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1. The teacher told the students that they needed to revise their essays.

The passive of the underlined clause is:

a. Their essays were needed to revise.

b. their essays were need to be revising.
c. Their essays were needed to be revised.
d. Their essays needed to be revised.
e. Their essays were needed to revising.

2. Tono wasnt offered the job.

We can also say:

a. Tono didnt offer the job. d. They were offering Tono the job.
b. They dont offer the job to Tono. e. The job wasnt offered to Tono.
c. Tono was offering the job.

3. Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?

We dont know yet. They . by a team.

a. are still being selected d. still selected

b. are still selecting e. still selecting
c. still be selected

4. The street . when we passed yesterday.

a. has repaired d. is repaired

b. is being repaired e. has been repaired
c. was being repaired

5. When ?
Before World War I

a. this hospital to be built d. was this hospital built

b. was this hospital being built e. this hospital has been built
c. this hospital built

6. Find the passive form of They will look after you well.

a. You will be looked after well. d. You are well will be looked after.
b. They will be looked after you well. e. You will be to be looked after by them well.
c. You will be well looked after.

7. A well-known architect is designing our new office.

The passive form is:
a. designs d. is designing
b. designed e. is being designed
c. be designing

8. What is the active form of English is spoken in the United States ?

a. People in the US speak English. d. Everybody spoke English in the US.

b. In the US speak English. e. People in US speaks English.
c. Everybody speak English in the US.

9. After the house . white, it looked beautiful.

a. had been painted d. be painted

b. to be painting e. had painted
c. had been painting

10. What do people need for irrigation?

The passive construction of the sentence is:

a. What is needed for irrigation? d. what is for irrigation needed?

b. What is irrigation needed for? e. What irrigation is needed?
c. What people are needed for irrigation?

11. Although the stolen car . the police cannot trace the thieves.

a. is being found d. having been found

b. has found e. had found
c. has been found

12. The child told us he had been left alone by his step mother in the empty building.
From the sentence above we know that:

a. The child had left his step mother alone in the empty building.
b. The child went to the empty building with his step mother, then she went away.
c. The child wanted to leave his step mother in the empty building.
d. The child had left his step mother before he went to the empty building.
e. The child wanted us to leave him alone with his step mother in the empty building.

13. My motorcycle is not running well now. The tires are flat and the chain

a. needs to be fixing d. has fixed

b. is fixing e. needs to fix
c. needs to be fixed
14. The teacher would like the exercises .. by everybody before tomorrow.

a. finish d. have finished

b. to be finished e. already finished
c. finishing

15. The boys have been told the good news means:

a. The good news was told to the boys.

b. Somebody has told the boys the good news.
c. The good news has been told by the boys.
d. The boys have told the good news.
e. The good news about the boys has been told.

16. Nobody can do such a thing.

The passive construction of the sentence is:

a. Such a thing can done be by anybody.

b. A thing can be done by anybody.
c. A such thing can be done by somebody
d. Such a thing can be done by somebody.
e. Such a thing cant be done by anybody.

17. The students .. before they were allowed to join the class.

a. punished d. were punished

b. has punished e. are punished
c. had been punished

18. The hotel . when I passed.

a. was built d. built

b. has been built e. was building
c. had been built

19. It was reported that medicine and rice . to the victims of the flood.

a. have been distributed d. had been distributed

b. will be distributed e. be distributed
c. are being distributed

20. The picture is not here anymore. It must have .

a. been taken away d. taken away
b. been taking away e. being taken away
c. took away


Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He was the illegitimate son of
Ser Piero, a Florentine notary and landlord, but lived on the estate andwas treated as a legitimate
In 1483, Leonardo da Vinci drew the first model of a helicopter. It did not look very much
like our modern day copter, but the idea of what it could do was about the same.
Leonardo was an artist and sculptor. He was very interested in motion and movement and
tried to show it in his art. In order to show movement, he found it helpful to study the way things
moved. One subject he liked to study was birds and how they flew. He spent many hours watching
the birds and examining the structure of their wings. He noticed how they cupped air with their
wings and how the feathers helped hold the air. Through these studies, Leonardo began to
understand how birds were able to fly.
Like many other men, Leonardo began to dream of the day when people would be able to
fly. He designed a machine that used all the things he had learned about flight, and thus became the
first model of a helicopter.
Poor Leonardo had only one problem, however. He had no way to give the necessary speed
to his invention. You see, motors had not yet been invented and speed 19 was an important part of
the flying process. It would be another four hundred years before the engine was invented and
another fifty years before it was put to the test in an airplane. Leonardos dream of a helicopter
finally came to pass in 1936.
The Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist, Leonardo died on May 2,
1519, and was buried in the cloister of San Fiorentino in Amboise.

21. What is the authors main point?

A. The invention of the helicopter.

B. Birds cup air with their wings and use feathers to help hold the air.
C. An overview of one of Leonardo da Vincis many skills.
D. Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519.

22. The word problem in paragraph five could best be replaced by the word:

A. dilemma C. danger
B. mistake D. pain

23. The word it in paragraph two refers to:

A. Leonardo da Vinci C. 1483

B. The first model helicopter D. motion and movement

24. Which paragraph explains why Leonardos helicopter was not successful in his

A. paragraph 1 C. paragraph 4
B. paragraph 2 D. paragraph 5

25. The word illegitimate in paragraph one is closest in meaning to:

A. against the law or illegal C. incorrectly deduced; illogical

B. not in correct usage D. born out of wedlock

26. The following sentence would best complete which paragraph? Since then people have been
living out Leonardos dream of flying.

A. paragraph 3 C. paragraph 5
B. paragraph 4 D. paragraph 2

27. What was the main problem with Leonardos invention?

A. motors were not yet invented C. he was illegitimate

B. the birds lost their feathers D. he couldnt draw

28. The word they in the third paragraph refers to:

A. the feathers C. the studies

B. the birds D. the wings

29. In what year was the first helicopter flown

A. 1483 C. 1519
B. 1452 D. 1936

30. What two things did birds have that Leonardo da Vinci noticed helped them to fly?

A. wings and beaks C. wings and feathers

B. feathers and talons D. cups and feathers

1.D 11.C 21.A

2.E 12.B 22.A
3.A 13.C 23.B
4.C 14.B 24.D
5.D 15.B 25.D
6.A 16.E 26.C
7.E 17.C 27.A
8.A 18.C 28.B
9.A 19.D 29.D
10.A 20.A 30.C