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Water$ave M Medium Catalogue

A specific blend of premium cross linked polymers to assist with the growth & transplantation of flowers, plants & shrubs. Used by horticulturalists & gardeners during times of stress & low irrigation. Water$ave M Medium improves the quality & efficiency of gardens, vegetable patches & flower beds by reducing water usage & optimising the efficiency of fertilisers & nutrients either introduced or existing in the soil.

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About Us
Specialists in cost effective super absorbent, lineal & flocculating polymers to assist in the management & efficient use of water, soil & pollution since 2000. Initially producing polymers to assist local mines with day to day functions developed into creating polymers to seal dams, assist local agriculture & reclaim pollution from local coal mines. Nowadays, Polymer Innovations is one of the most unique greentech companies in Australia. Our products seal leaking dams, save water, prevent soil erosion, control coal sludge, stabilise run-offs or maintain roads & crops. While still maintaining the original polymers that make artificial snow, assist with gardens, parks & landscaping or stabilising floral arrangements for your displays. All products are manufactured at the highest quality, environmentally friendly, biodegradable & non toxic. Polymer Innovations is located in Singleton, NSW, Australia. The heart of the Hunter Valley.

Why Polymer Innovations?

All polymer products are 100% non toxic. Environmentally friendly & biodegradable. Simple & easy for you to use. Our polymers are designed to save you time & money. High quality polymers manufactured in Australia. Sourced from the best suppliers in the global market. Customised solutions. We manufacture polymers to suit your specific requirements.

Polymer Innovations Pty. Ltd. Ongoing technical support. We work with you to get the best performance from our polymers.
Location: 2/129 Maison Dieu Rd Singleton NSW 2330 AUS Postal: PO Box 431 Singleton NSW 2330 AUS
Material Safety Data Sheets & Technical Data Sheets available upon request.

Call: +612 65 715 177

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+61 65 715 177 +61 65 712 505 polymerinnovations Follow Us info@polymerinnovations.com.au www.polymerinnovations.com.au www.polymerinnovations.com.au Visit: www.polyinn.com.au

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Water$ave M Medium Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Water$ave Range? Water$ave is a super absorbent polymer also known as a water retaining crystals. They absorb & retain up to 200 - 300 times its own weight in water & nutrients. Slowly releasing these to the root system when needed by the plant. What is a Super Absorbent Polymer? Super absorbent polymers are part of a group of acrylamide & Polyacrylamide polymers. These are very long chain molecules. With super absorbent polymers the long chains are cross linked to form a network or mesh structure. This mesh has the ability to absorb water into the structure to swell as the water is absorbed. Water$ave is added to the soil in such a way that it is in contact with the root structure. During watering or irrigation, water is absorbed by Water$ave granules attached to the plant's roots. The water is prevented from draining away & being lost. Who should use Water$ave? Anyone that has plants, trees, gardens, bushes, lawns, crops or any plant form that requires water to survive. What happens to Water$ave when it dries out? Eventually the water will be used by the plants & Water$ave returns to its dry form. Water$ave remains active in the soil for many years & the cycle of water absorption & release can be repeated many times with only a slight loss in efficiency over time. What happens when Water$ave degrades in the soil? The effects of the UV light & bacteria in the soil gradually breaks Water$ave down to water, carbon dioxide & nitrogen. How long will Water$ave last for? Water$ave in the soil will work for 3-7 years, absorbing water, nutrients & fertilizers & releasing them as needed. How much Water$ave do I use? Generally, 2 teaspoons of Water$ave per plant will absorb 1litre of water, a little Water$ave will go a long way. You can work out how much product is needed for each Water$ave Range product by using our online Polymer Calculators on our website. What sizes can I purchase the Water$ave Range in? We supply our Water$ave Range in various sizes from 140g jars to 20kg buckets or even 500kg & 1000kg bulk bags. We can supply Water$ave from small quantities used by home gardeners through to large quantities for farmers & large scale projects. Is Water$ave safe? If ingested, the acids within the stomach will start to break down the hydrated gels and the water is released into the stomach and the crystals are passed through. Water$ave is safe to handle, non toxic & biodegradable. Can I just put Water$ave on top of my garden or pot plants? Yes, however Water$ave works best at the root zone of plants. This allows the roots to tap into the hydrated Water$ave & draw water when needed. Water$ave is UV sensitive it will start to break down & lose its effectiveness.

Water$ave M Medium
Key benefits include:
Safe & easy to use. Only a small amount is required per plant. Enhances plant growth & survival. Can be applied straight to the soil before or after seeding. Increases the water holding capacity of soils. Reduces watering frequency by up to 50%. Protects against drought & groundwater pollution. Improves physical properties of compact soil. Reduces water evaporation from soil Limits leaching of nutrients & fertilizers. Improves soil porosity & aeration. Sizes Available: Non toxic, environmentally friendly & 140gm jar, 750gm tub, 2.5kg bag biodegradable. or 4.5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 18kg pails Only a small amount of Water$ave M is required to be effective due to its large surface area. Water$ave M uptakes & releases the water & nutrients for years as it is required, reacting again each time it is irrigated. Water$ave M Medium can be mixed into the soil & fertiliser before planting & due to it's easy application can also be applied to rockeries & pot plants.

How Much Water$ave M Do I Need?

Please find out the number of plants, flowers or vegetables to be treated. Transfer this number to the table below to calculate how much you need. 10kg pail of Water$ave Medium will treat 1000 plants. Average rate of Water$ave Medium = 10gm/1plant.

Visit: www.polymerinnovations.com.au

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