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Visiting Sick People

Last week my class had a group task from my teacher. I decided to make a group with Lia,
Oki, Marissa and Hanif. Our task was to visit sick people in a hospital, then make a report about
our visit.

My group decided to carry out the task on Saturday, after school. Although our teacher
didn't ask us to bring something for the sick people, l thought that it would be good to give them
parcels. Oki suggested that we buy fruits and bread by sharing the cost. All agreed with the idea.
Hanif bought the fruits because his house is near a fruit stall, while Lia and bought the bread.

The day came. At the hospital, we first visited a kid named Erika and she was with her
mother. She looked happy when we introduced ourselves. We gave her the bread. Her mother told
us that she suffered from severe diarrhea. She loved playing with dirt and it seemed that she didn't
clean her before eating and drinking. Erika just smiled hearing her mom's story. Before we left,
we prayed for her recovery. We also told her to maintain cleanliness. Erika smiled and nodded.
She asked us to take a picture together as a memento.

The second patient we visited was a man in his seventies. His name was Mr. Prabu and he
broke his left arm. At that time he was accompanied by his wife. When we introduced ourselves,
they thought we were their granddaughter's friends. My friends and I entertained him. Oki who
loves cracking jokes told a joke that made all of us laugh. They were really amused and happy.
When we were about to leave, Mr. Prabu hugged us and promised to meet us at school one day.
He was amazed on our visit programme to sick people. It was a really touching moment.

We visited five people that afternoon. Our visit to the hospital gave us valuable meanings
of life.
1) What task must the writer and his/her classmates do at Visiting Sick People text?
a. Entertaining sick people and observing the hospital
b. Visiting patient and writing report
c. Treating sick people and writing their progress
d. Helping a doctor treat sick people
e. Introducing themselves to sick people
2) Why was Erika hospitalised at Visiting Sick People text?
a. She got an accident when playing with dirt
b. She broke her left arm
c. She suffered from typhoid
d. She suffered from intense diarrhea
e. She suffered from typhus
3) What can we learn from Visiting Sick People text?
a. We have to maintain our surrounding clean and tidy
b. Sick people need our presence
c. We should do our jobs or tasks carefully
d. We should complete our task on time
e. A visit sick people may raise our concerns and empathy
4) She looked happy when we introduced ourselves.(Paragraph 3)
What does the underlined word refer to?
a. Mr. Prabu
b. The writer
c. Marissa
d. Erika
e. Lia
5) The word entertained in my friends and I entertained him.(paragraph four) can be
replaced by
a. Feted
b. Supported
c. Amused
d. Introduced
e. Consoled
Answer key:
1. B
2. D
3. E
4. D
5. E