with Manager of Hydrocarbon Allocation (HA), Mdm Maziyatul Hana
- Discussion on the calculations involved in hydrocarbon allocation procedure
- Task Segregation Meeting
- Crosschecking Global Arrangement Product Allocation (GAPA) report
Contents :

Daily Morning Meeting

- Sharing on health issue faced by one of PPT staff where she highlighted on the
importance of frequent water drinking to avoid formation of kidney stones.
- Sharing about articles wrote by an Australian traveler on Malaysian working culture which
highlighted about time management and power distance practices in the company.

Discussion with Manager of Hydrocarbon Allocation (HA)

- Discussion on proposed project title for Student Industrial Project (SIP) which focusing on
troubleshooting issues at Gas Processing Plant (GPP), Kertih.
- Briefing on the organization chart of Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) and its division, as
well as the organization chart of Peninsular Production Terminal (PPT)
- Brief discussion on Hydrocarbon Allocation, Production Sharing Contract (PSC), Note to
File (NTF) documentation, sampling techniques and HyPAS enhancement.
- Madam Hana highlighted on calorific value which reflects the profit gained by the
operators whereby the production that contain high amount of Methane (C1) will
established higher profit as it has highest calorific value.
- The production will be allocated to the partnership in terms of Gas Heating Value (GHV)
which will be translated into profits by Finance Department.

Discussion On the Calculations Involved in Hydrocarbon Allocation Procedure

- Mr Izzudin demonstrated on the calculations involved in hydrocarbon allocation which
previously using Global Arrangement Product Allocation (GAPA) system before they
migrated to HyPAS.

Task Segregation Meeting with Hydrocarbon Allocation Team

- Task segregation for September 2017 Global Arrangement Product Allocation (GAPA)
- Assigned to perform the Gas Chromatography sampling in HyPAS.

Crosschecking GAPA Report

- Performing crosscheck GAPA report to trace the variations in the data generated in the
DATE: 21/09/2017

Objective(s) of the activities :

- Attended daily morning meeting
- Performing crosschecking on GAPA Report

Contents :

Daily Morning Meeting

- Sharing on safety awareness and surrounding involving poisonous animals such as snakes
and scorpion.

Crosschecking GAPA Report

- Performing crosscheck GAPA report to trace the variations in the data generated in the