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BIOS Flash SOP for Windows 7 64/32bit

Date: 2011 / 04 / 02

Version: V1.0
1. Run start menu

2. Select the item All Program

3. Run Command Prompt with Administrator in the Accessories.

4. Then, the system will run CMD mode.

5. Enter to BIOS flash folder with your system.

6. Enter to Win folder and select 64 or 32 folder according to your system type.
7. Run WinFBB to start flash BIOS image. During flashing, please do not do anything.

8. BIOS Flash finish.

8. After flashing successfully, please reboot system to re-init BIOS.

9. Press <Del> enter to setup during logo after reboot system.

10. According to the flash BIOS version, Check the BIOS is right or not.
Then press F9 to load Default Settings and press F10 to
save the default and exit BIOS SETUP to reboot system.