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Table of Content

SN Title Table No.

1 Salient Feature of the Project Area A
2 Project Cost Scenario B
3 Summary of Cost C
4 Bill of Quantity D
5 Detail Estimate E
5.1 Detail Estimate of Canal Construction Work E.1
5.2 Detail Quantity Estimate of Intake E.2
5.3 Detail Estimate of Double Barrel VRB E.3
6 Item Rate Analysis G
6.1 Truck Rate Analysis F
6.2 Transportation Rate Analysis F.1
6.3 Collection of Construction Materials F.2
6.4 Cost of Items at Site F.3
6.5 Unit Rate of Labour and Material F.4
6.6 Analysis of Equipment Cost F.5
6.7 Rate Analysis F.6
6.8 Summary of Rate F.7