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Active voice to Passive voice

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Mudasar Jehan

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Makhdoom Ibad Ullah Hashmi

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Active Voice to Passive Voice Rules.


Present 1) They play the match. Obj + Am/are/is+ V3 1) The match is played.
Indefinite 2) They sell ice cream 2) Ice cream is sold here.
here. 3) The Football is played
3) Usman plays Football. by Usman.
4) They sell books here. 4) Books are sold here.
5) He plays badminton. 5) The badminton is
6) The Movie Surprises played by him.
them 6) They are surprised by
7) They eat burger. the movie.
7) The burger are eaten by

Present 1) They are playing the Obj Am/are/is+being + V3 1) The match is being
Continuous match. played.
2) Someone is washing 2) My car is being washed
my car at the moment. at the moment.
3) Usman is playing 3) Football is being
Football. played by Usman.
4) I am helping Ali. 4) Ali is being helped by
5) They are eating burger. me
6) He is playing 5) The burger is being
badminton. eaten by them.
6) Badminton is being
played by him.
Present 1) They have played the Obj +Have/has+been + V3 1) The match has been
Perfect match. played.
2) They have repaired my 2) My bike has been
bike. repaired.
3) Usman has played 3) Football has been
Football. played by Usman.
4) They have eaten burger. 4) The burger has been
5) I have mailed the gift. eaten by them.
6) He has played 5) The Gift has been
badminton. mailed by me.
6) Badminton has been
played by him.

Present (X) (X) (X)

Past 1) They played the match. Obj +Was/were+V3 1) The match was played.
Indefinite 2) They sold a car 2) A car was sold
yesterday yesterday.
3) Usman did play 3) The Football was
Football. played by Usman.
4) This movie bored me 4) I was bored by the
5) They ate burger. Movie.
6) He did play badminton. 5) The burger were eaten
by them.
6) The badminton was
played by him.

Past 1) They were playing the Obj+Was/were+being+V3 1) The match was being
Continuous match. played.
2) He was painting my 2) My bedroom was being
bedroom then painted then.
3) Usman was playing 3) Football was being
Football. played by Usman.
4) I was cleaning the 4) The Window was
Window cleaned by me.
5) They were eating 5) The burger were being
burger. eaten by them.
6) He was playing 6) Badminton was being
badminton. played by him.

Past Perfect 1) They had played the Obj +Had+been+V3 1) The match had been
match. played.
2) Somebody had left an 2) An envelope had been
envelope on the table. left on the table.
3) They had eaten burger. 3) The burger had been
4) He had played eaten by them.
4) Badminton had been
5) They had finished his
Work played by him.
5) Work had been finished
by him

Past Perfect (X) (X) (X)

Future 1) They will play the Obj +Will+be+V3 1) The match will be
Indefinite match. played.
2) They will send an e- 2) An e-mail will be sent.
mail. 3) The Football will be
3) Usman will play played by Usman.
4) They will eat burger. 4) The burger will be
5) He will play badminton. eaten by them.
5) The badminton will be
played by him.

Future (X) (will/ shall + be + v ing) Not common in passive

Future 1) They will have played Obj +Will+have been+ V3 1) The match will have
Perfect the match. been played.
2) Usman is going to be

2) Somebody is going to called.

call Usman. 3) Football will have been
3) Usman will have played played by Usman.
Football. 4) The burger will have
4) They will have eaten been eaten by them.
burger. 5) Badminton will have
5) He will have played been played by him.

Future Not common in use (will/ shall + have + been + Not common in passive
Perfect (X) v ing ) (X)