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Verb To Be

I am am not To Be (tener)
m m not
I am hungry (hambre)
He is is not I am thirsty (sed)
She is isnt She is cold (frio)
Its You are hot (calor)
You are are not I am asleep (sueo)
We are arent I am 20 years old
Theyre We use afraid (miedo)


Plug unplug Put off/out

Press Turn up
Work Switch on
Go Turn down
Run on
Plug in
Switch on
Go out
Switch off
Turn on
Turn off

Verb To Be Interrogative Form

Yes No
Am I Yes, you are. No, you arent.
He Yes, he is. No, he isnt.
Is She Yes, she is. No, she isnt.
It An Electrician? Yes, it is. No, it isnt.
I Yes, I am. No, I am not.
Are He Yes, you are. No, you arent.
She Yes, we are. No, we arent.
It Yes, they are. No, they arent.
1) Shakira is Colombian.
Is Shakira Colombian?
Yes, she is.

2) Manco Capac and Atahualpa are Incas.

Are Manco Capac and Atahualpa Incas?
Yes, they are.

WH Questions/Information Questions

1) What Que/Cul (cosas, datos) WH + To Be + S +c?

2) Where Dnde (lugares) Where is Giovanna?
3) When Cuando (fechas, tiempo) How old is your Mother?
4) How Cmo (estados, formas) How are you?
5) How old Cantos aos (edad)
6) Why Por qu (razones)
7) Which Cul (opciones)
8) Who Quin (es) (personas)

Indefinite Article

A = un, una
a + consonant sound
a table
a dog
a doctor
a bank
a university

An = un, una
an + vowel sound
an umbrella
an elephant
an architect
an airport
an hour