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Moderated caucus

Protection of human rights in Afghanistan (60)

Thank you chair Afghanistan entered a new period of uncertainty in 2015 after
disputed presidential elections that led to the creation of a national unity
government. Human rights abuses, including the torture of detainees, violence
against women, and attacks on journalists, remain a serious problem. Security
forces continue to operate largely with impunity. Indiscriminate attacks by the
Taliban and other insurgent forces have led to a sharp rise in civilian deaths.
Decreased international military support, donor assistance, and attention have
contributed to fears that the human rights situation could degenerate further,
with particularly dangerous implications for womens rights. President Ashraf
Ghani has made strong public commitments to protect rights, but implementation
has been slow.

Human rights crisis in Syria (60)

Syrias bloody armed conflict has led to a humanitarian crisis with millions
internally displaced or seeking refuge in neighboring countries. The government
and pro-government militias have attacked heavily populated areas, killing
civilians with indiscriminate weapons such as cluster munitions and barrel bombs.
Government forces have also arbitrarily arrested, forcibly disappeared, and
tortured people, many of whom died in detention. Non-state armed groups
opposing the government have also carried out serious abuses including
deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians, use of child soldiers, kidnapping,
and torture in detention. Extremist groups Islamic State, also known as ISIS, and
Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaedas affiliate in Syria, are responsible for systematic and
widespread abuses

Violence in Syria has escalated amid an absence of meaningful efforts to end the
war. The government and its allies carried out deliberate and indiscriminate
attacks on civilians. Incommunicado detention and torture remain rampant.
Armed groups opposing the government have attacked civilians, used child
soldiers, kidnapped, and tortured. The extremist group Islamic State (also
known as ISIS), and Al-Qaedas affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, were
responsible targeting civilians, kidnappings, and executions. According to local
Syrian groups, as of October 2015, the conflicts death toll topped 250,000
people, including more than 100,000 civilians. About 7.6 million people are
internally displaced, with 4.2 million refugees in neighboring countries.

Establishing a Housing, Land, and Property Rights Policy

in countries with refugee exodus. (40)
The main needs of the humans are food, clothes and house in the war all three
are taken away people can only provide food and clothes house cannot be
provided by the UN or any neighbors. So there has to be a proper housing policy.
For this UN should appoint an UN senior coordinator for housing, land and
property right. There should be a new framework for them and there should be
debt departments for them. Only then everyone will be equal and everyone will
be happy and that is the main point of UN.

Protection of human rights in south Sudan

Thousands of civilians have been killed, often because of their
ethnicity or perceived political alliances in South Sudans ongoing

Conflict. An estimated 2 million people have been forced to flee their

homes. Large parts of key towns and essential civilian infrastructure
such as clinics, hospitals, and schools, have been looted, destroyed,
and abandoned. Tens of thousands of people are still sheltering in
United Nations compounds, too afraid to return home. Lack of
accountability for decades of violence during Sudans long civil war
helped fuel the conflict. Military and political leaders on all sides
have failed to make any serious attempt t o reduce abuses committed
by their forces, or to hold them to account.

The delegate of Vietnam feels that people of a country are most hurt physically
and mentally by war or conflicts so there should be a proper distribution of
medicines and food the delegates feels that the neighboring countries should
supply with medicines as well as doctors to the victims. If there is a conflict in a
country Vietnam thinks that there should be a sol to it as well as the people
should be relived as soon as possible.

Education is the most the most important thing in a humans life. The topics we
have been discussing in this committee were protection of women protection of
children and importance of health all of these will automatically come when there
is proper knowledge in the people. There should be education not only for
children but also for adults; there should be public awareness camps for all ages.

People should be taught what they should do in a condition of war or conflict. If

we do this in each and every country for sure there will be no human rights crisis.

Human rights are for all no matter which sex caste or color in the conditions of
crisis these are taken away. In 2006 un thought of making n individual
organization for hr in which we all are the basic needs are counted in these rights
the availability of water food and sanitation etc. the damage caused by the wars is
not only physically but also mentally thats why we need to make all the people
around the world have knowledge for what to do in these conditions.
Thank you chair, so first of all the situation in Calais is not because of lack of
amenities. Only 30%-40% of the people want to go to UK and the main reasons
for this are firstly they have relatives living in the UK, the second reason is the
language problem and thirdly they are scared that ISIS will try to kill them. From
the French side all the possible things are being done to settle them we have
made a joint plan with the UK to stop this issue.

Protection of women rights

Good morning delegates seriously good morning delegates we are living in the
21st century. From the past few decades all we are talking about is gender
equality, no sex discrimination and now all of you guys are discussing and saying
that women should be protected first, they should be evacuated from the war
zones first just because they are female. What bad have those innocent men done
what is their fault that they are males so they will be the last ones to be saved.
They are in the todays world the most vulnerable group.