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OVERVIEW Leading Leaders:

Uniting the Nation in Virtue


UNiV is composed of three main parts: the person, the leader, and the nation. A workshop and a talk are devoted
to each part in order to help the participants understand deeply their role in personal development, efficient
leadership and nation building. A final workshop on the VOICES analysis will help the trainees put into concrete
and measurable goals their post-training plans.

INTRODUCTION. Before introducing the UNiV Program, each trainee will be asked to make their own name tag,
a description of himself using the first letter of his name or nickname, and introduce himself to everyone. From
the very start, we intend to create bonds among the participants and facilitators by getting to know one another
in an amicable setting.

WORKSHOPS. A workshop is conducted on the topic before a talk about it is given. Mind-mapping activities are
done in every workshop in order to help the trainees think deeply about the activity. There are topics with two
workshop options which allows the organizers to adapt to the availability of materials at a given locale.

TALKS. Talks connect with the workshop previously conducted. They are adapted according to the background of
the trainees without losing the essence of the message. Trainees are encouraged to freely participate in the
discussion. A summary of the main points of each talk is provided at the start of each talk outline.

LEVEL I: THE PERSON. We believe that before we think of changing the world, we have to start changing ourselves.
And this change will only be real and sustainable if we know what we are and who we are.

Workshop: Coat of Arms. Trainees will be asked to illustrate their values and aspirations in life through
signs and symbols in a personal coat of arms.

Talk: Foundation of Leadership. After each trainee has discussed his personal coat of arms manifesting
each ones values, the talk will discuss the meaning of values and virtues and understanding human
nature, which are the foundation of leadership.

LEVEL II: THE LEADER. After knowing what we are, we could get to understand better the leader that we idealize
or the leader that we want to be.
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OVERVIEW Leading Leaders:
Uniting the Nation in Virtue


Workshop: Leader Monument. Each trainee will be asked to make a clay sculpture (Clay Hero) of his ideal
leader it may be a person, or he may highlight a trait of this ideal leader through a symbol. Another
option is to hold a Straw Tower-making contest among groups. This shall foster leadership among the
members during its production.

Talk: Essentials of Leadership. Starting from all the leadership traits discussed in the workshop, the speaker
distils them all into essentials of leadership: character and competence.

LEVEL III: THE NATION. Given the knowledge of the essentials of leadership, how do we apply this to help build
the nation? This third and last major part of UNiV aims to answer this question.

Workshop: My Ideal Country. Each trainee will create a structure made of rocks and wires (Tree Wishes)
manifesting his wishes for the country and how he will contribute to carrying those wishes out. Another option is
the Shoe Box Sale workshop which facilitates the discussion among groups of the current specific needs of our

Talk: The Youth in Nation Building. A paradigm of the role of the youth in nation building will be presented and
discussed among the trainees.

VOICES Analysis. Essentially lifted from the Back to the Basics, this tool aims to help each trainee make plans for
his locale or leadership ambit. This final workshop ensures that UNiV is not just one more leadership training-
seminar. Its message is meant to be transmitted to as many young people as possible through the trainees of the

Revived and reprinted for & by Holy Angel University

CEFA.Vniversitas Ab Initio Program