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School: Al Atlas High School City: Zaouiat Cheikh Time : 50 mins

Date: Text Book: Ticket 2 English Level: 2nd Year Baccalaureate

Quiz: 1 Language Term: 1 Unit: 1/2

Student's Name: Class : Number :

I. Vocabulary.

Read these definitions and decide which words are meant. (3 pts) 1each
An amusing imitation of a famous person
Funny in slightly stupid way.
The ability to do something dangerous without showing fear

Find adjectives from these nouns. (3 pts) 1each

Nouns Adjectives

Fill in the blanks from the list. (3 pts) 1each

impression abstract silly - humour

Using . at work and school is healthy and profitable
I do not like the Charlie chaplain.. he did. It was .....

II. Grammar
Choose the infinitive or gerund. (4 pts) 1each
1. I enjoy . tennis and soccer.
a. playing b. to play c. both
2. You'd better .. to the doctor about your cough
a. going b. to go c. both
3. Nick has been good at football.
a. playing b. to play c. both
4. Tom is very fond of .. other people what to do.
a. telling b. to tell c. both

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. (4 pts) 1each

1.John is very short. He . play basketball very well.
.a. dont have to b. mustnt c. cant d. ought to
2. 4. Look! That is Alis car. He ... be here.
a. could b. would c. must d. had to
3. You have a busy day tomorrow. You ..get some rest.
a. Must b. had to c. cant d. should
4. you.help me, But you didnt.
a. Must had b. Should have c. Could have d. must

III. Functions (3 pts) 1each

You: Should gifted students go to a separate school?

You:(express your opinion)

Teacher: you cant download a PDF document.

You: (make a request to a person sitting beside you)

Your friend: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You: (express lack of understanding and ask for clarification).